After school sex#3

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    It was unfortunate for me, That the week flew by. It was Friday, 4 days since I got my ass fucked by Mrs. Beasley and my girlfriends mom.

    I tryed to be sick that day, But my mom told me to suck it up and be a man, She was trying to toughen me up for the real world. I knew my girlfriend Misty had plans for me, I did everything I could to avoid her.

    But then the 3:00 bell rang, I took off to catch the bus, It was in sight, All most there, And somebody grabed my arm. It was Preshous, She had Staci with her. These girls were the muscle behind my girlfriends clique.

    Preshous was a big and busty black girl that don't play. Staci is a tall and muscular red head, With a hot temper.

    "Where you going Mikey?"

    "I really need to get home!...Mom told me to come streight home."

    "Bull shit!...Your comming with us!" They both take me by the arms and walk me to the parking lot, Where Misty and Shirley were waiting, Siting in Misty's black 5.0 Mustang. Shirley got out and moved the seat, Allowing us to climb in. I sat in the middle, As the Mustang left the parking lot my man card was takin and burned.

    Preshous and Staci pounced and stripped me naked, My clothes were tossed out the window. I was then fitted in to a pik bra,panties,Fish net stockings and a collar and leash, My hands were cuffed behind my back.

    Misty had to stop at a red light, She took off her sexy hot pink pumps and handed them over to Staci, Lucky for me my feet were to big to squeaze in to them. But Preshous opened her gym bag and took out a pair of strappy steletoes she wore that morning, She strapped them on to me.

    At Misty's house, She parked on the street, After getting out of the car, An old man was on the porch across the street, He whistled at me, Then the school bus came by, Nothing but laughter could be heard from it. A kady next door was getting her mail, She just stared with a shocked look on her face. I felt lie a freak on a leash. Misty's mom stood at the front door, Wearing just a tee shirt and panties.

    "Bring him on in here girls." She led us to the basement, Where a bed with restraints was there waiting for me.

    "Lets get some pictures first." She said, Picking up a camera. I was made to walk back and forth, Like some super model or something. The camera flashed severall times.

    "Tie him down." Her mom said. After I was securely restrained, Misty's mom picked up one of those big yellow Mc.Cullah chain saws, One of those old timey heavy ones, I started to jerk, Trying to free myself, As the little woman yanked on the pull rope of the saw, It finally started, Filling the room full of noise and smoke.

    She reved up the saw, And raised it above her had like Leather face on Texas chain saw massicure, With a wicked smile and laugh, She aproached me with the saw. I then pissed all in the pink panties. The saw stalled, She yanked on the rope some more.

    "Piece of shit!" She through it down.

    "Sorry girls we have to think of something else."

    "Look mom! He pissed in my panties." They all laughed, Her mom then got out a box of sex toys, She had a colection of vibraters,But plugs and dongs of all shapes and sizes. All 5 of them stripped down and began tortureing my ass, With the toys, They all took a turn teaseing my cock, Sucking,licking and stroking it.

    They took me loose from the bed, Each girl took a turn fucking my ass, With a strap-on, While I had to eat out each girl and get her off. But the bad thing was, I was not allowed to cum, Every time I shot my load, I was spanked with the slut paddle. I was also made to lick up my on cum, And clean out each girls tank with my tongue.

    They continued to torture my ass, Useing some but beads, Cramming them all in and yanking them out. I finally shit all over the bed.

    "Now look what you did!" Misty yelled I was then tied back down to the bed, With my ass in the air, They took one of my girlfriends dads belts and whpped my ass for a final time. Her mom aproached me with a white rag.

    "Night night." Was the last words I heard. I awoke in the ditch, In front of my parents house, Naked and cold, The sun was comming up. I got up and ran around the back of the house, To the pool house, Put on some swim trunks and dove in to the pool, Ridding my body of the smell of sex and shit. I swam across the pool and got out, I knocked on the slideing glass door, My mom come to the door to let me in.

    "What are you doing?...It's freezing out there."

    "I know!...I went for a run and got hot." She just shook her head, I took a shower, Then a bloddy shit, I shit blood for 2 weeks. Monday morning Misty picked me up for school. She showed me the pics.

    "If you don't want these to get out, You will have to be my slave for ever."

    "Yes ma'mm." We kissed a hot passionate kiss, That was 24 years ago, I'm still her slave.

    The End

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