A wonderful evening for a cuck

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    After a long evening of sex with James, my wife Mia was still quite horney. She just seemed to want more sex as she had more orgasms. This is a foreign thought to a man like me. I would feel tired and ready to relax after having a mind blowing orgasm. Instead she was even more fired up, looking for an even bigger orgasmic high.

    James was able to cause a number of orgasms which made Mia shake the walls with her cries of passion. He was an exceptionally endowed stud of a man. His thick cock was ten inches long and when Mia held the base of his cock, she couldn't even wrap her fingers all the way around his shaft. Although, her hands were petite and feminine, it was quite a site to see her handling his large endowment so expertely.

    After fucking Mia twice James was feeling the fatigue of sex. He was a passionate lover and took his time, which was a dream for Mia, she was able to have a well endowed lover who was caring in bed and made sure her needs were met. But on this evening she was insatiable. He had taken a little blue pill, although, he really didn't need to. So, even though he had already had finished twice and he was tired himself, his cock appeared to still want more. Mia wasn't planning on wasting his beautiful erection, as she put it. So when he said he was tired and wanted to rest, she had him spoon her so that she could be penetrated by him from behind. But told him just to relax back there.

    She turned to me finally, and told me how horney she was. But said there was no point in having sex with her husband at this point. James had ruined her for the evening.

    Instead of penetrative sex with me, she just would leave James inside of her, while I gave her oral.

    I suggested that maybe we could 69, but she immediately rebuffed my request, telling me that she was only having sex with real men this evening.

    After being put down like that I could tell that any other requests were going to be denied. Followed by some reason why James was a real man, and I was not.

    So without any more fuss, I slipped down between her legs and started licking her clit gently but with some force, just how she liked it. She wasn't into a lot of tongue flicking.

    She placed her hands on my head and told me not to stop and quickly had her first orgasm, but held me hand there while she slowly moved her hips up and down so she would feel his cock pressing deep into her.

    She kept my mouth working for some time on her clit, she had quite a few orgasms in quick succession. When I looked up at some point James was playing with her large tits and was kissing her neck, which she loved.

    He was no doubt enjoying himself also. She would periodically grind on his hard cock which had to feel very nice. And, although I was trying to avoid it as much as possible, with all the movement going on, I felt my tongue gliding over his hard shaft while searching for my wifes pink flesh. In any event, it was clear he didn't mind when my mouth went off course, as I would hear him groan a bit.

    After some time of this James started moving his cock in and out of her pussy, which started really lighting her up. She finally announced that she probably couldn't take much more. But, this got James more excited and he told her to get into the doggy position.

    She told him that she was enjoying the thrusts from him and oral from me. Then, she just told me to get under her, but not to even think that I was getting my cock sucked.

    So the three of us quickly adjusted positions, she was over me, while James entered her from behind with his still rock hard, enormous cock.

    He fucked her extremely well and through the course of this she had one orgasm which seemed to just go on and on. Although, it wasn't an orgasm which made her scream, she did shake wonderfully.

    She started telling him to cum for her, and how she wanted to feel so full of his cum. Which James understood, and he started going a bit harder and found his rhythm, and within now time his cock began pulsing and he came inside of her with another large load of cum.

    As he started, slowly withdrawing his cock from her, she told me to keep my tongue firmly on her clit. After his cock was out of her she sat up over me and slowly ground her hips onto my face. She told me to keep pressure on her clit and how amazing it felt.

    Then she surprised me. She said, 'Clean me up babe'. As she shifted just an inch so that her clit was above my tongue to her vulva I tasted a thicker and saltier fluid than what was usual during oral sex. Then she told me that it was OK, and I should not worry about swallowing his loads. I gagged at first, and she told me just to swallow, and how hot it was for her and how pleased she was with me. After that struggle, she didn't waste any time by squeezing her muscles just a bit to make sure another large drop of cum came out of her and into my mouth.

    While cleaning her up she handed me a bottle of lube from the night stand and told me to finish myself off while I licked her clean.
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    My wife is (and some other women are) like that - they can absorb and enjoy a lot of sex, more than one man can usually give, with his dick and balls anyway. (That's why I'm down there licking a lot as well.)

    Better to have a wife who wants too much sex than not enough.
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