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    Hey all, I posted the below in response to another post, but then thought it might be a good starting subject matter for a new post. Would love to hear any responses to this, as I think I'm not alone in my outlook.

    Yeah, me too. I've pretty much given up on trying to please women. I REALLY, REALLY tried for many years, whether with my cock or tongue, and I just never could get any of the women I've been in relationships with to cum. Thinking back, it MAY have happened once or twice, but it was always such a struggle. And trust me, I was physically very attractive (former competitive bodybuilder, so in great shape), had at least an average penis at close to 6" erect (back then); and a true desire to try to please my partner. As I've gotten older (now 57), I've kind of given up. I'll do what my current g/f wants, but she doesn't want much. So I've not only evolved into a cuck, but kind of a willing punching bag for whomever wants to use me sexually. I do now consider myself bi, and have discovered other erogenous zones like my nipples and prostate. It's taken me a couple years, but after what originally was painful and foreign, now I can pretty quickly sink a 9-10" dildo deep in to my ass. And cumming was hard at first, but now I can cum pretty quickly, especially if I haven't been drinking too much. And a prostate cum is so different from a normal cock stroking ejack, so every guy should experience this! Also, just my opinion, but I think there's a health benefit to stimulating your prostate to orgasm occasionlly, especially as we get older. So for older guys like me, who still have strong sexualities, you can develop other channels of pleasure that don't neccessarily involve women. Explore, and try to overcome's worth it! The old paradigms of normal man-women sex was based on our subconscious need to procreate, but when you're older, let go of that, because it's obsolete. Would love to hear others comments on this. Thanks, Jeff S.
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    Wow, I feel sorry for you. I'm in my 50s as well and having the best and most varied sex of my life. I owe it all to my then girlfriend, now wife, who said straight out that she 1) would never be monogamous and 2) is bisexual. At first I didn't care, it didn't bother me, it was all men and women she had already been fucking. Now after having moved to MFMs and swinging, it is utterly fantastic.

    I have literally never fucked a woman who couldn't cum on either my dick or tongue. All could cum from oral. (Even the women who needed their cunts licked to cum still enjoy penis-in-vagina sex.)

    You need to find the right woman who is willing to work with you. If you tell her that she's in control and you'll do whatever it takes for as long as it takes, you should have no problem finding a willing girl. Good luck and enjoy the challenge.
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    Haha, congrats bud. You've got a wonderful women. My current g/f I've been with for like 8 years now, and although we haven't had typical intercourse sex for a couple years now, we fool around from time to time sexually. She's slowly starting to understand my unusual sexual needs and I've seen evidence she's "figuring it out" as to what she should do with me. Women could and should be more aggressive with how they treat their willing sub men.
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    Thanks bud. Appreciate the words of wisdom. At my/our age, I find it hard to find women that I'm actually interested in sexually. My current g/f is nice looking with a nice trim body, so I'll stick with her. She's understanding of my odd proclivities which is more than I can hope for with most women; and I do believe she's slowly transforming such that she may become the Dom that I'd like her to be (she has basic qualities that I think could lead her to be a total Dom in time). So, I'll remain patient, and in the meantime, I can come online and have fun with people here and over at Chaturbate.
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    I hope she's sucking you off or something...
  6. UCUM666

    UCUM666 Well-Known Member

    Nope. It's a pretty sexless relationship, though not lacking in affection.
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    This is a really interesting thread; it goes to show the different directions cuckolding can take. So several questions if I may:

    Did you use steroids or anything that may have affected you?

    It's not clear, is still interested in sex,but not with you and she's fucking other guys?

    So do you get to have gay sex? Seems that that could be a satisfying route while having an emotionally satisfying relationship with your girl. (My wife plays mostly with other couples, and says she needs pussy more than other dick.)

    Audrey doesn't use toys, but has told me that having anal with a dick, length doesn't matter although thickness does, the opposite of pussy sex for her, where she's never had a dick too wide but the long ones have painfully bottomed out.

    Although I had a vasectomy, I still fuck the same. It proved irreversible and Audrey and I wanted a child so after exploring our options, she got pregnant by the husband of a couple who she has played with for years before I met her. (Audrey lived with them for two years during which time they got married.) For us the old paradigm lives on.

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