Anyone ever been caught?

Discussion in 'The Affair Zone - Cheating!' started by melissa219, Feb 5, 2017.

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    You wouldn't by chance be the French president?
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    One of my fantasies came true. I always had the fantasy of fucking some guy's gf/wife while they talk on the phone with their unsuspecting husband/bf. Finally happened earlier today. She was an older woman in her 40's I'd see around town from time to time. Finally tried my luck with her and after a couple of days I was balls deep in her while her husband was away. Her husband calls while we're fucking and she answers. Almost the whole time during the call I have my balls resting near her mouth and my cock on her forehead. I don't wanna go into too much details(unless people want me to pm some) but it was great.

    I may be an asshole for doing something like that but fuck was it good.
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    Yes. Caught more than once. The worst and best was many years ago. I had a professional athlete's wife (a tall honey colored narrow waisted angel with a devilish streak) over for the night and he somehow found out she was there. He showed up, she saw him outside the window, freaked out for about an hour and then started fucking again bc she was afraid to leave. Somehow it got a lot more passionate and desperate because she knew she was busted. Eventually he left but what we didn't know was he had taken the distributor cap from her car engine, so when she tried to leave the car wouldn't start . We are standing in the street trying to figure out what happened when he showed up. Tense moments. But he was mad at her not me. Harsh words bc she had cuckolded him before. Many times. She sweet talked him, went home and fucked him. And was back at my place again that night. Bad girl. Loved her
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    I didn't really get caught, but almost 40 years ago, I was stationed in Hawaii and was fucking my neighbor with her husbands approval. They were the ones that introduced me to wife sharing, but back then, I was the other man. On one particular day while he had to work, I was at his house having a go at his wife, and had just crawled up between her legs and slid into her when her phone rang. I don't remember who it was, just that it was a family member of hers. Brother, sister, mother, father, just to long ago to remember. But I do remember that she came right out and told them that she was in bed with "a new lover" and would call them back when he finished.

    Now for my wife. This happened more than 30 years ago, a couple of years before we met. Now bare with me here...... She was dating her brothers wifes brother. So it would be her brothers brother-in-law. Did I say that right? Well anyway, she was quite the easy piece in her single day (and that didn't change when we married). She told me that one time she was in the barn on her knees sucking a neighbor boys cock (not the first time she had sucked him, and he had even fucked her a couple of times), when her brother walked in. He must have kept the secret, since her boyfriend never said anything to her.
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    Wow, this is so hot. Please please tell us more about this. How and where did you first hook up? Who initiated? Was there flirting, etc.? So hot . . .
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    Neighbor caught me fucking his wife yesterday. Walked in on me balls deep in her in the middle of a loud orgasm. Figured it would happen eventually.

    He didn't even look at me he just looked stared at his wife. They got into it and i left as fast as i could
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    I have caught my wife several times. She always denies it. I have found birth control pills and contraceptive sponges even though I have been fixed. Thongs and lingerie, and even recipts for presents for her men friends.

    The first time I caught her was when we had been invited to a pool party. We showed up first and the hostess asked if I would run to the store for a few bottles of champagne. I was glad to help and left my wife there chatting with them (Tom and Carol).

    When I arrived back at the house I walked around the side to put the bottles in the outside coolers, there was my wife and Tom playing in the pool. The play could only be described as half wrestling and half grab ass. My wife seemed disappointed that I had arrived back so soon and spoiled their fun.

    Other couples arrived and the night went on with lots of drinking and ended up with the hosts, us and two other couples in the hot tub. At one point, I happened to be out of the tub getting a beer when my wife announces "Let's get naked!" And with that dropped her top and then stood and pulled down her bottoms before sitting back down. I was in complete shock that my wife had even suggested that and had just let them all see her naked. She had never shown any exhibionist tendencies.

    The one of the other wife's lets the guys see her tits as she took hers off and the others stayed in the water and threw their suits out. My wife then encouraged the guys to stand up and remove their suits so the women could see their packages. One by one they stood up and slowly dropped their suits before sitting down. I was still out side the tub and was transfixed on my wife's reaction to each of thier cocks, even though I couldn't see since the guys backs were to me.

    Then to my horror I see everyone turn to me. The weather was cold and I had been out of the tub for several minutes. I had no choice. I quickly dropped my suit and hurried to the tub. I know I am small, my wife has told me that I am the smallest she has ever had. But when it's cold it's really bad. My balls don't hang so the sack was contracted to the size and roundness of a ping pong ball and my one and a half inch dick sat right on top of the balls. Pointing straight ahead. When I was trying to hurry to the tub my dick bounced up and down like a light switch. The laughter was humiliating.

    Too my complete surprise my wife continued to enjoy teasing the men. She would reach for something outside the tub by standing and bending over so they could see her ass and pussy. I was very turned on by this and even pushed one leg up on the side of the tub, spreading her legs so they could see her pussy in full view. She would just laugh and bend over more. Her nipples where hard and looked like pencil erasers which one of the guys even gently pulled to the softest moan.

    Tom then announced he was going in to get some more beer from inside. Un prompted, my wife announces she would help. I assumed Carol was about to go with them since it was obvious to me that things were heading somewhere quickly. She didn't move or seem to even notice and just kept talking to the other women.

    I had to see it. Watching had always been a huge fantasy of mine. I said I was going to use the restroom and got out of the hot tub and wrapped a towel around my waist. I snuck into the house and moved toward the kitchen area. There it was. They were locked together kissing passionately, thier bodies pressed tightly with only the towels between them. Then I see his hand is under the towel and her legs are spread and he is fingering her. She has a hand in his towel and is jerking him up and down. I can't see his cock but there is a lot of motion going on.

    I was so hard. I started rubbing myself. For some reason, they both look up and start acting like they were just looking for a bottle opener. I felt embarrassed that I was there for some reason and said something about the restroom and went back outside to the hot tub.

    As I walked I desperately wanted to go back in and tell them, it's ok if I watched. But I knew she wouldn't do it with me there. I dropped my towel and got back in the water. Carol had watched me get in and I realized I was still hard. She got to see that I wasn't a shower or a grower. She reached over and to my surprise stroked me.

    The other couples were getting thier stuff ready to leave. I wasn't sure what any of them thought or if they were leaving because it had gotten alkward. I was still too turned on to care and reached a hand under Carol's ass and fingered her.

    Right then Tom and my wife come out of the house. I am not sure if they had fucked or not. I don't think enough time had passed but I am not sure. We get our things together and head home with the other couples. I am the most excited I have ever been. I can't wait to hear the story and fuck her. We get home and I strip my cloths off ask her to tell me what had happened. She denies everything. Even what I had seen. I was so disappointed and basically beg her to fuck me, but she has no interest. When I press her why she says, "Beacuse you're such a wimp!"

    I ended up masterbaiting three times that night and still get a thrill of the thought of her showing herself to three other men. I don't know if she ever hooked up with any of those guys but she got very popular at neighborhood parties.
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    The cornerstone of the relationship that Audrey and I have is honesty. On our second date, she mentioned her lovers. When we first fucked, which I never expected, she told me she wasn't monogamous. She wanted me to meet her lovers. (Talk about a strange experience, dinner with the woman you're falling in love with and her sex partners.) When we decided that we were in love and moved in together, Audrey said that wan't giving up her lovers. She wanted me to join each of the guys for an MFM. Her lovers, couples, then wanted me to swap with them.

    Audrey was honest each step of the way and understood if I wanted to bail, instead I asked her to marry me. She is Worth It. And you are right it is the hottest, most exciting thing to watch your wife having sex with another man, hotter if it's another couple, hotter still if you're balls deep in his wife while yours is climaxing.
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    Good for you. My wife finds it hotter to keep me out of her love affairs. And that's how she sees them. Plus not all men can handle it. It's one thing for your wife to have a one night stand vs a long term relationship where she feels in love. In my experience most relationships have a deep felt connection at first.

    I am just now starting to understand the Cuck mindset. I had it early on in high school. I would be fascinated by girls sexual past, partners sizes and how slutty they were and would masterbate to it without knowing anything about Cuckholds. My wife knew me well enough to know I couldn't handle it but loved it.
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    Finding someone who matches your sexual needs and proclivities is wonderful. We're both lucky to have the spouses that we do.

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