An erotic poem---"My Wife's Younger Lover"

Discussion in 'Stories Archive' started by michael1987, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. michael1987

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  2. pigr75

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    Michael, I have to admit that often I skip right by your posts. I want to scream, "Michael! Stop! Too many words!"
    But this simple poem is beautiful. I've printed it out for my wife to enjoy.

    Thank you.
  3. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Thank you back.

    But Yes, I have to admit that many--not by any means all--of my posts (like this one) here are wordy, sometimes unnecessarily so.

    That's because in my posts I, apparently unlike most other members here, often try to convey the vast beauty---not merely the thrills of cunt and cock and thrust and cummings and creampies---of physical lovemaking and the beautiful preludes to it; and of even straight-up full-on fucking, exploitative of the woman and the cuckolded husband as sadly it sometimes is.

    I also get a bit lengthy when trying to educate others on the anatomy and physiology of sex, in particular the beautifully complementary roles and reactions of the internal and external genitals of the man and the woman during fucking, and mutual orgasm especially.

    As you may have already worked out, the admittedly indulgent length of many of my posts reflects my intensely visuo-erotic nature (that began developing in my early teens) inasmuch as I like to convey the extreme pleasure I get from indulging it with others---including with my wife and her lover, my best buddy who, incidentally, loves my lengthiness in written description.

    But Thanks, it's nice to know that you at least skim at least some of my posts here. The poem is obviously the out-working of my bisexual and visuo-erotic natures as they hugely enhance my voyeuristic pleasures not only in the prelude to and the very act of my buddy fucking my wife, but also in the pleasure I take in studying the beauty and strength of his young and wonderfully athletic body in action, and his superbly sexual nature too.

    Obviously, I take much pleasure too in writing about my voyeuristic pleasure-taking and in doing the best I can to sensitize others, especially cuckold husbands, to the great and undeniable beauty of man-woman Sex as they witness their wives and lovers in the throes of it.

    Please let me know what your wife thinks of my poem. I thrive on feed-back from erotically truly alive and discerning women, especially those who share, in their specifically womanly ways, my love of the bodies and sexual strength of beautiful young men.
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  4. Nicholas1

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    Great, well done!
  5. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Nicholas. Seems it takes another obviously very horny 30-year-old male like you to appreciate the eroto-poetic self-indulgences of another possibly even hornier 30-year-old like me.

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