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almost sleep fuck session

Discussion in 'Fantasies and Roleplaying' started by dominatrixNY, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. dominatrixNY

    dominatrixNY Member

    I love this feeling when i get pleased when i am almost sleeping!

    Last weekend i had a sleepy fuck overnight session. We met in his hotel room and had couples of Cocktails and than went out for dinner , club hopping, another couple of Drinks at an upscale bar and than back to the hotel room.. and yes i was a little drunk - another drink in the hotel room and than i was Ready for bed.

    my dress was a little up and he could see my naughty thong covering my shaved pussy.

    He was checking to see if i would wake up, but he was thinking i was fast asleep.

    I was thinking now he can take advantage of this kinky situation. I was horny and wet already but i dont have to move - that was the deal - playing that i was asleep.

    He pulled my dress up higher giving him a better look than he gently pulled my thong to the side - he could se my pink and wet pussy.

    He played with his finger on my lips and my wet vagina. Than he put a lot of oil on my anus and he played with his fingers on my anus and than he put a finger in me.

    It felt so good but i still played "sleeping". I loved that whole moment and i did not like to interrupt him. He could do what he want to do and really take advantage of me

    Than i could hear that he opened his jeans. He was already rock hard and his cock and he played first with his dick and than his hard dick was in a sec on my clit.

    It was a great feeling to feel his cock that way and than he put his cock in me (after he put a condom on his dick - Always safe play.

    and he moved slowly and gentle in me. Now i could feel a finger in my ass.

    My ass is still very tight and it hurt a little but i still did not move...

    Than he started to fuck me harder and his finger was all the way in my ass - that moment i came so hard and it was not easy to "play sleeping girl"

    Than he put his dick out of me and tried to put his big dick in my ass. He spit on it but i was still to tight. He started again with his finger and than put another finger in my ass. I was now more open and relaxed.

    I placed some toys next to the bed before we went out to Party so he could take them any time he want to play with them when we came back. He was now Ready to used them for my ass …

    After some adult toys Play time with alot of oil - i was Ready to take his dick in my ass - slowly and gentle he fucked me in my ass...

    Wow - what a feeling. Than at the same time he played with my clit and one finger in my cunt. He had me going and so wet. He pleased me so good and i came over and over and over again…

    What a great sleepy fuck session…

    Whould it turns you on to watch or be part of this Kind of session?
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  2. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    wow very nice. reminded me of a few times I did this with my wife. I don't think she ever did with any of her lovers (play sleeping)
    but the ass playing and ass fucking while sleepy we did a few times.. special that my wife loves anal play.

    I think I have some pics I took of my wife when we did this
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
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  3. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Nice post.
    It brings back Wonderful Memories. When I would go to bed before my wife because I had to get up way before her for work. She would sometimes come to bed Horny enough to Settle for my little dicklet when she came to bed. Usually because she hadn't had one of her Lovers in while. It would start with her fingering herself making herself even more in need of a fuck. She would then start to fondle my dicklet and especially my balls until I started to get hard. Eventually I would start to stir a little and even though I was still in a dream state she would then take her juicy fingers and hold them right under my nose. That Never failed to have the effect that she wanted. I would wake just a little more but still not fully awake and reach over and check her Cock (and dicklet) Pleasing pussy with it being more juicy than it usually was (though usually less though for me). Then she would ask, "Does my little boy want some of it?" Of course as tired as I pretty much always was I still wasn't about to pass up such a Wonderful offer that didn't come very frequently. Those only a bit more than a half awake sessions were Always the Best for me. I was always Rock Hard and Extremely turned on that the Pleasure was definitely Intensified. But it wasn't just for me, probably because I was still not fully awake my little Quick shooter would last longer before I couldn't help but cum. So she got Much more out of sex with me then. I actually stood a better chance of getting her to orgasm before I went off. She knew that too.

    The flip side of that was when she wanted to sleep and wasn't horny and I would try to arouse her. I didn't have the success that she had though. But there were times that she would allow me to slip into her from the spooning position. Sometimes she would say, "It's ok but I probably will just lay here and fall back to sleep. Try not to disturb me too much". She would also add After I had already entered her what she knew would set me off even quicker "Aren't you going to put it in?" I would never last long but she would still seem to be back to sleep before I finished a lot of times. For these reasons one of my bigger fantasies was to fuck her while she (or later in life my girlfriend, who also sometimes would let me fuck her when she was half asleep) never even woke up at all. Signaling that I and my dicklet were such a Pathedick fuck as a man that they Truly couldn't feel me and took no notice of my efforts.
  4. dominatrixNY

    dominatrixNY Member

    thank you for sharing
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