a slow time for my wife?

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    Deanna feels the same
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  2. bricbat

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    @JeffHouston, she used the same philosophy in college. "The only reason to visit friends in college..." It's why I'll never know how many men she was with, because "those" don't count.

    I think a lot of women count their lovers this way.
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    I am a terrible counter, as a young person I made up all kinds of rules for it not counting...like if you couldn't take the whole cock-didn't count, if the guy didn't cum in me-didn't count, if there was more than one guy-didn't count, of course oral-didn't count, if I only did a stripper slide-didn't count, if they only fucked my clit and put it in a little-didn't count,.....My first husband wanted to marry a virgin.....he ended up having sex with me before marriage, but that didn't count because he got me a promise ring. I also never counted the guys I fucked while "promised" to him or married to him. And I just "forgot" everyone I fucked before him.

    Jeff is not a number counter, that has been good for me in some ways. He didn't want to know my number....and honestly by the time I started dating Jeff I couldn't have given a truthful number.

    I was trying to get to this years number a couple of days ago....but it is hard to remember them all. Especially the random one off ones. And none of the OM (orgasmic meditation) guys count because they only touch my pussy with their hands. :)
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  4. bricbat

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    @DeannaHouston what is a stripper slide?
    I never asked for my wife's number--she demanded that I tell her mine, and then she told me only about the guys she thought I would already know about: her ex, my best friend, and the guy she was with the night before we started dating.
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    I think there are a couple of ways to do a "stripper slide" but a common one...picture the guys laying on his back (on a massage table or bed)....the female (typically a sex worker) straddles his hips and slides her pussy along the length of the cock and balls without penetration. The cock is squeezed between her vagina and his abdomen. This is done until orgasam is achieved. It is one of the ways that grown men visit those massage places and get a happy finish...and tell themselves that they didn't have sex outside of their marriage.
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  7. I have also never asked for my Wife's 'number', either when we were first going out together or at any time during the years of our marriage since. She is not a 'counter' of many thing things in life so I suspect that she could not have answered originally and certainly could not now. She did ask me for my 'number' immediately after we first had sex.
  8. bricbat

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    We had a moment of domestic bliss this evening.

    The Rose Bowl is on TV. I was watching for a bit. My wife was getting ready to go out with a couple guys and a couple of her female friends.

    She came into the TV room and sat down to watch for a few minutes. (She's always had a soft spot for young football players). I moved from my seat and sat on the floor beside her, with my feet tucked under me, and leaned against her leg. (Now that I look back on it, I was sitting in a rather politely feminine manner).

    Then it was time for her to leave. She leaned down, kissed me, and got up to go. In a few minutes I'll get to my chores in the kitchen.

    My wife is much happier overall when she has the opportunity to go out and socialize, and she's more affectionate toward me.
  9. bricbat

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    Whoa--this is a potential development. A couple we know is getting a divorce. The (ex)husband had always been chatty with my wife. He usually ignored me. I've mentioned him before. We'd be out together, all four of us, and he would be talking to my wife and simultaneously texting photos and messages to her. That must have been around the time that the marriage was having trouble, because his wife would be off by herself a little bit. I was simply overlooked no matter where I was.

    Early this morning before I left for work, my wife saw an article in the morning newspaper about one of the college bowl games, and casually said, "Hey, look at this! Derek already texted me a picture of this article." I was a little surprised because, the separation, impending divorce, you'd think people might want to take a step back from their social lives while they lick their wounds.

    Not Derek. Turns out he's ramped up his texts to my wife. And now he's available. :cool:
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