Any softcore movies with cheating wife/mom/gf? Any language pls..

Discussion in 'Movies and Films' started by cuckold_wittol, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. cuckold_wittol

    cuckold_wittol Active Member

    Looking for a good softcore porn.. Any language with cheating wife/gf/mom...

    1) mom/gf/wife sneaking away from a party/reunion with her lover while unsuspecting hubby is with the guests

    2) making the kids to sleep and having quiet sex with lover in next room...

    3) Interested in porn where wife/gf/mom has sex behind unsuspecting hubby's back

    Also i am looking for a porn which i saw 5-6 yrs back in which wife and lover has sex in hall.. door opens and hubby comes and without noticing goes to his office room... wife and lover slowly go upstairs and again start fucking...

    HELP ME FRIENDS:rolleyes:
  2. texvoyeur

    texvoyeur New Member

    send me a private message...i love those kinds of movies...tons of them on the japanese porn sites. I can give you some links.
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  3. gnyturk23

    gnyturk23 New Member

    when you got, please share with me too.. ı really love those kinds of movies
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  4. Cal Randleman

    Cal Randleman New Member

    I agree, also a big fan of those type and I feel the Japanese put together great cuck movies.
  5. Ukwanker

    Ukwanker New Member

    Love to see some of those links!
  6. Trystane

    Trystane Guest

    Whoever finds such links, please post them here instead of messaging them to specific persons...
  7. analcuriousfan

    analcuriousfan New Member

    Im keen also, has anyone got any good suggestions?

    Especially "1) mom/gf/wife sneaking away from a party/reunion with her lover while unsuspecting hubby is with the guests"
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  8. Daredevil

    Daredevil New Member

    Me too
  9. PAhotwife4u

    PAhotwife4u New Member

    me too please
  10. cuckold_wittol

    cuckold_wittol Active Member

  11. gnyturk23

    gnyturk23 New Member

    me too please
  12. cuckold_wittol

    cuckold_wittol Active Member

    Guys any updates??
  13. robb32

    robb32 Member

    there was a maintsream movie where step son does his step mom, then hubby comes home and discovers her in bed while son is hiding..and gets sloppy seconds unknowingly.
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  14. robb32

    robb32 Member

    not porn, but always enjoyed the mainstream movie "coastlines", where the wife has an affair with sheriff husband's troubled bestie. admits it, and they all live happily ever after.. def a conversation starter..As is "the grass is always greener with Grant, Kerr and Holden. Torremolinos 73 is probably the most cuck mainstream I've seen..again, happily ever after..all netflixey.. the girlfriend game is a hot short on vimeo.
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