Article: Transforming the white male into a Perfect Black-Owned Servant

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    Transforming the white male into a Perfect Black-Owned Servant

    It should be the goal of every Black to transform every white male into a perfect Black owned servant. How this is done varies because each Black has their own idea of what the perfect white servant is. Yet there are certain principles that apply and if understood why and how to apply them can make this process easier, faster and more permanent.

    Its best first to understand the problems associated with owning and training a white for a permanent servitude position. The major problems are all associated with moods or to put it another way the white changing his mind, getting cold feet or being reluctant to provide 100% dedication to his role as a white servant. This is natural and one of the deficiencies of the white race but must be dealt with in a manner that curbs this problem. Blacks must understand that the white has no control over this and control must be assumed by the Black to insure that the white can and will comply with is duties.

    Various methods can be used and are under different circumstances. These include the reward/punishment program, cuckolding, confinement, sexual domination, black mail and sissification. Of all of these one method stands out as being the most powerful, longest lasting with the greatest effect and that is sissification. Nothing beats sissification of the white male as the number one method of total control with the least amount of effort. This is not to say that the other methods are not effect or will not be used because in conjunction with sissification the Black owner takes and maintains absolute control and power and squelches' any and all resistance from the white male.

    Why is sissification so effective? First we must look into the mind of the white male. The white male thinks he is a man. He believes he is as good or better than any other man of any other race and he believes he is better than any female. His ego is what fuels his pride and false believes but that ego is real and so his thoughts are real to himself. He has reasons or excuses for any indication that he may not be a real man or better than any other man, most are fictitious and made up but once again this is what he believes and when a person truly believes something it can be difficult to change his thinking even with the facts. As long as the white male thinks this way he is a problem. Since he believes he is better than others he will take advantage of others, ignore them, be rude, unwilling to submit or comply. If he has a "mood" where he recognizes for a moment that he should submit and comply it can quickly evaporate when that mood goes away returning the white male to a problem.

    No owner of white servants wants to or has the time to spend constantly training, ordering, disciplining or wasting time on bad servants. The practical Black wants their servants to perform without them spending much effort in getting them to do that.

    The white male thinking he is better than any female typically has a low opinion of females. Such thoughts as "She is just a girl" "Girls can't do what boys can do", etc fill the white males mind. It matters not if a female just beat him hands down at something he will have an excuse. Girls are less than men, they are soft, they are silly, they are weak, they are…well…feminine and everything feminine is less than everything masculine, or so it is imprinted in his mind. In addition he has an imprinted idea of how females are supposed to be and act. It is not reality, mind you, but it's what he thinks.

    The good thing is that all of this can be used against him. The more manly he thinks he is and the less he thinks of females the worse it is for him because what he thinks will be reversed and applied so the stronger he resists and believes he is the stronger the effect will be on him when applied. And there is NOTHING he can do about it. So properly applied it is foolproof and permanent! His idea of what a girl is, is exactly what he will become.

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