Article: Surge in men who share girlfriends...

Discussion in 'Cuckolding and Hotwifing in the Media' started by saturn, Nov 18, 2016.

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    Made sense to me, I think Jeff is proud to have a wife who is sexually liberated. And I like he has always been turned on by girls who fuck a lot.
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    Good Trend
  4. Garrix

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    Sounds good.

    Women should be allowed to do what they please; suck, fuck and swallow whoever they want. Discussing with their partner beforehand is just good manners.
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  5. tractorman

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    I have a long term happy relationship my wife and I don't see any issue with her being fucked by another man and she knows this, to me as long as it just remains a physical act why not?

    To me its like sending her to the gym she comes back worn out the only real difference is she may well be full of seed but its still a full workout just as long as I know or get chance to watch
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