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    Ten years ago, while vacationing in Antigua, we joined another couple at a club. We had met them on the bus ride to the resort from the airport and chatted during check-in. Nice attractive couple about our age.

    There were no open tables so we stood at the bar drinking while waiting for a table. Dave doesn't like to dance so when a man would ask me to dance he would tell them yes. Our friends danced a bit with one another and a few times she danced with another man. His wife was very attractive and I thought to myself she could have her pick of any man in the bar were she so inclined.

    I wore a short loose black dress, tiny panties, no bra and short heels. Our friend wore a lovely cocktail dress with a small slit on the side that showed some thigh.

    Some of the men would get a bit touchy as we danced. After the dance I would rejoin my hubby and he would tell me how sexy/naughty I looked while dancing. I was getting horny with all of the attention. Our new friends heard our conversation - I watched for a reaction, hoping to start a sexy conversation, but they didn’t react.

    After an hour of dancing, and still no table, they decided to go to a restaurant in the resort. We decided to stay. We still couldn't get a table. If I wasn't dancing I was standing with Dave at the bar. While standing there he would hold me close, discreetly rubbing my ass over my skirt and kissing my neck.

    All of a sudden a very good looking, much younger guy approached us and told my husband that he thought I was the hottest woman in the bar. I certainly wasn't the hottest but I was close to the oldest in my early 50s at the time. A good pickup line in my opinion but still I was flattered. Hubby agreed. Next thing I know I’m on the dance floor with him, his hands gently touching my shoulders, arms, hands and ass. During a slow dance he kissed me while pulling me and pressing his hips into me. We deeply kissed as his hands were feeling my ass. There was no doubt that he was turned on - and hung. I looked over at Dave who gave me a slight smile of approval. I was soaking wet and welcomed the opportunity to clean myself when I went to the bathroom.

    Was a fun evening. We danced a bit more. Eventually got a table for two and enjoyed a great meal. Didn’t go any further than that. But was enough for Dave and I to really enjoy ourselves when back in our room - with me sharing how I felt being on the dance floor, kissing the other man, being touched by him, cleaning myself in the bathroom, and imagining his cock. Was the beginning of a memorable vacation.
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    Sounds like a wonderfully fun and arousing evening.
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    It was a hot first night at the resort. I sensed, based on the attention she was getting, that she was going to have as many sexual adventures as she wanted during our week-long vacation. The couple we met on the drive from the airport were a bit disappointing the first day and evening. They were both a bit younger than us, attractive and fit. By the second day, we were spending time together in the pool and at the poolside bar - the husband, Rick, openly flirted with Stacey but his wife did not show the same interest in me and wasn't real keen on the attention he was giving to Stacey. Stacey wore a sexy black one piece with open sides - very sexy and showcased her cleavage. I was turned on watching them and was hoping his wife would reciprocate with me but she didn't.

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