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  1. masterdan

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    I've written here before of how I fantasize that my wife not only has an affair and cucks me, but falls in love with her boyfriend and leaves me in a particularly humiliating fashion.

    I also love interracial. My wife has fucked some well-endowed Black men, and it's sometimes all I can think about.

    So I've combined my two obsessions and now post on BDSMLR as kaceyscuck. If you share these two...interests, you might like what I have there. :+)

    Just an invitation to the good folks at the Cuckolds Forum.
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  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you want to be the "starter husband" for your wife, preparing her for a better tomorrow. Has this happened to you in the past? Do you fantasize about bringing up other women through the minor leagues to the big league?
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  3. masterdan

    masterdan Member

    This HASN'T happened to me...my wife and I are very much in love. But she knows I fantasize about it (she thinks often, really it's always lol).

    And being a starter husband? Minor leagues to big leagues? God, that's awesome.
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  4. murph's

    murph's Member

    My wife has come close multiple times...I ve heard her tell her lovers she would leave me for them if we were financially able too or if they really wanted her too. It is amazing how much a turn on and how much angst there is at the same time knowing that another man has claimed your wife body and mind. After these affairs she stops for 6 months to a year before finding a new horse to ride...its been since December that she broke up with her last boyfriend as he decided to move in with a new girl......she is trying to get close to me again but has to men that she is flirting with but won't do anything with at this time....

    Her two main - one was a 6 year relationship and her last she knew the guy for years but they "dated" for about 2 years. It was a long distance relationship so it was harder for them - but she did make me leave the house a couple of weekends so he could visit and she did go see her "parents" a lot so she could spend long weekends with him.

    Amazing feeling, but also coming so close to losing her again puts that doubt and angst in you as well - I think when I heard the conversation of her wanting to leave me for him made me so short triggered I didn't give her an orgasm for months - kept thinking about him claiming her and her letting it happen and I would cum......didnt help matters that lol

    The first lover she tried to get pregnant with - she wouldn't admit it but I was forced to wear condoms and she told me he did too but I taste him on her and saw all her used panties...no condoms were used - that is when I knew the first man claimed her....at the end of that relationship she cried on my shoulder a lot like I was her best friend and not husband....I think I came in my pants a few times...

    sorry to be all over the place!! Good luck and be careful. It can and does happen
  5. murph's

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    Wife is at it again....new ex she is talking with. Met him during a class reunion and said he hit on her but nothing happened. Text tell a different story and they spent the weekend together, drinking, fucking and cuming in her. (not mad but very hard when I read this).

    They recently started talking about their feelings for each other and if she could have dealt with him all these years if they didn't break up. Her response is that she misses him a lot and hopes they can get together again soon.
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  6. murph's

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    She spent 3 hours on the phone talking to her new man last night and sent about 100 texts back and forth........any ideas what they might have been texting and talking about for so long? When I came in she said she was on the phone with her Mom - but phone records indicate a different story.....her phone was on lock down last night and this am so I couldn't get a look lol
  7. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    When it's new, it's all anyone can think about. Let her enjoy herself.
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  8. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    My wife is financially independent herself. Although she has her lovers, couples mostly, in the end, she stays with me. It's because I let her have lovers.
  9. murph's

    murph's Member

    LOL - I think that is why she stays with me too and you are right it is all anyone can think of when it is new especially this Cuck!!! ;-)
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  10. slutplay

    slutplay Loving Slut

    How horny though for you to be sitting down with your wife and sorting out finances to see if it were possible, with your help, for her to leave you and move in with another guy.

    When sorted, you could ask for "Access" to her whereby she would visit you now and then and let you wank in front of her (she may even strip to her fishnet stockings and thong) while she tells you how wonderful her new partner is. When you have spunked all over yourself, she would probably tell you that she has to rush back to him to cook his dinner or that she has been out all day and misses him. If you are very lucky, before she goes "home," she may let you lick her arsehole while she is on the phone to her darling new man.
    You would hear her say "See you soon, I love you my darling" to him while your face is between her buttocks and your tongue is as far as you can get it into her rectum.

    When she has gone, all you would have is the photos of her naked that you took when she was yours. Then another wank gazing at her pics before you sort out the bills she has run up for expensive undies and sex toys she will enjoy with him.
  11. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Agreeing to marry someone always involves compromises. Audrey is younger and more attractive than me, equally successful professionally and financially. She had two previous marriage proposals with guys who I would say were better than me. But they wouldn't compromise on one thing - monogamy. One guy was totally astounded that Audrey expected to continue having lovers, the other said women only.

    For me it wasn't really a compromise at all having a wife with lovers, because she eager to have sex with me whenever I want. Maybe I need to worry about some guy better than me who feels the same way.
  12. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    With my ex-wife I didn't have to ask for "Access" we fucked through the divorce and afterwards.

    I not one to put my tongue (or dick) in anyone's rectum, but Audrey has been on the phone with a lover while she's fucking me, and talking with me while having her pussy taken care of by another man or woman. If you've done MFM with your wife, that's nothing.
  13. Allintogether

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    Yes I love interracial only we are dark skinned and prefer white men, and yes I have nearly lost my wife more than a few times, the last time her sex life was “through the roof” along with my humiliation, and now I love her even more
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  14. murph's

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    She is close to finding another man - they are flirting a lot. They have sexted and she wears what he wants her to wear when she sees him. He wants to give her some clothes to wear to bed so he is close to her. Cant wait to find her in a man's shirt and ask her if that was my old shirt and see what she said....

    IT makes me crazy horny when she cheats and gets involved with her lovers to the point of being theirs that I can't think straight and would do anything she wanted for the rush.....even licking her asshole while she talks to her lover!
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  15. Worth It

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