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    Trust me, the only thing worse than not owning a Harley Davidson? Is when all your friends do. But, allow me to clarify. I'm not talking about hard core biker types by any stretch. I'm referring to the pressed shirt and tie types. You know? The ones who seriously don't look like they belong on one? The ones who maybe, occasionally, ride on the weekends? Basically, folks who only want to reply in any given situation, "Harley? Are you kidding? Of course I own one!" You got it, status junkies, not serious riders at all. They wouldn't immerse themselves into that lifestyle if their lives depended on it, they just want one in the garage. If a jet pack coming out of your ass was popular? They'd have two of them.

    I on the other had, was not a status junkie what so ever, and didn't aspire to become one. Never did I brag, "Hey, check out my new boat, my new pool?" or God forbid, "My NEW HARLEY?" No way! Most likely because I didn't own any of those things. But hey, wouldn't have if I did. In fact, there was really only one thing I wanted, the Harley, my Harley.

    Indeed, I was someone who truly yearned to ride. But, it went way beyond that. I wanted to genuinely experience the riders life. Yes, I was a pressed shirt and tie type too, but unlike my friends? I was the only road-seeker among them. Someone who genuinely wanted to immerse themselves into all things Harley Davidson. Like, being on a long road trip, skipping a shower or two, or three. I mean I wanted the whole deal... Big problem though, my wife was wildly against it.

    For quite a few years I'd been the victim of some of the worst heckling one could possibly imagine from my friends, and believe me they were masters at it. Saying things like "Oh, won't the wife give you permission to get one? Did the Boss shoot you down again? What? Did Mommy say you couldn't play tonight? Hey, you better call Janet to see if you can go to lunch with us." I mean some really rough shit.

    I have to confess it bothered me quite a bit, to the point that I eventually had to do something about it. Much of what they were heckling me over was absolutely true. Janet emphatically didn't want me to buy a Harley, and was very forthright about it. Many times while driving past the dealership, she'd glance at me saying "Don't even think about it Buddy-Boy."

    Secretly, I must have stopped by the local Harley shop well over fifteen times in the past year. I looked at them all, sat on them all, put my hands on the grips, sat my right foot on the foot rest. I did everything except make childlike motor sounds. Let's put it this way, the sales folks didn't even bother coming up to me anymore, they just let me fantasize in peace. I was a harmless waste of time, a confirmed "No-Sale."

    Once a determined thought took root in my mind though? Look out. I mean come on, a contract attorney who works their ass off until mid-night some nights? Can't have a Harley? I was about done with that bull-shit. Now, I love my wife dearly, but it's not like I was asking for a fucking helicopter gun-ship, right?

    At around 2:00 PM one beautiful September afternoon last year, after an extremely long day of contract negotiation on a new warehouse lease for one of my clients, I decided to do my thing, stop in the Harley dealership for some good ole dream time. Now keep in mind, to me it wasn't just dreaming, it was the cheapest form of stress therapy around, with no insurance co-pay. I simply forgot about work, dove into my small dream world, and found myself riding my toy, motionless yes, but mentally I had put hundreds of miles on several bikes in this dealership.

    This particular afternoon was wildly different though, there was a brand new, very aggressive sales guy, one I had never laid eyes on before. As I walked towards my favorite bike, I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was tracking me with that "New Guy - Advanced Radar." I figured I'd have to educate him like I had all the other sales people, with a simple "Thanks, Just looking."

    I'm sure being the new guy, all he saw was "Business-suit," which to him meant I could possibly afford one, and I respected that. We all have to make a living. Knowing he was after the hard sell, I casually walked up to my dream bike and simply let him approach. I was actually quite surprised the old school salesmen didn't warn him off, warn him that I was the "Confirmed sale, kiss of death," or worse, "The Habitual Looker."

    He paused for a second, not more than five feet from me. When he then confidently strolled over and got well into my personal space saying "I noticed you drove up in the new GMC Yukon. It's okay! I'm going to have one of the mechanics drive it home for you!"

    I quickly replied chuckling, thinking they might have been just fucking with me, "You what? Oh yes! Well, no need for that, I'm just looking here, just looking."

    Thinking I had just put the wooden stake in his "New Sales Guy" heart, he then practically cut me off saying "It's okay, just bring it back on Monday. I'm having a guy come get it and fill the tank. Just bring it back on Monday. If you like it? Buy it. If you don't, then don't." I mean he had his had out asking for my keys. If there was ever a used car salesman degree? Or in this case, a Motor-cycle sales degree? This guy would have had a PhD, and would have graduated with honors. Everything he threw at me rendered me powerless.

    I thought hard about it for a few seconds, but finally caved slowly holding my keys out. Before I could even bull-shit my way out of it? He instantly snatched them from me, threw them twenty yards across the showroom to a fellow in a greasy mechanics outfit, and there we stood. Almost as though, the more distance he could put between me and my keys, the better his chances of closing the deal were.

    The look on his face said "You're taking this bike home, and you're going to accept it." Now, I had been in this place many, many, times before, and not once did I ever I hear more than a single, "Can I help you?" I seriously had to give it to him. In actuality, all I required was a nudge, and the hook would be firmly set in my jaw. He sensed it, and rolled me. He would have made an excellent contract attorney.

    You want to talk about putting a carrot in front of a hungry mule? I could have easily asked for my keys back, drove off, and performed my same routine day after day. However, in my moment of weakness, I replied, "Alright, what are the limits? How much can I ride it, you know? To see if it's the one I really want?"

    He simply replied "Just don't take it out of state, and you're good." Without any thought what so ever, I began acting like a big shot buyer. They had no idea I was terrified of what my wife would say. In fact, I secretly told the mechanic to keep the Yukon, and bring it to the residence the next day. He agreed and that was one hurdle down. I didn't want a stranger pulling into the driveway with my vehicle. It was going to be enough of a shock for Janet seeing me on this bike.

    Three seconds later there was a team of sales guys coming over, moving other bikes out of the way, slapping me on the back, opening the showroom sliding glass doors, saying "Best bike on the floor, you'll love it, that one was made for you." It was like a bucket of blood had been dropped into a pool of sharks. Several of the old-timers kind of held their hands out as if to say "I've tried to sell you that bike a hundred times. What the hell?"

    My mind was absolutely spinning in anticipation of hopping on it, and for the first time, with it running. I knew I could ride it fine, but up to this point I had never once test rode a bike from this dealership. It was almost as if my stress therapy was now over. I had graduated, telling myself, "Okay, Remember that peaceful, safe place? The place we've imagined all these months and years? Yes... That's the one. That special IMAGINARY place? Okay, great, deep breaths now... "It's Real!!! Get your fucking ass on the bike."

    As mush as I would love to blame it on my inner therapist, within five minutes it was outside. They then had my ass on it in seconds, and it was cranked over. I'm telling you, It thundered just like I dreamed it would. They quickly Xeroxed a copy of my drivers license, slapped a courtesy half helmet on me, and off I went.

    I quickly realized this thing was so perfectly balanced, it drove itself. It just went. I can honestly say it was everything I dreamed it to be, tie flopping behind me, suit jacket fluttering, pant legs flopping in the wind. It was simply incredible, perfect. I forgot about work, daily stress, and everything problematic in my life, completely.

    I rode the longest way home I could possibly think of, and I mean taking every cross street. After around thirty minutes or so, I finally turned up our street. It was at that moment when reality seriously kicked in. As I turned up the street, I could see in the distance our White Yukon sitting in the driveway.

    Yes, that one. The one I asked so fervently to be delivered the next day. I think it was at that moment I realized I would have to face the music. I could have rode all evening, but I'd still had to confront the fact that my Yukon was now in my driveway, it wasn't me who put it there, and let's not forget, I still had to pull into the driveway on a new Harley $16,000 Harley.

    Just as I came to within fifty yards of the home, I could see Janet with the garden hose watering the plants and landscaping in front of the house. I knew I was in for it because she never watered the plants around dusk. I jokingly revved the motor in an attempt to get her to turn around, but to my astonishment, she didn't.

    I then slowly rolled into the driveway, and kept the engine running, thundering it every couple of seconds in an attempt to again get her to turn around. Nothing! My wife simply continued to act as though she had ear plugs in. After a few seconds of this, I just knew I was in deep shit. She didn't even acknowledge me. I could have rode in on a trumpeting African elephant, and she wouldn't have turned around.

    I then turned the bike off and slowly got off. As I did, she methodically turned, pointed the hose at me saying sarcastically "Oh, I'm so glad the Yukon got home safely, wasn't that nice of the guys at the dealership?"

    I then kicked into "Damage Control Attorney." Although I have little arguing experience in the court room, I was desperate. I had to defend my client, the Harley. I replied "Yes, I didn't expect them to do that, but before I knew it, they were bringing the Yukon home. I was on top of that pretty thing, and well, awesome aren't they? I mean full service all the way. They could have been arrested they way they talked me into this. They practically forced me onto it, completely violated my civil rights in every way."

    She then looked at me expressionless saying "Not funny. You know I don't want you on one of those. I'm so glad you can take it back on Monday. I heard all about the little excursion they afforded you, ride it all weekend? Bring it back on Monday? What a sales tactic, must have been a new sales guy, right?"

    It was as if she was there. Now, Janet is a Registered Nurse, not a psychic, but I was beginning to wonder. The only thing I could reason was that she cornered the poor mechanic, and grilled him like a CIA operative.

    As she was speaking to me, I looked back at the bike as though it was my inner child's, "Dream rocket ship," rubbed my hair, and replied "Baby doll, I don't think I'll be taking it back. I love it. I love you too. But, Honey, everyone I know owns one, and whether they ride it or not, they love having one. This is something I want. I'm safe on it. I work hard. I'm stressed to the max with work. I can finally afford one. It's something I genuinely want, Baby."

    There was the most uncomfortable ten seconds of silence when Janet finally threw the hose down, and walked off saying "Pull it in the garage. I don't want the neighbors thinking we're dumb enough to own one."

    This tension went on for hours, when finally I blurted at dinner, "Listen, Baby, it's just a motorcycle. Frank has one. Mike has one. John has one. Your own brother has one. Everyone has one. I want a Harley of my own. I'm tired of missing out on all the things they go to, things we'd have a blast doing. I want you to enjoy it too."

    She then replied "Oh, I've herd the stories from my brother. I can't wait to sit my ass on the back of that thing for ten hours just to get to Daytona, the Dakota's, or God knows where else. You do realize, they just stay parked at the place you go to? I mean, you ride to wherever, you get a hotel room, and then you ride ten feet away to a club, oh wow! That sounds like a hoot. Oh, we'll be real bikers. Good God, Scott."

    Now believe me, sitting my ass on it for a ten hour road trip would have been my idea of heaven, but I replied in an attempt to make her think I had some sense, "Nope, I would rather rent a trailer, pull the bike behind us, and then enjoy ourselves. No way I could sit my ass on that thing for ten hours, and then survive all those, you know? Ten foot long road trips? I think the ten foot road trips would be the worst. You know? Starting it? Riding it ten feet, all that shit?"

    In my sarcasm, I must have said something she actually needed to hear. She profoundly stared at me for about ten seconds, when eventually, and only slightly smiling said "Okay, let me get this straight. We could drive there, pull it behind us on a trailer? Not ride it, just get the damn thing there? No long, insane, hey look at me? I'm a biker, or hey look at me? I own something you don't, like your infantile buddies? We'd just pull it to where we are going, and then ride it once we get there. No road trip bull-shit?

    In my shock, I practically choked on mt bottle of water replying, "Gah! God yes, I mean NO. Of course we wouldn't road trip."

    She then continued with "You do realize, I've heard of all the long road trip stories from my brother I ever want to hear, and listen, not one of us are hard core bikers. You're an attorney for God's sakes, Scott, not a Hell's Angel. And I'm not some smelly old bitch riding on the back, one of those old women who haven't showered in six months."

    Granted, her father and brother pushed it on her and her family growing up, to the point that it set with her like Chinese water torture, but this was different. I sincerely wanted it to be an enjoyable thing shared by the both of us.

    It was at that moment, I realized she wasn't disgusted with the bike what so ever, she was disgusted with thoughts of riding all over creation to get to where we were going. Relieved, I replied as convincingly as possible, "Are you kidding? We'd be so worn out just getting there, we wouldn't even enjoy being there. Trust me, I just want to ride around, after, getting there. I can't imagine riding there, then having any semblance of a good time. Only idiots would do that."

    She then giggled and said the most beautiful, calm, and understanding thing I could have possibly heard at the time stating, "Alright listen, I love you, sweetheart. It sounds like you have a little sense about it. I love you so much it hurts, but in the future, please include me in on any decision this big. I know you've wanted one for a long time. All your buddies have one and you don't, and yes, that's my fault. I honestly want you to have it as long as you keep some common sense about it." I can't tell you how relieved I was to hear her say that. I could now actually enjoy having the bike.

    The next morning in my excitement, I woke at 6:00 AM, nudged Janet and nervously asked, "How about we take a ride?"

    To my surprise, she slowly responded, "Okay, but just around the neighborhood though, a few minutes away."

    I quickly and excitedly jumped into jeans and a t-shirt, when I asked, "You're going to change into something?"

    She sleepily replied "No, I'm good. Why? Just around the neighborhood right? That's it?"

    I figured since it was so early, she reasoned that very few people would be on the road, plus we weren't exactly going cross country. We lived in a gated housing community, who would care?

    Now, I didn't really give it much thought, but Janet being the hot wife she is, at five feet three inches tall, one hundred and nineteen pounds, beautiful athletic body, amazing legs, a cute pony tail halfway down her back, wearing only a tight tank top I bought her that said "NIKE... Just Do Me?" With skin tight white cotton pajama shorts that said the same thing on the front and ass? I knew we were in for some unwanted attention. I must say though, I was so excited knowing my new toy was in the garage, what she was wearing quickly became the last thing on my mind.

    I'm pretty sure it took me all of about thirty seconds to run to the garage, press the garage door button, and thunder my new baby to a start. Everything about it was like Christmas morning as a child, from the fumes I smelled as it started, to the feel of it's thunderous vibration. The amazing echo in the garage as I walked it backwards was absolutely beyond words. The fumes and smell of the newness burning off the pipes was exhilarating.

    Just as I backed it out, Janet ran out the front door in what she woke in, yelling over the engine "Just around the neighborhood, Okay? I'm not dressed to go anywhere else. The neighbors are going to kill us, it's so early and this thing is crazy loud."

    I must admit, the only words I heard was "Okay... Anywhere... Crazy... Loud."

    She then climbed onto the back, and after a few throttle blasts, off we went. It was rather a slow start, not wanting to turn her off by scaring her. She clung to me as if her life depended on it, but once she realized I could operate the beast, she relaxed considerably.

    All bullshit aside, I had never rode a bike of this caliber in my life. The most bad-ass bike I had ever rode in my life was my dirt bike as a teenager. Still, I pulled it off like an old pro, mostly because it was a sixteen-thousand dollar street machine that could have rode itself.

    My main goal was not to traumatize her though, so I quickly decided to head back home. The instant I turned down our street, Janet said "No lets ride some more. It's okay."

    In my shock, I rode right past our home and continued on out the front gates of the community. As it rolled around to 9:00 AM, the traffic began to pick up considerably. As it did, so did the attention she was getting. I mean she was only wearing skin tight pajama shorts, no shoes on her beautiful tanned feet, with her cute pink toe-nail polish, and a skimpy tank top saying "NIKE... Just Do Me?" The whistles and stares were obvious as we rode on.

    Just as we were about to take it onto the freeway, we stopped at a red-light, directly across from what looked like four young Hispanic guys going to a construction site. They had their windows rolled down when one of them leaned out and said "Oh My God, Baby... I've never wanted to be a Harley seat until today. Please God, just let me be a Harley seat."

    Janet instantly turned to them and said with a grin "Oh my God, Yes, if only you were a Harley seat. Please God, turn him into the silliest looking motorcycle seat, right now." She then blew him a kiss.

    All his buddies laughed out loud as the light turned green and we rode off. It finally dawned on me that she was actually enjoying herself, and the attention she was getting? It was like pouring gasoline on a flame, the more she got, the more she enjoyed it.

    We rode for about an hour more before deciding to head home. Once there, Janet began going on and on about how fun it was, saying "Let's take another ride this afternoon."

    Chapter II: Our Unusual Trip

    As the exhilaration left her lips, I quickly agreed and headed to the house. Right after pulling into the driveway and admiring my new toy for a few seconds, I calmly entering the front door behind her. I then bolted to the computer and began searching for bike events, any biker events. I firmly believed I had to strike while the iron was hot. My chances of springing a biker event on Janet was now better than ever. She genuinely enjoyed our little outing, much more than I would have ever dreamed she would have.

    One of the first things that popped up in my search was Oktoberfest in Daytona. Granted, we had never been to a biker event in our lives, but now we had to. We owned a new Harley. Meaning, I knew Monday morning I would be signing papers for it.

    With no thought at all, I pulled out my credit card, booked a room for Biketoberfest week, and printed my confirmation. Once printed, I walked it to Janet who was now in front yard with her plants. She didn't really say much as I handed it to her, but I could tell she was in. The only thing she casually uttered was "Remember, we're not riding there, be looking for a trailer to rent. It's just a few weeks away."

    It was done. How many people do you know who book a bike event, and haven't even signed the paper to own it? I think it took all of about ten minutes to finalize the paper work that following Monday morning. There I stood in amazement. I owned our Harley.

    As the few painfully long weeks passed, we rode all over the city. I became much better at handling the bike, and Janet absolutely fell in love with the entire riding experience. It became a quick role reversal. Meaning, Janet was more excited about riding it seemed, than I was, and I was pretty damned excited.

    The morning of our departure I had a buddy pick me up for work on that Thursday morning. It was so the rental place could deliver and hook up the trailer to our Yukon. Later that evening as my buddy drove me home, I could plainly see from a distance that not only did they hook up the trailer, they also put the bike on, and secured it.

    Just as my buddy dropped me off, Janet exited the house saying "Look'ie there, it's all ready to go."

    I replied "Yes, but how'd you get them to load the bike? Did they charge extra?"

    She then giggled and said "No Buddy, I gave them a pity story of how I might have to load it myself, if you were late getting home, and they volunteered to load it. They took one look at me and said they'd better do it."

    Everything was working out great. Basically we were ready to roll. Not having to load the bike made it a matter of simply putting the keys in the Yukon and rolling. Later that evening around 11:00 P.M. We packed and excitedly started our journey. I preferred driving at night to get there because there' would be less traffic, and hell, I was so excited, I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway. We had eight hours ahead of us, so we decided to make the best of it.

    We stopped at all the little gimmick tourist stops along the way, which added a few hours to the trip. Being as excited as a ten year old on Christmas morning, I decided to drive straight through, no hotel, not even a rest area nap.

    I have to say this though, and it may sound odd, we did our "Trucker Thing." Meaning, Janet and I loved teasing truckers with her legs. We'd turn on the dome lights, she'd put her gorgeous feet on the dash board, and expose her panties. Now, we passed at least a hundred truckers on this adventure, seventy of which honked their air horns. We had a time with it, she kept count, all during her woken hours.

    At around 6:00 AM though I was solo, Janet had been passed out asleep for hours. I'll never forget how the sun began to rise. As it did, I cracked the window and could smell the beach, almost as though standing in the surf, you know, that salty oceanic smell reserved only for the coast. We were only a few minutes out when I leaned over and nudged Janet. As I did, she slowly stretched and yawned asking "How much further Baby?"

    I replied "We're here, only a few minutes out."

    We eventually exited onto the Daytona exit and made our way through the strip, or town as it might be called there. The GPS unit was now yammering every few seconds "Turn right one-hundred feet, turn left seventy-five feet, turn right, you are at your destination."

    The town was utterly packed with motorcycles, RV's, and trailers. I was absolutely beside myself with excitement. However, my luck was comical and tragic as usual. We slowly rolled into our hotel parking lot and I mean slowly, with all the bikes and vehicles. I quickly noticed that there was one, and I do mean only one, place we could possibly park, and it was a dandy. Let me tell you, it was a shoe-horn tight spot, much tighter than a novice like me was used to. I knew full well it would be a miracle to get the trailer in a slot that tight without mowing down a row of Bikes. I didn't even want to think about backing over a group of hard-core biker's hogs.

    The worst part was? About fifty feet up from the only parking spot, was what looked like fifteen of the most hard core biker types you could possibly imagine, hard core men and women who had been out all night. The kind who said "We'll sleep when we're dead" types. I didn't stare, but just a miniscule glance spoke volumes. I mean, they fit every hardcore biker stereotype, and then some. This bunch was inked up one side and down the other. Their bodies simply ran out of room for more tattoos.

    I began comically imagining how they should all have "I desperately yearn to commit a violent felony" tattooed onto their forehead, as it would be the last vacant spot for ink. They must have rode full time and supported themselves through crime, because there's no way anyone would hire them in today's society, looking the way they did. And let's face it, no one could pose as that type of biker. They were the real McCoy, the real deal. I'm sure at some point in your life, you've seen the type, but dared not stare too long.

    It took me about five attempts to back into this spot so that the Yukon wasn't blocking anyone. All the while, I could tell the bikers were profusely laughing at us. My biggest fear though? Wasn't at all that they got a kick out of my parking abilities, but that we had to walk past them to enter the hotel lobby. As I began to get a little pissed and distracted by them making fun of us, I completely forgot about what they'd do to me, but rather focused on what they'd do to both of us, because of Janette's mouth.

    The fact at hand? Janet was utterly ignorant with regard to how one should interact around dangerous people. It gave me a genuine fear. A fear that said... "If they had something smart ass to say, she'd respond, and in a way that would have me fighting to save our lives, or simply getting my ass kicked." Of all my biker fantasies? This one was definitely lowest on the list.

    Remember, Janet is this petite, smoking hot, naive, upper crust wife, who thinks, "The world is a safe place, it has to be, right? There are laws! The law says it's illegal to hurt me, and well, that means I can say what ever blurts out of my mouth. Right?" Truth is, Janet had always lived in a privledged, suburban, don't worry about shit type existence, and this was absolutely not one of those places, nor were these people who gave a fuck, or gave a free pass on being ignorant.

    As we finally parked and turned the vehicle off, I said "I'll grab what I can. You get us checked in. I'll meet you in the lobby, just ignore those fuckers. I don't care what they say, just ignore them. Don't say shit. I don't care what they say. Got it?"

    She quickly agreed, but before walking to the hotel lobby? She innocently stretched and yawned outside the vehicle, eventually bending down and touching her toes. Every one of the bikers began whooping and shouting. I just brushed it off not thinking much of it, and in some sense, trying to show Janet how to ignore. In fact, I thought if that was the worst? We'd be fine. I knew I had to face it though. Janet is seriously hot. I figured what the hell? It would take much more than that to bother me. And besides, I knew full well we hadn't taken a vacation to Disneyland. I desperately clung to the faintest hope though, that she knew the same thing, this wasn't her safe neighborhood, these were obviously dangerous people.

    As these thoughts swam through my head, I grabbed all the bags I could possibly fit on my shoulders. Janet began her walk twenty feet in front of me. I was hobbling with all the weight, but just wanted to get past them. As Janet passed the crowd, I heard one of them say "Hey Baby! I know you want to ride something better than that shiny Fat-Boy you pulled in with. You can ride me, mine's fat... Hey! Look at me when I'm talking to you! Get over here bitch before I drag you over."

    Janet, to my amazement just kept walking. I noticed as she frighteningly flinched when he raised his voice. But my dumb ass? After all my "Ignore it" speeches to myself? I saw the deepest red. Not so much over what he said, I knew I was in for a ton of that shit, but it was how he said it. I was perfectly fine, even flattered, with guys being guys, bikers being bikers, drunkenly blurting things out with regard to how pretty my wife is. That didn't, and never did trouble me. I knew full well that Janet was better looking than ninety-nine percent of the women in this town, and certainly better looking than any of the women hanging out with these guys... It ate at me with how he said it, how it frightened her, made her jump.

    Now, Janet's no "lay down" helpless kitten, even with her fairy-tale upbringing. Ordinarily, in our neighborhood? She would have blasted this guy with all sorts of "Kiss my ass" type remarks, but she wasn't at all used to this guys tone, and neither was I? Yes, I know. She could probably use a lesson or two in how to act in certain situations, reality, especially around a group of "Whose Who Among Felons," but I wasn't going to a have this low life ass-hole teach it to her, or scare her.

    Yes, I am a contract Attorney specializing in existing, time expiring contracts. And yes, that pretty much verbalizes I'm not a street fighter or wild man. But, in his case, I was a psychotically angry husband, and that stood for something.

    Now up to this point you might think me an eighty pound weakling, whose utterly pussy whipped (I am a little bit pussy whipped), but I'm actually a six foot three inch, two-hundred thirty pound, former full ride, football scholar. One who wanted to become a lawyer, much more than he wanted to become a professional football tight-end. Indeed, I'm about as calm as it gets, but something inside me couldn't let this go. To me, it went beyond playing around.

    As I walked past them, I was fuming, unbelievably. But, I realized it was best to let it go. Problem was, I looked directly at the guy who said it. He in turn looked right at me saying "What the fuck do you want, sweetheart?"

    As he said it, I was through being pissed. No? I was now enraged. It was time to deal with it. Ordinarily I can take a ton of shit, to the point of even being taken advantage of. Many times Janet has told me, "Baby, you're too nice to people. You let them walk all over you. You should speak your mind," I can most assuredly guarantee you, this wasn't one of those event's she had in mind.

    I furiously hobbled out of the traffic area of the lot, next to a handicap parking spot. I then quickly slammed the bags down on the pavement with all my anger. Cans of hair spray fell out of the bags and clanged as they rolled under vehicles and down the lot. Janet's makeup also flew all over the place from her small night bag. I was in a wildly pissed off state, a suicidal state looking back on it.

    Just as the bags spilled and hit the pavement, I spun and pointed directly at the guy who said it, yelling "I want you, Motherfucker! No! Don't be confused. Don't be looking to your buddies on this one. Yes you!You fucking heard me! I'm going to tell you what you told my wife. Get over here before I drag you over here. I'm going to beat the living shit out of you in front of all your dirt-bag buddies. How'd that be for starters?"

    In my rage, I the dam near blacked out continuing, "After I take a few seconds to kick your ass, I think I'll kick all your buddies asses, simply on principle. Now, Get your fucking sorry, dirty, worthless ass up off that piece of shit bike, and come get the beating like you've never had before, by a preppy pretty boy, by a non-biker. Bet your buddies would love watching you get your ass kicked by a non-biker, wouldn't they? Look at me. My running shoes cost more than your life. My wife's manicure cost more than your fucking grocery bill... Come get it bad-ass. I'm all yours."

    As I began saying it, Janet turned and ran back to me crying, "Scott, no, Oh God no Baby! What in God's name are you doing? Honey, No! Scott, Look at me, Just, Look at me..! Just please look at me for a second, No! Come on, please, Baby, come with me! Oh God... Don't do this. It's not worth it." She then begged to them, "He's tired, we drove a long way. It's okay now. We are going. We are going now..."

    Just as she did, the same guys said "You better listen to your old lady motherfucker, before you get hurt."

    She had never witnessed me this worked up, and I'm sure she thought I had a mental breakdown, which I think I did. What frightened her the most was, she knew I had turned into someone she didn't even know. She positively knew I was serious. About the time she began pulling at me, the largest man I have ever seen in my life, rose up off a car hood in back of the pack and said "Yo, yeah you. Don't move, just stay there, right where you are."

    As he said it, he waved my original target off and told him to sit back down on his bike. Now I was absolutely confident I could take the guy who insulted Janet, but this guy was colossal. I mean WWF big, and I don't even watch professional wrestling. He was enormous, and I hadn't even seen him back there.

    It's funny in hind sight, what goes through a mans mind when in a situation like this. A series of thoughts instantly ran through my mind. One's like "God! I don't want Janet to see this. I wonder how far the hospital is from here. Will the the hotel call 911? Will I have enough of a heart beat for them to bring me back to life?"

    As he approached? Yes, I was concerned, but still enraged. I then pushed Janet towards the hotel telling her "Listen to me! Go! Get inside the hotel, now! I don't want you to see this."

    I knew I couldn't take this guy, but more importantly, I didn't want Janet beside me when it happened. Just as I pushed Janet out of harms way, he reached his arms out spread eagle and just stood there, as if to either give me a hug, or invite me to take a swing. I wasn't sure what he was up to, at all.

    Janet continued to cry, sobbing from ten feet away "Please God, no, no, Baby, No!"

    As she did, I in some way accepted my fate, looked at this huge individual, and said, "Come get yours too Mother-fucker. Tell your buddies they're next." I was out of control for the first time in my life.

    He instantly chuckled like the Jolly-Green Giant replying "Are you fucking kidding me? You're wound up like a spring, you'd kick all our asses about now. You want to fight me? Oh no, I ain't gonna get my ass kicked by a, what was that? A non-biker, preppy pretty boy."

    He chuckled again with, "What would people say? Listen to me... You're a biker... You are ten times the biker most try to be in this town. For fuck sakes, you better be a biker with a fine bike like that. Don't call yourself a non-biker. You're a biker my friend."

    I have to say I was confused and utterly confounded. I replied in what I'm sure would be considered a very comical stupefy, "What? You, and, they, and, um, that, What? ...We're not fighting?"

    He then chuckled "Damn you've got coconuts. You've got more balls than any of these fuck-faces behind me. I respect that. If they ever, and I do mean ever, disrespect you and your ole-lady again, they'll answer to me."

    As I was lowering my hands, he pulled me into him and hugged me like a grizzly bear. I mean he picked me up off the ground two feet. I will never forget the smell of what smelled like cigarettes, and old engine oil, or gasoline that exuded from his vest. His wife too, quickly walked to Janet and began consoling her. I was in shock. I went from enemy, to family, in a mater of seconds.

    Once he lowered me back to the ground, he thundered "Name is Huggs."

    I quickly replied, "I'm Scott, that's my wife Janet."

    My heart was still racing a mile a minute.

    After he was done hugging me, he ran for Janet who cowered for a second, as if seeing the Jolly Green Giant coming towards her. He then leaned down, put his hands under her arms, and pressed her over his head.

    I know it freaked her out a bit. She quickly said "Hi, There, Hey thhhere, there Huggs! Yep, I'm Janet. Very nice to meet you. Wow, I can see Cuba from here."

    Huggs deeply chuckled, lowered her back to the ground, and gave her a warm hug. She disappeared in his arms. His wife Marie, then jokingly said "In case you didn't know where he got his nickname, well...? It's what he does. He hugs... Doesn't believe in a sensible hand shake."

    He again chuckled and jokingly said "Bull-shit, woman, it's because I'm pretty. Don't be confused, woman want to hug me. I can't help that shit. I'm just God-damned pretty."

    Marie quickly fired back saying, "No. It's because you don't know how to shake a hands, you moose. Don't mind him, we are signing him up for an etiquette class next week," Marie playfully giggled.

    He then insisted that his wife take Janet and check in, and that I stay out to better aquatint myself. It became quickly obvious, that in their world? I had earned the Medal of Honor, standing up to the entire group. Even the guy who made all the inflammatory comments was back-slapping me. It was an odd world, but a very tight knit one. As tight knit as they were though, I'm sure you were either part of the family, or on the menu. I believe had if I played it any other way, I'd have probably been pounded into dust.

    As we all spoke, they told me all about themselves, what they did, where they hailed from, etc. Within minutes, I knew more about them than most of the people I worked with, people I had worked with for years. They were not a shy bunch by any stretch.

    Huggs then asked, "What do you do for a living Scott? How do you buy a bike like that?" I hesitantly replied "Well... I'm an Attorney."

    They all became utterly silent, but once Huggs began laughing his ass off, so did the rest of the group. It was almost as if they wouldn't scratch their ass, unless Huggs did. Understandably so, Huggs was the commander of this rabble, and it was obvious. Not just because of his six foot five inch, three hundred pound stature, but because his personality was that of an unyielding leader.

    He respected two things in life, courage, and smarts. Somehow he thought I had both. The more we spoke, the more fascinated they all became with me. I mean Huggs began running me through every legal scenario... What not do, what to do, What if type scenarios. Each and every time I rolled out a solution to them, rather like a "Anti-Felony Merlin," with simple legal service. I wasn't specialized in criminal law, but had been around it with some unsavory clients you wouldn't want to enter into a business agreement with.

    They were having a hoot with it, and so was I. This went on for a couple of hours. Janet and I hadn't even laid eyes on our room up to this point. Well after check in, Janet softly whispered in my ear, "Baby, we need to get a nap in. I'm so tired. We'll never have the energy to do anything today if we don't rest."

    Things went way beyond what I had anticipated that early morning. I was now both a friend, and what seemed like a celebrity, among these hardest of bikers. I unknowingly became adsorbed into an inner circle that might have ordinarily taken a good while to even mingle with.

    Believe me when I say, they wore a patch on their vests, one I won't mention, that wasn't given out. It was earned over years, and lord knows what was required to get it, even if you made it that far in their bizarre world. I'm sure many tried to get it, and didn't.

    One never knows who they'll meet, and how. Sometimes that's a great thing, and other times, not so good. All I know is? Things were turning out great. I had seriously hoped to meet some folks who rode hard core, perhaps never imagining them this hardcore, but serious riders. If I had to compare it, I'd say this was like going to Hollywood, dieing to meet some actors? And, accidentally finding yourself mingling at the Oscars. These folks were the real deal.

    I was still very much on guard though. Let's face it, many of the guys in this group were horrified of Huggs, it was obvious. I mean if he gave someone a look, they'd move out of his way, like a lower ranked pack animal. So, I knew that although they were having fun with me and enjoying my company, I wasn't a member. I had enough sense to be cautious.

    I hind sight I figure I must have been nuts, because I'd reply to Huggs in the most natural way, and he liked it. It was almost refreshing to him to have someone tell it like it was. He'd ask me my opinion on something, and if I thought it was fucked-up, I'd tell him it was fucked-up.

    After hours of being temporarily inducted into the hardest bunch of bikers on the planet, Janet softly said to me "Baby, I'm so tired. We should get a nap in." I could have mingled the rest of the day.

    Huggs then chuckled and began to speak when his wife cut him off saying "Did you hear what she said? Let them get some sleep already. Hell, we've not slept in twenty-four hours. I'm tired too, and if you start with that, I'll sleep when I'm dead bull-shit, I'll slap you right here in front of God and everyone."

    Huggs then jokingly cowered from his wife replying "Alright, Damn it! Relax, you're embarrassing me in front of my new friends." He then turned from her and leaned to me as he put his hand to his mouth, whispering "She ain't that tough, I think I could whoop her ass, but I might need some help." She instantly asked "What's that?"

    I quickly summarized, Huggs wife commanded a lot of clout too. She was definitely the alpha female in this crowd. Shortly after their playful exchange, we all shook hands, hugged, and back slapped, as they do. Marie then began walking Janet to the room. Just as I was about to grab the bags and follow, Huggs pointed at three guys, and then to our bags. They immediately sprung up, grabbed our bags, began picking up the spilled items, and took them to the door of our room.

    It was like being the friend of the president. I mean, these guys and their wives were unbelievable subservient to Huggs and his wife. There was an undeniable pecking order, and somehow I found myself accidentally at the top. I was mindful of this too, not wanting to step on any toes. As much as they seemed to enjoy my company, I'm sure it rubbed some wrong, that Huggs took a genuine liking to me. I mean here I was, right off the street, many of them still trying to get a kind word from Huggs, perhaps after years of trying.

    Chapter III: Our New Friends

    Janet and I finally got to our room, and I mean we slept for several hours. We were worn out from the travel, and the stress. Thought's of getting your as kicked by a dozen guys can do that.

    After about a three hour nap, we finally woke and began to rummage through the bags. As we did, Janet hopped around like a kid in a candy store with her new swim suits in her hands, saying "Fashion show, tell me if you like them. You haven't seen these, Baby."

    I said "Okay! Fine! Fashion show..." I simply sat on the foot of the bed watching the news, and eating two day old beef jerky.

    Just as I was into a news clip on another failing company, Janet jumped out of the bathroom. She began spinning around and bouncing about, saying "Ya like? What'cha think?"

    I quickly replied "Damn, you look amazing. Holy shit though, Baby, your tits are busting out, and the bottoms, well, reveal quite a bit?"

    She giggled replying "Oh, it's covering me, more than what most women will be wearing around here I'm sure."

    She eventually tried them all on, when I finally replied "Just wear the first one. It's fine. I like it. Honey, This could take all day, just wear the first one."

    After she threw the first bikini back on, I changed into swim shorts, and we made for the door, our cooler full of beer in tow. Janet carried one end, I carried the other. I must admit, I was ultra worried about the attention she would get from this swim suit she was wearing. I mean she wore it like it was lucky to be on her. It was pressed tightly to her crotch. It also left no doubt where her pussy was, it that it created a small slit in the thin material against her pussy.

    As we walked to poolside, I couldn't help but stare at her ass. Janet had the perfect ass and legs. I'm her husband and had seen her naked for years, but I still got incredibly turned on when she wore something this revealing. There was no doubt I had better develop thick skin if a bunch of bikers were at the pool.

    Once we rounded the corner of the building and made it pool side, I instantly noticed Huggs and crew stretched from one end of the beach side railing to the other. As Janet and I went to sit closest to the hotel side, I heard with a thunderous chuckle "Hey you! Yeah you! Get those asses over here."

    I returned the chuckle replying "Hey! My wife doesn't sit with such company."

    He then replied "Well then get your pretty ass over here. I don't blame her. You're an attorney, you'll sit with anyone."

    We all laughed and off we went. He and his matriarch wife Marie began positioning chairs right beside them. We finally made it over with our wimpy cooler, as theirs was something you'd see after a hurricane humanitarian effort, only theirs was full of an emergency liquor supply.

    Once we sat down, Huggs got up and wrapped his arms around me and my wife giving us an enormous hug. I then said jokingly, "Do we know you?"

    He laughed replying "Yep, you know me, now relax lawyer, and take a real mans drink, Yeager Baby."

    Huggs was reaching for it the entire time he spoke almost as if he knew I'd drink it. It was certain I'd take a drink, but I wasn't sure about Janet. She drank on special occasions. However, I didn't quite know how special she considered this occasion.

    He quickly handed it to me. Immediately I tilted it up and chugged two gulps. It was all I could do not to make a face as thought I had eaten road kill. As I handed the bottle back to him, he jokingly thundered "Have some manners, it's Janette's turn." To my surprise, Janet held out her hand. In my state of shock I watched as she threw it up and took a gulp.

    The instant she did, she made that same face I was trying to avoid. She exhaled after swallowing it gasping "Holy-shit, how do you drink that shit?"

    Hug's replied "Hell, You did good darling, better than you're old-man did, I think."

    We sat there and took off right about where we had left off upon meeting. We hadn't missed a beat. The drinking went on through out the afternoon. Occasionally we'd all jump in the pool, hop out, drink more, get back in the pool, and on it went like this.

    After a few hours, Huggs and crew said they had some business to take care of, and politely made it clear I couldn't come. I was absolutely fine with that, as Janet gave me a death look the moment they mentioned riding off.

    We managed to slow the drinking considerably after they left, as Huggs was a power drinker. We sat there with his wife Marie, and continued taking in the sun, swimming, and enjoying a relaxing evening. Huggs wife Marie went to wine early on, and I was glad. It was finally a drink Janet could sip on without making a grimacing face while drinking it. Actually, all the women there worked their way to drinking wine. It was almost as if once the men left, they didn't have to play hard-core biker wife.

    I was having a wonderful time, mostly because Janet was. That, actually allowed me to enjoy myself.

    Regarding enjoying ones self, Janet is the type of girl where, if she's pleasantly engaged in conversation? Then she's in her element. That's key to her having a good time no matter where it is. I don't care if its on the summit of Mt. Everest, if it's a ten person chatty conversation, she's in heaven, a true social butterfly. Whats more perfect, the group of women who remained were not only very friendly, they were new to her, people unlike any others she had ever known. I think that had her more engaged than if she were socializing with women she knew.

    By this time, Janet was what I like to call, pleasantly drunk, not fall down drunk, but comfortably beyond what most people would call a fee good buzz. I must say, the more time that passed, the more elated I became that Janet had hit it off with Huggs and his wife, especially Marie. She made things ten times more relaxed. My worst fear originally was that Janet would be miserable the entire time we were there, not knowing anyone, or more likely, not wanting to.

    As the sun began to set, Marie said "We need to make sure we have more wine for tonight. I'll be back, I'm just going to run up to the room and I'll bring some more back down. It's better if it's been on ice. In fact, I will bring down the other cooler we have. It's full of my kind of wine, just needs to have ice poured on it."

    Marie then sprung up and began walking around the pool towards the back stairs of the hotel. I wasn't exactly staring at her as she walked off, but I could plainly see that she had done an about-face and began walking back toward us. I figured she may have changed her mind, or perhaps wanted Janet to walk with her, either of which was fine.

    As she walked back to us, she said "Since you're the only guy left, you probably need to pack that thing back down here. Instantly I figured Janet would give me a look as if to say "You agree and you're dead."

    To my astonishment, she only replied "Yes, Scott, run get it Baby."

    I didn't think twice, I rose up and said "No problem! Let's roll."

    Janet then put her sunglasses back over her eyes, and rolled her head away as if to take a nap. I could tell she was exhausted from all the sun and drinking. As I followed Marie around the pool toward the hotel steps, I unconsciously stared at her ass. Not glued to it mind you, but doing the typical guy glance.

    Now up to this point, I was terrified to put my eyes anywhere other that Marie's face. The last thing I wanted was for Huggs to catch me looking at his wife's ass and pound me into the ground like a railroad spike.

    Chapter III: Knowing Marie, More that I Planned

    As we walked up the second flight of stairs though, I really planted my eyes on her ass. I was actually quite surprised with how well built she was. I mean she had an amazing ass and legs. I've never been turned on by the whole biker chick thing, but was changing my mind with every step. Marie had a very provocative tattoo just above her bikini line. My eyes were drawn to it as she pulled the bikini out of her ass once or twice as she walked up the stairs.

    It was hard to tell what Marie's story was, other than the small talk we had out by the pool. Apparently she was the rebel child in her family, and wouldn't have had it any other way. Besides that, though, and from my limited observation, she was a very strong willed, take no shit, Super-MILF. I guess as a female in this bunch you had to be.

    For early forties, late thirties, she was hot to say the least. I think part of why Janet had no objection to me coming with Marie to get the cooler was, she always knew I had never been attracted to the tough slutty woman persona. So she considered all the women around us to be a complete non-threat.

    As we got to the room, Marie fumbled with the lock for a few seconds, when finally I said "Let me try. I hate those things. What ever happened to the good old metal key?"

    She laughed replying "Yes, what did?"

    We then entered the room, as I quickly asked "Alrighty, where's that magic cooler?"

    As I said it, Janet closed the door behind us and replied "One sec, we'll get it." She then began refiling through a bag and pulled out a fat joint.

    The instant she did, I said "Oh wow, that's a hogs leg."

    She giggled and replied "Yep, just like I like'm."

    "I sure wish I could help whittle it down with you, but I'd be afraid they'd drug test me at work."

    As I was saying it, she replied "Oh, no worries. Wait here with me, I'm not going to smoke it all."

    She fired it up and began sucking the sides of it in. There was no doubt she had done this before. Now, I wasn't sure how long was too long before Janet would begin to wonder what was taking so much time. After a couple of minutes, I said "We ready? We ready to head back down?"

    "It's okay, just a minute or two more. It's the first time I've been able to be alone with you."

    I can't tell you how unexpected that was, and how nervous it made me. I pretended she hadn't even said it, hoping it just came out wrong. I nervously replied "Oh, same guy here as out at the pool, nothing different, not much to know."

    As I was speaking it, she began walking toward me, and ended up directly in front of me. She stood there, put her arms around my waist and pulled me against her. My sense of survival was kicking into high gear when I exclaimed "Woe, you sure this is okay? I mean, well, I don't know what I mean."

    She then replied with a devious half smile saying "What? We're just touching our bodied together."

    I then cautiously replied "Yes. True. But, Huggs, um, might not like the whole body touching thing."

    Giggling she uttered "You are so innocent, that's what attracts me so much to you. Trust me. It's fine. He won't care. Why do you think we're all here?"

    I naively replied "Um, Biktoberfest, Right?"

    She giggled again saying "Yes, and No. Yes, it's Biktoberfest, but no that's not entirely why we are here. Almost everyone you've met? They are all swingers. In fact, you booked a hotel at swingers central. Almost every guest here came to play with other couples. I told Huggs you guys had absolutely no idea. You just didn't look the part. I also told him I wanted you."

    After I picked my chin up off the floor, I said "Holy Shit, You told Huggs that? He knew what you said as we sat by the pool?"

    I can tell you right now, Marie didn't have a shy bone in her body. She instantly and nonchalantly replied "Yes, he knew the whole time. He knew that I wanted to fuck you. I told him I wanted you inside me the moment I laid eyes on you."

    Now, where I hail from, women don't speak that way, even if they think it. I mean it was Swahili to me, but a form that translated into English, profound English. I then in a panic began to say "You know, I am very flattered by that and..."

    As the words were leaving my lips, she instantly bent down to her knees, and ripped my shorts half way down my thighs. It was rather like the high school bully, sneaking up and yanking down your shorts, you had no idea it was coming. The moment she did, her mouth went straight to my limp cock, and she engulfed it. Her nose was on my stomach, and her bottom lip was on the top of my scrotum.

    It is important that you know, I was trying to fight the good fight. I didn't go to this room expecting anything remotely like this, not in my wildest hallucinations, but this was well beyond my power to fight. As she moved her tongue over the head of my cock, and pulled my ass to her face, I lost any reasonable thought.

    My cock began to swell in her mouth, and as it did, she began to slowly take it deeper into her mouth. Once fully erect, the head of my cock was at least a few inches deep inside her throat. I had never had anything like this happen before, ever.

    In my ecstasy, I had enough forethought and / or gumption to ask "God! Marie, what if Huggs walked in. He'd fucking kill me, and probably kill you too."

    She simply removed me slowly from her mouth and throat, with her lips coming together on the tip of my cock saying, "Yeah, maybe for not letting him watch. Relax, it's fine."

    She then began to really pull my cock deep into her throat. I had never felt anything like it. She was extremely aggressive. As she pulled and smashed her face into my stomach and pubic hair, I could hear a slight chocking gurgle each time. I had always heard off deep throat, but had never actually experienced it. If I had shot my load, it wouldn't be in her mouth. It would certainly be in her throat. After a few minutes, there was a sticky thread of her saliva and my leaking pre-come dripping and shaking from her chin.

    The only reason I lasted as long as I had, was the undeniable fear that she was lying about Huggs being so "Okay" with it. However, biology kicked in, and I was as powerless to stop it as the minute it started. Just as I began to feel that surge of hormones swell my cock, I quickly said "I'm going to come."

    The instant I said it, she came off me and said "Then Come." She then sharply lunged her mouth and throat the entire length of my cock and pulled my ass to her. I mean she swallowed me entirely. As she did, the surge of testosterone in my body surged to the head of my cock. I took my hands off the kitchenette counter, grabbed the back of her head, and forced my cock at least another inch into her throat.

    I could hear her momentarily choke and gag as she exhaled blowing saliva all over my scrotum and pubic hair. The head of my cock then engorged with ejaculatory hormones, as though it has swelled twice its size, when "BOOM." I shot the strongest jet of my seed into her esophagus. Stronger than anything I had ever ejaculated. As I did, it appeared she held her breath. As she held her breath, I delivered shot after shot of my semen into her throat.

    I pulled her head so tightly against my thrust, I thought she would pass out. After perhaps a minute of me ejaculating strong jets of my seed in her throat, she pulled her head from my death grip gasping "Oh my God, I can't get over what that did to you. You're mine now. Oh my God, I wish I could have seen your face. It's okay to like it. It's our secret."

    At that moment, I began to have that post ejaculation regret replying, "God, Marie, that should have never happened. Holy shit, I just came in my new friends wife's throat. My wife thinks I'm assisting with getting a cooler. fuck me!"

    She then rose up saying, "Hey, hey, listen, it's okay. Relax. It's not a big deal. I kind of forced myself on you. Your conscience is clear. We're adults, it's okay. If it didn't feel good, you wouldn't have come. Is coming in another woman's mouth that bad? You don't have to tell Janet, but who knows maybe you should. Is growing sexually that bad? Trying new things? Do you really want to do the old fashioned missionary assembly line, fuck your wife thing all your life, or would you rather explore, and still have a happy marriage? Come up to the room tonight and see for yourselves. You're not obligated to do anything. We don't bite, much."

    Okay, now, I had all the right words to respond before she started consoling me, but the more she spoke, the more she destroyed my response. I mean what was I going to say, "No! You're wrong, I want to continue fucking my wife like the pioneers did a hundred and fifty years ago?" Never in my life had I been given such a profound dissertation, so pointed toward the reality, "It's okay to feel good sexually. It's not a crime. It's acceptable."

    No! That didn't exactly mean I had lost my marbles, although she did make undeniable sense. Granted, I was primed to hear "It's Okay" from the moment it started, in any form... However, It's not like you can take the same comfort words, cheat on your wife, just because it excites you, and somehow the words "It's Okay," makes it okay.

    I would have given anything for Janet to break beyond her traditional bounds, but saying "Hey, Baby, I just shot five-hundred million sperm into Marie's throat and stomach, how cool is that?" It simply wasn't an option?

    In my internal battle over right and wrong, and everything Marie had said, she walked toward the bathroom saying, "That's the cooler, the one by the bathroom door. It's full of wine."

    I practically jumped to it hoping to get out of the room, and back to the safety of the pool. I began replying "Got it, and yes, we'll try to make it tonight. One last thing, please, please, please, don't say anything about this. Regardless of how comforting the words were, if Janet even got a hint of it, she would freak."

    She then quickly spun around and exited the bathroom nonchalantly saying "Stop it. You worry too much. Of course I wouldn't say anything." That was somewhat of a relief, but I knew I'd have to deal with the guilt.

    We then exited the room, walked down the hall, hit the back stairs, and ended the journey much as it had begun, at the bottom of the stairs. The minute we reached poolside, I slammed the cooler down and jumped into the pool, wanting to wash as much guilt off me as I possibly could. Like a jump scene in a horror flick, I came right up in front of Janet. I didn't actually notice where she was before diving in, but turns out she was already in the pool. The instant she watched me dive in, she bolted for me, and up I surfaced right into her arms.

    She giggled profusely as I jumped back, saying "Dang, you look like you've seen a ghost. It's you wife, silly."

    I quickly replied "Oh! Hey, Baby! I knew it was you, I didn't want to mow you over with that prize winning dive."

    She laughed replying "Oh yeah, you get the brown medal for that dive, but I still love ya."

    She then began inquiring "Damn, did you have to age the wine? What took so long?"

    This was the moment of truth. I had never lied to Janet outright, but I knew full well I couldn't tell her what had transpired, the whole truth. I figured I'd tell it in such a way that she'd say, "Oh she flirted with you? We're fucking out of here."

    Chapter IV: Janet's Awakening

    As I began to explain "You're not going to believe what's going on at this Hotel. All these people are..."

    When instantly, and just as I got to the word "Are" she interrupted blurting, "Did you know this was a swinger hotel, that all these people are swingers?"

    Now, I'm an attorney, and have been taught to thwart and deal with any unexpected comment, but this rendered me a kindergartner. I was speechless as I wiped the water from my face, finally replying surprised and straight faced "It's a what, Hotel?"

    She jokingly covered her mouth and pressed her face to mine saying "It's a swinger hotel. You know? Couples having sex and such, with other people, other married people?"

    I got a wrinkled brow whispering like a pro, "You've got to be shitting me? Are you serious? You're sure? Bull-shit, Who told you that?"

    She giggled saying quietly "Um, every wife here? They started really talking about it after you and Marie went to get the cooler. These people really came here to mess around, and the funny thing is, some thought we fully knew, and are here to mess around too. I politely told them we would never do that. By the way, Marie didn't try to flirt with you, did she?"

    Instantly I stuttered replying, "Fla... Flirt? Funny. Good one. I don't think that's exactly how they operate. I think they only go after people that are in the know. And, up until now, we haven't been in the know. So, no. She didn't try to screw me. Besides, you know I've never been attracted to these type women, ever."

    After giggling and confidently agreeing with me, she then asked very frankly, "So, when you booked this hotel, this event, you had no clue? Right?"

    Again, I slightly pretended to take offense replying... "Oh fuck, that's nuts. Seriously? What are the odds? Listen. I booked the best hotel for the price, and it's swinger central, Damn! Leave it to me. It wasn't exactly advertised on the travel website."

    Let me tell you, if lower jaws could sink to the bottom of a pool, I would have had to dive down and retrieve mine as Janet whispered "I really don't care, they are nice people. I'm not judging them because they want to spice up their sex lives. They can fuck until they can't stand for all I care. As long as this wasn't some boyhood fantasy of yours, you know? Hey, fuck my old lady... type... wanna be biker fantasy."

    At this point, Janet could have said the moon was made out of cheese, and I would have been more prepared for it. She simply didn't speak or think this way. It was all so far removed from her acceptance level, extremely removed. Ordinarily, in my opinion, she would have cast this sort of behavior into the suburban housewife lake of fire. I couldn't believe she was even on the cusp of acceptance with regard to what she had heard from these women while I was away. I began to wonder though, because if they were anything like Marie, they could convince you to fuck a snake if it would lie still, and when it was over? They'd make you feel okay about it, almost glad you did it.

    I suppose I was actually, both freaked out, and relieved at the same time, if that makes any sense. In, I'm sure a confused manner, I asked Janet, "Yeah! I mean, who cares right? If it's what they want to do, then they should do it. Who knows, maybe more people should try it before judging it."

    As the words were coming out of my mouth, I watched her expression go from attentive listening, to a slight inquisitive smile asking "Oh, hum, so you can relate to these people now? A few minutes ago I heard a woman describing how another man fucked her brains out from behind. Oh, and her Hubbie was so excited watching it, still your kind of people?"

    There's no way I was in my right mind. As she spoke, I was struggling with cheating on her, the fact that we were residence of swinger central, she had just heard who knows how many fuck stories? I couldn't process all her info. I simply shut down. I simply shrugged my shoulders almost to say. Who gives a shit?

    What I didn't realize at that very moment, was that she was expecting an instant reply, no contemplating, no what if's. I'm pretty sure she wanted to hear "Oh! How dare they.!"

    She didn't get it. I was still trying to take it all in myself as I stared off into space. I quickly realized though when she dropped her mouth half open, and simply stared at me. This went on for an uncomfortable few seconds or so, when she finally asked very straight faced "I see. So, you're okay with it.?"

    I then snapped back into reality replying, "I didn't say I was okay with it, but there are worse things. Hells-bells, they could be here to do a major drug deal, but they aren't. They're here to play around a bit, all be it, sexually. Believe me, there's worse things in the world."

    Janet then began to realize I was getting a bit pissed with her righteousness, when she backed off slightly but sarcastically saying "Okay, I'm sorry. You're probably right. It's not like we're thinking about fucking other people too, right?" She then wrinkled her nose and jokingly said "Oh, Baby, would that turn you on? You know it would."

    It was at this point I could have replied a thousand different ways, but didn't reply at all, which left any number of possible answers flying at Janet's brain. I simply pulled her ass towards me and began to kiss her. As I kissed her with our mouths touching, she began murmuring "You didn't answer me, Scott."

    She then playfully pushed me away asking "Holy Shit, Scott, if you don't answer me, should I take silence as yes?" I didn't utter a word, I just stared at her with blankness. This was driving her insane.

    Just when I didn't think she could take another second, I formulated an answer. My answer had multiple intentions. Number one, I began to think that if she played in any capacity with another man, my conscience would be clear for what I had just done, or at least we'd be kind of even. Number two, I genuinely agreed in part with much of what Marie had told me minutes before. As she patiently waited with raised brow, I blurted "Listen. We've been invited to a party this evening, and before you say anything, they all know we aren't swingers. We aren't going to be obligated to do a thing. They just like our company. And no. It's not like we'll be stepping over naked bodies in a frothing orgy. It's just a party."

    To my astonishment she simply giggled and continued antagonizing me with things like "Dang, no naked bodies?"

    I chuckled back saying "Oh, I'm sure there could be at some point, doubt very seriously we'll be there that late though."

    I was still quite shocked that she even had the slightest tolerance for these people having found out what they were here for. In fact she, although keeping it at a joking level, it was more like she wanted me to somehow tell her I knew all about it, and that's why we were here. I'm sure it was because she had time to mingle with them and realize they were good people, before finding out. Plus she was pleasantly drunk and liable to sat anything. Had she gained this information from the start, we'd probably be back at the house already. It helped too that she firmly believed our being here during it all, was purely by accident, which it was.

    We stayed out back by the pool for about an hour longer, any more than that and I would have probably had a stress induced stroke. My nerves were on edge. I was highly worried about Janet finding out what had happened. I was equally worried that Huggs would find out, refusing to believe he'd be fine with me shooting semen down his wife's throat. It got to the point that every time Marie's lips moved, I thought she might blurt something out. It was ultra stressful, but hey, in my mind I deserved it. I went to college for six years in an attempt to decipher wright from wrong, and the first "fidelity carrot" that was dangled in front of my face, I bit it into it like a half starved jack-ass.

    Once we got back to the room, I simply fell onto the bed and didn't move. I had a million things running through my mind as I stared at the ceiling. I actually began debating on telling her we should just leave and get another hotel room down the beach, or just leave period, but I didn't.

    I quickly began to shift my attitude thinking, "I'm not going to let my moment of weakness ruin this trip for her too."

    Janet then crashed beside me and we fell asleep. We woke around 8:30 P.M., when Janet snapped up in bed saying "Scott, if we are going to that party thing, we'd better get ready. If we're going, I certainly don't want to get there late, and stumble over all those naked bodies you mentioned."

    I then rose up too joking "You're always trying to ruin things. Let's go late. Why go if we can't see naked bodies. Where's the fun in that?"

    We both began to rummage for something to wear. Within three seconds I found what I was wearing, Janet however, true to form, grabbed four outfits and said give me a few minutes. She then bolted to the bathroom, shut the door, and began to try them on. This was almost routine, every vacation we had ever taken. I was used to it. I don't care if we were running down to the drug store, she'd have to look her best.

    As she was in the bathroom, I began to rummage for my razor, when I came across about ten pairs of new panties she had bought. Most still had the Victoria Secret tags on them. I began looking at them one by one, and to my amazement, some were very minimal, meaning there was barely enough material to fill up a thimble.

    I again began to think about how it would clear my conscience if, perhaps a guy put his hands on her sexually, or even did her orally, you know? To at least the level at which I had gone? I'd in some way consider it okay, given my transgression. At least I wouldn't be the only one to eat off the forbidden tree. It's crazy how I wanted to clear that slate so badly. I genuinely did. Almost as though it would allow me to confess, in very little detail mind you, but still come clean. Funny how none of this occurred to me when my cock was in Marie's throat though. As I thought all these things, I knew it couldn't possibly happen if she dressed like a librarian, so I picked the skimpiest panties I could find.

    Janet, as usual popped out of the rest room in every single dress, skirt, and top. This time though, unlike many times in the past, I chose a snug fitting sun dress she tried on, one that came three fourths of the way up her gorgeous thighs, and tightly hugged her ass. Ordinarily, I would have probably went with something more conservative.

    In fact, Janet looked at me a bit odd and said "You sure? That's the one? Just so I'm sure, you like this one the best? You don't think it's too, you know?"

    She too was a bit taken back by my vote, almost knowing which one I would choose ordinarily, and this one certainly wasn't it. Now, Janet also brought enough shoes to wear three pairs a day, and still have some left at the end of the week. With those too, I picked the most provocative ones I could find, and it didn't take long. There was a pair of glossy black skimpy ankle strapped shoes, with about a five inch heel I immediately picked.

    When I held them up, her mouth half opened as she gasped "Those were supposed to be only for us. I thought we'd play dress up, in private, that you'd like them. Is there a reason you're slutting me up?" I immediately replied, "Oh make no mistake, I do like them, a lot. I love them. That's why I picked them, and no, I'm sure you'll still be conservative by most of their standards."

    She then replied, "You do realize what kind of people we are about to mingle with, right, what they'll no doubt all be doing later tonight with each other? I'm going to look like a walking fuck ticket. This outfit looks like a slutty clubbing outfit, almost like I'm wearing it for a purpose."

    I quickly began to strum a cord that was always the chink in Janet's armor. I began to brag on her. I quickly replied, "Hey, don't feel guilty about being the hottest woman in this hotel. There are a ton of women who'd sell their right arm, if it would get them half your looks. Look at those legs, that butt, those cute feet, that beautiful face and smile. For crying out loud, don't be embarrassed about it, and besides, you said it yourself, they know we aren't swingers, that we don't roll that way. They respect it."

    She then pranced over to me in a silly way, gave me a big hug, and said "You always make me feel so special. I love you sweetie."

    One would think we were ready to roll five minutes after this conversation, but no. Janet re-done her fingernails, toenails, and hair. She was a perfectionist. Again, she would have performed the same routine had we been going to a book signing.

    As she was doing here hair, I said, "Hey, you want to mess with them a bit?"

    Now, Janet is the only person alive that loves messing with people more than me. She excitedly asked "Oh shit, what? How?"

    I replied, "Well, you're already going kind of teasingly dressed, which will mess with them a bit, but let's really have fun with it, part you hair in two pony tails in the back."

    Let me tell you, there was noting more sexy on earth, than when she wore her hair like that. She had only ever done it when she and I got into one of our wild sexual moods in the past. Once on my birthday, she surprised me wearing a school girl outfit, wearing her hair in to pony tails on each side of her head. It was insanely naughty, and I never forgot it.

    She quickly gasped "Holy shit. Look at what I am wearing. I'm really not sure about that idea. It might be going beyond messing with them. I think that would be sending a signal that we are there to participate. I mean who wears their hair that way ordinarily? It is almost always associated with, being naughty, especially when a full grow woman wears it like that, and again, look at what I am wearing."

    I again strummed her cords like a fine tuned Stradivarius violin replying, "Who cares what they think? I know why they are all there, but I also know that we'll only be there for the party. We're not hanging around for any of that other stuff. Listen. You're gorgeous, and I'll tell you something else. I want you to wear your hair like that for me. Screw them. It turns me on like a wild man."

    She then giggled saying "You're right. What the hell? If my hubby wants me to wear it like that, then I'll do it. But hey, any strong vibes I get from some of those wild looking guys, and we're out of there." I simply replied "You got it."

    After she agreed, she grabbed the shoes and the panties, ran back into the bathroom, and began doing her hair. Perhaps ten minutes later, she popped back out of the restroom, and I was utterly speechless. She had those school girl pony tails on both sides of her head, her legs looked flawlessly airbrushed to a beautiful dark bronze, her pink finger and toenail polish prominently stood out in contrast to her tan, and that dress. She stood there with her beaming, almost fluorescent white teeth, grinning ear to ear, when she spun around saying "How do I look?"

    I know I must have looked silly. My eyes had to be as big as silver dollars. I awkwardly stuttered, "You. You look... You're fucking hot. That's how you look."

    She giggled and replied, "Thank you, Thank you." She had to know she was sizzling hot, she just wanted to hear me to say it.

    She then snapped be back into reality saying, "If we're going, we need to go."

    I quickly agreed, and we exited the room. I carried a case of Bud-lite, not wanting to show up like a mooch. We rounded the corner, and walked up the flights of stairs to Marie and Hugs room. Before we even got to their floor, I could hear blaring music coming from down the corridor. The fact that they were playing old southern rock, only further strengthened their biker stereotype. If these guys snored at night it probably came out "Biker, Biker, Biker..."

    There were about seven guys and gals leaning against the outside wall of the room and against the railing as we approached. I recognized several of them, but some I didn't. As we came up on them, several of the guys came up and hugged me, and began the traditional slapping of my back, hard enough to leave a mark. It was just their way. Several of the women hugged Janet telling her how beautiful she looked, how pretty her hair was, etc.

    The first thing I noticed was that Janet was ten times more sexy than any woman I had seen there. She was the only one not wearing a skimpy denim skirt, a "show your tits" tank top, or bearing tattoos. Janet was the angel in white surrounded by the dark minions.

    Now you'd think this might render Janet unattractive amongst this crowd, but it was undeniably the opposite. She was the show piece. It was almost as if she represented that piece of fruit on the very top shelf, the one they always yearned for, but could never quite reach. In essence, they began to look at all the other women as "Been there done that," even though many of the women there were hot by any standards, just not Janet hot.

    I quickly knew I would have to develop thick skin because this wasn't the type of crowd who gave a polite, quick glance. If they saw something they liked, they stared at it, and didn't care who noticed, even their wives and / or girlfriends. As we entered the room, literally everyone swung their head towards Janet, men and women. Just as I was becoming a bit uncomfortable with it, I heard Marie yell, "There's my buddies. Hey, over here."

    I was very relieved by that, because we had never associated with this crew with out Marie or Huggs being close by. They were our safety blanket, so to speak. As we parted the crowd, I noticed Huggs was sitting at a fold out table playing cards with about five other guys, with a half drank bottle of Jack Daniels sitting directly in front of him. The moment he laid eyes on us, he said to Janet, "Holy Fuck! Darlin, you need to sit beside your ole buddy Huggs, these animals won't leave you alone if you don't."

    In that moment, I began to ask myself "Does he know about Marie and I? Surely not. Does he? No fucking way." I began to slowly figure that if he he did know, then Marie was utterly right, he didn't care. However, I began to wonder if I'd eventually be put into a position of "Hey you had you dick in my wife's mouth, what's wrong with me putting my dick in your wife's mouth?" I slowly began to rationalize that I was just being paranoid, and let it go.

    We soon pulled up chairs next to Huggs and his wife Marie. I was trying to act as though nothing had ever happened between Marie and I, but I could tell Marie had been drinking, and was zeroing in on me. Every time I looked at her, she already had her eyes on me. I also knew that if Janet even caught a whiff of it, she would take offense.

    This went on for about ten minutes, when Huggs said sarcastically, "You Motherfucker's must be cheating. This is the third shitty hand you've dealt my ass." He then jokingly handed the cards to Janet and playfully said "Here Honey, see if you can make a hand out of that shit."

    Chapter V: Our First time, For Many Things...

    As Huggs handed the cards to Janet, she simply giggled, grabbed the cards, and quickly threw down two saying, "We don't need those two."

    As Huggs and Janet played the hand, I glanced at Marie as she mouthed with no sound, "I WANT YOU..." I knew right then I was in trouble. Had Janet not been focusing on the guy dealing the new cards to her, she might have easily seen Marie communicate it.

    I quickly said "Be right back, gotta go to the pisser."

    Janet jokingly replied "Thanks for sharing that with us."

    Huggs too chimed in chuckling "Hey. I love ya Scott, but as long as this sweetheart is sitting beside me, you can take as long as you need in there. She's prettier than you are."

    I then laughed replying "You better keep her beside you. From what I've seen, you need lady luck to win some of your money back," and off I went.

    Just as I turned to shut the door of the bathroom behind me, Marie barged against the door and came right in. I instantly said "What the FFF..? Holy shit! Did Janet see you dart over here the same time as me? Marie, she'll know something is going on, and what about Huggs? He's how far away? Fifteen feet maybe? This isn't good."

    She quickly cut me off saying "Look. Look out there. They don't know if I'm gone, or you're gone. Do they look concerned to you?"

    As she said it, I cautiously looked between the two inch crack of the door, and to my surprise, she was right. They really didn't acknowledge a thing. Janet had been asked to deal the cards. Huggs was rambling something about how five card stud was invented, etc. They really didn't acknowledge either of us being gone at the same time.

    As I turned around to agree that it indeed appeared they didn't notice, she instantly pulled my face to hers and began kissing me like she was in heat. I began speaking in a muffled way as our mouths were together, murmuring "Okay, they didn't notice, but this is crazy. What are you doing?"

    She didn't reply a single word. She continued kissing me and began backing herself towards the sink counter, pulling me the entire way. As soon as her ass hit the edge of the sink, she reached down, pulled her skirt up over her hips, and began grabbing for my cock through my shorts. I again pleaded with her for some rationale, any at all, but she was hell bent on her quest.

    Like an ass-hole, but I did try with extreme effort, my cock began to swell. It was like pouring blood into a shark tank for her. The instant she sensed it, she became that same aggressive Marie I knew earlier in the day. However, this time I knew it was different. She didn't want oral what so ever, she wanted to fuck. I suppose she looked at me rather like all the guys in that room looked at Janet, like I was that forbidden fruit.

    She didn't want something she knew she could already have. She could have had any guy out there in two seconds, but she wanted me, and she also knew I was fighting her on it. In hind sight, I realize that was the very element that fanned the flames for her. Had I been obnoxiously trying to fuck her like any other guy there probably would? I'm sure she would have had nothing to do with me. However, I was a prize she ordinarily couldn't have, something she had to work for, something she might not get, something pure she could corrupt.

    The more reluctance I presented, the more it turned her on. She then very aggressively began undoing my shorts, and pushing them down. By this time, I was half way between telling her to stop, and half way to cheating on my wife twice in the same day, but this time, the real way, unprotected, on a hotel sink, sexual intercourse. I continued fighting her repeating things like, "What if someone has to use the restroom? They'll have to notice were gone..."

    She didn't hear a word of it. She wanted this so badly, I could have fucked her on the card table outside this room, right in front of Huggs, and Janet. In yet another moment of loosing the good fight, I looked down and watched my cock flop out of my underwear. I was about three quarters hard, and seconds away from being able to pound nails with it. There was something about her aggressiveness that insanely turned me on.

    She too was was dressed very sexy, from her strapped open high heels, her red toenail polish against her tanned feet, her mini skirt up over her ass, to her breasts practically hanging out of her tank-top. I knew if my cock entered her though, it would be the ultimate transgression, one that I wasn't sure I could handle being paid back on. I mean, I was ready for Janet to have a guy put his hands on her, just play stuff, but not full penetration intercourse, not just so I could feel better about what I was doing, or had earlier done.

    It was right then that a light went off in my head snapping me back to reality. I profoundly said "Okay! No! We can't! Did you hear that? There are too many people out there, but most importantly, your husband, and my wife are only a few feet outside that door."

    She looked at me as serious as a human could possibly look, with a mischievous grin, and said, "I don't think so. I want you inside me. If you don't? I'll scream and run out of here with my skirt off." That's when I realized she had a prominent psycho side.

    The instant she said it, it both horrified me, and pissed me off at the same time. Knowing I was fucked, literally, I let my pissed off side get the best of me. I forcefully pulled her skirt up even higher, and tore her panties down to her mid thighs. As I did, she frantically shoved them down to her feet and kicked them off. Within seconds I lifted her ass onto the edge of the counter and said "Spread your fucking legs."

    As she did, I rudely said "Fucking Wider than that!"

    She then leaned back against the mirror, grabbed her knees and pulled them as high and wide as her body would allow. In that split second, I glanced down and saw the head of my cock an inch from her completely shaved and moist pussy. With out any foreplay what so ever, I spread her pussy lips as wide as I could get them, grabbed my cock with my other hand, and pushed the head of my cock into her pink glistening vaginal flesh.

    To my surprise, I didn't fully enter her. I withdrew slightly and then shoved with another forceful thrust. As I did, she let out a pent up yelp. That instant, I took my left hand and tightly put it over her mouth, pressing her head against the mirror saying "Shut the fuck up." I didn't mean to push her head as hard as I did, but it truly bumped against the mirror. Honestly, I had it in my head that she would feel as though she had fucked ten times a day for the last ten years, but as her vaginal walls held to my cock firmly.

    My frustration and regret slowly melted into an insanely erotic and primal need to fuck her. I was slamming into her and against her body harder than I had ever fucked in my life. I could hear and feel her moaning against my hand as I continued to firmly cover her mouth. I then began talking out of my head strongly saying things like "Is this what you wanted? You like it like this Bitch? Just you wait, I've got something for you. You're going to take my seed, all of it. You want that?" With every question I barked at her, she simply nodded in a quick frantic manner, moaning and panting through her nose.

    I had never fucked or spoken like this in my life, not even in a daydream, but it was coming out as if I had said it all my life. It was obvious she didn't expect this from me, but is was equally obvious she wildly loved it.

    The more I spoke, the closer I came to ejaculation. I actually began to hurriedly make this my goal. I knew Janet and Huggs would eventually ask were the hell we were. Marie and I fucked for what had to be two minutes or less, when I began to feel that surge of hormone in the head of my cock. I began bracing myself so I could shove and deliver it as deeply as I could into the back of her vagina, when instantly I heard the door of the attached bedroom open. It was obvious. The sound of the music became instantly louder, I heard muffled voices, etc.

    There were two doors into this bathroom, the one Marie and I came in leading to the living room, the one I had quickly locked minutes earlier, and the one that attached to a bedroom of this two bedroom suite. The one Marie and I came in was firmly closed and locked, the one leading into the bedroom, the same one I just heard people barge into, was cracked about an inch.

    In a frightful millisecond, I withdrew from Marie, took my hand from her face, pulled her off the counter, and frantically pulled up my shorts. In a panic, I said "You go through the door to the bedroom, I'll go out the door we came in."

    She quickly put her panties back on, scooted her skirt down, and we both faced each other before exiting. I then nodded and mouthed silently "One, two, three, now!"

    We both simultaneously exited the bathroom. As we did, I looked over at the card table and Janet was gone. I then grabbed an already opened beer sitting on a shelf beside the bathroom, and began looking through this crowded suite for her. I then made my way around to the card table and asked "Where'd Huggs and Janet go?"

    Crank, as they affectionately called him, a biker I knew from earlier in the day replied "Oh that bragging fucker just had to bring out his photo album, again. I guess he was loosing too much money here. They went back to the bedroom, he just had to show every motorcycle he's ever owned. Janet is just another victim. Trust me, we've all seen it ten times each... just down that hall there... you'll see them."

    I then quickly weaved through the crowd, sat the beer bottle down, and picked up a half full bottle of Goldschlager 104 proof as I walked. Immediately I saw Janet, Huggs, and Marie looking at this album. Janet was sitting to the right of Huggs with half the album on her lap. Huggs was sitting there with the other half of the album, and Marie was sitting on the arm of the couch with her shoes off, and feet on Huggs left leg.

    Just as I entered the room, Huggs said "We were just about to send a search party after your ass, where the fuck have you been, legal-boy?"

    I then nervously but calmly replied "I took a quick leak, then I went to the kitchen for a drink, and found this shit," as I held up the bottle of 104 proof schnapps. I continued "I then ran into some folks, and you know, just started bull-shitting, didn't realize how long I'd been gone."

    Janet and Huggs didn't even bat an eye, they just went back to looking at the album, with Huggs explaining every photo in proud detail. I knew Janet was simply being polite as she sat there and pretended to be interested. I also knew I was in the clear once she glanced up and gave me the "I love you" wink. Had she suspected something, it would have most assuredly been a "You're fucking dead" look.

    My heart rate dropped twenty beats per minute. I only glanced at Marie for a split second, and noticed she had her eyes on me with a slight grin. I immediately looked away and walked over to Janet and sat right beside her. We continued looking at the photo album for a few minutes more, when I noticed Marie was putting her foot on Huggs crotch, and I mean she began to make it obvious, rubbing her foot over his cock, just under the edge of the photo album.

    Huggs then jokingly said, "Dam-it woman. Can't you see we're looking at these photos?"

    Janet turned her face to me and whispered "Oh shit, it's starting!" Referring to the fact that we were indeed at a swingers party, but hadn't seen a thing out of the ordinary up to this point.

    I replied back whispering with my hand over my mouth "I think it's funny. Let's just see what they do."

    Janet rolled her eyes and gave me a silly look, as if I was now a pervert. Marie wouldn't stop. She eventually slid off the arm of the arm of the couch and squeezed into this tight spot between Huggs and the arm of the couch. As she did, she laid her head onto his shoulder, and put her left hand directly on his pants, over his cock. Huggs just went on talking and pointing at photos, explaining when he had this bike, how long he had it, etc.

    After a minutes or so of this, with Huggs trying to act as though it wasn't even happening, He said "For crying out loud, Marie! Is this what you want?"

    As he was saying it, he lifted his ass off the couch, and began unbuckling his belt. Within seconds he pushed his underwear and pants to his knees, and the largest half limp cock I had ever witnessed in my life flopped onto his legs. It was about eight inches long limp, and about as thick as a pump bottle of hair spray. I was certain that if erect, it would probably be bigger than Janet's forearm.

    Janet quickly spun around towards me and buried her face into my chest, when in a muffled giggle said "No fucking way! Did he really just do that?"

    I chuckled replying "Um, yep."

    Huggs then said "I apologize. Marie knows damn well that I can only take so much of that shit."

    I jokingly yet calmly replied "Hey! A man has to do what a man has to do, right?"

    Janet was still in utter shock as she said "Are we still looking at the album? Do you guys need privacy?"

    Huggs then chuckled in his deep voice "Listen. We don't want to scare you folks. We are a bit free with ourselves around here. You'll have to forgive us. We can still look at the photos, and Marie can do her thing too."

    Janet then sarcastically giggled and relied as she rose off my chest, "You're kidding, right? We are going to continue looking at the photos, with your penis under the album?"

    Huggs then said laughing "Well, darlin, my penis was under the album the whole time. It just had my jeans on over it."

    Janet then looked back at me and whispered, asking "What do we do?"

    I then leaned to her ear and whispered "I think it's hilarious, just act normal. They're just unique people."

    She then whispered back "Yes. He's about to be uniquely masturbated right beside me."

    Marie backed off from Huggs, but he still sat there with his monster cock under the album. After the initial shock had passed somewhat, Janet said as if trying to pretend it hadn't happened, "So that bike there, you actually won that in a poker game?"

    Huggs excitedly went on to explain every detail of the photo, when Marie casually got up and walked to the bedroom door and slowly shut it. She then strolled back to us, and sat beside Huggs as she had before. As she squeezed into her spot, she slowly put her hand back under the album, and it became obvious what she was doing. Huggs then rose his side of the album so her hand wouldn't be jostling it around.

    Janet to my surprise acted as if nothing at all was happening out of the ordinary, but the way Marie's hand and wrist were slowly moving, you'd have to be blind not to notice. This went on for what had to be ten minutes or more. At the end of the album, and after a lengthy explanation on how he came to own the Harley Pan-Head he now owned, he closed the album.

    The instant he did, Janet and I both practically passed out. Marie was holding his cock down towards his legs, and it was fully erect. It had to be about nine and a half inches long, and at least three or four inches thick. Just the bulbous head of it was as big as Janet's fist.

    It was at that moment Janet said "Good Lord! Now I know you two need some privacy."

    Marie then very calmly said "Hey. Relax. Don't leave. It's not that big a deal. Think of it like this. Have you ever watched a porn film?"

    I knew Janet would have to be honest on this one, because we had indeed once bought one. Janet then calmly replied, "Yes Marie we have, but the cameraman and director weren't in the same room as we watched it."

    Marie then giggled replying "I know, I know, and good point, but it's no different. Think of it like this. Where else on earth can you watch one live, unless of course you've been to Amsterdam. It's just watching."

    Janet then looked back at me and her face was absolutely implying "Say something to get us the fuck out of here."

    I simply replied jokingly "You know, Marie has a point."

    Janet's mouth then popped open as she gasped, "Oh really?" She then sarcastically said as she glared at me, "Well then, there you have it. Scott gave it a lot of thought and believes its perfectly acceptable. What was I thinking?"

    Janet then turned from me, crossed her legs away from me, and said "Don't stop on my account, especially don't stop on Scot's account. He really wants to watch."

    They didn't reply at all. Marie began long stroking Huggs massive cock and squeezing the head of it as her hand made it to the top. Occasionally as she did this, she squeezed a slick, clear fluid from the huge opening on the head of his cock. After several minutes of this, his cock was completely lubricated with it.

    Janet occasionally glanced back at me with a look as if to insinuate "Let's see who can stand this the longest. You or me." I knew she was trying to play chicken with me at this point. Little did she know, I had two things running through my mind. First, I wanted to clear my conscience by allowing her to be played with, and second, I was becoming wildly aroused seeing her sitting inches from what was happening.

    Ordinarily, I would have had both hands over Janet's eyes, rushing her out of this room, but again, I was overwhelmed with it, and as much as she tried to down play it, so was she. Every few seconds, I would glance at Janet's facial expressions. Occasionally, she would slightly gape her mouth open a bit in shock, especially when Marie squeezed the head of his cock, causing it to leak per-seminal juice.

    After several more minutes, Janet turned around to me and said "Okaaayy... I've seen enough."

    As she was saying it, I lunged down and began kissing her. At the same time, I forcefully put my right hand between her crossed legs trying to get her to uncross them. She began murmuring as we kissed "What the hell, Scott? Are you fucking nuts?"

    I continued on, and forced her to uncross her legs. As she did, I instantly went to the crotch of her panties. I couldn't get over how warm it was between her legs. They were slightly sweaty from having them crossed so long. I was also extremely turned on by how the crotch of her panties seemed, not wet, but very moist as they clung to her.

    As I fumbled between her legs, I kept trying to get my middle finger under her panties. I struggled with it for about three to four seconds when, suddenly my middle finger found its way under. It then hit a very warm slick patch of her vaginal lubricant. My finger effortlessly slid inside her. I knew without a doubt, that no matter how much she appeared to be opposed to what was happening, she was in some way sexually aroused by it. No woman could discharge this amount of vaginal lubricant if she weren't turned on.

    As my finger entered her, she spun to me and buried her face into my chest, letting out a strong exhale. I continued fingering her as I watched Marie stroke his massive cock. This went on for a few minutes with Janet saying noting, only exhaling into my chest. From no where, Marie reached over with her messy lubricated hand grabbing Janet's Left hand.

    Janet instantly popped her head up, and asked "Oh shit, what?"

    Marie simply and softly said "It's okay. Just relax... Just go with it honey."

    Janet then sharply turned her head to me me with a "What do I do? What do I say?" expression.

    I knew she was looking for me to say something, anything. Her bluff had now entered uncharted and unexpected territory, into the realm of actuality.

    I didn't say a word, I simply mouthed silently and suggestively "Listen to her. It's okay. It's okay."

    Janet then put her face back to my chest and whined "Holy shit... What in God's name are we doing?"

    As she did, I could see Janet's fingers trembling as Marie held her hand. Marie then slowly put Janet's hand on Huggs huge slick and glazed cock. She then began slowly stroking his cock with Janet's left hand. By this time, my cock was about to explode. I could actually feel my pulse in the head of my cock it was so rigid.

    Janet's petite hand and fingers were dwarfed by his size. I noticed that there was at least an inch and between Janet's thumb and finger tips. To her, it probably felt more like she had her hand on Marie's arm instead of Huggs dick. Marie's facial expressions were that of a kid in a candy store. She was taking Janet's hand and rubbing it up and down the length of his cock, occasionally giving that excited mouth expression, biting her bottom lip, and wrinkling her forehead in amazement.

    Carefully, I began scooting down on the couch, and with my right hand, began pushing down my shorts. Janet immediately whispered "Scott, God damn it. What now? You can't even be serious."

    I just continued pushing and eventually got them to my knees. In a quick glance I became a bit apprehensive, in that Huggs cock looked twice the size of mine, but I was powerless. I had to do it. I had lost any and all control at this point. I then took Janet's right hand, leaned her up off my chest, and began stroking my cock with her other hand. I was in a state of erotic insanity as I saw Janet with a cock in each hand.

    She didn't say a word, but gave me a look I had never seen before. It was a look of complete loss. She had no words. She just looked at me in shock with her eyes wide open and mouth gaped open. If I had to describe the expression it would be something like, "Catatonic?" She was utterly speechless, and further removed from her natural element than ever in her naive life. She didn't know what to do or say.

    As I stroked my cock with her hand, I noticed that Huggs began to slightly thrust his huge ass as Marie stroked his cock with Janet's hand. Marie then got a very intent look, more seriously than she had been giving as she stared at his cock. She slowly began moving Janet's hand over the swollen head of his cock smearing even more of this now profuse leaking lubricant down the shaft.

    Marie then began with very tight, and much quicker half strokes, squeezing his cock more and more. After about ten more seconds of this, Huggs threw his head back against the rear of the couch, and began roaring a deep moan, and I mean thunderous. In an instant he convulsively thrust his ass up off the couch, and strained like a guy trying to pick up the ass end of a car.

    The second he did, Janet sharply spun her head around to see what was happening. As soon she did, Marie slowly removed her hand from Janet's, when Huggs let out a loud and pent up "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.!!!"

    As it left his mouth, a thick jet of his thick white semen bolted into the air from the huge hole on the head of his cock. It was absolutely unreal. It looked more like a Hollywood special effect, than a normal ejaculation. It forcefully shot about fifteen inches into the air in a thick jet that came down on Janet's hand and wrist. I could hardly see her wedding rings from his thick coating of seed. Then another powerful jet shot about ten inches high, with a third about four inches high. After the first several unreal shots of his seed, it began to just shoot a half inch and drain over Janet's already semen covered hand. The strong odor of semen absolutely took over this already warm and humid room.

    In my amazement, Janet simply held her hand there in shock, clinching tightly under the head of his cock, right where Marie had left it. Never in a million years would I have believed, I could become this aroused. As Huggs wound down from his explosive ejaculation, and blew enough sperm out of his cock to impregnate every woman on the planet, Marie put her hand back over Janet's. The sight of his semen covering Janet's hand and fingers was erotically breathtaking.

    I had no idea what Marie was doing, and didn't care. I had become so sexually wound up, it truly didn't matter. I quickly pulled Janet's mouth away from her intently wild, and shocked stare. I then began forcefully kissing her as I simultaneously fingered her pussy. After a few seconds, I felt a wet slippery hand remove my fingers from Janet's crotch. I glanced up for a split second, and saw Marie inserting two of her come covered fingers into Janet's vaginal opening. Before Janet could even analyze what was happening, I grabbed her face and again began kissing her again.

    Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as Marie took her hand back to the base of Huggs cock, scooped a large glob of glistening white semen, and inserted it into Janet's pussy with two fingers. I then took my right hand and pulled Janet's dress up under her ass. As I did, I nervously took the slippery, and now semen soaked crotch of her panties and pulled them out nearly four inches away from her pussy. After this, Marie began deeply inserting her two middle semen covered fingers inside Janet.

    The sticky sounds of her being fingered with his sperm infused load was overwhelming. I couldn't help but glance down as Marie continued fingering Janet's pussy, occasionally withdrawing them and rubbing come all over her lower stomach and inner thighs. After about a minute more of this, Marie had Janet a slick semen glazed mess. Marie continued going back to Huggs cock and scooping more, until there was nothing left but a wet glaze.

    Huggs meanwhile, continued laying his head perfectly still on the back of the couch, watching Marie finger and inseminate Janet with her fingers. There wasn't a spot within ten inches of Janet's pussy that wasn't now glistening with semen. At this point, I knew there was nothing for Janet to possibly say or ask. I mean, what was there to say? I too was in territory I didn't even think existed. Hell! Even my imagination was trying to catch up, and I can imagine some pretty wild things.

    Marie continued to intently finger Janet, but as she did I noticed Huggs slowly becoming erect again. It took a bit. The entire time, he had only deflated to about half limp. Before long, his cock was rigidly pointing to his face, resting against his hairy stomach.

    I was still in erotic shock, and Janet? She remained in the deepest state of shock she had ever been in. If I had asked her anything, she would have probably just mumbled incoherently. I then glanced at Marie as she wrinkled her nose in a very mischievous way, and mouthed silently "Let him fuck her."

    I then gave a jokingly grimaced face as if to say "That's not going inside my wife."

    Marie then removed her hand from Janet, leaned over Huggs, and put her left hand on Janet's thigh. She then uttered, "Scoot your butt this way a little bit sweetie. It's okay. Everything is fine. Just relax."

    Janet then looked into my eyes in the deepest state of psychosis and uttered in a whisper "Baby, you don't want him fuck me. Trust me. You don't want him inside me."

    In my erotic insanity, I took my right hand and grabbed under Janet's left ass cheek, and pulled it off the couch and toward Huggs. Marie was fervently helping. As I got Janet's ass pointed towards Huggs and Marie, I again began kissing Janet. Shortly after, I pulled my mouth from her's and whispered in her right ear "Just relax baby, trust me. Everything is okay. It's fine."

    Janet then mumbled in a whisper as Huggs rolled to his right side "Scott, Baby, we can't do this. We're not like this... I'm not supposed to have his come inside me."

    As she continued frantically repeating it, I glanced over her hips and watched Huggs aim his cock at the back side of her. He was so huge, it shook the entire couch as he scooted. Janet knew what was happening. As Huggs got into position, Marie took her left hand, gently placed it on Janet's ass, and although I couldn't see it from my angle, I could tell her thumb was at the opening of Janet's pussy. She then pushed at Janet's ass cheek, spreading her ass cheeks open. Marie had her tongue out of her mouth slightly, touching her top lip in utter concentration.

    In the rapidly transpiring events, I scooted off the couch and onto my knees as I again began to wildly kiss Janet. As I pressed my mouth firmly against hers, she frantically opened her mouth widely and blew a forceful exhale into my face saying "FFFFUCK."

    As she said it, I stopped kissing her, and in my erotic insanity, put my hand under the back of her left knee lifting her leg up towards her face. I could now plainly see the head of Huggs cock pressed against her vaginal opening. The entrance of her vagina was sunk inward and stretched over nearly two-thirds of the head of his cock. He then slowly pushed as Janet tensed up saying "AAAAHHHMMMYYYYGGGGGGOOOODDDD."

    Just then I witnessed her unnaturally stretched vaginal opening pop over the head of his cock and encompassed it. The head of his massive dick was now surrounded by Janet's vaginal flesh. Janet instantly squeezed my wrist so tightly I thought she'd draw blood. She helplessly buried her face into the couch cushion and screamed "OOOOOFFFUUUCCCKKKKK."

    He began slowly thrusting only about a half inch at a time, almost knowing she was having a difficult time taking him. I thought Janet would pass out, as she kept her face pressed into the sofa. Her tightly stretched vaginal skin clung to his cock as he slowly back-thrust, and would then sink inside her with his careful short thrusts. He entered a half inch deeper and deeper with every careful thrust. I glanced at Huggs, and he was enthralled with the sight of it. He didn't take his eyes of his cock as he buried it inside realms of her vagina that had never had a cock. Marie still had her hand on Janet's hip and she too kept biting her bottom lip and wrinkling her forehead in ecstasy.

    No one here had experienced anything like it. It was more than obvious. I mean here was Janet, this pure, petite, and innocent upper crust wife with a tight pussy, and a gigantic burly huge biker's cock inching its way closer and closer to her reproductive organs. I knew Huggs and Marie had done this before, but nothing like this, ever. We were all as it seemed, first timers.

    This went on for close to five minutes, Huggs now inside her all but about the last inch and a half. This continued on for a short while longer when Huggs repositioned himself slightly. As he did, I noticed he stopped at the last inch and a half, and then let out a deep "AAAAHHH."

    He plowed that last inch and a half into the depths of her vagina, I just about came all over the couch knowing he was in an area of her that had never had an aroused cock before, especially a gigantic unprotected cock head like his. Janet then frantically threw her left hand up to my shirt and forcefully pulled me down gasping in a whisper "Scott this is bad, trust me... it's bad."

    I then got my face right up to her's when she gasped again "He shouldn't come inside me." I then began softly kissing her replying, "It's okay baby, you know that some of his semen is already inside you, right?"

    She then winced with his thrusts gasping in a forceful whisper "It probably wasn't enough to get me pregnant. If he comes inside me there's a chance I could get pregnant." I had to put my ear right to her mouth to hear over his moans, and the obnoxious music playing outside the room.

    Just then she wildly tugged again at my shirt and said "I planned on trying to have a baby on this trip, with, ya, you, my husband. AAHHHFFUCKKK.... I, I, SS, SSCOTTT I haven't taken my pills for a month."

    I sprung up and before I could utter a word, Huggs tensed up and roared "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH...AAAHHHH. FFFUK YEAHHHH. FUCKKK YEAAHHH."

    I looked down at him buried inside Janet, and couldn't help but notice the thick tube on the underside of his cock begin to expand and contract in a strong rhythmic pulse. Every time he roared a thunderous moan, he shoved inside her up to his nuts. His huge testicles drew high up into his scrotum as he inwardly thrust, smashing the head of his unprotected cock against her sexually dilated cervix and fertile uterus.

    I think Janet knew I attempted to ask him not to shoot inside her, but also knew it was too late. She again sharply buried her face into the sofa cushion and screamed as if being raped. I instantly realized she felt the first strong jet of his seed explode into her cervical opening. Janet just laid there helpless clutching the sofa cushion, and my shirt.

    I didn't think he would ever stop. He stayed in this tense pattern of holding his thrust deep inside her. When every few seconds, he would sharply withdraw and inch, and then once again, convulsively thrust the head of his cock as deeply as he could.

    I was speechless and practically numb in disbelief, as I watched all the events go from a sexually erotic experiment, to an act of breeding. I'm sure neither Huggs nor Marie even calculated that the billions of sperm he was blasting into Janet's vulnerable womb would potentially fertilize her. As it wound down, Huggs had sweat pouring from his forehead. He looked like he had ran around the city. He kept his cock inside Janet well after his last pumping shot of sperm began swimming inside her.

    I glanced down and there was a mass of semen at the base of his cock, and a thick leak of his seed draining from between the underside of Janet's vagina and his cock. I couldn't believe how many sticky threads of come were sticking between his nuts, pubic hair, and her semen glazed ass and pussy. It looked as though she had fucked five guys. Huggs finally, and very slowly, began to withdraw his cock from her. Just as the head of his cock fell out of her and down her ass cheek, a huge load of thick white semen followed behind it, leaking down Janet's left ass cheek and to the sofa cushion.

    I was again speechless with how gaped open her vagina was. Anytime I had ever fucked her, it simply went back to normal. This time however, It remained stretched open at least a half inch. You could plainly see her reddish / pink internal vaginal flesh slightly protruding and glistening between her gaped pussy lips. At the bottom of her still gaped open slit leading from her internal vaginal canal, was a thick cloudy pool of his seed that lead down the slick flow, down her ass cheek, and to the pooled glob between her ass and the sofa cushion. It was beyond belief.

    Janet then raised up to her right elbow keeping her head faced toward the couch cushion. As she rose up, it pushed another thick glob of his semen out and running down her ass. Huggs cock was covered in Janet's vaginal juice and a glaze of his own seed.

    No one was uttering a word. After a few seconds, Janet, quite upset, profoundly said as her voice quivered, "Well, is everyone happy? Your sperm is, without a doubt inside me.... Glad we could all do this... Glad I could potentially conceive with a guy besides my husband. Remember? All that relax, it's okay, bullshit? It's so okay? Well, I'm not relaxed and I'm not fucking okay. I'm, I'm, not, I'm not okay anymore."

    She then began to whimper, "I haven't taken birth control in over a month, and look at me. I'm covered in your come. It all over me! it's inside my body... My reproductive area, my uterus! Oh my God I'm married. What's happening to me?"

    She then slapped my arm saying "My husband actually let this happen. Fuck this, I don't deserve to have a happy marriage. I should fucking know better."

    Just as she completely broke, Huggs looked at Marie and said "God Damn-it woman, you mean you knew this, and didn't say anything???"

    He then slowly pulled Janet to him, as she sharply pulled away sobbing. As she did, he forcefully yet gently grabbed her shoulders and said in a very consoling manner, "Now, Now, Hey there, Listen. What are you worried about Darlin?"

    She cut him off mid-speech saying "Are you fucking retarded or something? What's wrong? What's wrong? Your sperm is inside me, that's whats wrong. You possibly impregnated me just now. How's that for wrong? Is that wrong enough? No? I'll be carrying your sperm inside me for days, that's wrong. If I ovulate in the next three days, I could become impregnated with your child. How about that for fucking wrong? I wanted to surprise my husband on this trip. I wanted to try to become pregnant, maybe, I don't know... maybe, tell him I was pregnant in a very special place after we got back home, at a very special time." Tears were now rolling down her face.

    Huggs then chuckled and wrapped his arms around her saying "Oh my, Oh my... Hold on, Hold on there Darlin. I see. I see. Now listen to me... There's one thing you should know before you go naming our baby... Honey. I had a vasectomy fourteen years ago."

    The instant he said it, Janet glanced at me, and then back to Huggs. She was frozen in disbelief. After what seemed like an eternal, very uncomfortable five seconds or so, Janet wiped her eyes and softly asked "You mean I can't get pregnant what so ever. No sperm in side me, just semen? You swear to God?"

    Huggs chuckled in his typical roar and said "No sperm here. I swear to God. If you want to have a baby, you'll have to talk to that man right there," as he pointed to me. He further said, "Huggs has had his kids already, no more for me, thank you very much."

    He again looked at Marie and said "You should have told them."

    Marie just shrugged her shoulders softly whispering "I thought, birth-control? How was I to know?"

    Janet then broke into their conversation with "It's certainly not her fault. It's no ones fault." She then glaringly looked at me continuing "She's right, what kind of fucked up people allow themselves to be fucked without birth-control, if they were afraid of getting pregnant?"

    Chapter: VI: Janet's First Real Orgasm

    Janet then dug into her crotch and placed her panties back over her leaking pussy, saying "We need to go. This has been a crazy night, too crazy for me. One I'll not soon forget." She then looked at me sternly saying "Oh, I'm sure I won't let you forget it either. God in heaven, thanks for letting me side step that land-mine."

    I just waved to Huggs and Marie saying nothing. I helped Janet up off the couch as she seemed to not have her balance, and off we went. As we left the bed-room, we meandered through the still packed living-room outside the bedroom. Once we exited onto the outside walkway, the fresh air hit us like a sign it was over. Going from a smoke filled room to a cool ocean breeze? It was as if the entire thing was washed away, for me at least. I was certain Janet was still dealing with everything that has just taken place.

    Now, you would think I had had enough, with the pregnancy scare, the emotions, the shock, the relief, and Janet being upset? But, in my psychosis, I hadn't. As I watched Janet walk in front of me toward the stairs that lead to our room, I gazed at her beautiful legs, her sexy feet, in her sexy shoes, the way her ass swung in her dress. Just before we got to the stairwell, I noticed a dark wet spot at the bottom of her ass, on her dress.

    I couldn't get it out of my mind. She had just taken another mans massive load, from his enormous cock. Everything about her was now a billion times more sexy in my corrupted mind. There she walked, right in front of me, flooded with semen, moving back and forth between her legs with every step. As we walked down the stairs and toward the room, neither of us uttered a word. I was okay with that, as my erotic psychosis was still in full swing, and I hadn't a clue what I'd say anyway.

    As we got to the room, I swiped the key card into the lock, the light turned green, and in we went. The room was filled with our familiar smells, Janet's perfume, the smell of fabric softener on our hanging cloths, and completely smoke free. It was like we were transported back into our comfortable existence and all was forgiven. Problem was though, my system was so jacked up with a carnal need to release a breeding shot of my own, I couldn't help myself.

    I forcefully grabbed Janet and began kissing her more intensely than ever before. She instantly began trying to push me away murmuring "No fucking way. Not after all this."

    As we got to the room, I swiped the key card into the lock, the light turned green, and in we went. The room was filled with our familiar smells, Janet's perfume, the smell of fabric softener on our hanging cloths, and completely smoke free. It was like we were transported back into our comfortable existence and all was forgiven. Problem was though, my system was so jacked up with a carnal need to release a breeding shot of my own, I couldn't help myself.

    I forcefully grabbed Janet and began kissing her more intensely than ever before. She instantly began trying to push me away murmuring "No fucking way. Not after all this."

    As she said it, I forcefully held her arms and walked her backward towards the bed. She then used her strength pushing against me saying "Stop this shit, Scott. We're not doing this."

    I have no idea what got into me at this point. I grabbed the top of her dress and tore it down to her hips. As I did, I instantly grabbed the sides of her panties and after forcefully tugging twice, ripped them completely off of her. The second I did, she began slapping at me, as I threw her onto the bed. I landed directly between her legs, and already had my shorts pushed down.

    For a split second, I glanced down and saw her still glistening come infused pussy. I then quickly positioned my cock with one hand, as she put her hand down to her crotch fighting me. As she did, I slammed my cock all the way inside her as our bodies smacked together. In that instant, my erotic high was heightened a thousand times more. I couldn't believe how slick and effortlessly I slammed all the way inside her vagina. Immediately my body hit hers as I felt my nuts on her cool ass.

    I quickly realized I wasn't feeling the back of her vagina at all. I had always been able to feel that last bit of "This is a far as it goes."

    It was like my cock was floating inside a warm semen filled, loose stranger. Janet let out something halfway between a scream and a moan as I began insanely fucking her. The second I pushed with all my might, she took her hands from my arms, and moved them to my ass. We were kissing and fucking like the human race depended on it. I could feel her vagina on my cock, but there was a thick layer of semen churning inside her with my thrusts. In fact for a split second I imagined every one of my thrusts was plunging more of his semen inside her uterus.

    I then began speaking out of my head, uttering "Oh my God you just got nailed... I loved seeing you take it... I can't believe another man shot his load deep inside you. I can't believe you took that entire giant cock."

    Janet didn't say a word she just became unbelievably aggressive. She began gritting her teeth and fucking me as much as I was fucking her. Before this event, we were probably much like the pioneers of old I had mentioned earlier when it came to lovemaking. I mean every now and then we got frisky, and tried to turn one another on in our own way, but I finally realized we never really fucked. I mean hard slamming, sweaty, semen covered, animalistic, fucking.

    As we slammed one another into oblivion, I again began with "Did you like that huge cock? When he shot his first strong jet of semen, did you feel it shoot inside you?"

    At first she didn't reply at all. She simply continued insanely fucking me. Then out of the blue, she said out of breath "God, it was really big, did you see how big? Yes. I did feel him squirt himself inside me. It was almost as if you took, I don't know, one of those turkey broth basters. You know, the ones that look like a huge eye dropper, the ones with the big rubber bulb? It felt like someone stomped on the bulb, and a warm liquid squirted against my cervix. It was odd, I could actually feel the end of his penis jolt and bounce inside me when he was ejaculating. I had never felt that before. I know it sounds weird, but as horrified as I was that he was shooting sperm inside me, I could feel a tingling in my uterus, and I caught myself pushing him deeper inside me. I was so confused. I wanted to cry. I wanted you to stop it. I didn't want you to stop it. I wanted it to be a nightmare and wake, and... I know you'll hate me, but I wanted him to come inside me when I sensed him getting close to coming."

    I just about lost my mind as I begged, "Tell me more. Tell me. God! Keep going!"

    She continued panting in a strained voice with "AHH God Yes... I, I, FFFF -- ELT, it gush deep inside me... It was ssso, so warm... Ya, You, You know I'm still, carrying part of him inside me... I have, his, semen inside my vagina and uterus... His Dick, it seemed to, it felt like it... It felt like it made me ovulate, and that's what worried me the most... MY, GOD... After he began to come I just wanted to scream and push my ass against him."

    Now, Janet in her wildest hallucination would have never spoke this way. I must admit, It was both turning me on, and erotically freaking me out. Janet being in the medical profession got a little biological in her explanation, and sometimes causes me to do the same with my recounting, but to me it was like sexual nectar to my ears, like a sexual pin was pulled from some sort of mental grenade within me. I had hit an entirely new level of sexual eroticism.

    It was like having sex for the very first time, only intensified a thousand fold. I was so close to total and complete ejaculatory bliss, I couldn't see straight. Janet continued fucking me and saying all manner of things. I noticed however as she spoke, she began forcefully flexing her ass and hips against me harder and harder, with her voice straining more and more. Her legs began to violently tremble as she pushed and grinded her ass off the bed trying to take me in deeper. The sight of semen glistening all over her pussy and inner thighs was breathtaking. My cock and nuts were soaked with this taboo sexual cocktail.

    I wasn't absolutely sure what was going on with her, but I loved it, and so did she. She went on and on with unbelievably erotic and incredibly strained gasps repeating, "Oh my God, he fucked me. He, He, AHH-GGOD, he fucked me, Baby. Another man came inside my, my body... He fucked me in front of you... He inseminated me in front of you and his wife."

    Just as the last utterance left her lips, she screamed and then forcefully lifted her ass off the bed, putting a psychotically tight death grip on my ass. Her entire body went bone crushingly rigid as she held her breath. I didn't even know this woman. It was as if I should call a priest and have her exorcised. This was in no way my Janet, the woman I married..

    I thought she would snap her spine the way she forcefully arched her back. Her eyes rolled back in her head, as she screamed like possessed woman in this wildly deep, yet feminine roar. It was more like an animal, than my wife. She again began tensely, damn near growling with finally, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM..... MMM, MMMM, MMMM, MMMM, MMMMMMYYYYYYYY GOD, OOHH MY GOD, NOOO FUCKING WAY.... AHHH FUCK.... MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!"

    She began panting and gritting her teeth like an animal. I quickly shoved with all my might, and instantly exploded with a massive, thick jet of seed, deep inside her already sexually dilated and fertile vaginal canal. My cock was pulsing so hard, it felt as though it was being electrically and violently shocked. I absolutely saw stars.

    Janet's vagina convulsed with muscular contractions unlike anything I had ever even heard of. The first few seconds into it, she expelled a warm liquid from her vagina that hit my scrotum and ran down my nuts, coinciding with the convulsive and explosive contractions around my cock.

    Neither of was prepared for what was happening. Janet, for the first time in her life was having a genuine, explosive, emotional, full body orgasm. I'm not sure at all how long this went on, as we were both about to utterly pass out from ecstasy overload. Time seemed to stop. Janet held onto her orgasm for what had to be several minutes, well after I was drained of semen. It just kept coming over her in waves. As I ran my hands down her legs, I could feel that she actually had goose-bumps all over her legs as it was happening.

    At times she would simply stop breathing, and arch her neck and back forcefully into the pillow and mattress. As she did this, she would gasp for air, tense up, and do it all over again. Her vaginal muscles were in a wildly clinching spasm.

    This absolutely let me know that, even women who think they've had an orgasm? Might not have had a real one, a genuine one, during sex. I mean a true bone crushing orgasm. Now, even Janet would get off on her toy at home, but this was entirely and in every way different. Her body and soul had an orgasm.

    It let me know that there is so much more to an orgasm than physical stimulation. Yes, a woman can orgasm from physical stimulation time and time again, but the mental side must be engaged to have a volcanic orgasm. An orgasm that leaves both the husband and the wife almost catatonic.

    We laid there for at least five minutes saying nothing, we had too both physically and mentally. It was a very necessary recovery period for both of us. Janet panted for several minutes after her orgasm finally wound down. Occasionally she would uncontrollably jerk her hips and tense up slightly as if she still had a slight remnant of her orgasm, but with less and less force. There could have been a medical study on the orgasm she had. It was completely and utterly beyond words. If I could have filmed us? I'd be a multimillionaire. It would be the only porn flick to buy, all others would be ridiculous.

    I knew right then that this was the start of an amazing sex life for both of us. It was as if we were both virgins before this event, mentally at least. It was certainly as if we went from good old fashioned love-making, to... real sex. Yes, like we both dove into the Alice In Wonderland rabbit-hole head first, with a double back flip.

    As we laid there utterly spent, I causally asked "Gosh, what could have caused that? We need to know! What ever it was, we have to remember it, and do it again." I knew full well but wanted any form of confirmation from her.

    She didn't reply at all as she slowly kissed me. As I asked repeating myself, she softy interrupted saying "Oh God. I can't talk dirty again. I'm in recovery... But if you must know, It was lots of things, not just one single thing. It was the fear, the unknown, watching what Marie was doing to Huggs, seeing you get excited, you watching what was happening to me, the way you let Marie touch me, the way all of you moved me so he could... so he could... enter me, plus the relief of knowing he had a vasectomy, the way you took me when we got back to the room, all of it. It was the most intense emotional and physical foreplay to an orgasm I could have imagined. I already had an overload of hormones, and well, it caused me to have my, first, real orgasm with the person I love more than anything on earth, you, baby."

    With her explanation, I knew we were in for more uncharted territory. Bare in mind, this was all in just the start of our vacation. I couldn't imagine what the rest of it held. All I did know, was that she had planned all along to get pregnant, for us to finally have a child. I realized she wanted to surprise me and wanted it to be special, none of this was in the calculation.

    Don't get me wrong. I was elated with news of her wanting to get pregnant, but was torn between it, and the fact that I had shoved us into a realm of sexuality so intense, it was beyond description. I do this retelling no justice. I knew also that Janet too, although she might not have intended, laid out the road map to making her hit this level of sexual feeling again. I knew we had to create and feel this experience again.

    Chapter VIII: Inside the Rabbit Hole

    The newness of our sexual awakening was on my mind every second, as I'm sure it was Janet's. How on earth could it not be? I woke several times the remainder of the night, and it was as if I was thinking about it even as I slept. It was certainly on my mind every second I became conscious. My cock ached all night because it actually never fully became less that half erect.

    The next morning, I tried to appear as though it was a normal morning, as if nothing had happened the night before, but it was indeed difficult. Janet too, didn't immediately mention the previous events. I wasn't sure how we would start that conversation anyway, so probably best that we played it the way we were.

    After an hour or so of typical morning things, Janet prepared for the shower. She quickly gathered the things she would need and off she went. Once out of the shower, with a towel wrapped around her I said "Let's take a ride up the coast, just us."

    She quickly replied, "Oh that sounds great, but you go ahead. We can take another ride later. I just want to laze around a bit this morning, watch some TV, just hang in the room a bit. I promise we'll take a ride later. I'm still tired and might even crawl back into bed."

    As she said it, something didn't quite seem right because she made it clear several times before that if the bike got rode, she'd be on it, no solo rides, jokingly explaining that if I rode solo, I'd probably be trying to pick up another woman. I just acted as if no big deal, meaning I was trying to figure out why she changed her entire stance on me riding alone.

    I casually replied "Okay, you sure you don't want to come? I could be gone for hours."

    She in turn casually replied "No, it's fine. Go ahead. I'm okay, just going to hang in the room and rest."

    I quickly got dressed trying to get my mind back to normal, gave her a kiss, and left the room. From there, I walked down the stairs and hoped to see one or more of the guy's we had came to know perhaps congregated around their bikes, but there was no one.

    I figured I'd sit on my bike for a spell, hoping someone, anyone, would come out, or even be rolling back into the parking lot. After about twenty minutes of sitting on the bike, checking my voice mails on my cell, rubbing the gas tank so much I could see my reflection, I decided I'd try to talk Janet once more into riding with me.

    As I walked back up to the room and swipe carded my way in the door, I said upon entry "Hey Baby, it's gorgeous out, a perfect day for a ride. I didn't want to leave without you."

    I didn't hear a reply, it was silent. I began going through the suite, checking the bathroom, the deck, and nothing. She wasn't in the suite. I figured she might have gone to the office for towels, or had gone down to the lobby for a snack or something, so I just laid on the bed waiting for her return.

    As twenty minutes flew by, I became more and more impatient. I then called her cell phone, and heard it ring in the bathroom. I then began wondering if perhaps she went to the pool or decided to walk the beach. I figured my chances of finding her was slim, but I decided I'd walk the long way back to the bike, along the pool area, and perhaps gander at the beach before leaving.

    As I rounded the stairwell, I decided I might even see if Huggs was up for a ride. Finally conceding that I may not find Janet, I abandoned my search and went straight for Huggs and Marie's room. Before even getting to his room, I heard the same blaring music as the night before. As I casually opened the door, I noticed that no one was in the living room portion of the suite.

    Not wanting to be in their room if they weren't there, I began to turn and exit, when I heard a laugh from the bedroom. I thought it was my imagination, because, to me it sounded just like Janet. I figured that would be impossible though, because there's no way she'd be up here without me, regardless of anything that had happened the night before.

    I slowly crept towards the half opened door, and when I glanced inside the bedroom, I just about passed out. Huggs was fucking Marie from behind like a rhino, and Janet was sitting on the small love seat with a biker I had never seen before. As Huggs slammed his body against Marie's ass, with her gasping for breath, I watched as Janet giggled and acted as though she was hiding her eyes. It seemed like minutes had passed, but I knew it was only seconds.

    As the guy sitting beside Janet leaned over and tried to kiss her, for the tenth time, she pushed him away over and over saying "I've already said no, you know? No? Marie, where's my hubby? Can you stop fucking? You said he'd be here in a few minutes... Marie? You said my husband wanted me to be here? That he had a surprise for me? You know? The thing? A thing? Okay, listen, apparently he's not coming. I need to go. If he comes back he'll not know where I am."

    I was actually very relieved and proud of her at that moment, because lord knows I could have rode off and not been back for some time, but knowing she had been tricked into going to their room made me feel tons better.

    With out a doubt Marie had suckered Janet back to their room right after I left, hoping to get her entwined in a group sex thing. Once again, the guy made an attempt to kiss Janet and put his hand on her waist, when finally she rose up and began to walk off.

    I bolted for the door, not wanting her or anyone else to know I was there. I actually wanted to know quite deeply if Janet would tell me about this event, without her seeing me staring in the room. I truly hoped she would confess, or lay out what had happened because she wanted to, not because I caught her up in something.

    I quickly scurried, ran down the stairs, and watched from below as Janet left the room. After giving her enough time to get back to our room, I too, slowly made my way back to our room. As I key carded my way into our room, Janet jumped saying "Hey! Baby, Where were you? You know? My surprise? When?"

    I then grinned and asked "Okay, what surprise?"

    Immediately she dawned a mischievous look replying "It's okay, Marie told me all about it. You know?"

    Now, right then with immediate and intense paranoia, I thought she knew I fucked Marie, but to my amazement, she wasn't slapping the shit out of me. Just as I began to confess, thinking my marriage had dissolved before my eyes I blurted "Listen Baby, I don't know what she said, but I guarantee it's not how she said it... It's that..."

    Janet then cut me off replying "It's okay, Marie told me all about it. She said you'd completely be turned on by watching me have sex again this morning, but she also said you'd be in her room, and um... You weren't. I just left there. I was wondering why you hadn't made it there yet. You were supposed to already be there. I wasn't sure what was going on, but there's no way in hell I'd be there without you there. You knew about it, right? You told Marie it's what you wanted?"

    I quickly shrugged, "Sure, yes. Sorry. I got held up at the gas station. I had to swipe the card reader on the pump ten times before it would take. Sorry, Baby..."

    She continued at length and in the most profound way stating, "Really, it's not that big a deal, Baby. Listen, at first I truly didn't understand any of this. But hey, I don't understand a lot of what has happened this week, especially within the last 24 hours. Marie explained much of it to me... Well... she tried to explain it, that, sometimes the absolute most loving husbands want their wives to have new experiences, experiences they may never know in an uptight marriage, you know, like what we've had? Sexual experiences? She explained to me, that... It's how I should realize... how much you love me. In fact, Marie said in some cases, it's a monumental turn on for a husband to know their wife has had sex with another man, that he wants her to experience sex. It has to be true and you know it. Seriously, she made perfect sense, think about how it made you feel, what it did to us both physically and mentally. Yes, it's all still a bit weird for me, but I watched you last night, and what it did to you, what it did to me. You wanted him to fuck me. You wanted me to fuck him. You wanted what resulted in him ejaculating inside me, and I somehow did too. I love you and want to make you happy. I don't know! The way I was brought up? Say's this is all wrong, but the more I think about it, the more I realize, it's just biological and mental. No more wrong than if I bought a toy and for the rest if your life imagined a guy was having intercourse with me. I guess... I mean, if you want me to, and it turns you on, is it really a bad thing? If it's what you want, its what I want. I know the other night you wanted it, and I was turned on by you watching it. I mean... the look on your face, the way it felt, the way you kissed me, all of it, was... very oddly exciting. Marie also said you told her you loved me more than any person alive. I feel very relieved now to tell you that this is exciting for me too now, now that I know you want it."

    I can honestly say, my jaw was on the floor and I had to carefully pick it up. Yes, there was a sense of relief knowing Marie didn't tell Janet I had fucked her, but at the same time I was utterly freaked out by Janet's complacency about, about... everything. I think I felt better when she was in regretful, and remotely against it. I realized Marie was a master at sexual experimentation and / or manipulation as it turned out. To convince Janet that it was all good? Was a feat unlike any I had ever even heard of before. If you knew Janet, you'd know my shock.

    My only reply to Janet was "Oh, good. I'm glad you and Marie had that talk."

    It's not like I had days or weeks to come up with a good reply, I had just heard my wife say she wanted to make me happy by having other cocks inside her, which on a scale of one to ten, was a fifty. Again, I took comfort in the fact that she experimented and evened things up with my guilty conscience.

    My only comfort that things wouldn't get out of control was that she was truly tested twenty minutes before this conversation, knowing I wasn't in that room, and left, returning to our room. She could have done anything, and didn't. I basically had two choices to make. One, we could just pull up stakes and go home, chalk it up as a one time event. Two, I could risk having her let loose on what I had created.

    I thought for my typical few seconds, and figured I had time decide, time to bail if need be. Before this, half my turn-on was Janet's reluctance. Now? I realized Marie convinced her that getting fucked was a great thing, something that showed my true love for her. As much as it seemed, Janet had bought into it, but, I still hadn't.

    As we stood there, I slowly kissed her. To my surprise she pulled my ass to her, and softly gasped. She did this a time or two more when I began to kiss her more aggressively. As I did, I once again began to think unbelievable thoughts. Somehow, I wanted her to say no. I mean say no to something. It was my time to test the entire attitude change.

    I quickly slid my hand down the front of her bikini bottoms, and the feeling of her soaked pussy drove me insane. The slick warmth of her vagina around my finger drove me nuts. Once again, I immediately began thinking all those erotic thoughts. Thoughts that now I was sure she too was imagining, like her being fucked as I watched, or worse, didn't watch, only telling me afterwards.

    I mean it seemed Marie had her convinced that arbitrary fucking was okay, with or without me being present. My only solace was that when she was presented with the opportunity, she didn't, stating in some way that she wanted me to know first. After a few minutes of this I pulled my cock out, and she immediately began stroking me.

    I was so insanely turned on, I was leaking a ton of fluid from hours of thinking about it, and trying not to think about it. As we played with one another these few minutes, completely out of my mind, I asked "Do you want me to watch? You like me watching?"

    She didn't say anything at first. I asked it again, when she gasped "Yes. I want you to watch."

    I then tested her with "Watch what?"

    She again didn't reply as I began repeating it, when finally she uttered in a gasp "I want you to watch me fuck."

    Hearing that was an insanely huge shot of hormones into my system. As I began walking her ass towards the dresser in the room, I asked "Do you want your husband to watch you take other cocks? You want to feel them slide themselves inside you as I watch?"

    As we kissed she slid her head to my right ear and whispered, "Yes, I want you to watch them have me. Fuck me... and if I can make a visit to the drug store? You can watch them have me without a condom."

    I then lifted her ass onto the dresser, and replied "Oh my God, I want it too."

    She then got a half smile as she wrinkled her nose saying "Let's go get a guy now. Let's get a few guys. I want to fuck right now. I really want you to watch. I'm serious, Baby."

    I quickly replied "No, we have lot's of time."

    She then cut me off replying "I know, but let's do this in the moment, now. You want me to right? Oh my God, you want me to! I want to! Why would we wait?"

    I then slowly put the head of my cock between her warm slick pussy lips, when she gasped "Oh my God, Oh my God. It feels so different. Look down there. Let's imagine..."

    Chapter IX: Janet Turns The Table

    I asked, "Imagine?"

    She then softly pulled at my ass drawing my cock deeper inside her saying "Oh yes baby, watch it. Pretend it's another guy fucking me, just watch and pretend."

    As I did, She began wincing her face saying some of the wildest things I could ever imagine. She began with "Oh God, not so hard, my husband want's to watch you slowly fuck me."

    I really didn't want to hear that much, but this was utterly unscripted as I continued slowly thrusting inside her and passionately kissing her. As we kissed and slowly fucked, she began moving her ass against my slow thrusts saying more and more "I'm married. Oh my God, I can't believe I have you inside me. I'm married. You're not wearing a condom."

    I then got into an odd role, knowing she wanted me to play along saying "Yes, we're going to gang fuck you bitch. You're hubby is gonna watch you take us all. He's going to watch all three of us breed you."

    As I was saying it, she thrust her head back into the mirror, and began gasping like a possessed woman moaning, "Ohh my God No... You're not wearing a condom... You shouldn't come inside me. Oh my God, don't inseminate me! Please don't let my husband see you inseminate me...!"

    After five minutes or so, as she continued saying it, my entire body ejaculated. The hair on every limb stood on end as I unloaded the most powerful ejaculation of my life. Janet instantly began repeating "Oh God, you're inseminating me. Oh God, You're impregnating me in front of my husband... Don't do it... Oh my God don't let my husband see me taking your sperm."

    As she was gasping, she began straining her head and neck wildly against the mirror. As I was ninety percent done ejaculating, I looked down and watched as her vaginal opening slightly sink in and pulse. She once again let out a moan like a possessed woman. She gritted her teeth, and pulled her face towards her chest, and kept gasping "OHH GOD... MMM, GAAHHH, FFFFFFFUCCKKKKK!AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHMMMMYYYY GOD!!!!!!"

    She came like something unholy. I mean she damn near went into a seizure. After what I'm sure was a minute or more of her body rigidly flexing, she went limp. She squirted fluid all over our thighs. I glanced down and saw glistening droplets of it on my ankles and thighs. Her vagina was pulsing sharply every second or two, which slowly and erratically went to every few seconds. It was like a medical anomaly.

    As she came out of it, her head fell back against the mirror, when I quickly became panicked, and pulled her body to me. As I did, she gasped and said "It's okay. I'm Okay."

    We both went to the floor in front of the dresser, when she giggled saying "Okay, that was unreal, AGAIN."

    I agreed emphatically saying, "Um, yep. What the fuck, Baby?"

    She then slowly opened her eyes and said, "That was the most powerful climax, orgasm, full body jolt I have ever known. It was more than the other one. What the fuck did we just do? What the fuck was that?"

    After shaking like a leaf in panic, I replied "I have no fucking clue. You went rigid and arched your head back against the mirror saying some pretty wild things."

    She then replied "I can't believe what I was saying. I can't believe what I felt."

    I then began asking profusely "God, tell me. Tell me what you were going through! That scared the hell out of me."

    She then replied "I don't know, I began imagining you watching me, and..."

    I frantically asked, "AND?"

    She replied, "I was so excited by you touching me, and then when we began having intercourse, I truly, actually, really, began imagining you watching another guy having me, and the feeling built, and built, and built. I then imagined you touching yourself. I don't know. It felt like I became ultra, mega sensitive. It was as though when I felt that you were about to ejaculate...? I imagined that it was another man, who, was going to inseminate me... and it wildly turned me on. God, I can't believe we are talking about other men, sex, and no condoms. We must be insane."

    I insisted she continue, saying "It's all okay. It's perfectly fine, tell me more."

    She laid her head to the floor of the hotel carpet, and said, "I fucking went crazy orgasmic when I felt you, or in my imagination, felt another guy, ejaculate inside me. I seriously kept imagining it was someone else, and you were watching. That you were loving it. It felt so real."

    I then sprung up to one elbow in an instant of clarity and said "Listen, we need to take our vacation home. We've already had more experimenting than any couple should have."

    She then too popped up replying "No, listen. You have a bike you've always wanted. We are here now. It is what it is, and I'm okay with it now. You want to watch me have sexual intercourse, and I understand it. I want to make you happy. Seriously, Baby, I want to. I'm okay with fucking, and I know you want you to watch me fuck. Do you still want to watch me fuck?"

    I must say she was beginning to scare me. As much as I wanted to watch her get penetrated by an unprotected cock, I seriously didn't want to have her excited about it. For a few minutes more, I kept insisting we go home, when she sternly said "Answer me! Do you want to watch another guy have intercourse me or not?"

    With a slight grin she continued "You know, a guy putting his erect penis inside my body? A guy putting sperm in my body? You want me to be fucked, right? Watch a guy fuck me and make me take his come right in front of you?"

    She was saying it with a mischievous wrinkled face as if to say, I hope so, when I replied "No."

    She then got up on both her elbows and said "What do you men, NO? What's all this shit been about? You know as well as I do you want it."

    I then rose up, got between her legs, and positioned the head of my cock back into her wet pussy, and said "I don't want you to fuck a guy, I want to fuck several guys. One after another."

    As I said it, she melted and said, "Oh my God, yes Baby. I knew it. Oh God, yes, I fucking knew it. I knew you'd eventually say that."

    Now this went on through out the day, when I finally said again, to make absolutely sure she was serious "We really should get the fuck out of here and go home. I mean, an over the counter spermicidal foam? Isn't that about seventy percent safe?"

    She then looked at me as though I had eight eyes saying "Geeze, you are bi-polar at best. Okay... You're freaking me out? This was what you wanted right? And now we're done? I thought you, well, wanted me to want to do this for you? It's like, now that you've heard me say I want to, you don't like it. So our insane experiment is over right? We are going home? I'm ready then, you're confusing the hell out of me. I just want to make the man I love happy. If going home does that, then we are gone, right now."

    I then said "No wait. I didn't... I did, I... I don't know what I want right now. I don't know if I love it or hate it."

    As she walked closer to me she began saying "You need to know what you want Scott."

    We roamed around the room for a spell, when Janet finally said breaking the silence "My God, this is insane. You're right. Let's go home honey. I can tell this is going to drive you insane, and I don't care what we do as long as it doesn't affect our marriage."

    In an instant, I agreed replying "You're right. Oh my God, you're so fucking right. Let's get the fuck out of here."

    She then replied, "Okay, we'll leave tomorrow morning. We'll stay one more day. If you still want to leave, I will pack us in the morning, and we're out of here."

    That seemed very reasonable considering how many times I had already flipped my decisions. Later that evening after a day at another hotels pool, we arrived back at our room. Before getting off the bike, I saw several folks in Huggs group. Marie quickly yelled, "Come with us, we're going down the street to another hotel in a bit. There's going to be a poker tournament. It's only a $20.00 entry fee."

    Janet didn't utter a word. She just looked at me with a "What ever" look. I then replied "Okay, we'll go. What Hotel?"

    She replied "It's the one with the big blue dolphin. You know? The one with the big water fountain that changes color?" I knew the one replying "Yes, I know it. Give us a bit. We'll be there later on."

    Janet again just stared at me with the same look. We then went to the hotel room not wanting to sprint right down there. Actually, we decided to take a nap first, not knowing how long the tournament could last. I took a quick shower as Janet jumped on the bed fully clothed.

    Upon exiting the shower, I came out in my towel and saw Janet spread eagle, her panties pulled to the side, with her five inch dildo fully inside her vagina. We locked eyes, and I watched as she continued. Eventually, I dropped my towel and began to stroke myself as I watched.

    She continued to stare at me, when after a minute or so she shoved it in so deep, only her fingertips were on it. She gasped and said "Don't stop, he's right there watching us. My husband knows we are fucking. It's okay. He wants to watch us fuck."

    She then grinned, and continued thrusting it inside her when she continued with "Oh my God, Scott, he's not wearing a condom, is that okay? Should he pull out and come on my stomach? We're supposed to go home, remember?"

    I played along replying "No, you should probably let him flood you."

    She then gave a grin and pulled her toy out saying "Come here."

    I casually walked over, with my cock three-froths hard, and asked "How many times did he come inside you while I was in the shower?"

    As our lips slowly pressed together and my finger glided into her slick vagina, she said "Twice."

    We kissed very slowly as she firmly pulled at my cock, when without warning, there was a knock on the door. Instantly we lost the mood with Janet saying "Great! Why couldn't we have gone to the fucking Saharan Desert for vacation, instead of Grand fucking Central Station."

    I chuckled as I walked to the door. Once the door was cracked a few inches, Marie burst in asking "Well? Are you guys coming? We're getting ready to roll."

    I tried covering my cock being as polite as I could, as Janet pulled the bedspread over her, when I replied "Um, well, we can't go like this."

    She instantly bolted back out the door saying "Oh, right. Sorry. See you there."

    As I closed the door I noticed Janet going for the shower, turning back to say "I guess we'll have to remember where we left off later tonight. Listen, we're taking $200.00, and that's win or loose? That's it. No more. We leave the credit cards here, and that's all the cash we're taking."

    I replied "Yes, I know. I know."

    An hour later, after Janet spent forty-five minutes getting herself incredibly sexy, we arrived at the tournament. To my surprise, it was very professional looking, and I figured it was a safe, fun place for us to have a "Normal" good time. There must have been five hundred people in this convention hall. We then paid our entry fee when I gave Janet a hundred bucks, and kept a hundred.

    I was like her on the money thing, a hundred each was more than enough to blow. It was around 7:00 PM, when we started at a table. Within an hour, Janet was sitting beside me, completely busted. I on the other hand was up $146.00, and proud as a peacock. I kept bouncing between $120 and $300 all evening. My addiction was winning. If I had lost three hands in a row, I'm sure I would have stopped, but it seemed every time I lost, I won twice.

    There were only four people at our table by 10:00 P.M., and everyone at it, was like us, they only brought a couple hundred bucks or so. Three of the original seven had left over the hours, and the remaining four kept trading money back and forth for hours. This went on forever.

    At around mid-night with me now up to $429.00, Janet pecked me on the shoulder and said "Let's go, I'm whipped, and you've done well, Baby. You should be proud of yourself."

    I quickly replied like a gambling junkie "Oh Baby, No, I'm just getting started."

    She didn't reply. She just exhaled in boredom. We sat there for a few minutes more when Marie came over and said, "Hey, if you guys want to stay here all night? Fine, but some of us women are tired, and want to crash."

    That was music to Janet's ears. I jokingly said "Now Janet, Sweetie, Honey, make sure to park the bike next to our vehicle."

    Marie, jokingly, yet being a smart ass replied "Oh, aint we the clever one. She doesn't have to ride the bike back you ass, I got us a cab smarty-pants. Bring that moose Huggs with you when he's busted too."

    Janet then looked at me with an, I'm really tired look, but I won't go if you don't want me to type look. when I eventually said "It's fine Honey. Go back and I'll be there soon. I won't be long. We are about to up the betting, so either I'll have some money, or will loose my hundred."

    It was the alcohol and winning addiction speaking, and I knew it. She quickly agreed and kissed my cheek as I began picking up my cards. I could see the door from where I was, and noticed that Marie and several other wives and girlfriends were heading back at the same time. I didn't exactly like the idea of my wife going anywhere with Marie without me, but several tables over were all their husbands. I knew that meant little to Marie, but there's no way Janet would get talked into anything. I was confident that she proved that earlier.

    Chapter X: She Lost Control

    At around 3:00 A.M. I finally said "Wow, I'm whipped. I'm going to bow out. Thanks for a great game. They all shook my hand, and I took my $189 in chips, donated my ten percent to the charity, and went for my bike. Huggs and several others were hardcore into their games and had probably dropped thousands, so I just left it alone.

    As I rolled into the hotel parking lot, all I could think about was Janet. That little tease we had before Marie barged in, was still very much on my mind. I was realizing that her little role play episodes were damn near as erotic as the real thing. Once to our floor just outside our room, I fumbled with the swipe card as usual, finally getting the green light. Immediately upon entering, I smelled cigarette smoke, not really strong as if just smoked, but rather like a few hours before someone had been smoking.

    I didn't think much of it. I figured Janet might have had one of her three cigarettes a year. She didn't smoke, but if drinking, she'd bum one from someone who did, and puff on it out of curiosity.

    As I walked towards the bedroom of the suite, I could see one of Janet's feet hanging off the bed. She was laying on her stomach, but obviously still wearing her shoes. I figured she had just crashed, too tired to take them off. I then scanned the room noticing that she took her dress and panties off right in front of the toilet.

    I had to piss like a horse, but still had it in my mind that I'd crank up the eroticism when I got back to Janet. I also noticed an empty bottle of Jack Daniels on the night stand, and was pretty certain Marie talked Janet and several other women into drinking somewhat.

    Still, all I could think about was the intense sexual events before the poker tournament. It was actually unbelievably erotic just seeing her beautiful leg and foot hanging off the end of the bed. It looked very erotic. I began imagining a guy, or guys, pulling the sheet off her and having her. As I walked to the bathroom, I began unbuttoning my jeans and took them off along with my boots just before entering. I stood at the toilet, and the relief was incredible. I had been holding it for some time.

    As I stood there, I have no idea why, but I glanced down at Janet's rumpled up skirt on the floor. Her panties were right in the center of it just under the top of the dress. As I finished pissing, I glanced back at her making sure she was still asleep, and leaned down. I plucked her panties from her dress, and let me tell you. The sight was something I was not prepared for.

    I know I had been turned on by Janet experimenting, trying her best to fulfill a fantasy of mine, but this was beyond anything I had conjured. In the crotch of her navy blue shiny panties was a half dried, damp, large thick patch of chalky white sludge. In the center of the crotch was a three inch long slightly dried milky streaks, that were still wet in the center.

    I stood there for a few seconds, in denial, but then brought them to my face to smell. Ten inches from my nose, the strong aroma for semen was unmistakable. I took my thumb and rubbed it through the wet streak, and it was extremely slick. Now, I watched Janet use a feminine douche before we left. She even told me that she felt dirty down there, and needed to. So, I knew for a fact that what was on her panties wasn't from earlier.

    I turned and sat on the toilet for a few minutes. I was pissed off, turned on, angry, horny, and a thousand other emotions rolled into one. As I stared out at her laying on the bed, one foot off, in her sexy shoes, I began looking at the panties and stroking my cock.

    With all my emotions, I was amazed that my cock was becoming rigid. The crotch of her panties was utterly filled with come. After a few minutes, I stood and slowly walked towards the bed, and laid the panties on the edge of the bed. I knelt one knee on the bed, and slowly removed the sheet from her.

    She didn't move a muscle. Immediately as the sheet raised I smelled a strong odor of alcohol and semen. I knew that at some point after leaving the poker tournament, she must have drank, a lot. I again began stroking my cock staring at her ass, as she laid there on her stomach with one leg raised and spread upwards touching her left elbow, and the other straight, with her foot off the bed.

    As I stroked with my right hand, I slowly lowered my left hand to her spread crotch, and cautiously fumbled against her pussy, when instantly my middle finger hit a warm, incredibly slick patch and flew into her vagina. I immediately withdrew it and smelled it. She was loaded with semen.

    From the looks of her panties, she might have taken more than one guy. There were cloudy white dried streaks and smudges all over the maroon sheets. I have no clue what came over me at this moment, I got between her legs, not caring at this point if she woke. I pulled her ass off the bed, and slid the swollen head of my cock into the warm slick mess.

    With one fluid effortless movement, I felt my nuts touch her. I was completely inside her. As I began fucking her, I could tell she was waking, but she didn't even turn around, which drove me insane. I mean I knew she had been drinking, but she didn't really know who was fucking her.

    As I pounded and smacked my body against hers, I slowed and leaned over her back whispering "Damn, I love how full of come you are."

    She didn't say a word, she continued pressing her face into the pillow, when I again whispered "I'm glad you decided to experiment with multiple guys." Buy this time, I was trying to get a response, but still nothing.

    As I began pounding her again, pausing occasionally to keep from unloading, she uttered "What are you talking about?"

    I replied "It's okay, Baby, I wanted you to."

    Again she uttered "I don't know what you're talking about."

    She then leaned forward taking me out of her, spun onto her back and spread her legs, when I utterly lied saying "It's fine, I know all about it. It was my idea."

    As drunk as she was, her eyes got as big as silver dollars as she replied "You know what? I've been asleep."

    I then leaned down and began slowly kissing her as I again effortlessly inserted my cock inside her vagina. As I did, I said, "Stop worrying, it's just semen. You had sex with more than one guy, and they ejaculated inside you. It's okay."

    Now, I truly didn't know shit, but knew what I knew. She had semen inside her, and it wasn't mine. How it happened? I truly had now idea, but it seemed my lies were close to bringing out the events.

    She stopped kissing me and began holding my face, very seriously saying, "Okay, let's hear it. What do you think you know?"

    I once again replied "Stop worrying. It doesn't matter how I know. It happened, and I'm fine with it. Do you see how much I'm enjoying us right now. I'm living in the fantasy."

    She didn't say a word, she just continued to hold my face with a worried look. I had stopped moving completely, simply staring back. I held my cock all the way inside her when she softly said "I love you so much, Baby... I. I was... I was drunk. I shouldn't have drank that much."

    Still keeping to my lie, the lie that I knew all about it, I asked "Is that the first time you ever had sex with multiple guys at once?"

    I quickly realized that was dumb, in that I had no idea whether there were two guys, or any events. She immediately gaped her mouth open, finally replying "I thought you said you knew all about it."

    Instantly switching to attorney rebuttal, I said "I do, I spoke to one of the guys. It just turns me on to hear it from you."

    She then replied "Nothing happened. What makes you think something happened? You're making shit up now."

    I then said "First of all, I spoke to one of the guys involved before coming up, second...?"

    I then grabbed her panties I had laid on the side of the bed, and uttered "Well, second, your panties are still full of their come."

    I held her panties up. She immediately grabbed them and threw them to the floor. After throwing them, she put her hands over her face and slid them down slowly saying "I'm never drinking again. How much do you know? I'm serious. Were you at the poker tournament or watching from the glass doors. Did you set it up? Was it your idea? You did didn't you?"

    I then said with another profound lie, "Listen, it's okay. Yes, I had it arranged. I watched most of it, but not all of it. I've been back for some time and was fine with it. Just tell me about it. I want to hear all of it."

    She instantly began spilling it all, not knowing how much I had seen or not seen. I feel as though she wanted to confess it, especially after the undeniable view of her panties. She began saying, "God, I figured you knew, it seemed almost rehearsed. I even imagined you were watching, not actually knowing where you were. I could feel you watching. Thank God you were."

    Again I replied "Yes, I did see quite a bit."

    "I knew it. I knew there was no way those guys would be so bold. Did you put them up to it?"

    I just grinned saying "I don't know. Did I?"

    "Oh my God, I so knew it. The whole time it was happening? I told myself you were watching, that you knew it was happening, and even put them up to it. I especially knew, when I told that one guy we couldn't? That my husband would be back any minute? The second he said it's no problem, it's all fine. I knew. There's no way I would have let him take my panties off if I didn't think you already knew about it."

    The entire time she spoke, my gut wrenched. I was about to hear the whole thing, and for the first time. She was really spilling it because she thought it was old news to me. She would have had a stroke had she known it was a total confession, and that I didn't know a single detail.

    She then continued "You knew they were trying to get me more and more drunk, right? That was your idea?"

    Quickly I replied "Yes. I didn't think you would sober, or even buzzed."

    She then said "You told that heavy set guy to come in my mouth didn't you? You know I hate that. God, it was gross. It was slimy, salty, and the half I swallowed seemed like it stuck in the back of my throat. Every time I swallowed after that, it's almost like it my throat and tongue was coated with his semen."

    In my utter shock I could only reply "Sorry. Yes, I did. I hoped you'd let me watch him ejaculate in your mouth."

    She then said "Why would you go to such elaborate measures? Why didn't you just say you wanted me to have sex with three guys? Sober, I might have said no, but I might have also said yes? You should have asked without such a production. You do know that the last guy wore a condom, right?"

    Still in a woken coma from the shock and horror, I replied "Yes, but his friends came in you."

    She said "Well duh, I knew for a fact you probably wanted that. I knew you were behind it. I just knew it. I would have never let them come inside me as many times as they did. I put spermicide inside me the moment we got back because I had no idea what was happening or what would happen. I was suspicious that something was in the works."

    I then chuckled in horror "It's fine. I lost track. How many times did those two guys come inside you?"

    She then asked "I don't know, were you watching during the first part or the last part?"

    I flipped a coin and replied "The last part."

    She then said "Okay, well the guy with the condom at the end, can twice, sometime between mid-night and 1:00 A.M., going through two condoms. The other two guys both came pretty quick when we first started and as you know they weren't wearing a condom. I wasn't drunk enough not to use the spermicidal foam. I bought it at the drug store on the way back because I knew you weren't done with this. That one guy with the really short hair came three times. The guy with the tattoo on his neck came twice. You probably only saw the last time or two. God, did you see how much that guy who didn't take his pants all the way off came? It was ridiculous how he kept coming. I'm sure you saw his buddies laughing with how much was leaking out of me. I didn't think I could orgasm with them, but God! Did you see how crazy I came. I think it freaked them out too."

    I calmly, but still ate up inside, with eroticism and grief combined replied "Yes, I did. He did too. It was unreal. That was a lot. You couldn't hold it all."

    She then calmly asked "Are we done now? Done with your fantasy? Done with it all? I want to get back to absolute normalcy, my marriage, my faithful marriage. I've done this for you, and I want you to commit to never doing this again or asking me to do anything like this. And, don't think you can create a circumstance like you did tonight with those guys, and have me go along. This is something we can look back on as an experiment, a fantasy, getting it out of your system, totally done? Over? Right?"

    As I began fucking her, I didn't last more than a minute. The I replied as I began to explode, "No more, it's done."

    The head of my cock came so hard it practically burst, with a stinging, jolting, jet of my seed. The in-tenseness of my climax was more powerful than anything I had ever felt sexually. Semen bolted from the head of my cock. I shoved deeper than ever before, almost as if trying to wash all the other sperm out f her uterus.

    As my seed bolted deep inside her pussy, she began kissing me saying "Oh God, Yes, Baby. I want us to have a baby. I want your baby."

    I will end this tale here as . The Volume II of the tale consists of our last few days, and the fact that we both extended our vacations. I learned that my fantasy had become her own. She profoundly told me that fucking other men was only half her fantasy, fucking them in front of me set her on fire. She fantasized about multiple men...

    But again... That's another story...
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