A Swing

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    "A Swing"

    By: Eeric


    Paul had just finished his shift at the water company, and was driving home.
    He had been shift supervisor for the last 3 years.

    As he came home and walked into his house, he saw his wife doing one
    of her workouts in front of the TV.

    He stood there for a minute admiring the view.
    Dawn his wife, was wearing her tight gym outfit that really clung to her body.

    Paul and Dawn have been married for seven years.

    Dawn is 28 years old, about 5 foot 5 inches tall and a natural blonde.
    She has always had a very nice slim body.

    Paul has always been particular fond of her butt.
    It's not too big and not too small, just the right size.
    And it's real tight.

    Not to mention her soft and firm size B breasts.

    Dawn also has one of those great personalities, always positive.
    She has always enjoyed sex, and has been very open to trying new things.

    Paul is 30 years old and 6 feet tall.
    Watching his wife workout, has also gotten him to start going to the gym.
    Paul has actually gotten in great shape himself.

    Paul took off his jacket, after which he walked over to his wife.

    "Hi good looking." He said as he walked up to her.

    "Oh hi honey, I didn't hear you come in." Dawn said.

    "Well, I was just admiring the view." Paul told his wife.

    "You were, were you." Dawn said with a smile on her face.

    "Oh yes." Paul said as he leaned over and gave his wife a big kiss.

    "I've prepared some steaks for us, they'll be ready in about a half an hour."
    Dawn told her husband.

    "Ok." Said Paul.

    "I'll just go and take a shower and then we can eat." Dawn told Paul.

    Dawn then went upstairs.
    Paul went out to the kitchen and began to set the table.
    Twenty minutes later Dawn came down and they started eating.

    "How was your shift?" Dawn asked.

    "Same as usual, except for Johnson who fell into a water tank again."
    Paul told his wife as they both started to laugh.

    "Is that the second time this month." Dawn laughed.

    "I think so." Paul laughed.

    An hour later after they had finished their dinner,
    they sat down in the couch in front of the TV.

    An hour past.

    "Well it's getting late, I think I'll turn in." Dawn told Paul.

    "Ok, I'll be up in a little while." Said Paul.

    Dawn gave Paul a little kiss as she then went upstairs.

    A few minutes later Paul went over to the computer and logged on to the internet.
    He logged on to a page where swingers put their contacts.

    For the past six months Paul has been having fantasies about seeing his wife
    with another man.
    So he has been checking out different web sites, to see if there were
    any couples around where they lived who swinged.
    Paul had found a few, but none that he found interesting.

    Although if he did find a couple that he liked, he still had to tell Dawn
    about this swinging fantasy of his.

    But then as he clicked on the next page, he saw a familiar face.
    He got a little surprised at what he saw.

    Paul saw Tyler and Shawna Miller in a contact ad.
    Tyler and Shawna was a black couple whom Paul and Dawn recently had become
    friends with.

    Paul had no idea that they were swingers.

    "They could be the ones." Paul thought out loud.

    They were in Dawn and Pauls age, and both couples liked each other.

    Paul then decided to tell Dawn about his fantasy,
    and see if she were up to it.

    As he walked upstairs, he thought about how he should tell Dawn.
    When he came into the bedroom, Dawn laid in their bed reading a book.

    Paul then got undressed and got into bed.
    He snuggled up to his wife.

    "Hello." His wife said as she put down the book and gave him a kiss.

    They fooled around for a bit.

    "Dawn." Paul then said.

    "Yes." Dawn replied.

    "You know Tyler and Shawna." Paul said.

    "What about them." Dawn asked.

    "They are swingers." Paul told Dawn.

    "What... you mean they?" Dawn said.

    "They switch partners with other couples." Paul told her.

    "Wow, I had no idea." Dawn said looking surprised.

    "Nor did I." Paul said.

    "How did you find out?" Dawn then asked.

    Paul didn't exactly know what to tell her.

    "Well I was roaming the net a bit, and I stumbled across a swingers page.
    And there in an ad were Tyler and Shawna." Paul told Dawn.

    "Were you looking for other couples?" Dawn asked surprised.

    "No I..." Paul said.

    "Paul." Dawn said looking her husband straight in his eyes.

    "Ok, I'll come clean." Paul said.

    He looked at his wife.

    "Well, for the past months,
    I've had this fantasy about us two meeting another couple."
    Paul told her.

    "What!" Dawn looked a bit stunned.

    "You want us to have sex with another couple."
    Dawn then said in a bit of a confused voice.

    "Well... yes,
    but mainly I've wondered what it would be like to see you with another man."
    Paul told his wife trying not to look directly at her.

    Dawn looked at her husband as she thought about what he had just told her.

    "I really don't know what to think about this." Dawn said.

    "Well..." Paul said.

    "I think we should go to sleep now." Dawn told Paul.

    Paul looked at his wife.

    "Ok." Paul told her.

    Dawn then laid her head down on her pillow with her head turned away from Paul.

    Paul did the same, whilst thinking that maybe he shouldn't have told her.

    A half an hour later they were both a sleep.

    The next day as Paul woke up, he noticed that Dawn had already gone up.
    He put on his robe and went downstairs.

    When he came down to the kitchen, he saw Dawn standing there making breakfast.

    "Good morning." Paul said.

    Dawn didn't reply.

    "Look sweetheart, it was just a fantasy I..." Paul told Dawn.

    "Honey." Dawn said.

    "Yes." Paul said.

    Dawn turned around and walked over to Paul.

    "I love you Paul, and if this is something that you want us to do,
    then I guess we could at least try it."
    Dawn said with a little smile on her face.

    "Are you sure Dawn,
    you know I don't want to do anything that you are not comfortable with."
    Paul told her.

    "Yes I'm sure." Dawn told him and gave Paul a kiss.

    "I love you Dawn." Paul told her and kissed her back.

    "I love you too." Dawn said.

    "You know, I thought we might ask Tyler and Shawna." Paul then told Dawn.

    "Because we both like them and they like us." Paul said.

    Do you think they would be interested?" Dawn asked Paul.

    "Sure they will, we just have to figure out how to ask them."
    Paul said.

    "Well, they have wanted to have us over to their house for dinner.
    We could call them up and ask if, this weekend is good for them."
    Dawn told Paul.

    "And when we're there, we could ask them." Paul said.

    "I could call Shawna later if you want." Dawn said.

    "Ok." Paul smiled.

    A bit later they gave each other a kiss as Paul went away to work.

    "We are actually going to do this." Paul said to himself on his way to work.

    Eight hours later Paul came back from work.

    "Honey, are you home." Paul called out for Dawn.

    "I'm in the kitchen honey." Dawn called out.

    As Paul went out into the kitchen, Dawn told him that she had called up Shawna
    and that she had invited them over for dinner on Saturday.

    All that Dawn and Paul could think about, the days up to Saturday,
    was if they would actually going to sleep with another couple.

    They had only slept with each other for the past 10 years.
    None of them had ever even thought about cheating with another person.

    But this wasn't cheating, because they both agreed to it.

    Then Saturday came.

    Both Paul and Dawn had gotten dressed and was about to leave for
    Tyler and Shawnas house.

    "Are you ready?" Asked Paul.

    "Yes, let's go." Dawn said with a little smile.

    Dawn was wearing a sexy blouse with a few buttons unbuttoned that showed some cleavage.
    She also wore a pair of tight pants, that really clung to her gorgeous butt.

    They then took a taxi to Tyler and Shawna.

    "Are you nervous?" Paul asked Dawn.

    "A little, and you." Dawn asked.

    "Yes a bit, but it will be fine." Paul said.

    A few moments later the taxi pulled up to Tyler and Shawnas house.
    Paul paid the driver and then they walked up to the front door.

    They looked at each other and then they rang the bell.

    "Hi Paul, Dawn." It was Tyler whom opened the door.

    "Hi Tyler, hello Tyler." Said Paul and Dawn.

    "Come in, Shawnas in the kitchen." Tyler told them as they walked inside.

    As Dawn took off her jacket, Paul noticed that Tyler took a glimpse of Dawns cleavage.

    Paul got a little smile on his face thinking that Tyler was interested in Dawn.

    "Hi Shawna." Said Dawn as she walked into the kitchen.

    "Hi Dawn, I'm almost ready with the dinner." Shawna told Dawn.

    "There's no hurry." Dawn told her.

    Shawna was wearing a dark gray top along with a pair of snug pants.

    The two of them talked for a bit and so did Paul and Tyler.

    Dawn then helped Shawna bring out the dinner to the table.

    "It's ready." Shawna then told Tyler and Paul.

    "It looks great Shawna." Paul told her as he sat down.

    "Thanks." Shawna said.

    All through dinner they talked about this and that.

    An hour later.

    "Well why don't we move into the living room and have a drink."
    Tyler suggested.

    "Great." Said Paul.

    They then got up and moved into the living room.
    They all then sat down whilst Tyler got some drinks.

    "Here you go." Said Tyler handing them the drinks.

    He had gotten whiskeys for him and Paul, and wine for Dawn and Shawna.

    As they continued to talk, Paul looked over at Dawn and Dawn looked back and nodded.

    "Have you guys ever heard about these couples who exchange partners?"
    Paul then asked Tyler and Shawna.

    Tyler and Shawna looked at each other.

    "Yeah, swingers." Tyler said.

    "Yes, what would you say if I told you that Dawn and I were thinking about doing that."
    Paul said.

    "You mean to swing?" Tyler asked.

    "Yes." Paul said.

    Tyler and Shawna smiled at each other.

    "Well you know, Shawna and I have actually done that." Tyler told Paul and Dawn.

    Well actually, we saw your photos in one of those swinger websites."
    Paul then told Tyler and Shawna.

    "Why didn't you say anything?" Tyler then asked.

    "Well..." Paul said.

    "We were a little nervous and we wanted to know if you would like to, you know..."
    Dawn said looking at Shawna and Tyler.

    Shawna looked at Tyler and they both smiled.

    "You wanted to know if we would like to swing with you." Shawna said.

    "Yes." Dawn said.

    "I think we could do that."
    Shawna said with a sexy smile as she then looked at Paul.

    Shawna whom was sitting next to Paul laid her hand on his thigh,
    and then slowly began to rub it.

    Paul looked over at Dawn and she looked back at him,
    and then they nodded to each other.

    Shawna then looked up at Paul.

    "You know Paul, my husband has had a thing for your wife ever since we first met."
    Shawna said.

    As Dawn heard that she looked over at Tyler, and they both smiled at each other.

    "Go on." Paul said to Dawn.

    Dawn then slowly got up and walked over to Tyler.
    She then sat down in his lap.

    Shawna now moved her hand up to Pauls crotch.
    Paul jumped up a little as he felt her hand.

    "Mmm, Paul you're already hard." She said.

    Paul didn't really know what to do.

    "We're all a bit shy at first." Shawna told him.

    She then took Pauls hand and laid it on her breast.

    A moment later Paul started to move his hand,
    and began to softly squeeze Shawnas breasts.

    But Paul had his eyes on his wife and Tyler the whole time,
    as his biggest fantasy was taking place in front of his eyes.
    His wife with another man.

    Tyler had begun to kiss Dawns neck, as Dawn had her hand on the outside of his
    shirt and felt his chest.

    "Why don't you take off my shirt?" Tyler said to Dawn.

    Dawn looked at Tyler and then she reached down and unbuttoned his shirt.
    Tyler then took it off.

    Dawn looked at his hard black muscles.
    She smiled at Tyler.

    She then reached down and ran her fingers through his hard chest.

    Tyler then reached up with his hands and slowly began to unbutton Dawns blouse.
    Dawn started to breath a little heavier.

    As Tyler opened her blouse he saw her breasts in her white bra.
    He looked up at Dawn as he then reached in and slowly caressed her breasts.

    Dawn began to have mixed emotions about this, she had never let anyone
    except for her husband to touch her like this.

    But she was also getting really aroused by Tylers touch.

    Dawn then looked over at Paul and saw him looking at her and smiling.
    Dawn then smiled back.

    Shawna had now gotten her top off along with Pauls shirt.
    She was now reaching around her back and unhooking her bra.

    Paul took his eyes off of his wife for a moment, as Shawna revealed her big breasts.
    She had to be at least a C-cup.

    Shawna smiled at Paul and then she laid her hand around Pauls neck and
    slowly motioned him down to her breasts.

    Paul then started to caress her right breast as he planted his lips around
    her big nipple.
    He began to suck on her tits.

    A bit later, Shawna began to unzip Pauls pants.
    Paul dropped back as Shawna pulled his pants off of him.

    Shawna looked up at Paul as she reached inside of his underwear and pulled
    out his hard dick.

    Shawna got a smile on her face as she opened her mouth and got her lips
    around Pauls cockhead.

    "Mmm." Shawna moaned as she started to suck him.

    "Ahh." Paul started to breath heavier.

    As Shawna was giving him head, he looked over at Tyler and Dawn.

    Tyler had removed his pants and Dawn had gotten her bra off.
    Tyler had his hands all over Dawns soft breasts.
    He was squeezing and sucking them.

    "Ohh." Dawn moaned as Tyler squeezed her nipples.

    Tyler then started to unzip Dawns pants.
    Dawn noticed this, so she stood up and let her pants fall to the ground.

    By doing so she revealed her beautiful ass which was only covered by a thong.

    "Very nice." Tyler said as he planted his hands on her firm ass.

    Dawn smiled.

    Tyler then took Dawns hand and laid it on the big bulge on his boxers.
    Dawn felt his big cock inside of his underwear.

    Dawn looked at Tyler as she sat down between his legs.
    She then reached up and slowly pulled down his boxers.

    As she pulled them down, out popped Tylers 10 inch black cock.

    "Wow." Dawn let out.

    Dawn looked at it as she then slowly reached up and took a hold of it.

    She had never seen a black cock before, much less touched one.
    She started to stroke it, moving her hand up and down its length.

    Dawn then looked up at Tyler.

    "Go ahead." Tyler told her and gave her a smile.

    Dawn then leaned forward and slowly parted her lips and took his big
    cockhead into her mouth.

    It was a little bit bigger then she was used to.
    But she soon started to suck on his head.
    Dawn moved her tongue around it as she started to move her mouth
    up and down on it.

    Paul saw his wife having her lips around Tylers black cock.
    This was making him a little jealous, but mostly he was getting harder and
    harder by watching his wife with Tyler.

    Paul then saw Tyler and Dawn stand up.

    "Do you want the bedroom or the couch?" Tyler then asked Shawna.

    "You take the bedroom, we'll be fine here on the couch."
    Shawna told Tyler.

    Dawn looked at Paul, and Paul then smiled and nodded.
    Dawn smiled back.

    Paul then saw his almost naked white wife going into the bedroom with this black male.
    And it was actually turning him on more and more.

    A minute later Shawna stood up and pulled down her panties.

    Paul looked at Shawna as she smiled at him and moved up onto his lap.
    Paul took a hold of Shawna as she slowly sunk herself down onto
    his hard dick.

    "Ohh." Shawna moaned as she started to move her hip up and down.

    "Ah." Paul began to grunt as Shawna started to pump him more and more.

    But almost all that Paul could think about,
    was his wife in the bedroom with Tyler.
    And it was making him soo hot.

    "Ahh." Paul then grunted as he started to cum.

    "Ohh yeah baby." Shawna moaned as Paul came.

    A few moments later they started to get dressed.

    "Do you want another drink?" Shawna asked Paul.

    "Ok." Paul said.

    Paul then started to hear noises from the bedroom.
    It sounded like a bed moving, and some loud moans.

    He could hear that it was Dawn who was moaning.
    Tyler was probably fucking her.

    Paul was starting to get a bit more jealous now.
    But the thing he was jealous about, was the fact that he couldn't see
    his wife with Tyler.

    Paul wanted to watch his wife as Tyler pounded her.

    "You better get comfortable Paul, Tyler can go on for at least an hour more."
    Shawna told Paul.

    As Shawna and Paul sat there on the couch, they listened to the grunts
    and moans coming from the bedroom.

    Then about forty minutes later they heard all the noises calming down,
    and soon after, the bedroom door opened and Dawn and Tyler came out.

    Dawn was naked, and her hair was all roughed up as she walked over
    to the couch where she had her clothes.

    Dawn smiled at Paul.
    Paul noticed that she had a little trouble walking.
    Tyler must have done her real hard.

    Dawn then got dressed.

    Ten minutes later as they were getting ready to leave.

    "We had a great time." Paul told them.

    "Yes we really did." Dawn smiled.

    "Yes, we'll have to doing again some time." Tyler said.

    "Yes." Paul said.

    "Well bye."

    "Bye." They all said as Paul and Dawn walked out to the Taxi that was waiting.

    On the way home, Paul and Dawn looked and smiled at each other, not saying a word.

    Then as they got home.

    "So honey, how was it." Asked Paul.

    "It was great." Dawn told him.

    "I told you it would be fun." Paul said.

    "Yeah, but I must admit that I was really nervous at first."
    Dawn told Paul.

    "You looked awesome with Tyler." Paul said.

    "You think so." Dawn asked.

    "Yeah, but I wish I could have seen you with him in the bedroom."
    Paul told Dawn.

    "Really, you want me to tell you about it." Dawn then said.

    "Oh yes." Paul said.

    Dawn smiled.

    That night Paul and Dawn had some awesome sex.

    The days that followed, Dawn would tell Paul a little more of her time
    in the bedroom with Tyler.
    And each time they would have some great sex.
    Paul really got turned on by his wife's talk.

    Then one morning a week later just before Paul was going to work.

    "Are you sure about this." Dawn asked Paul.

    "Yes, I am." Paul said.

    "Don't you want to honey?" Paul then asked Dawn.

    "Sure I want to." Dawn said.

    "It'll be great." Paul told his wife.

    "Well ok." Dawn said with a smile on her face as she kissed her husband.

    "I love you." Dawn told Paul.

    "I love you too." Said Paul as he went out to his car and drove to work.

    Hours flew by.

    At three O'clock that day, Paul was on his way home.

    As he was driving into his neighborhood, he saw Dawn getting into a taxi.

    "Where could she be going?" Paul said out loud.

    Paul decided to follow her to see where she was going.

    He followed the taxi for about twenty minutes.
    Then he saw the taxi pull up next to Tyler and Shawnas house.

    Paul parked his car a bit away from their house.

    He watched as Dawn got out of the Taxi and walked up to the house.
    Someone opened the door and Dawn went inside.

    "What could she be doing here?" Paul said to himself.

    Paul then decided to sneak up to the house and find out.
    As he got up to the house, he saw Tyler walking into the bedroom.

    Paul then snuck around back.
    The bedroom had windows on the backside of the house.

    Pauls heart was racing as he came closer to the windows.

    As he got back, he took a peek inside.
    There he saw Tyler as he laid in the bed wearing only a pair of boxers.

    Then a few minutes later the bedroom door opened, and Shawna and Dawn walked inside.
    They were both only wearing a robe.

    Shawna and Dawn now stood in front of Tyler as they both opened their robes.

    Paul was rather stunned by this.

    They were completely naked underneath.
    They now stood in front of him totally naked.

    Tyler motioned to them to come over to him.

    Shawna crawled up to him on his right side, and Dawn got up on the side that
    was nearest to the window.

    Paul could see his wife's ass and pussy as she crawled up on the bed.
    Paul had now gotten very exited about what he saw,
    and he was also rather hard in his pants.

    Tyler had started to kiss Shawna whilst Dawn got down next to his boxers.
    Dawn then took a hold of them and then slowly pulled them down.

    She saw his black cock slowly coming into light.
    Tyler was only semi-hard.

    So Dawn grabbed his shaft and started to stroke it.
    It quickly grew into its full length.

    Paul then saw his wife leaning forward and taking it into her mouth.
    Dawn started to slowly suck on it, using a lot of tongue.

    Soon she was bobbing her head up and down over that fat black cock.

    Paul felt his own cock starting to feel very uncomfortable inside of his pants,
    so he unzipped them and let out his dick.
    He began to stroke it as he watched his wife slobber over Tylers cock.

    A minute later, Shawna joined Dawn in sucking Tylers hard on.

    Paul then saw Shawna say something to Dawn.
    After that, Dawn got up on her knees on the bed, and then she slowly got her
    legs over on each side of Tyler.

    Paul witnessed as his wife sunk herself down onto Tylers hard cock.
    He saw Tylers organ disappear into Dawn tight pussy.

    Paul saw and almost heard Dawn starting to moan.

    Dawn had now started to move her hips up and down.
    She was soon really pumping Tyler.

    Paul started to stroke his own cock faster and faster.

    He couldn't believe that his wife was fucking this man just in front of him.

    Tyler was squeezing Dawns soft tits as she was moving up and down.

    A few moments later, Paul saw an expression on his wife's face that he had seen before.
    He knew what that expression meant.

    Dawn was having an orgasm.

    Tyler then grabbed a hold of Dawn and flipped her over.
    He then began to pump her pussy from on top of her.

    Paul could see that his wife was really enjoying herself.

    Tyler was now pounding Dawn hard whilst kissing his own wife Shawna.

    Then a few moments later Tyler said something to his wife, and Shawna
    then laid down next to Dawn.

    Tyler then pulled out his big cock from Dawn and quickly moved up
    to their faces.

    He started to stroke his cock faster and faster.
    And then it happened.

    Tyler started to cum all over Dawn and Shawnas faces.
    He was spurting load after load of sperm on and into their open mouths.

    Paul couldn't hold back anymore, so he shot his load as well.

    As Tyler began to slow down, Dawn took his cock and began to suck it clean.

    Then a minute later as Paul had zipped up his pants, someone grabbed him
    from behind.

    He turned around and there he saw two cops.

    "Get over here you pervert." Said one of the cops.

    Before the cops could get their handcuffs on Paul, he managed to knock on the
    window into the bedroom.

    Then as the cops were walking Paul to the front of the house to their car,
    Tyler came out from the house.

    "What are you doing?" Tyler asked the cops.

    "One of your neighbors called and said that someone were on your backyard
    looking into your house." One of the cops told Tyler.

    "Well you don't have to take him in, I know him." Tyler told them.

    "You don't want us to arrest him." Asked one of the cops.

    "No." Tyler told them.

    By this time both Dawn and Shawna had come out in their robes.

    Dawn ran over to Paul and put her hands around of him.

    "Get those cuffs off of him." Dawn told the cops.

    "Are you sure you don't want to press charges." One of the cops asked Tyler.

    "Yes I'm sure." Tyler told them.

    The cops then removed the cuffs and a few moments later they drove away.

    "Are you ok honey?" Dawn asked Paul.

    "I'm fine." Paul told her.

    They all then walked into the house.

    A few minutes past and Dawn looked at her husband.

    "So, did you enjoy the show?" Dawn asked smiling.

    "Oh yes, you were great." Paul said as he gave his wife a kiss.

    "And thanks Tyler, Shawna for agreeing to do this."
    Paul thanked Tyler and Shawna.

    "It was our pleasure." Tyler and Shawna told Paul smiling.

    "We're just glad that you were able to knock on the window before
    those cops could take you away." Shawna said.

    "Yeah." Paul said as they all started to laugh.

    And this was how Paul and Dawn first got into the world of swingers.

    And they have had a great time ever since.

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