Are you still allowed sex with your wife?

Discussion in 'Methods, Techniques and Advice' started by SubHubby9, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. SubHubby9

    SubHubby9 New Member

    I have been surprised by the number of posts where cucks are still allowed sex with their wives. I had thought that once the wife had a superior lover, she’d have no use for the husband’s cock.

    This is certainly the situation in my wife’s case. When she started to cuckold me (nearly 3 years ago now) she made it very clear I would not be allowed intercourse again. However I wonder if this is because in our case cuckolding forms part of our D/S relationship.

    Part of the enjoyment she gets from cuckolding is denying me the very pleasure her lover gets. Her Lover is happy with this arrangement too as he would not want to “shareâ€￾ my wife. I am still allowed to orally worship her body, although she has not touched my cock in the last 3 years as she likes to treat me as if I am sexually irrelevant.

    As my wife keeps reminding me, my purpose is to serve: it is other men who provide her with excitement now.
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  2. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    not for 3 years

    My wife informed me that the physical portion of our marriage ended about three years ago. She had started seeing her boyfriend about 6-9 months before but finally decided that she was only going through the motions with me and felt like she was cheating on him. She allows me to masturbate and on occasion she will allow me to do it in bed next to her. That is the extent of our sex life now. I must enjoy it since i have no desire to leave or change our arrangement, i have simply accepted that it takes more than just me to keep her satisfied in all of her needs.
  3. newsub4A

    newsub4A Distinguished Member

    Well, we still have sex. For us it helps to keep the intimacy alive. She still likes me to snuggle up next to her and make slow love to her. She does not expect mind shattering orgasms from it (that us why she has a lover), it just makes her feel loved and desired by her soul mate. Sappy? Perhaps. It does keep us connected on a personal level though and ultimately that is what really matters.
  4. footboycuck

    footboycuck Real Cuckold

    Sot Of

    Not in the traditional sense. Her lover travels and is only here 3 or 4 times a year. When he is here, which is for 2 to 6 weeks at a time, he sleeps in the master bedroom with her and I am not allowed to watch or have any sex with her. I am allowed to listen and masturbate only and sleep in the spare room. The exception would be that sometimes she will come to me in the spare room and make me lick her clean after he has filled her full. But then she goes back to him in the master bedroom. It is rare but sometimes while he is here she lets me jack off on her feet. She does not like me to even see her pussy when he is here though, let alone touch it in any way.

    When he is not here, she does have sex with me and I sleep with her in the master bedroom. But I am not allowed to get on top or screw her from behind. It is her on top only and I am not allowed to cum insider her at all. What usually happens is that she gets on top and rides me for a while. This gets her hot she but can't cum from my cock, she says it is just too small for her, so she makes me eat her pussy until she cums and then lets me jack off while I suck on her toes and lick her feet. Sometimes she just lets me watch and jack off while she uses a vibrator to cum.

    Not sex in the traditional sense, but very fulfilling for me and she always holds me afterwards and tells me she loves me.

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  5. LakesCoupleUK

    LakesCoupleUK New Member

    Marital sex and being cuckolded

    Like Newsub4A we continue to have sex even when my wife has a lover. The frequency drops significantly but as Newsub4A said, it is important to her to keep that special bond that having sex produces.
    I did tell her that if she wanted to be exclusive to her lover then I could live with that. She said that there may be times when she just doesn't have the urge to be intimate with me but over the long term she didn't want complete abstinence between us.
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  6. fun2bwth

    fun2bwth New Member

    Sex with my Girl friend/ his wife

    Speaking form the bulls perspective, I am the one who is the lead sexual partner so it is up to me. The cuck is in a supportive role. I usually allow the cuck to service her orally but unless there is some mitigating circumstance and I am the only one who has penitrative sex. I am unique in some aspect of this as I only have one woman at a time and it is a relationship not just sex. The cuck knows this and excepts his secondary role.
  7. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    boyfriends decision

    Good point fun2bwth , I am sure my wifes boyfriend was also instrumental in no longer allowing me sex with my wife. I had always attributed this to her but I imagine it was a group decision. I wonder if she tells him about my masturbation needs, I imagine he would get a good laugh as he fucks my wife.
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  8. derbycuck

    derbycuck New Member

    i still get to have sex with her, although only about every other month, she does however treat me to a wnk once a week and on special occassions a blowjob
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  9. LakesCoupleUK

    LakesCoupleUK New Member

    Girlfriend / Wife

    fun2bwth - You sound like the ideal man for a couple. I like that for you it is not just about sex but much deeper.
  10. subcuck

    subcuck New Member

    not really

    The posts are interesting. Fun2bewith has some interesting thoughts. In our case I would have to say that I am sub to my wife and it is her choice if she wishes to let her lover be dom to her. It works out for us that I get to give extensive oral but it is always my wife's decision as to when and how. She does not want to have to deal with my member since it is small and I have ED and this makes her feel less feminine. I no longer have any ideas about attempting actual penetration. That is reserved for my wife and her man.
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  11. Rick4Brenda

    Rick4Brenda New Member

    Wife exclusive to BF, then our sex resumes after affair

    Hi Folks,

    I posted a very long narative in the "Introductions" forum wherein I described the rather unique relationship that my wife, Brenda, and I have. We have sort of a "cycle of denial."

    Whenever my wife is involved with another man (usually 3-6 month affairs), she is faithful and exclusive to him, but when her affair finishes, our sex life resumes with a new energy and passion. Then, when my wife falls in love again, her sexuality becomes the exclusive property of her boyfriend. It can be tough at times, but it is never boring.

    Anyway, if you want to read the story of how our relationship evolved, check out my post in the "Introductions" forum.

  12. Sassy

    Sassy New Member

    I'm greedy, I couldn't give up sex with my hubby.. I want my cock and eat it too! I mean I've had to give it up with him gone, but as soon as he's home we'll be back at it like breeding rabbits!

    I guess in my position, it's not that I no longer have a use for him. I still have lots of uses for him .:::evil grin:::.
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  13. quattrosub

    quattrosub <b><font color="#ff0000">VERIFIED REAL MEMBER</fon

    The End Started today

    Today my wife K is having a special date with her lover. It is his birthday, and its a big one. Her present to him (amongs others) is the key to my chastity device.

    We talked about this and she fully understood the consequences of that decision which she had taken. As she put it she was not having sex with me anyway, so what was the loss.

    So although we have been informally not having sex for a while, this really finalised the situation.

    Lets just say my heart leapt when she told me this!:rolleyes:
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  14. lank1

    lank1 New Member

    Yes and no

    As my Wife/Mistress has found a love of Black Studs she has taken three as regular lovers to insure variety in her sex life. One of these is married to a beautiful nubian Goddess who, along with her bull husband has developed a relationship with my Wife /Mistress. She also maintains a special connection with a married White Bull but sees him less frequent.

    As Her relationship with the couple has evolved she has needed me less frequently. I am permitteed to service her orally in what ever way she desires... this comes from the bull. Help her prep for dates etc. but the sex in our relationship has evolved to the point that my needs are met by using my right or left hand. I am rarely allowed to penetrate her vaginally. She will allow me to hump her leg to completion or she will manipulate me with her high heeled shoes while kneeling in front of her with bound hands. In each case i am only allowed to cum in the panties She has me wear at all times. Intercourse with my Wife/Mistress now consists of her using a dildo or strap on on me, which happens frequently. It has become our way of making love second only to my oral service.

    All in all it is working out quite well. She has developed a rabid taste for Black Bulls and thoroughly enjoys interacial sex with men and women. i am permitted release and as such maintain a relationship with Her that has grown stronger... she enjoys sex even more than before... and we had a good sex life, accepts and promotes my role as Her sissy cuck and sees i service and clean Her, Her Men and Her Women as directed. It is more than i ever expected but worth it.
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  15. babylacyjane

    babylacyjane Member

    my hubby is alowwed hand jobs only
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  16. ufotofu1

    ufotofu1 New Member

    Absolutely not. As a cuckold, i think sex with my wive would be like a vegetarian eating a bacon cheeseburger. It's not my place at all.

    I service her orally frequently. And i'm allowed to masturbate while kneeling at her feet a couple times a week. Once in a while she does me up the ass with a strap-on, purely for humiliation--does that count as sex with her???

    It has been well over 3 years now. I guess I get by on the excitment of humiliation, the joy in serving her, and the masturbation.
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  17. joanetta

    joanetta New Member

    no sex with my wife

    no she does'nt let me have sex with her.. has'nt for several years. I am expected to arrange things for her and her various lovers who are always from out of town. if necessary i am to be available for her lovers and it happens fairly often. she likes me to meet them and always tells them how useless i have been for years for her sex needs. i also am never in the same room as them but am allowed to listen on their pleasure.
  18. GoddessAnn

    GoddessAnn New Member

    Personally, I think it depends on whether or not the wife is submissive to her lover. If she's completely dominant (as I am) then she will have sex with whomever she wants, which may include her husband. If she's submissive to her bull then he will probably deny her sex with her husband.

    I have sex with my husband when I want. I have sex with my lover when I want. Isn't that the point of the cuckold lifestyle (that I say who and when I have sex with)? I enjoy the deep emotional connection I get when I make love to my husband even if I don't allow him to have an orgasm. I don't get that connection when I fuck my lovers. Instead I get mind-blowing orgasms.

    If a lover ever tried to tell me I couldn't have sex with my husband then he'd be history. It's that simple.

    Why wouldn't a wife want to have sex with her husband and her lover? They both serve different purposes.
  19. lkc_cucky8s

    lkc_cucky8s New Member

    Husband not allow intercourse but only serve orally

    As you mentioned that your hubby is allowed handjobs only ,why not treat him to do blowjobs on your lovers that makes him more submission and devotion to you,you will "break his manhood" and forever service your lovers and you completely

    QUOTE=babylacyjane;17424]my hubby is alowwed hand jobs only[/QUOTE]
  20. jamie427

    jamie427 New Member

    We both agreed about 6 years ago that it would be best to end our sexual relationship.We continue to be best friends and we have never been closer then we are now.She has an exclusive arrangement with her boyfriend.

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