Apply to be my cuckold between Paris, Lyon and London

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    You are looking for a bossy woman?

    You like to worship her and you are her cuckold? You are submissive and wealthy, with an extra room in a nice house or a big apartment in Manhattan? I can be your cuckoldress for the weekend, for 1 week or 2 weeks! Experience the naughty lifestyle of cuckolding in Manhattan, New York. I am intelligent, witty, charming, captivating and caring but with a high capacity for occasional cruelty and verbal belittlement. I love to order you around, and you have to serve me! Perfect if you are looking for a live in situation in a cuckold slave scenario. It is all about what I want! I am also interested of chastity as i know that keeping a guy locked up would reduce the risk of you complaining and would therefore make you better and more useful. Im a big fan of humiliation as it mentally keeps you in place with the chastity - physically keeping you in place. I love to bring my bull and lover to your place and cuckold you.

    1: You are not allowed to enter my bed room! You have to listening how i breath heavy and get pleased from my bull. If you are a good boy, than you can clean me. No creampie - i always play safe.

    2: I leave the door open, so you can have a peek what i do with my friend and bull. If you are a good boy than you can enter the room

    3: You enter the room, and perhaps tie you to the chair , or i blindfold you or you can sit next to the bed and watch me and my bull. Perhaps i order you to kiss my breast or perhaps you are able to kiss my clit.

    4: You are in the room with me and you prep me for my bull with a nice massage, shaving, licking, playing with toys or? Than my bull comes over and you can be part of the play but never fuck me.

    5. Perhaps i force you to lick me when my bull takes me from behind? Ready to be my long term cuckold for a long weekend, for 1 or 2 weeks? Than apply to be my cuckold.

    I also offer cuckold session between London, Dublin, Manchester & Oxford Make your fantasy to reality. I can be your cuckoldress, and you are my cuckold! THIS IS ONLY FOR WEALTHY CUCKOLD AND SLAVES! Your Goddess and Dominatrix cuckoldress. Fetish Escort, Dominarix, mature , cougar and your sexy mifl for a threesome, and couple entertainment, fmf, mfm, mmf.

    I offer my service in Dublin, London, Manchester, Paris, Lyon, Milano. And overnight Escort in St.Moritz.
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    Looking forward for my cuckold session in Milano, Paris, London and Dublin...
    Worship me and submit to me
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    Only couple of weeks in London, Paris and Dublin than i come back to Manhattan, New York...

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