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    I've written here before of how I fantasize that my wife not only has an affair and cucks me, but falls in love with her boyfriend and leaves me in a particularly humiliating fashion.

    I also love interracial. My wife has fucked some well-endowed Black men, and it's sometimes all I can think about.

    So I've combined my two obsessions and now post on BDSMLR as kaceyscuck. If you share these two...interests, you might like what I have there. :+)

    Just an invitation to the good folks at the Cuckolds Forum.
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  2. Worth It

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    Sounds like you want to be the "starter husband" for your wife, preparing her for a better tomorrow. Has this happened to you in the past? Do you fantasize about bringing up other women through the minor leagues to the big league?
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  3. masterdan

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    This HASN'T happened to me...my wife and I are very much in love. But she knows I fantasize about it (she thinks often, really it's always lol).

    And being a starter husband? Minor leagues to big leagues? God, that's awesome.
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    My wife has come close multiple times...I ve heard her tell her lovers she would leave me for them if we were financially able too or if they really wanted her too. It is amazing how much a turn on and how much angst there is at the same time knowing that another man has claimed your wife body and mind. After these affairs she stops for 6 months to a year before finding a new horse to ride...its been since December that she broke up with her last boyfriend as he decided to move in with a new girl......she is trying to get close to me again but has to men that she is flirting with but won't do anything with at this time....

    Her two main - one was a 6 year relationship and her last she knew the guy for years but they "dated" for about 2 years. It was a long distance relationship so it was harder for them - but she did make me leave the house a couple of weekends so he could visit and she did go see her "parents" a lot so she could spend long weekends with him.

    Amazing feeling, but also coming so close to losing her again puts that doubt and angst in you as well - I think when I heard the conversation of her wanting to leave me for him made me so short triggered I didn't give her an orgasm for months - kept thinking about him claiming her and her letting it happen and I would cum......didnt help matters that lol

    The first lover she tried to get pregnant with - she wouldn't admit it but I was forced to wear condoms and she told me he did too but I taste him on her and saw all her used panties...no condoms were used - that is when I knew the first man claimed her....at the end of that relationship she cried on my shoulder a lot like I was her best friend and not husband....I think I came in my pants a few times...

    sorry to be all over the place!! Good luck and be careful. It can and does happen
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