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Always exciting........new cuckold ideas....

Discussion in 'BDSM' started by Maara, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Maara

    Maara New Member

    Always exciting........new cuckold ideas....


    hope, your time is as exciting as mine.

    I found a new fetish...a way to control him perfectly.

    Everytime i leave our home, he has to wear a locked shackle. Don t know why exactly, but i love to know, that he can do nothing wihtout my permission and that he is completely under my control. Especially when i am going to meet a Lover. Fortunately, some of the men i met, are really interested in developing such a cuckold relationship. Will report our news. And perhaps i post some pics of my hubby.



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  2. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Maara, how often is he in bondage during the day? All day? Does he ever have sex with you?
  3. 3inchjedicowboy

    3inchjedicowboy New Member

    Im kinda tempted to know also what his conditions are.
  4. jphenor

    jphenor New Member


    Excellent way to keep him locked up. You know he will just be sitting around wanking and waiting for you otherwise. You are not alone in doing so with a cuckold husband, keep it up it is good practice and control.
  5. softy

    softy New Member

    wife likes to padlock my balls before she gos out!
  6. panterarosso

    panterarosso New Member

    in theorie him promising would work

    but the knowledge that he is unable is 10x mor powerfull, you should learn him to wear it 24.7
  7. slavegary24

    slavegary24 New Member


    i don't think I'd want to be trusted without a chastity device, best to be safe I'd suggest to all the wives...

    helps to be set some good chores to help distract whilst the Mistress is out being serviced too, things like handwashing lingerie, making the bed, polishing the boots and updating cuckold weblogs would all torture me to pieces!
  8. Joroincharge

    Joroincharge New Member

    What sort of shackle? And what is it locked to? Maybe a chain with one end to the kitchen sink or ironing board, and the other to his nuts would be nice? I've seen some nice lockable ballrings....

  9. thebeast1

    thebeast1 New Member

    We like to make sure he knows that I (the bull) and his hot wife is in charge. We'll do all sorts of things to him.

    We like setting him up for failure and then punishing him. For instance: A couple months after having denied him from orgasm, we decided that we would let him out of his "cage" while we left and told him not to cum. well knowing that he gets hard at the blow of the wind (a ridiculous sex drive), that we'd be able to tell if he had gotten off or not. Well we came back a few hours later and not only found a cum filled paper towel in the trash by the computer, as well as the bathroom, we decided to punish him. We acted as though we hadn't found it, and let him try and get hard for us. Well obviously when he couldn't we asked him if he had jacked off. Well the sissy lied, and we had to tie him up, spank him until his ass was purple and go to bed early (to his princess room).
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  10. will8d

    will8d New Member

    Re: Attached Picture

    Two questions: 1. What has the picture of a clothed woman on a chair to do with this post? 2. If you post photos, do they have to be so small and so underexposed? Will
  11. M12

    M12 Guest

  12. M12

    M12 Guest

    I would love to have my wife lock my cock, she would be the key holder. I want to be her locked up submissive bitch
  13. M12

    M12 Guest

    She does peg me ,and seems to love to dominate me.
  14. Hardik

    Hardik New Member

    Really nice way to treat him. Waiting for more updates.

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