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Discussion in 'Emotional Support' started by Worth It, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Worth It

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    Audrey is in Europe again (actually, it's been a while) and she is meeting up with Jörg and Christiana, the relatively new couple in her life. It's affecting me somewhat; I'm not sure why. It's not because they will be sexually engaged later in the week, Audrey's intimacies with others is so regular as to be banal. It is likely the physical distance, knowing that I won't see her soon. Yet, I didn't feel this way when she had her single German boyfriend, the only guy who I really didn't like. Somehow the two of them suck her into something different...
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  2. Bartleby

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    I feel for you. Somehow the idea of the wife being alone with someone else without there being any way that you can intervene makes the cuck story more scary.

    My wife is going to Britain and will probably meet up with her ex-lover. They will, in all likelihood, fuck. In the past, their dates where rather short and I had no indication my wife could fall in love with Josh. Now, in Britain that could be different. Fortunately, she has one week in London max. On the other hand, she fell in love with me in less than a week to the point that she decided to stay in Berlin.

    In your case, your wife is meeting up with a couple, so I guess the possibility of a true love affair is lower. And yes, the wife being together with someone you don't like must be annoying.
  3. Pathedick

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    That sounds more like "normal" missing your wife due to time and distance. Remember sayings become sayings due to the Truth in them. Absence Often makes the Heart grow fonder.
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  4. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Audry has returned home. All went well. In summary she and Christiana click really well, both on the strictly physical pussy-licking level, as well as the FFM emotional play (Audry as the third for a couple in between the husband and wife; licking her while getting fucked by him). Audry says that Jörg is a little too fast on the trigger for her to cum from fucking, but he can go several times and eventually she gets there on his dick as well. Can't wait to join them again.
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  5. Pathedick

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    Hope you two had a great reunion too.
  6. Worth It

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    Yes, indeed, it was fantastic as usual. We talked about Audrey's activities with Jörg and Christiana, but in a more objective way, not when we are having sex. Shortly after she got home, Audrey and I started having sex by ourselves, but Audrey is really into "FFM/single woman between the married couple/Lesbian play" thing, so she had Roshin (her single girlfriend) join us so that Audrey could be in the opposite female role in the FFM compared to what she was doing with Jörg and Christiana. Audrey has her kinks, but they are all good for me.
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