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    I tried googeling bits of the story to look for matches but no luck. And tried looking for its name onside story sites with no luck.

    Heres the story, I saved it years ago and found recently.

    Posted by Mark on January 07, 2006 at 17:11:35:

    Thought I'd share with the group something my wife and I have been going through. I think some on here might relate. I don't consider myself a full member of this group, but as you will read, I have some of the key qualities, as does my wife. Anyway, here's what's been going on.

    My wife Sara and I have been married almost five years. We have a two year-old son. She is short at 5'2", and has very nice short cropped brown hair. She has to switch back and forth between a B and a C cup, depending on the make of the bra or the week. She is very cute, and managed to come out of the pregnancy unscathed by the stretch marks that ravage some women. Lots of lotion seemed to help.

    We went to college together and after dating on and off for a year, started getting serious. Not long after graduation, we got married and settled down in the local area. We were good frieds with another couple, and they got married and settled here too. But they started having problems after a couple years, and then last year, she moved out and headed back to New York City, where she had family. She just didn't like this small college town stuff, although, for me, there's plenty of opportunity here. Anyway...

    We have stayed very close to Kevin since his wife left. He's of course struggled a lot with his emotions. At first he pretended he was fine, that it was no big deal, but we'd start seeing him drink more and more at the club we go to on the weekends, and occassionally, he'd get very angry and start yelling about her, all that. It was really bad if he'd talked to her recently, as we had to hear all the details of their latest argument. My wife and I both felt sorry for him...he'd always been a real good guy. He was taking it hard. Then it got real bad when word got back to him that she was seeing someone in NY. He also started having trouble getting hold of her, as she'd be gone entire weekends. He took this real hard and my wife and I did what we could to console him. Then finally, around Oct, he seemed to snap out of it, moved forward on the divorce paperwork and started being himself again. He was finally fun to be around.

    We all would go to the local club together just about every Sat night. We have a teenager down the street who babysits for us. We'd have a good time, but I noticed that Kevin would never ask any of the girls in the club to dance. He and my wife would usually dance a couple times a night after I'd danced with her a few times, and this was fine with me. She likes to dance more than I do, and I knew Kevin was lonely.

    My wife and I also started talking about him in the bedroom. Actually, I must confess that I was the one who brought it up, jokingly asking her if she wanted to give him a pity fuck or something, you know to help him out in his time of need. At first she just slapped at me and said "Don't be ridiculous," but when she saw I wasn't disturbed by the thought, and when I pressed her more, she did admit that she'd always found him attractive. It also seemed like whenever we would talk about him and sex with her, that our lovemaking would rise to a new level of intensity. I found that interesting, and since we kept seeing him so often at the club, and sometimes over at our place, I kept bringing it up and discussing it in more detail. Then around Thanksgiving, after he and my wife had slow danced a couple times, she even began talking about it on her own initiative in bed. I'd be doing her and she'd say, "Oh, Kevin, that feels sooo good," then she'd laugh at me. And when I'd ask her how she thought it would be with him, she would fill in some details like, "I heard he was a good lover. Carol (his soon to be ex) told me sex sure wasn't the issue between them." She also told me that she'd heard he was "well equipped". Again, no doubt his wife had told my wife, they'd been pretty close before she left.

    Then about mid-December while we were doing all our shopping, I only half-jokingly suggested I should give a night with her to him for a Christmas present. She laughed at that, and even said, "Maybe that would be a good present for me too," then busted up laughing and gave me a big hug, saying she was only kidding. But over the next couple days, I brought it up again and again, but she always laughed it off, until one Friday night, we were sitting in the living room drinking wine after Jr was in bed, and when I brought it up, she looked seriously at me and asked if I really thought I could handle it if we did it? I was stunned. She wasn't joking anymore, she was serious.

    I moved closer and held her hand as we talked, and she turned on the couch to face me...I still remember the way her eyes were looking into mine, trying to figure out if I was being honest. She asked about jealousy, and how I'd be able to handle her being with another guy? I told her I'd actually thought all about that, and for her not to think bad of me, but that the thought really excited me for some reason. She laughed and told me "no way," but then she said she'd read about that before and told me that "Guys are weird. I'd kill you if you were with another woman." Then she asked me how I envisioned something happening between him and her. I told her there were a lot of ways, but that it was important to me that he knew that I knew so he wouldn't think she was pulling something off on the sly on me. She said that made sense. I finally said, that "Really, I'd just like to tell him you're his for the night." I kind of wanted to watch his reaction and all. And again, be a part of it in the beginning too, so he would understand I was involved.

    She asked if I expected to participate, and I said I really wasn't sure about that. I mean, I had absolutely no desire to do her in front of him, we could have done stuff like that many times before if we'd wanted, but I'd always been reserved toward her in front of him because I didn't want rub his nose in his own situation. Then she kind of surprised me a little and said, "Good, because I don't really want to have you both at the same time. I think I prefer focusing on just one man." My heart really began to pound at that kind of talk. She had clearly given this some thought.

    We talked some more about her feelings toward him. She said he was very attractive to her, he was like a brother, but not, so she could see having sex with him. I told her I understood. She said I needn't worry about her running off with him or anything, she didn't feel that way toward him, but she confessed that when they danced, she had sometimes felt her body respond to him. I kind of felt a little pang at that. I asked her if he'd ever gotten erect during their slow dances, and she laughed and said, "Every time!" That really surprised me, I'd never noticed, but she seemed to be so casual about it.

    But suddenly, she said this was all crazy and got up and went into the kitchen. I chased after her, but she just said, "No way, normal married couples don't do this," and tried to dismiss the whole thing.

    I'd found this web site in Nov, and I decided to show it to her. At first she tried to resist even sitting at the computer, but once I got the site up and showed her some selected posts that seemed right on topic, she just kind of started reading in silence. I left her at the computer and went upstairs to bed. About an hour later she came up.

    "It would really excite you for me to do it?" she asked. I thought about my answer carefully. "Yes, for some reason it would, but you'd have to do it right," I told her. "Like in the stories? Kind of in your face a little?" she asked. "Yeah," I said, hoping I wouldn't have to explain it. We lay there for a bit more thinking quietly, then we fucked hard, not "made love," but fucked.

    The next morning neither of us said anything. About lunch time, Kevin called and asked if we were going to the club as usual, and I asked her to make sure. She said yes. Then after I hung up, I just blurted out, "Are we going to do this?" She looked at me and said, "Do you really want to?" I nodded, and asked her the same. Slowly she nodded. Then she said, "You can't stop it once it starts though. I couldn't handle that, it'll be hard enough just to do it without having to worry about you suddenly getting jealous." I confessed that I knew I would be very jealous, already was just thinking about it, but that it made my insides incredibly excited, and I wanted to see this through. I then told her the same thing. "Once it starts, no stopping, you have to follow through, and you have to..." "A little in your face with it, like in the story's, right?" "Right." Then she just kind of turned and went upstairs. I'd been expecting a hug at the decision being made, but it seemed like it was already starting. Then she yelled downstairs, "I have to kiss him first. I'll make the final decision after that." "Okay."

    The rest of that day seemed to drag on forever. I was a nervous wreck, but my wife just seemed to press with preparations. She changed the sheets (in our joking talks she'd always said he'd have to come here, she didn't want to be going over to his place and all that, or having our son wonder where she was in the morning and all). She also spent a long time in the bathroom. I figured she was shaving her legs, triming and all that. Around seven she took a long bath, and then got dressed. It's a very casual club, so she put on jeans and a nice white bra with a small white half tank thing, and a silky white almost see-through shirt over that. She looked hot as always. I remember spending more time thinking about what I was going to wear that night, which is pretty stupid if you think about it. I also kept staring at her, thinking things like, he's going to see those panties, he's going to be taking off that bra, those kinds of things. I was already very jealous and had to push off the urge to jump in and stop it before it even started. I knew she'd get very mad at this point.

    We met Kevin at the club around nine, and right out of the chute, there was a serious complication; he'd brought a date! My wife did her best to be polite, but it was clear she was surprised and disappointed and a little frustrated. I thought about it and realized we'd only really considered our part in all this, we'd not really given much thought to his side of it. I mean, he might not even want to be with her, or as we were now seeing, he might go after someone else. It was quite a twisted situation.

    After a while, we all settled into normal polite conversation, made more difficult by the pounding music of course, but looking at my wife, she seemed to have simply resigned herself that it wasn't going to happen. I decided to blow off the suddenly excess steam by drinking a little more than I usually do. I danced with my wife a couple times, while Kevin danced with his date, and then when we got back to the table, his date went to the restroom. She actually asked my wife if she wanted to join her, but my wife said no, definitely breaking with proper chick protocol. Then she shocked me by nudging me and saying, "Tell him." It was suddenly clear she was not giving up. I just looked at her confused, like - hey, give it up, he's with someone. But by her look, I knew, she wasn't ready quit. Finally, I turned to him, got his attention and said, "Sara would like to give you an early Christmas present." Kevin looked hard at me and then at my wife. "Okay," he said, not understanding. Then my wife, looking to see if his date was coming, took his hand and led him out to the dance floor. A slow song was on, and while Kevin looked back concerned for his date, they embraced. I watched, and for about twenty seconds, they just turned and danced like usual, but then Sara told him something, and he kind of looked down at her, then back at me, then back at her, then back toward the bathroom, then back at her again. She said something to him again, and after one more sweep of the room, he leaned down and gave her a peck on the lips. She was obviously not hapy with that, and pulled him down again, and this time, they kissed much more fully, but still very quickly. He looked over at me and saw that I saw what was going on, and I raised my glass to him to show him I wasn't concerned, and then she pulled him down again, and this time his will-power seemed to fade away. They were making out fully. Just in time for his date to arrive back at the table and see what they were doing. She simply picked her purse back up and left. I guess Sara took care of that little complication pretty effectively.

    Finally the song ended and they came back to table. Kevin was obviously embarrassed, but Sara was clearly excited. She came up to me and said simply "Okay." I guess he'd managed to pass the kiss test. I knew it was now or never, so before I could lose my nerve, I turned to him and asked, "Did you like her present?" He kind of blushed and looking at her said that he had like it very much. "Well then I think you're going to like what I'm giving you even better." "I'm not kissing you," he said, trying to break the tension I think, and we all laughed. "No, I'm giving you the night with her." He just stared at me, speechless. Sara eased herself over beside him and took his hand in hers. "Uh..." was all he could say. Then he finally asked about his date and I explained what happened. He seemed a little upset, but then Sara pulled him to her, and again, kissed him. He then shook his head and started to ask something, but I cut him off. "Tonight, all night, let me know when you're ready to go." Those were probably the hardest words I've ever had to force myself to say.

    He and my wife then started talking in quiet tones, and I saw her nod. I guess he was confirming everything with her. I decided that I should give them some space so I went to the bar and ordered another round for us. There was a line so it took several minutes before I returned. They were both smiling so it seemed the whole thing had solidified. I just looked at Sara and shook my head. She puckered her lips showing she knew I was a little sad, but then turned her attention back to Kevin. Another slow song came on and this time it was Kevin who asked her to dance, and I remember watching them through a fog of emotions. What had I done? How was I going to be able to get through the night? This is crazy! And people who sort of knew us there as regulars were noticing it too. I could see guys and even some couples who saw us in there all the time watching them on the dance floor and looking back at me. When they started kissing again out there, it seemed like everyone in the place kept looking first at them, then at me. I remember breaking into a sweat. I had to get another drink to help settle me down.

    Finally, after a couple more songs, they came back, and by this point, they were both very happy and relaxed. It was Sara who asked if we were about ready to go. I paid the tab and met them at the club door. They were standing there hand in hand. The old guy who takes the cover charge gave all three of us a very strange look.

    As we walked to our trucks Sara told me that she was going to ride with Kevin. I don't know why this dug at me, I guess I'd been thinking we'd have a chance to talk on the way home, I don't know, but it did. I didn't say anything, and they just went down the lot to his truck and got in. As I pulled out I remember watching carefully to ensure that they were really following me. They were though, and I also noticed that she was sitting right up next to him. We only live a short distance from the club and there are only about three lights. Of course we hit every one of them. During each delay I looked back and saw them kissing. Then when we got to the house, they followed me up arm in arm. I almost had to tell Sara to chill out, but when I opened the door, she pushed him away, and walked in with me so the baby sitter wouldn't suspect anything.

    As usual, she took the report from the sitter and paid her, then I walked the sitter home as I always do. I remember looking back at them standing in the living room, watching me leave. Kevin had a particularly funny look on his face. I got her home as fast as I could, and then, her damn father had to be up and he started talking to me. I tried to break it off a few times, but he didn't get the hint. I think he'd had more to drink than I had that's for sure. Finally I just told him Sara wasn't feeling good and walked off.

    As I approached the house, I thought about looking in the window to see if I could see what they were doing, but somehow the thought of peaking into my own house seemed kind of weird, so I just opened the door and walked in. I'd been gone about fifteen minutes. I don't know why it bothered me, but when I walked in, they were sitting on the couch facing each other, her silk shirt was open, and she was pulling her half shirt and bra back down over her tits. He also straightened up, and I saw him struggling to get his fly zipped back, but he was obviously having difficulty getting it shut over his bulging boxers. I looked away and went to the kitchen to make another drink. Then Sara announced she was going upstairs to change. I decided to be a gentlemen and give him time to recover, and even made him a drink too while I waited. Sara stepped in the kitchen only a second, and gave me a kiss on the cheek, said "I love you," then ran off upstairs. It was clear to me she wanted no time for discussion.

    I gave Kevin his drink and we sat there ackwardly not saying anything for a minute. I'd made mine very strong and I just about downed it. Thankfully, it finally had the desired effect, and I began to see some of the humor in all that was happening.

    "So how do you like your present so far?" I asked him, smiling. He just stared at me a moment, then said, "I can't tell you how much I love you guys." I actually thought he was about to cry. Then he said "I haven't kissed a girl in over six months." We both laughed a little at that. Then, trying to swallow down the last of my doubts, I told him "Well, she's yours for the rest of the night. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas." My heart was about pounding out of my chest as I looked at him. He just smiled and said, "I love you guys," again.

    I heard the shower running upstairs, which I found peculiar since she'd taken a long bath earlier, but she later explained that she'd gotten so wet with everything going on that she'd felt she needed to freshen up. Wonderful.

    We had the TV on, but I can't remember what on. I just remember sitting there tracking the progress of my wife upstairs. Shower on, shower off, sink running (brushing teeth no doubt), sink off. Bathroom light off, bedroom light on. Bedroom door closed, walking around, drawers closing, closet closing, pause, and then with my heart pounding about out of my chest, the bedroom door opened, the bedroom light lowered (the over head went off, the bedside lamp was still on) and down walked my beautiful wife Sara, in the pale pink silk robe I'd bought her for Christmas last year. Apparently she'd had her hair up in the shower because it wasn't wet, but of course, that wasn't what she was washing. She'd freshened her make up I could tell. She'd never looked hotter.

    She hesitated beside the couch and asked if I'd made her one? I told her no, and as she left, I asked her to make me another. She then turned to Kevin and said "You want one too, handsome?" He just laughed and nodded. She gave me a smirk about what'd she'd just called him. She'd told me before in our talks that she thought he was, all things considered, better looking than me. It was also clear she was definitely following through on the "in your face a little" part. My insides were on fire.

    She returned and after handing me mine very delicately so as not to spill the others, she smoothly walked over and gave Kevin his drink, then without hesitation, curled up beside him on the couch. He lifted his arm, and she rested her head in the crook of his shoulder. He glanced at me, but then nervously stared back at the TV. I was basically looking toward the TV too, but could see them clearly in my line of view. I noticed his hand was resting on her hip.

    Everything stayed like that for a few minutes. Sara would sit up every so often to drink, but then she would nestle right back into him. Finally she set her drink on the table and I saw her put her hand on his thigh. I knew things were going to start to happen.

    As suspected, he began to rub her hip with his hand, and I noticed that she had begun to trace circles on his thigh with her fingers. I knew well how that felt. It never fails to give me a hard-on and I was sure he was feeling the same. Then suddenly she turned and looked up at him, and they were kissing again. This time with only my prying eyes there, they were noticably more passionate in their kissing than in the club, and I actually heard my wife give a little moan as he turned towards her a little and their tongues danced together freely.

    I tried to look at the TV again, acting like I wasn't staring, but then I looked back at them and couldn't turn away. Sara saw me looking and actually raised her eyebrows up and down at me as if to say, 'pretty hot huh?' I just stared back, and thought she was going to react to my nonresponse, but she just turned back to him and kissed him even deeper. Then he quietly said something to her, and looked over at me. I couldn't hear what he said, but I could barely hear what she said back -"No, we're fine here for a while, and don't worry about him, this is your night, we can do anything you want." It was only a moment later, while I sat there and stared, that he reached over and felt her nearest tit. She smiled as he caressed it, and then, untying the robe and pulling is open and down off her shoulders, she freed her arms and
    surprised us both I think by showing us that she had nothing on underneath it except her little black panties. He had his mouth open now, looking for only the second time I hope at her gorgous white naked breasts with their nice round reddish brown nipples slightly puckered with excitement (it was clear he'd gotten her shirt open and bra up when I was walking the baby sitter home). Then she turned to me and said, "Don't stare, you. They're his now." Kevin laughed nervously at that, and she looked up and kissed him again, his hand quickly taking hold of her breasts and kneading them gently, he soon had her nipples at full erection. She was just kind of smirking at me, mockingly.

    He played with her tits for quite a while. Sara kind of watched his hand on her, then began alternately looking at me, then back at his hand on her tits. Then she told him, "I love the way you do that, so gentle but so firm. It feels very good." Again, he just smiled, and even stole a glance back at me. Then I saw her reach over and suddenly, she was caressing the bulge between his legs. He let out a moan as she adjusted herself so she could use both hands, and pushing him back, she began fiddling with his belt. Then she said, "Let's see what we have here?" My heart about pounded right out of my chest.

    Slowly, she got the belt undone, then unbuttoned his slacks. Then she slowly, carefully, unzipped is pants over the big bulge his boxers were making, and finally, he just lifted up and pushed his pants down to his knees, leaving him with a large tent in his dark boxers. He kind of looked at her, seeming to question whether or not she wanted him to pull his boxers down, but she just slid her hand down his thigh, then brought it back up and let her fingers slip under the closest leg. Then slowly she slid her whole hand underneath and up until, he kind of jerked. She had obviously found what she was looking for. "Oh, my," she nearly gasped as it was clear she had her hand wrapped around him. "You have the biggest...I mean that...I've ever..." she just let it trail off, then looked back at me. I was expecting the same sort of taunting smirk she'd been giving me, but it was suddenly different. This was genuine. "Wow," she said, again. He just smiled and lay his head back. Then she pulled her hand out and said, "Down with them, too." He looked at me, hesitating a moment, but then lifted his butt, and between them, they pushed his shorts and his pants down to his ankles. When my wife sat back from blocking my view, we all three stared in silence at his long and very thick penis. Even from where I sat, I could see that on the tip of it, a little pre-come was forming. My wife gave me one more of her strange wide-eyed, clearly excited looks, and then shifting around onto her knees on the couch beside him, lowered her face to his crotch and took him into her mouth.

    Now I'd give you all the details of what she did to his cock for the next ten minutes, but it's really too hard for me. She enjoys giving oral sex, but never has she acted the way she did with him with me. She was moaning, and talking to him about how much bigger he is, and how his balls were huge, and each time she went at it hard on him for a minute or so, he would warn her, and she would stop and only use her hand to stroke him gently, his long thick shaft well wetted with her saliva, and then after carefully licking up any ooze from his near miss, she'd go back at it, sucking and slurping all over him and his large, dark scrotum, never stopping her tongues action on him. I remember having the thought that she knew what his come tasted like now. I don't know why that stuck with me. Then finally, he told her that he wasn't going to be able to hold back anymore and she told him "Then don't," and he told her urgently to "Watch out, I'm going to come!" And she giggle to him, "Do it." And he said, "What about him?" Which was kind of weird, given all they were already doing in front of me, and she said, "He'll just have to deal with it." Then he desperately said, "In your mouth?" But she dared not take her mouth off him at this point, so she groaned in response, nodding her head up and down on his dick vigorously. Then he almost screamed as months and months of pent up sexual frustraton came rushing out of his cock and right into the tight lips of my sweet wife's delicate mouth.

    I tried to look away as she struggled to take his full load, and as I looked a little further down the couch, I noticed something that had escaped my notice up to this point, from over her back, he had his hand in her panties, obviously fingering her from behind and underneath. This was so hard to watch.

    After about a minute, she had stopped gulping and was licking around on his penis and balls, trying to make sure she got it all, then with a smack of her lips, she sat up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "Wow," she said, "That was the most ever." Then she nervously glanced at me before repositioning herself, turning on her side, facing him, with her head on his thigh and his penis right in front of her face. I wondered why she'd done that, but soon it was obvious. When she'd sat up his hand had come out of her panties. Now, as she raised her leg, facing him, he put his hand in her panties in the front, and I heard her gasp as he found what he was looking for. "You're so wet," he tried to whisper to her. "You're fault," she whispered back. Then, as I sat there basically traumatized by what I'd just witnessed, she whispered "You can fuck me as soon as you're ready to go again." He smiled and she slowly moved her head and it was clear to me that she was laying there sucking on his head gently, while he fingered her pussy.

    It seemed like it was only about five minutes later that he announced, "Okay, let's go." This time, she said nothing. She just sat back up, clearing my view of his returning erection that was hard to miss bobbing as it was between his legs. Then she turned and sitting up, straightened her panties and picked her robe up off the floor. Standing up with her free tits jiggling with her every move, she walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek. "We're going to bed now so he can fuck me. Stay down here, okay? We'll see you in the morning." Then she turned and offering him a hand, helped pull him up off the couch, his thick dick just swinging back and forth in the breeze as he struggled to pull his pants and underwear up "Come on," she told him, "I want you inside me." She glanced back at me to see my reaction to that comment, but seemed saddened by what she saw. Then she really hurt me by just rolling her eyes at my pained expression. I mean what did she expect? Then taking him by the hand again, she led him upstairs to the bedroom. I'll never forget watching him following her, holding his pants up with one hand while being pulled along by the other, and her panty covered perky ass, bouncing up the stairs to our room. Then they were gone. Then the door closed solidly. Then I was alone.

    Now as I've said, I've read a lot of the stories on this site, and I certainly understand the rush of all this, but I can't say my penis was erect when they left. I knew I was very excited on a number of levels, but I really felt almost like puking, you know? I was so painfully jealous of him right then. He was going to fuck my wife, my Sara, in my own bed, and it was clear that he was going to be able to reach places in her that I'll never reach and all that. Plus, like I said, it was clear that my wife was totally turned on by him at this point, and was going to do everything in her power to show him the best time she possibly could. I bet if he'd wanted, she would have even let him put it in her bottom she was so turned on.

    Still, I do remember turning off all the lights in the kitchen and the remaining one in the living room and pulling my pants down. Although it was all shriveled up, I starting to play with it. I figured, maybe it would take my mind off what was going on upstairs. I couldn't hear much, an occassional chuckle or giggle was all, so I was beginning to think it wouldn't be too painful, but then I heard my wife gasp, not in a showing off way, not for my benefit downstairs, but a genuine spontanious gasp of pleasure. I could only assume he'd just entered her with that thing. Then a very short time later, the bed started creaking. We have wooden floors, and my worst fear at that point was suddenly realized - not only could I clearly hear every stroke he made; I would have to.

    The first fucking seemed to take about a lifetime, but I'm sure it was only thirty minutes or so. I'm sure I heard Sara come, then the intensity picked up even more, and then I thought I heard him grunt, and then the noise stopped, so I assume he came. Unlike a lot of you on here, we really hadn't talked about him coming in her. Stupid I know, but we hadn't. At the time, I wondered if she'd let him, but now of course I know. She told me she hadn't even given a thought to not letting him. She was on the pill, but as she told me later, even if she hadn't been, she would have let him anyway at that point. She liked him way too much to ask him to pull it out of her at his moment of highest pleasure.

    I finally managed to get my dick hard enough to where I thought I could come and just as I was about to (I was thinking about this chick at work to get me there, can you believe it?) I heard the bedroom door open and then the next thing I know, Sara is standing beside me clutching her robe shut tight, and she sits down beside me and kisses me on the mouth, kind of a peck really, then she sits up and looks at me. I was embarrassed of course, because it was obvious what I had been doing. She smiled and said "You really are enjoying it then." I know I turned a deep shade of red, but knew I couldn't tell her the truth. Then I mumbled something about her enjoying it. She just looked up at the ceiling with her eyes closed, then back at me and said "It's way better than I'd even imagined." We just stared at each other for another moment, before she leaned down and kissed me again, then told me "I need to get back, he's waiting for me. He said he wants to do it again." Then looking down at my lap, she said, "And it'll give you a chance to finish what you're doing." The fact that my penis was completely limp by that point seemed to escape her. Then she bounced back upstairs.

    Sometime during the night I finally managed to doze off, but it was a fitfull sleep. I was tossing and turning all night, and then once I seemed to finally be getting some good rest - exhaustion helps that a lot - I was awakened by my son. He'd dragged his blanket downstairs. I'm sure he'd tried to get into our bedroom, but thankfully the door was locked. As it was, he gave me a look like, "What are you doing down here silly Daddy?" But he's two, so whatever. I set him up watching cartoons while I made his breakfast.

    I didn't hear much from upstairs for a while. Then the toilet flushed, then it flushed again a few minutes later. I figured they'd be down soon so I braced myself for that scene. Dealing with it hung over versus drunk was going to make it all the more difficult. I didn't know where to begin in preparation. But then I heard the bed start moving again, and I'll admit that I was actually getting pretty pissed off. I mean here it is nine o'clock Sunday morning, our kids up and I'm down here playing Mr Mom, while mommy's upstairs getting fucked by my best friend. Pretty frustrating. I guess after all the other times this one took pretty long, because I remember it being after ten when I heard him come. It was at least ten thirty before I heard the shower start. Then after a bit, the door opened and down came Sara, looking surprisingly well rested, and to my complete horror, sporting a hickey on her neck. She saw my look, and said, "I know, sorry, he got carried away one time." I just shook my head. Then she tried to kiss me, but before I could catch myself, I turned my head away. Then she just gave me this look, and headed back upstairs again. I thought she was going to go fuck him again to spite me or something, but she came back with my running shoes, shorts, socks and a shirt. "Go for a run," she told me. I just looked at her like she was nuts. "He'll be gone when you get back." Then I understood. She's a smart one.

    When I got back his truck was indeed gone, and Sara was playing with the little one like nothing had happened. I went up to clean up and noticed the sheets were off the bed, and the windows were cracked open up there, obviously to air the place out. You could still smell the sex in the air, but in fairness, it wasn't bad smelling. I gave myself a hard look in the mirror and kind of told myself to relax, this was my idea, and to be honest, the run had helped clear my head and calm me down. Then Sara came up and gave me a hug. I noticed she had a tear in her eye and I asked her why? She just said, "That was pretty intense." Then she went back to her weekend chores. We didn't talk until that night, after our son was in bed, but then back on the couch with a glass of wine in our hands, we kissed, and then suddenly she busted up laughing. Then we both laughed. Then the phone rang, which kind of bothered me, because it seemed like we were about to have a pretty good talk about everything and her mother always calls and wants to talk for freaking hours, but it was Kevin, and Sara said he wanted to talk to me. I was reluctant, but she insisted, so I said took the phone and said "Hey." I could hear it in his voice that he was very nervous, but he said, "I just want you to know that I really, really apreciate what you did for me, and I'll never forget it. You two are very special to me, and I hope that nothing that happened will ever come between us. That would be the worst thing in the world." I let a silence between us go too long, but finally told him, "So, I guess you liked your present?" He just laughed and said "See you around." I was glad that he just hung up then, I didn't want to talk about it with him or anything. Then Sara hugged me. "Let's go to bed," she said. "I've never had two men in the same day before."

    So what's happened since? Well, that was the weekend before Christmas. We actually had him over for Christmas dinner but nothing sexual happened, we just had a nice day together. He gave me a very nice watch. Told me that he could never match what I'd given him, but that he hoped I liked it. I've decided I probably won't run it over with my truck.

    We didn't see him again until New Year's Eve at the club. He was the one I wrote earlier in response to someone's question about BJs that my wife gave head to in the parking lot. Sara and I'd been talking about everything. Seemed like the more time that passed, the better able we were to discuss it. She admitted that he made her come several times and that she really enjoyed how he made her feel. She said that he was a very good lover. I asked about his size and she admitted that added a lot to it. When I asked for more detail, she said she felt completely filled and that really felt good. She reluctantly admitted that although I feel good in her, his felt better. She also said it's easier to fuck a big dick, it just seems to stay in place better when she moves around, either on top of him, or when he's in her from behind. She said he never fell out. He did go too deep in her a couple times, but she said whenever she told him, he would always adjust his strokes for a while, and then it would be all right. She said it was usually when it first went in. She said he joked with her that she needed to move some furniture around down there for him. She said each time he came in her it went too deep too, but she said she decided not to say anything about that to him, because she didn't want him to worry about anything at that time. She said it wasn't too hard to take.

    So anyway, we had only vaguely talked about her being with him again. It first I'd said that's it, we've done it, no more, but the more we talked, the more we'd both kind of concluded, 'maybe again someday.' But once we got to the club New Years Eve, they started flirting right away, and when I didn't interceed, well, next thing I knew, she'd kissed him again. Then she came over and asked if she could take him to the truck for a little bit. This was about eleven o'clock. I don't know why I agreed to anything, the agony of what I'd gone through last time was still fresh in my mind, but I just told her "No fucking." She just smiled and said, "Don't worry, I've got something else in mind," then she licked her lips, clearly indicating what she meant.

    They left together hand in hand, and about forty minutes ater, just before midnight, she came back in without him. She said he'd left not long after he came. She seemed irritated at that. Then she fixed her lipstick and ordered a shot; I guess to wash his come down with. Then it was midnight, and she kind of giggled when she knew I had to kiss her, but I managed to get through it.

    So now it's been a week, and she asked me this morning to consider letting her fuck him again. She said it's just a question, just something for me to think about. She said, he's obviously not getting any, so it would just be to give him an opportunity to get off with a woman rather than just masterbating, but she said it's all up to me. She won't do anything behind my back. I told her maybe he would be getting some if she hadn't chased off his date that one night, but she just kind of chuckled at that and said, "She wasn't his type anyway," which is pretty much bullshit. We'll be seeing him tonight at the club, so I guess I've got some thinking to do.

    Anyway, that's what's going on with me and Sara. I can say one thing, this has definitely kicked up her need for sex. We're pretty much nightly at this point.
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    I haven't posted here in ages, but I had to comment on this one. This is one of the hottest stories I've read about cuckolding in ages, and it's very similar to my wife's first time with another man. Like in this story, my wife and I agreed to gift her body for a night, to a close friend of ours that had recently been through a divorce. This story echoed many of the feelings of jealously and arousal, that I experienced that night, and the excitement and passion my wife felt taking another lover for the first time! Thanks for sharing this!
  3. wittol

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    This was originally posted on the old tan Cuckold Forum. I recall that "Mark" contributed a few other posts, but my guess is that he didn't continue to use that name for very long. I bet that to answer your curiosity, you'll need for "Mark" to see your post and claim the credit. You might try posting your question on Our Hotwives or Cuckoldplace, where lots of old-timers hang (as they do here). Good luck, and let us know what you find!
  4. Dan C

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    This was a beautiful piece of writing that truly had the ring of truth. Incredibly hot. Love to hear more from this cuck!

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