Alex and Peewee (Part 1)

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    Alex and Peewee (Part 1)
    Hi everyone, first time poster and the first story I have ever posted (Very nervous), so I hope it is ok? :p
    I would really appreciate any feedback as to what you make of this story, I aim to try and create more stories involving the central (and new) characters if there is a demand 
    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and I sincerely hope you enjoy….
    Alex and I had been dating for around 18 months before ‘The Night’ happened.
    Up to that point, things had been nothing short of amazing.
    Alex was a stunning, blonde, 22 Year old who had finished collage and had settled down at a law firm in the city centre.
    Despite getting a lot of attraction from her co-workers and such, she had always brushed aside any advances and had assured me that she had no plans to ‘stray’.
    I have to say that her regular reassurances were most welcome, because deep down I knew she was out of my league.
    I met Alex when she was on the ‘rebound’. She had dated the hottest guy in her college for a couple of years, but he cheated on her once when he was at a party and that broke her heart.
    Without saying anything, it was quite clear that she didn’t want to have to go through anything like that again and in the eyes of her friends had ‘Settled for a safe option’ (I once overhead this said on a night out)
    Unfortunately, I didn’t quite share the looks, body, dick or confidence of her previous boyfriend, in fact on meeting him once made feel like the most inferior man on the planet.
    But the one thing Alex was very good at was telling me she had no interest in a ‘Guy’ like that and she was very happy with how we were progressing.
    As mentioned, we had spent 18 happy months together and had actually moved into our first home.
    The relationship was very much hearts and flowers and I waited on her every word. She was popular, stunning, had a beautiful figure on her 5 foot 6-inch frame and the most amazing ass I had ever seen.
    Sometimes it would be quite embarrassing to be out with her as I knew that most people were thinking “why is she with him??!!â€￾ But her reassurance would always be there to comfort me when I got down about this.
    The two problems we did have in our relationship though would ultimately lead to its demise.
    The first thing was our sex life.
    I kid you not, it would take the most confident of stud to keep his composer when she was in her underwear. Sexy bra’s, thongs and heels were always the order of the day, and coupling that with her smooth silky, toned body that would push a lot of men over the edge. Her face was like it had been photo shopped in real life! And her tits, whilst not being massive, were of ample size.
    Alex took (Like all good looking 22 year olds!) half of her days up with looking after herself cosmetically.
    Whether it was at the gym, pedicure, manicure or other beauty treatments, she certainly looked after herself and I was continually shocked that this would be for my benefit.
    Whilst all of this made her look even sexier than ever, it did little to help me last more than a few moments with her.
    I wasn’t practically blessed downstairs with a small dick measuring at just under 5 inches.
    It was quite a sorry looking thing too, being relatively thin (Well compared to what I had seen in pron videos etc) and had little staying power.
    The first few months, Alex would genuinely have a giggle as to how quickly I came saying things such as “Wow, you must really like meâ€￾ and such.
    Needless to say her ex handled her much better, although, rather thankfully, she never compared or brought up the subject.
    As this continued, I could tell that she was getting a lot more frustrated. I was finishing between one and three minutes with a long session being nearer five.
    I was 10 years older than her, but most probably less experienced as my two former partners were very ‘plain Janes’ and sex was almost seen as ‘going through the motions’.
    To be fair to me, finishing so early with these two was something of a godsend as I usually had to think of someone else to even get me erect!
    Just by the way she moved, dressed and genuinely presented herself suggested that she was looking for much more than a 60 second cameo from me.
    The gradual disapproving looks got more and more.
    To try and make things last, I began to go down on her more and more.
    Not that this was in anyway a chore as her pussy was as hot as the rest of her body.
    It was certainly a good day on the shop floor when they made design plans for Alex.
    It was nicely shaped, shaven and tasted like sweet cherries.
    She enjoyed this but sheepishly said she didn’t like giving guys head.
    Watching her in bed was amazing, but I knew she had a much wilder side to her.
    One night, after being out to see a show, we returned and Alex was very much in a sexual mood.
    She had been drinking quite a lot and was more vocal than usual.
    She slipped out of her dress and bent over “Fuck me like a dog!â€￾
    As I wrote earlier, her ass really needed to be seen to be believed.
    She knew I struggled to handle her yet here she was, dressed in a skimpy thong bending over our bed.
    The excitement overcame me and I shot my load before I could get within a few meters of it.
    This did not go down well.
    For the first time she showed some real displeasure in my sexual performance, and to be honest, she had every reason too.
    Panicking I said I would get ‘hard again for her soon’ but she not to bother, got into bed and went to sleep.
    The next day we spoke and she said it was fine, I brought her flowers and spoilt her beyond my means as usual.
    Sex began to slowly be off the menu. It was as if she had decided that it just wasn’t worth the effort.
    Despite my inability to control myself when in a sexual situation with Alex, I still had an incredible drive, and would shamefully masturbate whilst looking at her underwear.
    I think Alex knew I was doing this and it just added to my embracement.
    The second reason that would cause huge problems was my job.
    I had been fortunate a few years ago to land a job I was quite unqualified to do within IT.
    The company I worked for was of medium size and I was getting a salary well beyond what I would usually command.
    I got the role after doing some temp work there and had a very nice manager who took a liking to me.
    At that time my life was good, I had more money than ever and I had a new found confidence, which is in part how I got together with Alex.
    I worked in a satellite office with a team of people who unfortunately were a little pretentious to say the least.
    Although all clearly educated, it seemed that being young and attractive was also a remit for the job, something that I was an outcast from.
    Approaching my mid-thirties, I would say that I as average looking, with an average build. My Achilles heel was that I suffered from spots on my face. Not full blown acne or anything, but yet another reason for me to be overly paranoid (That they would be looking at my face and spots) when I was either out with Alex or in the company of the pretty girls in my office.
    Although I was clearly frowned upon by my peers at work as I wasn’t as hip or cool as them, my then boss looked after me. The main reason was that I was honest, hardworking and not a bit conceited like the rest of his team.
    The problem was that he was ageing and also suffered from ill health, so when he retired 8 or 9 months after I started, I was fearful of who would take over.
    I was trapped in a situation of being in a role that I wasn’t qualified for. Couple that with the fact that I wouldn’t get paid the salary anywhere else meant that I was going to have to satay no matter what.
    Additionally, I had started dating Alex and she earned quite a high wage too and being her boyfriend was quite an expensive task (She didn’t expect to be spoilt or anything, it was just that she come from quite a well off background and had always been paid well).
    With all of this in mind, I prayed that I would strike lucky twice with a good manager.
    How wrong I was.
    Zane arrived as the new site manager. The polar opposite of what I had experienced before.
    In many ways, for the team, he was the perfect fit for a boss.
    He was about 25 years old, incredibly handsome, muscular physique, arrogant (like no one I had met before) but also had a charming, likeable side which my team adored from the off.
    Except me.
    I was to be the butt of every joke from day one, and the team lapped it up.
    He was the senior director’s son and basically could do what he liked, and he ensured that he made my life hell.
    He degraded me with countless spiteful insults, made me just do the most remedial of tasks and humiliated me beyond anything I could imagine.
    After a few days of this I lost my cool and stormed into his office.
    I had never been a tough guy or anything, but similarly I had never been bullied like this either.
    It was a big mistake.
    He stood up, aggressively and grabbed my ear, twisting it to a level of pain I didn’t know was acceptable.
    “You have the audacity to walk into MY FUCKING OFFICE and question me! You are only here as a gesture of my good will. You are an embracement to this office and I could fire you in a heartbeat. Not to mention that I would break every bone in your pathetic body too. I promise you, it will be the last thing you ever do should you ever question me again!â€￾
    He was right. What could I do to him?
    His farther owned the company, nowhere would pay me the same salary and physically he could crush me with his fingers. He was everything I wasn’t.
    He demanded a full apology, which I embarrassingly gave, and I walked out of his office, head bowed down, ignoring the giggles of my colleagues.
    That night I broke down in front of Alex and told her everything.
    I actually sobbed as it was that bad.
    She was her usual supportive self, saying that this ‘Zane’ was the sort of prick that she hated.
    But I also knew that she knew I had no choice but to stay.
    We were purchasing our first home and there was no way I could afford this if I left and went back to my old line of work.
    Also I doubt I would get any kind of reference, so I was stuck.
    Alex suggested that I try to reason with Zane and the team, but I knew this was something that they had no interest in.
    It was almost like some bizarre modern day re-telling of Cinderella, except there was to be no fairy Godmother in this story.
    The weeks passed and the bullying got worse.
    I was moved to the back of the office, into a pod, as not to ‘Put off any clients that may visit the site’.
    Again this was a crushing blow to see the attractive girls in the office howl with laughter at each degrading comment or action.
    The next thing to come was the nickname.
    One night, when the team and Zane went out for after work drinks, one of the guys in the office said that he had seen my dicklett in the toilet and it was tiny!
    The subject came up about men and how well empowered they were, and as no surprise I was the centre of the joke.
    Between them they came up with the name ‘Peewee’ which they all thought was much funnier than it actually was.
    Not being at this ‘work gathering’, they never invited me to any outside events, I was a bit perplexed when I got into work the following morning and there was a cheap name plaque above my pod with ‘Peewee’ on it.
    The team couldn’t believe that Zane had managed to get hold of a plaque only hours after they had created the nickname.
    No surprise that ‘Captain’ Zane ‘knew’ someone that made trophies, plaques etc and they opened up early ‘just for him’.
    After a few moments, Jade, an attractive early twenties office worker, boldly said “Is this true than PeeWee, you have the smallest cock on the planet?â€￾
    The office roared with laughter and I just hung my head in shame.
    I couldn’t even go home and cry to Alex about this. It was that embarrassing.
    Sex was, on the very rare occasions, its usual two-minute routine, the more I went without looking at Alex sexually, the quicker I came.
    Alex was her usual loving self, but I had a feeling deep down that she was desperately tiring of what I could offer.
    The fact that I was being bullied at work non-stop only added to the pressure.
    I was living in hell with an angel.
    The annual work awards night was less than a week away and I was told I had to attend.
    Also I was to bring Alex, who I have successfully managed to keep away from the office until this point.
    “What he has a girlfiend??â€￾ Zane laughed.
    Matt, who worked in our department had actually, very briefly, met her once when we were out shopping.
    “It’s true boss, and she’s fitâ€￾
    Zane looked astonished, but quickly thought it was a joke.
    “Do you know Matt, for a second you actually had me believing that PeeWee had a nice looking girl!â€￾
    “Boss, I would swear on anything you like that it’s the truth, I met her about two weeks ago..â€￾
    Zane looked annoyed.
    “Is this true PeeWee? A maggot like you has a hot girlfriend?â€￾
    “Yes Sir (I actually had to address him as this), her name is Alex and we have ben dating for about 18 months….â€￾
    Zane, still completely bemused by this explained that she must attend the Awards Night.
    “The thing is Sir, she has to work……….â€￾ I desperately tried to find and excuse but was cut short.
    “She is attending PeeWee, I have to see this with my own eyes, bring her or pack up your thingsâ€￾
    The nerves possessed me like no other.
    How was I going to get through the night and have Alex even look at me the same way again?
    I told Alex and she was quite excited to meet these ‘bullies’ and show them that I was a good guy and that her wit would win them over for me.
    Somehow, no matter how good Alex was, she wouldn’t be able to convince these wicked employees that I was ok.
    A couple of days before the awards night, we had our annual charity day at work.
    The team had said that I was going to be the ‘Star’ of the show.
    I obviously knew the was going to be hugely embarrassing.
    I walked in the office and everyone started giggling.
    Zane came out of his office in a Cowboy Outfit and a saddle in his hand.
    “Congratulations PeeWee! You have been promoted to being my pony for the day!!â€￾
    The office roared with laughter.
    I protested, but Zane simply grabbed my ear (His now usual trick) and forced me to my hands and knees.
    Some of my so called ‘colleagues’ had tears rolling down their faces.
    It was the ultimate embracement.
    “Let’s give him some encouragement then…..â€￾ Zane ordered as a chorus of “PeeWee, PeeWeeâ€￾ rang around the office.
    I made a horse like shape on my hands and knees and Zane though the saddle on my back.
    The crowd made horse noises and cheered Zane as he sat on my back.
    He was heavy.
    “Giddy up maggot, we have a lot of miles to cover!â€￾ as he side kicked the outside of my leg in a gesture for me to move.
    I can’t imagine that anyone would go through something as degrading ever at work.
    The day was just filled with abuse, severe back ache and complete ridicule from my team.
    I got home and cried for an hour.
    Alex returned home to find me in a right state.
    I told her everything and she threw her arms around me.
    I was at my lowest ebb.
    A few days later was the Awards Event. An annual evening of the whole company kissing each other’s ass on stage.
    Zane had reinforced that I had to attend with Alex or there would be ‘Hell to pay’.
    I have never dreaded anything as much in my whole life.
    With Zane, I had never hated someone as much. I hated his arrogance, attitude, and most of all I hated why the girls in the office hung of his every word.
    He didn’t have a serious girlfriend as far as I could tell.
    He could really have the pick of anyone he fancied and made full use of that privilege according to the stories I overheard.
    Just before I left to go home and get ready for the event, Zane called me in and told me that I would need to wear the ‘stock’ company new dress attire.
    It was a bright yellow shirt, sky blue tie and sky blue trousers (pants).
    It looked like the worst fashion uniform of the seventies.
    “Zane, sorry Sir, surely I haven’t got to wear this? “I pleaded.
    “Yes PeeWee, company policy, you have to wear this tonight, out of my hands…please don’t turn up in anything elseâ€￾ he bluntly replied.
    I begrudgingly took the clothes and headed home.
    The way things were going I would be lucky to have both a job and Alex by the morning.
    By the time I had gotten home Alex was half ready.
    I looked at her is disbelief.
    She had a white, above the knee dress on which clung to her incredible figure, black, ultra-classy high heels and, incredibly a black tong and bra set that was ever so slightly visible due to the colouring.
    She looked breath-taking.
    Like a goddess.
    “Alex, you can see your underwear!â€￾ I immediately proclaimed.
    “Thanks. Honestly I have just spent two hours to look like this for you and the first thing you can say is you can see my knickers!â€￾
    “No, darling, I didn’t mean that in a bad way, I just meant, well shouldn’t you wear white underwear with a white dress?â€￾
    “Look, I have always hated white underwear and I have black heels on, so why don’t you leave the fashion advice and go and get ready as we don’t want to be late!â€￾
    I sheepishly retreated to the bathroom as Alex completed her hair and make-up.
    I showered and put on the ridiculous office outfit that Zane had given me earlier.
    Looking in the mirror and to top it off I had a red spot appearing at the end of my nose.
    I looked up at the celling and said “If there is anybody up there, thanks a lot…â€￾
    When I was done I walked into our bedroom to show Alex.
    “What the HELL have you got one??!!â€￾ she laughed.
    I explained what Zane had told me and Alex said this was a wind up. Like I didn’t know.
    “I have to wear it “ I pleaded.
    Alex was far from impressed. After a brief argument and due to the time, we got a cab and headed to the party.
    Never mind Cinderella, we looked more like Beauty and the Beast…..
    As we arrived, everyone was in black ties or designer dresses, except me.
    The night from hell was about to begin.
    We located our office table, the room was split into tales for each different branch of the business, and everyone looked amazing, especially Zane.
    God I hated him, also a lot of jealousy, but mainly hatred.
    “Wow you must be PeeWee’s girlfriend, Alex? Zane, very pleased to meet you..â€￾
    Alex immediately questioned ‘PeeWee’ but was told it was just an affectionate nick name the office had for me.
    The night was worse than I could ever imagined.
    Zane was the perfect gentleman to Alex and yet still managed it make me the butt of most jokes.
    Incredibly Alex got on very well with him and kept saying “He is nice, perhaps he is different outside of workâ€￾.
    What happened to my girlfriend sticking up for me!
    Worse was to follow.
    When Zane was named manager of the year she leapt to her feet with the rest of team, cheering and smiling.
    Smiling in a way which suggested that she fancied him. A lot.
    My heart sank and my stomach churned.
    What had I ever done to deserve this?
    “The final award of the evening is a special award to farm animal of the year….â€￾ The MC announced “…..and the winner is PeeWee!â€￾ The room looked around in amazement and laughed with the rest of my table in hysterics, including Alex, which was disgusting. The announcer continued to explain that I was the office donkey for the day for charity (Although I never seem to recall anyone donating a penny) and I was required to go on stage and collect a mock gold donkey…. embarrassing beyond belief.â€￾
    As the night drew to a close Zane invited himself back to mine as we lived the closest to the event. “Aww of course you can come backâ€￾ Alex gleefully informed him. I protested but she said this was an opportunity to get into his ‘Good Books’.
    She had clearly had too much Champagne, and could be quite feisty under the influence of alcohol, so against all my better judgement I reluctantly agreed.
    Back at our apartment Zane began bragging about how much he bullied me and retold the whole donkey story again.
    By now Alex was fixed on his eyes and laughed with him as they began to move ever so slightly towards one another.
    He also explained the real reason behind the name ‘PeeWee’
    Zane, out of the blue, told me to undress and show us why I had gotten this name, as he didn’t believe it was really true.
    Alex just giggled.
    I refused, so Zane stood up and did his usual ‘ear twist’, to which Alex laughed her head off.
    What a complete bitch.
    What the hell was she doing?
    “Un fucking dress PeeWeeâ€￾ he ordered and after a few more moments of twisting my ear, I agreed and lowered my pants.
    My dick was at its softest point and measured well below normal.
    Also I had quite bushy public hair, which I guess hid it even more.
    It looked pathetic, as I did stood there, trousers around my ankles in front of my bastard of a boss and incredibly good looking girlfriend.
    “Oh my god. No fucking way….No fucking WAY!!â€￾ Zane laughed and said that it wasn’t possible to have dick that small and ugly.
    “That fucking maggot can’t surely even begin to satisfy someone as hot as you?â€￾ Zane asked Alex, who sat there, blushing and giggling.
    I could not imagine that she could be such a bitch.
    “Well perhaps I should do the same, you know, just so you can compare cocks as mine might be worse!â€￾ Zane suggested as he stood up.
    Again Alex continued to giggle. “Please no Zane…..â€￾ before I could finish he slapped me around the back of the head.
    “Shut the fuck up bitch!â€￾ he roared.
    Alex laughed out loud this time and said “You’re so cool….â€￾
    Before I could digest what she had just said, Zane stood next to me, took his smart designer jacket of and unzipped his trousers and let them slide to the floor.
    He had tight fitted boxer shorts on and it was clear that he had a fucking snake in his pants.
    “Just to be sure…â€￾ he teased as he pulled down his boxer shorts to reveal a huge, and I mean huge, shaved cock…
    It was well over twice as long and twice as thick as mine at its most erect point.
    His toned, silky smooth tanned skin made it look like a work of art.
    Alex just murmured “…oh my fucking godâ€￾ and dived on it.
    The world froze for a moment.
    She had Zane’s dick in her mouth. His actual cock, in front of me…..the man who I hated more than anyone!
    Not only was she sucking it, she was practically worshiping it from the base of his balls to the tip of his cock head.
    So much for her not ever wanting to suck a man off.
    “Oh my god, you are so fucking gorgeous, I want to worship this cock for ever, oh my god your so fucking sexy….â€￾ Alex moaned as he laughed and looked at me, standing there with my hands behind my back.
    Worst still I had a tear rolling down my face.
    “Hahaha the little pussy is only crying!â€￾ Zane announced, Alex didn’t even look but sucked harder and deeper on his dick.
    The site of Zane receiving a blow job of Alex was like to famous models having sex in front of me.
    Zane was the sort of guy that she was made for.
    Everyone in the room knew it.
    But it hurt like hell.
    The worst part was that my dick had started to react to the situation.
    Despite being at my lowest ever point my cock started to get hard, and quickly.
    Zane noticed this.
    “No fucking way, this little bitch is getting off watching us!â€￾
    I took that as a brief indication to wank.
    I was wrong again.
    Zane again ‘bitch’slapped me around my head.
    “Who gave you permission to play with that little fucking dicklett thing you fucking PeeWee bitch?â€￾
    Alex moaned.
    “I fucking love it when you bully himâ€￾ she stated as she continued to worship his outrageously huge cock.
    Zane grabbed her pretty head and began to fuck it. “Your fucking good at this you sexy bitch, glad you like me fucking humiliating this worm…..â€￾
    Had I been to blind to notice than Alex hated me this much?
    Did she just pity me and now it was time to let that go?
    My mind raced.
    “So then is this better than with pee dick over there?â€￾ Zane asking the most obvious of questions…
    “Oh fucking god yes……sucking a real cock, a real man’s cock…hmmmmmmmâ€￾
    Zane just laughed and continued to push his ego beyond breaking point.
    “Kneel before us wimpâ€￾ Zane ordered, and I got to my knees, heartbroken but still with my cock erect.
    “He’s so fucking patheticâ€￾ Alex laughed
    He withdrew his cock from her pretty mouth and presented it in front of me.
    It looked like a weapon.
    “This is what a real man owns, not some shrivelled up disgusting acorn!â€￾ and with that he wacked my face with it.
    Alex shrieked with delight.
    “Take that you fucking worm, you are getting beaten by my dickâ€￾
    He continued to smash his cock against the side of my head. It actually hurt too, such was the size and weight of it.
    He told Aex to take her dress of, which she duly obliged.
    Stood in there in a black bra, skimpy black thong and high heels, she looked like a true goddess.
    He body was perfect, with a small naval piercing showing off her perfect stomach.
    Zane was suitably impressed.
    “Wow, what the fuck did you see in this loser….?â€￾ He asked
    “I just felt sorry for him and just wanted someone to be there for me…..â€￾
    How could she say that?
    “And now?â€￾ Zane enquired
    “And now I just love him being bullied or humiliated….knowing he will never have me againâ€￾
    “You horny little bitch….I like youâ€￾ Alex grinded.
    He walked around me laughing as Alex explained that she had been feeling like this for a while and actually brought herself off when I told her of how he had made me a pony for the day.
    Tears streamed down my face.
    I loved her more than life itself, how could she do this to me?
    And why was my cock still HARD!!
    Alex then told him that I failed to last longer than a minute or two and she was desperate for an Alpha Bull to fuck the arse off her….
    I had never heard her be anywhere near this graphic either.
    “Bend over the couch bitch, I going make you explodedâ€￾ Zane ordered, with Alex duly obliging.
    He walked up to her and pulled her thong to one side. “Soaking wet…..â€￾ He proclaimed as he began to slide his huge 10â€￾ cock into her sexy pussy.
    The moan from Alex was as if she had been taken to another universe of complete pleasure.
    He slowly ushered in all of his dick and built up a commanding rhythm.
    As his huge balls smashed against her beautiful, sexy, pert arse pre-cum began to spill of of my dick.
    With his hand wrapped around her waist, he got faster and faster.
    Alex got loader and louder, to the point of deafening me.
    The walls banged from neighbours who were trying to sleep.
    “Fucking ignore those useless cunts!â€￾ Zane ordered as he was in full flow.
    Alex couldn’t catch her breath, it was the most erotic and electric scene one could witness.
    “Tell that worm to kiss my ass and thank me for fucking youâ€￾
    Alex broke from the moans to screw her face up and command me to ‘obey’ him and kiss his ass.
    I did not want to do that at all.
    But looking at his ridiculously ripe body and knowing just how strong he was made me reconsider.
    And besides, to upset him now would be a huge mistake
    Like a pathetic, lost soul, with all life now beaten from me, I knelt behind him screwing my girlfriend and kissed his ass cheek saying ‘thank you’.
    I was now officially broken.
    They both laughed.
    “No fucking way did he just do that Zane??? What a fucking loser, no wonder you all beat the shit out of him every day!â€￾
    He sort of ‘back kicked’ me out of the way as he built up speed again, bringing Alex to the orgasm of her life.
    “Oh my god….thank you baby, wow , oh my fuucking god, you own my ass, I have never……oh fuck….never came so hard in my life……fuck I want your cock every minute of every day….oh fuckâ€￾
    Alex gasped for air as she tried to get her breathing under control.
    But Zane didn’t look like the type of guy who was going to hang around and quickly began building up speed, causing Alex to come again and again.
    She possibly had four or five orgasms in the space of five minutes.
    I didn’t even think that was possible.
    Finally, he announced we was ready to come.
    He fucked her that hard that I thought the couch was going to break.
    As he was probably within moments of cumming, the door knocked.
    “Ignore it!â€￾ He snapped.
    But it continued to knock louder and louder.
    Stood motionlessly Zane withdrew from Alex and headed to the front door.
    His huge cock swaying between his legs.
    He opened the door in an extremely aggressive fashion.
    It was Bob, my neighbour who lived alone in the apartment above.
    He was a balding guy in his late forties who lived alone and kept himself to himself.
    Zane, did not give a shit.
    “Excuse me but…er……..â€￾ Bob nervously said
    “Excuse me? Have fucking dare you interrupt e when I am fucking someone….â€￾ Zane snapped as he lifted Bob up by his neck.
    “I’m sorry, I’m sorryâ€￾ came the reply and Zane cooley through him out and walked past me (Calling me a ‘pussy’ in the process) and re mounted Alex.
    “Oh God you are such a real man…….â€￾ She moaned as his huge cock expanded the walls of her delightful pussy.
    “Fucking dam right you sexy little cock teaseâ€￾ he replied as he again built up speed.
    He was soon close to coming again.
    “I’m gonna cum all over your sexy little ass….â€￾ He proclaimed and with that he pulled out of her, shooting what can only be described as a cup full of cum all over her sexy thong clad ass.
    He roared like a mountain bear.
    Alex moaned with delight as it smashed against her ass.
    “Stay the night with me Zane, please..please….â€￾ she pleaded.
    “Sure, bitch bring us up some refreshments and then get the fuck out of my siteâ€￾ Zane ordered and, without question, I agreed.
  2. small9

    small9 Active Member

    Wow!!! Excellent story. Please continue
  3. Sissy_cuckie

    Sissy_cuckie New Member

    I liked it, especially towards the end. I always have a hard time getting into ones where the protagonist gets so screwed over though. Maybe I feel like I can relate a little. I'm writing a story now, I'm hoping to make it a multi part one, but kind of went the opposite direction where it will be a little more loving and turn into the husband being humiliated.. But knowing the wife still loves him... Partially because I'm writing it sort of for my wife and she's not into the hardcore humiliation. All in all very good though I enjoyed it.
  4. arkanoid411

    arkanoid411 New Member

    Thanks for the detailed feedback Cuckie..... And Glad you liked it.

    Peewees troubles are set to continue.

    I am sketching what happens the 'morning after now' and how he is going to be able to go back to work!

    Your story sounds exciting and I look forward to reading it :)
  5. arkanoid411

    arkanoid411 New Member

    Thanks 9, very much appreciate the kind words

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