After Casino night-collecting her prize, Hot Air Balloon Ride

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    The Hot Air Balloon Ride

    It had been almost a month after the casino night when the late summer weather seemed just right to take the hot air balloon ride she had won. She called Matt the owner of the balloon and they scheduled the ride for this coming Friday evening. We arrived at the designated location and Matt and his assistant Joe were getting the balloon just about to full height.

    Matt remembered me, her brother, and shook my hand and said that he uses walkie-talkies to communicate with Joe as they will be drifting with where ever the wind takes them. He said that in all probability they will pass close to the development that we live in. My wife told me on Saturday that they did get very close to our house an actually passed over some of the neighbors homes that were just down the street.

    My wife was wearing a summer sundress and sandals. Matt asked me to get her a jacket, because the late evening air could get chilly. I got her a jacket from the car and I watched as she got in the basket with Matt and as they cast off lines they ascended to about 50 feet in the air and started to drift away. Matt shouted down to me that they would call when they had completed the ride and had packed up the balloon. He said it would probably be around 10:00.

    At this point I have to go with what she told me on Saturday afternoon (when she finally returned home) and what she wrote in her journal. She said that they weren't up there maybe 15 minutes when Matt put his arms around her and started to nuzzle on her neck and was fondling her breasts. He asked her if he could pick up where they left off at the charity event. She told me she turned to him and they began kissing and shortly her dress was on the floor and his pants were down and he lifted her up and slid her onto his cock. She wrapped her legs around him and her arms around his neck as he bounced her on his cock. Every few minutes he would have her pull the cord to keep the balloon at the correct height.

    She said that he had her going and she was evidently being rather loud when she was telling him to fuck her harder, when she realized that she could hear our neighbor Mrs. Willis yelling her name and saying I know that's your voice and who are you in that balloon with. She said that she looked out over the side of the basket and waved to her as they drifted further away. She said that Matt finally put her down and had her lean over the side of the basket and fucked her from behind before he finally came in her.
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    Hot Air Balloon Ride Conclusion

    As promised the ride lasted around 2 hours, enough time for him to fuck her from behind again before he told Joe where to meet them at. She put her dress back on and her jacket as it had gotten chilly. Joe met up with them and the three of them folded up the balloon and loaded everything onto a trailer. The three of them got into the pickup truck, Matt driving and my wife in the middle between them. She told me they weren't even out of the field yet when she felt Joe's hand on her thigh. She said that she was just in the mood and turned to Joe and started making out with him and spread her legs.

    Joe asked her how many times did Matt fuck you and when she said twice, he said I guess that I have some catching up to do. Between the two of them they got his pants down and she climbed on his cock facing him and rode him as long as she could until she was out of breath and she had cum several times. He pulled her in close and said I'm just going to let my cock soak in this fine pussy, for a few minutes, we'll be back to the house shortly and I can finish this properly. As soon as Matt stopped the truck Joe lifted her off of his cock and got out and slid her to the edge of the seat and put her legs on his shoulders and proceeded to pound the hell out of her for several minuted before cumming in her.

    It was around 10:30 when my wife called me and said that she was too tired and was just going to stay there tonight. She told me that Matt went on to bed and that she and Joe showered after Matt and then Joe "caught up" big time with a long fuck session when they went to his bedroom. Matt had her again the following morning and Joe the third time just before they brought her home. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon when she returned. It was the only time she was with both of them but she was with each one of them several more times.

    She also had some pictures she had taken Saturday to show me along with some pictures of the balloon ride. I was surprised that she had any time to take pictures during the ride. GTR

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    They could pop the balloon with those things.
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    Worth It, how correct you are. After seeing the picture of Matt, I could see how easy it would have been for him to fuck her from behind standing up and to have her bouncing on his cock. Joe also would have not had a problem either when she was on his lap in the pick up seat. I never could figure out how she seemed to "find" quite a few men that were above average in the cock size department. GTR

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