Allison Mack and the Nxivm cult....

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by UCUM666, May 10, 2019.

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    Just wondering if anybody has any inside knowledge of what was going on in this Nxivm sex cult. Seems like there were sex slaves and masters, which seems pretty nice to me! Also sounds like some of the members including the leader could be facing up to life in prison, so serious penalties here!! Obviously, if any children or underage people were involved, then the top people should get what they deserve, but aside from that, I wonder how much of this is the government being self righteous once again. I don't know that much about this cult, so don't hammer me. I plead ignorance. But if adults wanting to participate and give themselves over to a sex cult willingly, and engage in a master-slave relationship/heirarchy, then how bad of a thing is this?
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    There's a great podcast that tells the story:

    It wasn't so much sex cult as a pyramid scheme with an unusually abusive power structure. Sounds like the guy at the top of the pyramid got some sex out of it, but otherwise it was mostly about self-improvement and selling classes to chumps. A lot of it sounded like Scientology without that flying saucers.
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    Good info! Interesting how Mack came up with the "branding system" because she didn't think tattoos were severe enough. Nice gal. Although I don't know, some guys and ladies may like that (the pain that is). I can understand adults willingly going into a sex cult for play, but if I was to see a price tag like this one had, for me alarm bells would be going off. Not sure how people can't see that stuff for the scam it is.
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    Not my thing, but I agree. Regardless, it needs to be voluntary every step of the way.
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