Australia bulls, hotwives and cuckolds

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    Calling all aussies
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    Masseur from Sydney available for straight couples or single women only. Massage is free and for women only. I don't do any bi-male stuff or male massage. I do enough of male massage at work already.

    I like gentle and rough both depending on how the woman likes it. I like to pin the woman down to bed with her face buried into the pillow or I pull her hair while I take her from behind and go deep. I like to hear deep pleasure moans right into my ears. I also like slow and deep wet kisses, deepthroat blowjobs or handjobs. I like full body contact and eating the woman out to orgasm.

    I would like us to get naked. I will give you full body professional massage. Then I masturbate you or you ride my face. You sit on the edge of the bed and i sit on the floor. You wrap your legs around my head and push my mouth into your vagina. Hold it tight. I lick you to orgasm. I lie ony back and you grind your pussy all over my face. Hold my head firm with both your hands and don't let it move. Then you orgasm on my face and straight into my mouth. I will surrender so you exercise control for you pleasure. I want to feel your convulsions on my lips. I want to feel those spasms on my lips. I want to hear your loud moans. I want to feel you shiver with pleasure under your weight. I want to feel those hips gyrate and those legs tremble. I want to feel the power of your legs and your hands holding my head firm. I want to feel that moistness and that wetness on my face and my lips. I want you to push my head into your vagina as your vagina pushes all your juices into my mouth. I want to feel that type of control from you. I want to feel pleasure by you taking pleasure from me. I want to see your eyes close your back arch and your head spin in pleasure. You finish off and then I lick you clean with my tongue. Then we go to shower and I give you whole body wash. I apply soap to your whole body and wash it. I want to clean every single inch and orifice in your body with my hands.

    Open to add any other fantacies. I am DD free, top hygiene, very easy going and non-pushy guy. Looking for same.

    KIK: playguyx

    NOT looking for single men/CD/Trans/Operated or any type of paid services. There has to be some degree of mutual physical attraction. I also travel to Brisbane and Melbourne every few months.

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