Anyone ever been caught?

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  1. melissa219

    melissa219 Member

    A long story that I will cut short.

    Has anyone ever been caught by family or had a family member get caught?

    My siater, mother, and myself regularly call each other on the weekends. Normally I call my sister then we talk then call my mother to add her to the call. This weekend my mother called me first and I added my sister. My mother stepped away to get something to drink. When my sister joined the line she complained about work, her kids, and husband and needing another vacation. She suggested we take another girls vacation like last year to Vegas. She then made the comment maybe she could find a black stripper again while there and have sex with him. She commented about just needing the release.

    She was given a hallpass by her husband but she never told him what if anything happened. Our mother did hear this statement and called me after we finished. She wanted to know what I knew and was I there. I told her we both went to a strip club but I left before she did to play some slots.

    She is considering confronting my sister over this.

    My mother is not happy she cheated but also with a black guy.
  2. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    Hi Melissa,
    Funny you should ask. My wife has a lover she's been seeing for the past 2 1/2 years. He lives a few states away, so they only see each other every month or two, usually for a few nights on business trips or when she goes to visit him. She's beautiful and sexy and I love her, but she's a little headstrong and has never been accused of being discreet. She posts frequent messages on a social media site. Some of them are meant to be veiled references or messages to her lover, but they're not as opaque as she thinks. In addition, not long ago she accidentally posted pics of the two of them on a date. She took them down when she realized her mistake, but they were up for a few hours or a day.

    My mother, who is very traditional but could have been a detective. Nothing gets past her. And she's also frequents this website and sees my wife's posts.

    Just this morning I was talking to her and she asked me if my marriage is ok. I assured her it is (which is true) but asked why. I wasn't surprised when she cited my wife's posts -- my mom saw the date pics -- and said it looks like she's sleeping with the guy who indeed is her lover. I told her I know him and that there's nothing going on, but I doubt she bought it.

    My mother is the last person I'd want to know about this, but it appears she does. Hopefully she believes that our marriage is good and is satisfied with that, even though I'm sure she would not understand the lifestyle.
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  3. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    I have gotten caught more than once. I'll give 2 examples. Once my brother in law saw me on Tinder and sent my husband a text. That sucked because I would rather my husband's family not know. A second example is I left my IPad open to my adultfriedfinder ad. My oldest child saw it when he got on my IPad for something. That was really uncomfortable for me.

    But the worst one was getting caught by my first husband.

    I hate getting caught.
  4. melissa219

    melissa219 Member

    My sister had a hallpass from her husband but my mother won't be happy when she hears of this nor will she understand. Also she is not happy she had sex with a random person, who is a stripper, and black. My concern is that I am cheating on my husband and my sister knows this, I really don't care for her to throw me under the bus and for all of this to come out. Just some stressful times right now.
  5. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    Wow, she'd throw you under the bus like that? Not the greatest sister. But I can understand your stress. I guess your husband would not be on board with you seeing someone else?
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  6. melissa219

    melissa219 Member

    It really depends upon our mother and how far she wants to push the issue. She may not believe that I didn't know my sister had sex on our vacation, I did know. I didn't have sex with a stripper but I did give one a BJ. I've regularly had sex with a black co-worker and my sister knows of this, that's what I hope doesn't get out.
  7. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    Sometimes in a situation like this it helps to adjust your expectations. It probably won't help you achieve your ideal outcome -- because it starts with letting go the hope of that -- but it may help you make better decisions about what to do now that you're in this situation.

    The first thing that came to my mind is to just tell your sister not to blab to your mom, but that's pretty obvious, so I'm assuming there's a good reason you don't think that would work. If it seems so probable that your mom will find out, maybe you should accept it and think about telling her yourself. I'm sure that would be an unpleasantly awkward conversation, but you may be able to influence how she receives the information or what she does with it.

    Or, similarly, you may take it as inevitable that your husband will find out and think about the best way to handle that. Others on this site have said that cheating always gets opposed eventually. I'm sure cheating seems in some ways easier than addressing your desire to sleep with someone else, but addressing it may end better than getting caught.

    Good luck.
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  8. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    My wife got caught one time by her married youngest sister. Her sister dropped by one morning and my wife was being pounded by the black man that lived with us. He would normally been at work, but had taken the day off for something else he had to do that day and they were just taking the opportunity while they had the house to themselves. My wife had forgot that her sister was going to stop by for sister chat and coffee.
    My sister in law waited in the kitchen and when they (my wife and Haywood) walked in naked to get a drink, after a few uncomfortable moments her sister said can you get me one of those. While he went to call a friend of his my sister in law said that she had a few questions. 1 Did I know about them? (yes) 2 How long have they been doing this? (for over a year). 3 Have you ever measured that thing? (yes it's over 11 inches) 4 Are you using protection? (no) 5 What if you get pregnant? (I'll have it). At that point Haywood came back into the kitchen and said his friend would be there in a few minutes.
    His friend came over and my sister in law and the friend went downstairs into the family room until sometime in the afternoon. My sister in law never said anything to me about that day. My wife did tell me that her sister called her a few days later and then came over and they talked about our lifestyle. About a year later she got divorced from her first husband and told my wife that he was too controlling and way too jealous, that she couldn't even talk to other men.
  9. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I think, if I'm reading this correctly Melissa, that your husband is not aware of anything you've done outside of your marriage. Am I reading that correctly?

    No judgement intended. I'm just trying to make sure I understand the situation.

    Thanks, xoxoxo

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  10. I've never been caught, but I have come home early to find my wife with another man's cock in her mouth or overheard her being fucked!
  11. Jen9

    Jen9 Guest

    I cheated on my first husband. Never got caught. We agreed on a divorce and a dated a few guys including a black guy. Didnt sleep with the black guy. I ended up marrying the guy i cheated with during my first marriage. I sort of cheated on my second husband. I let another guy hold me from behind standing up and i let him kiss my shoulder and neck. But i told my current husband about it. He was a little bit angry but he forgave me. Hope all ended well in your story.
  12. Wife4others

    Wife4others Guest

    Yes we have been caught a few times by others. Our neighbors twice as my wife was having fun with our bull in our backyard.
    The last person to catch us was our oldest daughter in our family room. She knows about lifestyle. But that was the first time she unfortunately had to see my wife in action with 2 other men.
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  13. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member


    I would tell your sister EXACTLY what you told your mom and then tell the sister that you will always cover up for her IF she keeps her mouth shut.

    I agree with the others who hate being caught and humiliated but sometimes its when the kids find out and they don't always quite understand. The kids never look at their mom the SAME way ever again.
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  14. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Well that is true Wayne, but the same can be said about just about Every kid who catches the parents themselves having sex. Or vice versa, even if the kid isn't a kid anymore.

    I would explain to Any family member that caught the sex even the Cuckold sex, whether they be the kids, parents, friends or whatever. That they need to realize Everyone is different from Everyone in some way, but we are All Humans and therefore are Sexual Beings. That you and your spouse are Great and you and your spouses Sex Life in Not their business and Not open to discussion. You are Both the SAME people who they always thought you were before they snooped or stumbled upon it. Except for the PRIVATE part of your and your spouses Life.

    Being a Father of so many kids, including daughters, I know so many Fathers have a Real problem with the fact that their little girl eventually grows up. But through I did not want it to happen too early, I knew and accepted it from the get go. I always told my wife that I would Much rather Help our daughters get birth control than for them to get pregnant before they should.
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  15. Shambler

    Shambler New Member

    Lis was busted by her sister, when Sis' saw a text on Lis' phone. LOL, now they both get their slut on together, whenever Lis comes to town. Sis is BBC only, and her husband doesn't know.

    Her driver figured out what she was doing, after frequently dropping her off at hotels, only to pick her up a couple of hours later. He wound up fucking her too, for several months on a regular basis.

    She was also busted by 3 of our friends when they visited unexpectedly. They walked in the gate and found her bent over the front yard fountain by her favorite (a guy named Jorge), who was dumping in her. For information, she normally requires condoms.....except for Jorge....and Tommy.......and Jesus......and a guy named Drew.

    All of our neighbors in Mexico know. If the stream of male visitors while I was at work wasn't a clue for them, the 3 boys standing outside our gate after a session, bragging about the beat down they put on the neighborhood gringa was. We also have BBQ's with 3 or 4 of her playmates at a time - they arrive early in the afternoon and spend the day and evening taking turns with her, frequently outside and loudly. Walls or not, there's no mistaking the noise for anything other than what it is.

    So yeah, I guess she's been busted a lot.
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  16. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    and i believe She doesnt care a bit...:)
  17. elitetx91

    elitetx91 Member

    I almost got caught fucking my former teacher from HS. It was her son who almost caught us, her husband was away for the weekend and her son was supposed to be at some party but he arrived home a lot sooner than we thought he would. Luckily it was already dark outside so i just snuck out the window and into the alleyway.
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  18. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Same here. For all the drama that's supposed to surround coming home to find your wife in bed with another man (or woman), it's pretty normal for me. I've had to go to their house, however, to find Audrey in bed with another couple.

    On rare occasions, Audrey's found me with a woman. But in any event, what can you do? Join the fun!
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  19. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    In retrospect, did you feel as if you were exploited or a crime committed against you?
  20. elitetx91

    elitetx91 Member

    Nah, it was all good. Either way, I still fuck her to this day ;)
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