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    I am not able to get online nearly as much as my husband but when I travel and am in a hotel room alone I seem to get online much more and this is one of my favorite places to visit during those times. I always have tons of new email and many of not most want to hook up. While we don't use this site for that purpose it is still very flattering. Otherwise we get some fairly common questions repeated so thought I would answer this and tell the story behind it.

    Number 1:

    The email usually is in this manner: "How did you get your husband to taste another mans cum for the first time?"

    So here is the complete answer: My husband was always what I would call homophobic, I don't know the reasons but there could be many. We had been seeing Ricky pretty regular and Ricky and my husband are very much the same. At the time we had been hooking up for probably a year and a half and the sex was great but fairly awkward with both of them trying to show the other how non-gay or bi they each were.

    One day we had already become more than sex partners but had all become friends. Ricky came over on a Sunday around 2 in the afternoon. he knew where we kept the back door key and after ringing the doorbell had decided to come in since our cars were both out front since we didn't answer. My husband and I were both naked and in bed after an impulse afternoon intense fuck session together. My husband had cum inside me two times in the last hour when Ricky walked inside our bedroom surprising us both.

    Ricky picks the sheet up and starts to climb under them when I stop him and tell him I am not clean and that my husband had just cum inside me. Ricky stops for a moment but after being out of town for two weeks and doing without he continued despite my protests. Next thing I realize he is down between my legs and doing a great job at eating my pussy. I am really getting back into the mood and finally I am sucking his dick and he eats me out. I end up fucking Ricky (who was allowed to go bareback and cum inside me by that time) and Ricky cums hard and as deep inside me as he can.

    My husband is over on the side of me and watching and by the time we are done he is back hard and ready to go again. Without warning my husband is down and licking my pussy now and he looks up and Ricky and asks "did you just cum inside of her?" Ricky says yes and says he is sorry but my husband continues to lick me and stick his tongue inside me. It was one of the hottest things I had experienced. It was the first time I knew of my husband tasting cum or eating cum from another man.

    My husband ended up once again cumming inside me and we spent the entire rest of the day in bed with both of them taking turns eating my pussy and each others cum. Afterward I asked my husband and he said his mental image of cum was terrible but once he tasted Ricky's it really was not bad and he enjoyed it. That day was the end of any homophobia between the two of them.

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