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    So my wife and I had a long serious talk the other night. She wants me to find someone for her and to arrange the whole thing. Part of this is because she wants to know that I'm 100% "with" all of it, so there are no recriminations later (not that there would be, but I understand her point: if I've found the guy, arranged the place and date, and basically signed off on it, I can't blame anyone but myself if I get upset.)

    The other part is, she's a pretty dominant woman. At work, at home, in other areas, she's always the one in charge. It's part of why men find her so attractive (especially military men, I've noticed). But she doesn't want to be in charge of this. She wants to be dominated. She wants me to tell her what she can and can't do, and for him to (gently) push her to do more than maybe she thought she wanted.

    So where to find her someone, do you think? We have no friends she's interested in (well, we do actually, but they're all married and she doesn't want to do that). We talked about the relative merits of the flash-fuck experience you get from the "casual encounters" section of Craigslist, opposed to cheating websites like Ashley Madison, where you get to know someone and decide whether or not to meet.

    She likes both ideas, especially when she's had a few drinks, but I know her well: she's going to want to get to know someone before she fucks him. She's going to need a date or two before she feels safe enough to get naked with him. And, if they click, she may want to stick with him for a while. She likes to explore things...thoroughly. So she's up for anything from a few dates to a long-term relationship.

    So how do you suggest a man go about procuring a boyfriend for his wife? She is interested in someone 30-60 (we're in our mid-40s), Black or White (but especially Black), and someone well-endowed. I'm 4" hard, and she has said consistently for twenty years now that she wants to be fucked by a 7" or 8" cock. Consequently, all her toys are those sizes.

    How do you suggest I start?
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    She got pretty wild in bed last night, turned me over, and wrote "cuckold" across my ass with a black Magic Marker. So...there's that. :)
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    I wish I could give you the advice you're looking for.
    If she's looking for more than a random pick-up, then she'll probably have to meet someone through "real life." A coworker, a colleague, a guy she meets at a conference, or in the grocery store. My wife keeps a lot of her personal life a secret from me, and there's no lack of potential opportunities. Men treat a woman differently when her husband isn't around.
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    I've written about this elsewhere, but there is one guy she's always had the hots for. He's married, though and while she sometimes screams his name while we're fucking, and one of her toys is named after him, she wouldn't want to do that to his wife. There are other guys to whom she's attracted, but they're off limits for various reasons. We were on the town last night, talking about this again, and she finally sighed and said, "I wish we just knew someone." But we don't, and that's kind of the problem. She really does want to find someone we don't know anyway, because we live in a small town and have kids, and we can't have that added layer of complication in our life.
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    You may look on Craigslist under platonic only for men willing to talk with the wife. Over time she can open up about sex, trade pics via email and eventually meet in public.

    Several years ago when looking, I put an add with pics of my wifes features on Craigslist. Tons of responses, she cooresponded with and traded pictures with a few. They are out there, and by advertising what you and she are looking for, you will get responses from men willing to be involve in the relationship you two require.
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    Exactly, though Craigslist can be a landmine field, IF you are VERY Clear and DETAILED of what you are looking for. Then have the Patience to stick to it, i.e. Don't be Desperate, you Will find what you are looking for. Also since you are in a small town, post in neighboring areas also
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    Agree 100%, emphasis on PATIENCE.
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    So here's what's happened. I signed us up with a reputable-looking swingers' website and started getting hits immediately. I didn't tell her about this, though, until we had received several inquiries through the site. We met for drinks at a hotel bar after work last week, and she was feeling pretty good, doing some work on her laptop, commenting on the cute guys at the hotel. And then I noticed that she was on the "casual encounters" section of our local Craigslist.

    I said something about it, and she started showing me promising-looking offers. She does this every now and then when she's had a lot to drink, but she'd had one glass of wine at this point, which told me that she was seriously looking for someone to fuck her.

    So I told her that we had an account at a website, and that I had picked someone out for her--just her type. She was intrigued and wanted to see the guy. She liked what she saw and asked me to request he open up his private gallery. The guy exercises several times a week, has a nice toned body, and his cock has to be 8/5-9 inches. She told me to ask him out for drinks on Friday--which was her birthday. So I took her shopping for her birthday presents that night (several hundred dollars in new bras, panties, and lingerie), took her out to dinner and dropped a lot of money there too, and then we met the guy at a bar.

    He showed up and zeroed right in on her, giving her a long, lingering hug before we sat down. He was a perfect gentleman the whole time, which really turns her on, incredibly smart and well-spoken, and we have a lot in common. She wore a low-cut blouse which showed off her tits (36DD), and looked smoking hot. He didn't ogle her, but clearly appreciated her.

    I went to the bathroom a few times, and when I'd come back, they'd be talking about sex and intimacy and kissing. He was into her, and she was obviously into him.

    At the end of the night, we went out into the parking lot. He asked her if he could have a good night kiss, and she replied, "Absolutely." He's 6 inches taller than me, and he just swooped in, took her into his arms, and they kissed open-mouthed in front of me for a good minute. She ran her hands up around his neck and melted into it. It was the most erotic thing I've ever seen in my life. And-again--it was her birthday. She says it was the best birthday present I ever gave her.

    He continued to text her while we were driving home, and he's texted her every day since. (This morning, as I was taking her into work, he sent her a meme that said, "Fuck Hump Day! How about Fuck Me Until It Hurts to Walk Day?")

    Finally, yesterday, she felt like she couldn't wait to see him again, so she arranged a second date completely on her own. She informed me of it, and since we have one car and a joint bank account, I picked her up from work (she had changed into a fuck-hot outfit--very different from what she was wearing when I dropped her off). I drove her to the restaurant and then paid for both of them to eat. She purposely sat across from me in the booth, so that, when he arrived, he'd sit next to her and lock her in. So he got there, and we had drinks and food and another great conversation. But I noticed that they inched closer as the date went on, and I began to suspect that something was going on under the table, though--honest to God--I couldn't tell.

    She was on cloud nine the whole time, like a teenager. When the night was over, I stayed to pay and they went outside. When I walked out, they were on the front patio kissing again--long and languorous--and left me standing there with my hands in pockets. When they parted, we got into our car and I asked her if they were touching under the table. She smirked and said, "He put his hand on my thigh and caressed me. I'm surprised you couldn't tell--the waiter certainly saw it." I asked where his hand had actually gone, and she said right up short of her pussy. And then she said she put her hand on his thigh as well, just below his cock. And, she noted, she can already tell that he's massive.

    We went to Walmart afterward to pick up a few things, and she informed me that there WILL be a third date, that she WILL be wearing the lingerie I bought her for her birthday (I haven't even seen it yet!), and that she WILL be fucking him. She told me that, once we cross this barrier, she doesn't know that she will ever want to go back. She's ready to go crazy. And I'm so fucking ready to see her body used the way God intended, instead of the 2-minute humping she gets from me with my 4-inch penis. She WANTS him. And after him, she wants MORE.

    I may have opened Pandora's box here, but...I'm so excited, I've hardly slept.

    We've fucked about ten times since Friday night, and I'm ready to go again. And every time he writes her, she smiles and bites her lip, texts him back and then jumps me. She's moaned his name almost every time she got ready to climax.

    She's hoping for a third date Friday, and wants to make reservations at a local hotel. If nothing else, I know I'll be the one downstairs in the lobby paying for it.
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    Thank you for the Very Nice write up. It seems like Everyone will be getting want they want and Need, Very Soon.
    Looking forward to that write up
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    Very nice indeed. Your description of their kiss, the passion and your feelings brings such fond memories. Please continue, and I do hope you get to watch eventually.
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    A reputable swinger's site is a great idea. He sounds more than suitable and i'm very happy for you to be entering this amazing lifestyle.
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    Great story! So how'd it go Friday? Can't wait to hear.

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