After school sex #2

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    It was a boaring day in class, We were taking one of those tests. Those official ones,That you had to use the #2 pencils,Test booklet and ansewer sheet. I knew these did nothing for my grade,And was a total waste of my time,So my attention was on my girlfriends ass.

    She sat in the desk infront of me. Her plump ass filled out the pair of tight white jeans,My dick got hard,Ever since we got busted behind the gym. by the coach. She was takin to the principals office. For punishment Mr. Dudley gave her her first BBC. Her pussy was never the same,So we were experimenting with anal sex at the time.

    I blowed through the test. Filling in the little circles to spell out fuck you,On the ansewer sheet. I took my scratch sheet of paper and wrote Misty a note,Telling her how I wanted to fuck her in the ass after school. I passed the note,She red it with a smile on her face,All of a suden it was snatched from her hand,Mrs Parker grabbed it and red it,First time I ever seen a black lady blush.

    "Mikey go to the office now!" She yelled. Right behind me she followed. But I was in luck,Mr. Dudley was at a meeting down at the board of education,And Mrs. Beasley was running late with car trouble. My Cousin Karen was working as the secretary at the time, She was only 22 and fresh out of college. She red the note.

    "Mrs. Parker I don't see the big deal,I wish my boyfriends wrote me honest notes like this."

    "I should have known that would be your view."

    "I'll tell Mrs. Beasley when she gets here." We returned to class,Mrs. Parker split us up. I had to sit next to her desk faceing the class. Misty sat in the front rowe. My hard on returned as she would spread her legs wide,Her pussy showed through her jeans with that perfect camel toe look. She teased me touching her pussy,Then licking her finger. Her light blue blouse unbuttoned enough for a little cleavige.

    She knew she was driving me crazzy,Crossing her legs,Dangleing her high heeled shoe from her toes then flexing it back on to her foot,Licking her lipps. Ofcourse Mrs.Parker never saw any of this.

    The rest of the day went normal,I thought maybe Karen got rid of the note and kept the incident to herself,But then at 5 miniutes untill 3:00,She showed up at the gym. I was in my Pe. shorts and tee shirt.

    I saw her standing there talking to Coach Roberts,His whistle blowed.

    "Mikey!...Your needed in the office!" I walked slow behind Karen, Dreading the meeting I was fixing to have,In my mind I was admireing my cousins sexy legs,She was in a black skirt and classy pumps. I was led to Mrs. Beasley's office, In the chair across from her desk sat My girlfriends mom,She did not look happy. Karen Stood at the door looking in.

    "That will be all for today." Mrs. Beasley said. Karen closed the door and left us. Mrs. Beasley looked me over.

    "Me and Mrs.Jones here red this note you wrote Misty...I think a little corection is in order." She stood up from her desk and walked around it and sat on the corner of the desk,Looking at me with a serious look. Misty's mom sat there looking just as serious.

    "Lets start by you undressing,Mrs. Jones wants to see the cock thats fucking her daughter in the ass."


    "Shut up!...Strip down!...All the way to your socks." I slowly sat in the chair next to my future mother in law and took off my shoes, They watched me take my shirt and shorts off,I was trying to stall.

    "Underware off...Hurry up!" I droped my brief's. They both looked at my semi hard cock.

    "Not bad." Mrs. Beasley said, She then grasped it and stroked me gently. Misty's mom reached over and began feeling my balls.

    "Yeah he's getting bigger." Mrs.Beasley let my cock go. Mrs.Jones leaned forward and took me in to her mouth. I looked down watching her head go up and down on my cock. Her long red hair was pulled straight back in a tight ponytail. I reached down to hold her head and fuck her face. Mrs. Beasley slapped my hands away.

    "Keep your hands off!...This is punishment!" She hopped off her desk and got down on the floor.

    "Debe let me have him." She let my cock go and Mrs. Beasley took a turn sucking me and feeling my balls. This was good punishment I thought. I felt I was going to cum soon and was not sure what to do.

    "Kim you mind unzipping my dress please." She let my cock go,I took it in my hand and started stroking. Mrs.Jones was wearing a navy blue dress and high heeled boots, My eyes were glued to Mrs. Beasley's hand unzipping the dress, She unhooked Misty's moms bra for her,As her clothes fell,I shot a massive load all over Mrs. Beasley's white blouse.

    "Now look what you did!...My husband wii be here in an hour to pick me up,And I got cum stains on my blouse."

    I stood there with a dumb look on my face. She quickly unbuttoned her blouse,Pulling it off,In her bra she put the blouse to my face.

    "Lick it!...Clean up the mess." Debe reached over and unhooked her bra for her,While I injested my cum I just shot. She then took the blouse and looked at it. She hung it on the back of her chair. My dick was comming back to life,Mrs. Beasley was an attractive 30 year old with shoulder length blonde hair. She was tall about 5'10 slim. I watched her as she slid her pretty bare feet from her classy black pumps. As she unfastened her black dress pants, I grabbed my cock again.

    "Get your hands off that cock!" she said taking her pants off. After she was naked, She pulled a pair of hand cuffes from her desk drawer.

    "I think a lesson in self controol is needed here." She bent me over her desk and hand cuffed me to the leg of the desk. She reached for her paddle. Both women blistered my ass,Strikeing it with no mercy what so ever,Tears ran down my face from the pain. My ass was beet red when they finished. I heard a file cabnet drawer open,Still crying I turned around to look.

    "Turn around don't look!" I felt the cheeks of my ass being spread,Then 2 lubed fingers go up my ass.

    "Mmmmmm!...Nice and tight."

    "Well lets loosen him up!" I turned around to look. Mrs.Jones slapped my ass hard.

    "She told you not to look!" I then felt a but plug go up my ass a few times.

    "Uh....Uh...That hurts!"

    "Good!...Now your find out how it feels!" I felt a bigger one enter me. I looked back,Misty's mom had a strap on on. Her hands were on my waste She started fucking my ass,Slow at first. She then got faster and faster.

    "Hows it feel stud?" Mrs.Beasley asked looking at the pain on my face.

    "Yeah!...I'm going to teach you about fucking my daughter in the ass!" Slamming my ass with the cock,And slapping it for more punishment,For the next half hour my ass was raped by these bitches, Mrs. Beasley took out her camera ant snapped severall pictures of me being fucked.

    "It's a good thing Mr.Dudley is not here. I would let him fuck your ass to!" She said. They both changed positions. Misty's mom then made me lick and suck the cock that just came out of my ass,While Mrs. Beasley fucked me.

    They finally stopped It was 3:45.

    "Get dressed!...You better start being a good boy,We have pictures of this!" I got dressed and stumbled ouside,In a daze, Maybe even shock. I made my way to my girlfriends car. She sat alone waiting for me in the parking lot.

    "Baby are you okay?...You look kind of pale." Her mom drove up next to her window with a big smile on her face. She droped the strap-0n cock in to her lap,Then drove away laughing. She held it up and looked at it,Then at me.

    "You just wait till I get the girls together this weekend!" A cold chill wnt through my body as I heard those words.

    #3 Comming soon.

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