Anniversary in Jamaica.

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    My wife Sara and I had been married two years. We went to Jamaica for our anniversary.
    Sara is petite with small breast, 5' 3" 97lbs. The resort was beautiful right on the beach. We had a beach side room with a porch looking at the ocean and a path through this lush garden to the pool. It was a large pool with tables and umbrellas scattered around and a long swim up bar.

    Our first day there we headed down to the pool. We set up at a set of chairs with umbrella. I noticed about half the women were topless. I asked Sara is she wanted to go topless and she said "no". After laying in the sun for awhile we got into the pool and went to the swim up bar. The bartender working was a tall young black man with a nice smile and very friendly named Joel. After a couple of hours and several drinks, Joel was flirting with Sara telling her to take her top of like the other women. Finally she did. I was so excited seeing her topless and this bartender flirting with her.

    Then Joel told us he was going on break and asked if we wanted to smoke some weed. We said sure and went back to our room. Joel and Sara sat on the bed and I sat in a chair. We smoked some weed and Sara was pretty drunk and high. She was still sitting there in her bikini bottoms and no top. I got up and went to the restroom and when I returned Joel and Sara were kissing and he had his hand on her breast. I was shocked but did nothing. I was not sure what to do because she was not stopping him and was kissing him back.
    I walked back over and sat in the chair. Sara looked up at me smiled and went back to kissing him. I felt a rush of emotion come over me, jelousy, hurt and excitement.
    I felt froze in the chair watching them as they pretended I was not even there.
    Next thing he is rubbing her leg and she has her hand on his crotch which I can see now if bulging.

    Joel stood up pulled his shirt off and dropped his shorts. He was a stunning muscular man and tall. His cock hung semi hard and looked to be about 8 inches. I began to feel my own cock start to harden and felt light headed.
    He walked up to Sara and she grabbed his cock and placed it in her mouth. I could feel my heart race and my breathing became faster. Her pale white face and hands against his hard dark meat was intoxicating.

    Soon his cock was hard as a rock and he pushed Sara back on the bed and pulled her bottoms off. He went down and began licking on her pussy. She was rocking her hips up and forward to him, breathing hard and moaning.
    After a few minutes he laid on his back and Sara began to climb on top of him. Now Sara gets really wet and dilated when we have sex but I was thinking there is no way she can take that big piece of meat.
    She started rubbing the head up and down her slit I could see he had lots of pre cum and she was very wet. She slowly eased the head of his cock inside her. Then began going up and down slowly inserting more, going deeper. I was amazed it did not take her long before she was sitting all the way down on it as far as it would go and grinding.

    Sara's face and chest were so red with excitement and she was moaning loudly. I finally took my shorts off and began playing with myself, my cock looked small compared to his big meat. They fucked in every position for 45 minutes and Sara had at least 3 orgasms. They ended with him on top. Sara's white legs wrapped around his waist as he thrust his cock deep and hard inside her. Then I saw him arch push deep and grunt and shoot his load deep inside Sara.
    After he pulled out and went to the bathroom, then told us thanks and that he had to get back to work. He left, Sara was laying there, legs still spread. I got on the bed. Her pussy was very red and I could see his cum leaking out of her. She was breathing very hard and about passed out, still very high and drunk.
    I could not help myself I was so excited I went down on her and began licking up his cum and sucking on her pussy. When I did I felt Sara's hand on my head. She raised up looked at me and said. "Yes you eat that cum out of me, he gave me a good fucking didnt he? I have never had that many orgasms from you before. I guess today he was more of a man than you! Clean it good." She had never talked like that before and I found it very exciting and I shot my load all over the sheets as I was eating her. She looked at the cum I had shot on the sheets and said "That is your side of the bed"

    We were there for 5 more days, she did not fuck him again and would not let me fuck her either, she said her pussy was sore. I could lick on it and jack off but that was it. But when I was eating her and masturbating she was telling me how good a fuck he was and how much she enjoyed it. Then she told me that she thought I should give him a good tip for fucking her.
    The day we left we were walking out of the hotel and we saw him. We both walked up to him and I gave him a 100 dollar bill and said thanks for pleasing my wife and Sara gave him a kiss and I saw his tongue go into her mouth.

    Sara did not fuck another man in front of me for a couple more years, that is another story.
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    Your story is quite similar to ours, except we were in the Bahamas and no drugs were involved.
    I can assure you, seeing her being opened by a black cock was really a shocker for me, but it opened up a whole new chapter in our lives. She now has fun with others, something that we would never have considered before that fateful vacation about five years ago!
    Take care
    R n T
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    Very hot description about your wife being fucked in front of you. Love to know more about your sexy adventures.
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    Hi There RFresco. We are planning on going to the Bahamas in MAY/JUNE 2015. We would LOVE to find some BBC for my asian wife. How did you approach a prospect? Thanks
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    Wow what a hot story! All our encounters are planned but I'd love a random to happen like that. Maybe it will sometime, we've a holiday in Gran Canaria planned for the summer so fingers crossed!

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