A Very Cruel Wife

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    I'm a cuckold husband of some 5 years' standing, but I have never been into being humiliated by my wife or her present young lover at all.

    So, someone please tell me, why I find this video so fucking hot---apart, that is, from the fact that the
    physique and very effective missionary fucking action (beginning 10 minutes into the video) of the young black lover in it very closely resemble those of the beautiful 24 year-old Afro-American live-in lover of my wife who, thankfully, has throughout her cuckolding of me never been even slightly cruel or humiliating towards me.

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    After 5 months of wondering and self-analysis, I have finally dropped to the answer to my question "Why I find this video so fucking hot?"

    It's because the wife and her handsome young lover are so perfectly matched physically, while---like my buddy and my now ex-wife--- being beautifully contrasted in their skin colour. Hot hot HOT!!!

    Also, I have finally admitted to myself that the young black is even more beautifully-built and bigger-cocked than my buddy---whose athletic Afro-American physique and huge uncut cock still slay me every time he strips off for action---and with me being bisexual and into young black men, that arouses me like crazy.

    Finally, the black lover in this video positively exudes quiet confidence in the wife's plainly expressed sexual obsession with his magnificent body and cock, and accordingly remains perfe ctly silent throughout their encounter; even when he orgasms.

    That said, I would much rather he had barebacked her and ejaculated into her vagina instead of into that condom, notwithstanding its being black. Like my buddy, he would have got off more convulsively and copiously if he had fucked her bare-cocked. That would have also been even more humiliating for the watching husband that his wife torments with her running commentary on his sexual inadequacies and inability to satisfy her---compared to her lover's obvious superiority it that department.
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    The missionary position sequence beginning at 9.45 and ending at 14.35 in this video, I find the most erotic by far.

    At the start of the sequence the beautifully muscular thighs and torso of the young black lover---who initially maintains a hotly revealing upright fucking stance---are displayed to perfection as he thrusts very smoothly and supply into the ecstatic well laid-back wife.

    Amongst his myriad and glorious erotogenic physical advantages, the young black has a strong upcurve to his magnificent erection, which as a consequence of that---going by the ecstatic responses of the wife---is causing the head his cock to thrust extremely pleasurably against the front wall of her vagina and her cervix.

    In that respect his stance and thrusting action is almost identical to that of my young black buddy when he is fucking my wife (now my ex-wife) in the missionary position, which is their favourite one by far. That makes my oft-repeated viewings of this video not only sexually extremely exciting for me, but also rather poignant as I see the young white wife going through pretty much the whole range of black-loving and finally orgasmic responses that I watch my ex-wife going through when she is being fucked by my buddy, now her husband; but sadly not by me anymore.

    I especially love the sequence beginning at 10.9 when the couple is shown wetly and hungrily kissing when the young black has assumed the way more intimate belly-to-belly position to fuck the wife to orgasm. Again, this is a hugely effective technique almost identical in its relentless rhythm and force of thrusting to that which my buddy uses with my ex-wife in when he is working to increase his and her pleasure during his build-up to orgasm.

    In the video, the wife's pressing of the calves of her bent legs against the back of her lover's thighs when he gets to fucking her in the missionary position has become a favourite and very effective urging gesture of my ex-wife too, by which she---at exactly the right moment in their fucking---by pulling his pelvis very hard against hers, signals her desire for my buddy to finally plough her to orgasm with every last reserve of his superbly youthful strength and to ejaculate balls-deep into her.

    Hot hot HOT!!!!!!!!!!
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