An Ongoing Stream of Cuckoldry and Bullying by My Wife, My Buddy & the (former) Neighbourhood Loser

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    I've been tweeting regularly about Andrew, the former neighbourhood loser, teaming up with my best buddy, Rob, cuckolding me, behind my back. The premise is that I'm oblivious to it all, including their bullying and humiliation of me.

    In the ongoing story, I used to hang w/a great group of alpha males, and Rob, somewhat the jock of the group who has women crawling over him, is my buddy. Rob hated Andrew, who was the neighbourhood loser, but I always let Andrew tag along with us wherever we went. Maybe being around him made me feel good about myself, I dunno. My friends and even my wife would question why he'd be wherever we went, as when he did have something today, he was either making fun of me somehow, or talking about WWE and Star Trek. He had nothing going on, no play whatsoever, a total chick deterrent.

    My wife decided to give his reputation a makeover and pretended to be his girlfriend at some function of his, where no one knew her. Rob was at that function, as the date of whomever he was fucking that week, and saw my wife and Andrew together, wither her public displays of affection towards him. He didn't know that my wife was pretending to be his girl, in order to give Andrew the rub. All he saw is my girl all over the neighbourhood loser all night.

    Rob told the girl he was with about what a loser Andrew was, and yet, here was my wife, who would rather be with him, than me. What does that say about me, he pondered. Loose lips sink ships - that girl told her friends, who told her friends. Rob shared his observation to my friends, his friends, and before everyone knew it, the entire neighbourhood "knew" the latest gossip, that "Andrew fucked my wife".

    I, of course, downplayed it, assuring my friends that it's just pretend. I thought it was a 1-time thing, but my wife continued to see Andrew regularly, while I was at work, slaving away at the office (she's the boss and had me work overtime almost every single night). Andrew sort of took my spot to keep her company, hanging out w/my friends with her, going to the movies with her, sometimes even falling asleep at his small little place.

    It got to the point where I wasn't invited anywhere even when I was free. My wife wasn't home when I'd get home, and I'd walk past bars/restaurants and see my wife w/Andrew and my friends (and their girls). I even start seeing my friends hanging with Andrew without her, like he's one of the guys, and convince myself that my wife's experiment was a success.

    But Andrew and her don't stop hanging out. They're together more than my wife and I are. All she talks about his him. Rob stops calling and texting me, and I see that him and Andrew are practically joined at the hip. Suddenly Rob starts making fun of me and picking on me the way he used to with Andrew, and when Andrew makes fun of me, it gets a laugh from people this time.

    I refuse to believe I'm the new neighbourhood loser, that Andrew became cool and one of the guys at my expense, I'm in total denial about it, and that's where the stream of tweets are all about. Eventually I realize that the only way I can hang out with the boys and Rob is if I do what they tell me to do. If it means wash their cars, do their laundry, rub their feet, I'll do it, I'm so desperate. I become their lackey, but in my mind, I'm just helping them out.

    My wife in all of this is the happiest girl in the world. She's getting something she's never had before - a big dick, regularly. She's smitten with Andrew - everyone wants to be Andrew's friend now, in fact, no one can say no to him. She's lucky he even gives her the time of day.

    Follow my ongoing stream of oblivious cuckoldry and bullying my wife, my buddy & the (former) neighbourhood loser on Twitter:
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