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advice please

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by kort6776, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    In the post of mine you have quoted I was addressing Kort's dilemma only, not the readiness or possible suspicions of wives and the motives of their wannabe cucks generally.

    Please note too that in my post of 15th of October on this thread, in relation to Kort's seeking a lover for his wife and recommending he consider a young man to fill that role, I said

    "Choose him carefully; your wife's sexual well-being and fulfillment is the main issue here"

    ---which in respect of husbandly love, and timing too, chimes in with the perceptive urgings of WorthIt in the post immediately above this one.

    But I wholeheartedly agree with you Kal in your saying that "Not all wives are readily and eagerly accept hubby's request".
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  2. Kal Niwaz

    Kal Niwaz New Member

  3. Kal Niwaz

    Kal Niwaz New Member

    In porn literature (story, video, images) a view of society is presented that every third wife
    welcomes an opportunity to be jumped, bumped and humphed by strangers, friends, or who have you; that they walk and shop around wearing a right ankle chain.

    I like to propose that each reader here go to a upscale shopping mall, just sit on one of the benches and observe the ladies walking about in dresses, and count how many of them are wearing a right ankle chain. Let us repeat it on different days, and different hours. Two hour observation periods each time. Then let us report our counts to this august group. Then we get an idea based on our own self, of what is going on in society. Some will argue that this is not scientific, not in conformity to published surveys and so on. At least we will have some self-discovered knowledge.

    Please do not think I am opposed to this lifestyle, or that I am an old fashioned prude, am not liberal in my mind and so on. "I am not here to stick a dagger on Caesar".
  4. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    I have done such research, albeit in a similarly scientifically uncontrolled way, by closely observing not the incidence of ankle-chain wearing, but the passing glances women give the bodies--especially the bums---of sexually desirable young men in public places.

    The "hit-rate" on me and my beautiful buddy when we are in public together, even with my wife, is flatteringly high enough, but even we are impressed by the profusion of momentary but overtly sexual glances, observable every minute or two, that obviously married women give the faces, bums, crotches and chests of especially handsome, well-built and spunky other young men standing around or passing them in crowded public places like shopping centers.

    The field for wife-initiated cuckoldry has historically always been a vast one. But with the alluring physical assets of fit young men these days being so brazenly displayed through their close-fitting jeans, not to mention shirtlessness in hot weather, sexually needy wives nowadays appear to be declaring Open Season on spunky potential lovers many of whom in turn are unashamedly opportunistic in making the most of their beauty and allure. And Good on them, I say.

    The more interesting obervation to make, in my opinion, is the number of these publicly lusted-after young men who in response to a pointedly sexual glance from a woman in public reflexly turn their heads to oggle her from behind as she walks past them, and occasionally follow through by following her and even propositioning her. Personally I find that--having often done it myself in my teens---as sexy as heck to observe, in the very act so to speak. But the scientific meaning of it, if there is one, could be fascinating to think about too.

    But from now on, not only because of my continuing interest in bulling other men's wives, I will be more on the look-out for ankle-bracelet-wearing women in public than I already am, and perhaps couple the results of that with my admittedly voyeuristically-motivated observings of the lustful glances that other young men--including my buddy--receive from passing women in public places.
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  5. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Jeff I know I am Very late to this Thread, but based on what you wrote I was just wondering if there was any chance you were a Descendant of one of the Biblical 3 Wise Men? (meant to be Rhetorical, not Religious, for anyone who might take Offense).
  6. Kal Niwaz

    Kal Niwaz New Member

    Four secrets that make this lifestyle worthwhile.

    When the topics discussed here are relevant, It would bench if some persons can make contrary points. I had found it in Tango, I think.

    Mainline Society always portrays that a man should stick to one wife. In fact, the notion or even thought of sharing a wife is treated as taboo. But, the truth remains that sharing your wife with another man, or having other men share his wife with you is not a bad thing after all as demonstrated below:

    1. Spice up Your Life

    It is known fact that even the so-called "marriage made in heaven" also goes through some storms. A time comes when your "queen" or love of your life stops being all that. It might be momentary, but it still affects your life. In fact, many divorces are fuelled by stale love life. Nothing to talk about, lacking the life energy, or feeling ignored are some reasons. Rather than being a victim of stale love life, you should consider sharing your wife a way of spicing up your life.

    2. Reduce Boredom and Monotony

    Let’s face it! Marriage life can become boring and monotonous. Sleeping and waking up every morning seeing the same face. Putting up with the same old boring stories. Trying hard not to stare at your friend’s or neighbor’s cute wife. I mean, you would not want to make the misses angry, would you? The best way to kill the monotony and boredom in married life would be through wife sharing. You as well as your wife will have something different to experiment on and talk about.

    3. Improves Trust

    Sharing your wife is more than just widening your sexual experiences. It also helps in building trust. You probably are asking yourself, how? Well, many men and women are involved in un-faithfulness simply because their marriage life sucks. Unfaithfulness brings mistrust in a marriage. Nonetheless, wife sharing allows the husband and wife to experiment with other people openly. The openness and transparency builds trust among the couples. In fact, a couple will not engage in other affairs without first informing his/her partner.

    4. New Experiences

    There is a saying that states "Experience is the best teacher." No matter how many books you read how many movies you watch, or visits you make to the marriage counselor, you are highly unlikely to salvage a stale relationship. But, if you opt to experiment with other people's wives, you get to learn new things. Also, you are able to share thoughts and body with someone else. In the end, you become much wiser and more open minded.

    Although many people choose to not talk about it, and if they do, they talk in hush tones, sharing wives is becoming more accepted. Many people are already doing it secretly. Some have even given it names such as wife exchange, wife swapping and more. This desire is fuelled by the factors mentioned above.

    Rather than trying to fight the truth, it is probably high time we accepted the truth. The sooner wife sharing becomes an accepted norm, the better for everyone.
  7. kort6776

    kort6776 Member

    fwiw: my wife has been wearing an anklet for over a year and nobody has noticed it
  8. kort6776

    kort6776 Member

    still taking things slowly right now, we talk we play, we were out the other night and we both met people, me a woman and she a guy and we came real close to bringing them both back to our hotel but the gal I was with backed out and then my wife did as well.
  9. penischocolatx

    penischocolatx New Member

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  10. veryold

    veryold Member

    ... a strange man should penetrate you ... I think women who were brought up a little conservatively often don't want to be to blame for doing something against their upbringing. If you have initiated something as a husband, then you are to blame and she can then drop 'it was not me'.
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