After school sex#1

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    First time watched.

    It was a warm spring day in 1986,I steped off the school bus with my girlfriend Misty and her best friend Shirley. I carried both girls books for them,My dick rock hard,Checking out my girlfriends legs. Which were on display with her in her blue denum skirt and hot pink pumps. Shirley's tight little ass was looking good in her tight Guess jeans and high heeled granny boots.

    As we got closer to Misty's house,We noticed her moms car was not in the carport. Misty reached over and squeazed my cock.

    "Oh your so hard!" Smileing at Shirley. We go inside,I drop the books on the coutch,Both girls allmost drag me to Misty's bedroom. She kisses me,Driveing her tongue in to my mouth. She quickly unbuttons and takes off my preppy Polo shirt,Her hands were all over the wife beater style tank top I was wearing.

    "I got to get this off." She strips it from my body. They both marvel at my muscular physeque. I was about 220 LBS. at the time,Broad shoulders,Muscular pecs and 6 pack abs, Thanks to the weight room and steriods I was injecting at the time.

    "MMMMM....Damn!" Shirley comented, Misty smiled proudley at her friend.

    "You aint seen shit yet." Misty responded unbuckleing my belt,Shirley watched with a curious look on her face,As my jeans were unfastend and my cock was pulled out of my brief's.

    "Damn girl!" She responded impressed with my long and thick cock. I was pushed back on to the bed,Misty grabed my left shoe and began unlaceing it,Shirley followed her lead taking the right one,I watched as my High top LA.Gears were unlaced and pulled off,Followed by my socks,pants and brief's.

    I was on my girlfriends bed naked in front of two girls for the firt time.

    "Go ahead I know ya want to suck it." Shirley knelt down and took it in her soft hand,Stroking and examineing it, She licked it,Teaseing it with her tongue,Over my swolen head,Finally she takes me in to her hot mouth,Misty watches her and slowly strips,I watch as the blue denum skirt falls,Her hot pink panties,That also match her hot pink pumps,Has a wet spot right in the ceotch. She unbuttons her blouse in a teaseing way, She gets out of her bra,And plays with her big 38 D's,She licks her big nipples. She taps Shirley on the shoulder.

    "My turn." Shirley lets my cock go,With a sad look on her face. Misty slipped her panties off and climbed in to the bed,Still in her high heels, She straddled my cock and guided it right in to her sex hole.

    "Ahhhhhhhhhh!.....Yes!" She said with a pleasureable smile on her face,Looking at her friend as she rode my cock.

    "You can't get none with your clothes on!" Shirley smiles and quickly undresses,Misty rides me harder and faster,Unable to hold back any longer I fill my girlfriends pussy,With all my hot cum,It was running out down the crak of her ass,Dripping on to the bed.

    "Oh look at the mess you just made!...Now clean me up!" She straddles my face and I get busy eating her cream pie. Shirley goes right to work,Sucking and jerking,Keeping me hard,As she feels her pussy acheing,Hungry for some cock. Stripped down to just her socks she climbs up on my cock and straddles it.

    "Oh!...Oh!...Shit!...He is so big!" She cries out slowly going up and down on my cock,While I suck all my seed from Misty's pussy. I soon take her love button in to my lips and gently suck it.

    "Thats right!...Don't stop!" I continue to sexually pleasure the girls, Then I get the urge to look toward the open door, There stands her mom, Wearing a pink night gown. Our eyes meet,She lifts her gown and shows me her hairy pussy. I look back up to her daughter as she climaxes and squrts all over my face,Shirley also cums hard,I fill her pussy with my second load. They both climb off me satisfied. Her mom was gone.

    "Ya know we were being watched?"

    "Oh yeah I know!" A look of anger was on her face,As she reached for her robe and put it on. She storms down the hall at a quick pace,Still in her high heels,She confrots her mom,Laying back in her recliner,Legs spread wide fucking herself with a vibrater. All Hell brakes loose!

    "What the Hell do you think your doing watching me?"

    "It's my house!...I'll watch if I want!...When you going to share your stud with me?"

    "I'm not!...Your not stealing my boyfriend again!"

    "I don't want to steal him,Just borrow him!"

    "Hell No!"

    "So You will share him with the trailer park slut but not with your own momma?"

    Me and Shirley quickly and leave out the back door. While they fight.:rolleyes:
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    That's the kind of after school sex I dreamed of. In my mind I fucked every hot girl in school, some that weren't hot, the teachers, a few neighbors, and relatives while all the time stroking my little dick in my room. The real sex I had other than jerking off, was sucking my best friends big cock. It started with the two of us jerking off together, then one day we discovered his cock was twice the size of mine. At first I just wanted to hold it in my hand and feel what a big dick felt like. I became obsessed and soon I was sucking him nearly everyday.

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