A Shy Friend Surprises Your Wife

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  1. Your wife invited another couple you are friendly with, Dan and Susan to have dinner and drinks one Friday night. Susan had to watch her sister's children, but she insisted that Dan come alone. He's a bit of an introvert and his wife is always trying to get him to socialize more, so you weren't too surprised and your wife graciously agreed to have him over on his own.

    After dinner you are all sitting in the living room having drinks when your wife exclaims, "Ugh, I have to change out of these work clothes. You two don't mind if I 'slip into something more comfortable' do you?" she asks, laughing self-consciously and making scare quotes with her fingers.

    "Oh, no, uh, not at all, I mean, if your husband doesn't mind." stammers Dan blushing.

    "Ha, don't worry Dan, she's just teasing you. She'll probably come out in her typical baggy sweatshirt." you say smiling at his discomfort.

    Your wife sticks her tongue out at you petulantly and flounces out of the room.

    You and Dan talk about his work as a scientist and your eyes are starting to glaze over when your wife returns.

    You realize that your teasing effected her somewhat and she chose a much more revealing outfit than she normally wears to lounge around in the evening, with a thin tank top and snug flannel shorts. She is clearly not wearing a bra and your cock stiffens at the site of her large bouncing breasts and her shapely, milk white legs.

    "I hope this isn't too dumpy looking, dear?" she says archly, presenting herself for inspection and spreading her arms.

    You just laugh weakly and shift uncomfortably in your seat, trying to hide your erection.

    "Do I look alright, Dan?" she asks, turning to him and gesturing to her body.

    Dan gulps dramatically and stares unconsciously at her erect nipples protruding against the thin fabric of her top. As you wife turns, you examine her nice round ass, clearly outlined in her tight shorts and you realize that she had no panty lines, thus she must not be wearing panties either. Your pulse quickens slightly at how audacious she is being.

    "Oh no, whatever you want to wear is fine, I mean, you look very nice." he says and then quickly takes a drink as his face flushes a deep red.

    You wife casts you a glance with pursed lips as though to say "Poor Dan, I might have overdone it." Then she joins him on the couch and conversation continues.

    At first Dan tries to avoid looking at your wife altogether, but as the night goes on, you notice him stealing glances at her ass when she goes to get more drinks, or looking down the front of her top when she bends over to hand him a bowl of chips. You realize to your surprise that you actually find it arousing for another man to be looking at your wife's body and so you say nothing and pretend not to notice. Your wife gives you a look with raised eyebrows now and then when Dan has trouble lifting his eyes from her tits while talking to her and you just smile condescendingly. It dawns on you that by not objecting, you are giving her tacit approval to show off her body to Dan and that is even more exciting.

    At one point your wife decides to kid him about it. "So Dan, you seem to really like this top." she says as he is gazing in fascination at the way her breasts are jiggling as she shifts position on the couch.

    "Ugh, oh, sorry." he says blushing. "I mean, it's uh, very flattering."

    You and your wife laugh out loud at that. Then you notice your wife glancing repeatedly down at Dan's lap and you look over to realize that his cock has pitched a massive tent in his trousers. You are frankly shocked at how obvious it is and by the fact that he is so unaware of himself that he isn't hiding it.

    Your wife is a bit taken aback herself. "No, I'm sorry, Dan. I shouldn't be teasing you like that." says, crossing her arms over her chest to modestly hide her nipples. "But uh, you might want to do something about that." she says, nodding toward his crotch.

    "Oh god." he exclaims noticing how his erection looks. "Jesus." he grips his cock through his pants and tries to rearrange it. "So sorry, maybe I should go."

    "No no, dear" she says soothingly, putting her hand on his leg. "I'm flattered actually. It's been a while since I elicited that response." she chuckles lightly.

    Dan gazes at her with a frank expression of gratitude mixed with lust that makes you uncomfortable. There is an awkward silence for a moment and you try to think of something to say. Suddenly an idea hits you.

    "Oh, pardon me, Dan. I just realized that tonight is garbage night. I need to roll the trash out to the curb." you say jumping up, eager for an excuse to break the tension. "Be right back."

    You wife gives you a clumsy little wave, still covering her chest chastely, and you head out to the garage. Once outside, you breathe in the cool night air and admire the glittering stars for a moment. You also realize that you are quite drunk and you are weaving slightly as you roll the trashcans to the street. If you are this drunk, Dan and your wife must be as well, since you have pretty decent tolerance.

    As you return to the house you glance into the living room window and are stopped dead in your tracks by the sight of Dan standing before your wife with his fly undone, pointing his bare cock at her face. Dan's face is beet red and he is panting heavily. She still has her arms crossed across her chest, but of course you can't make out what she is saying. Wow, he is even drunker than you thought, you think and then snap out of your reverie and rush back inside.

    Dan is startled as you burst into the room and you see dark patches under his arms revealing that his pits are soaked with sweat. His erect cock is straining forward just a few feet from your wife's face and she is sitting with her arms crossed and a look of dismay on her face.

    "Oh fuck!" says Dan and you can hear the drunkenness in his voice. "I've really done it now." He avoids your eyes, but makes no move to put his cock away.

    "Uh, what's going on here?" you ask, feeling oddly calm.

    "I feel sort of responsible." sighs your wife, gazing reflectively at Dan's pulsing cock poised expectantly before her face. "I guess I made the drinks too strong and the outfit too skimpy." she laughs half-hardheartedly.

    "And..." you say making a rolling gesture with your hand to urge her along.

    "Well, Danny boy here got a little carried away. Once you left, he jumped up and whipped his thing out and asked me to touch it." she says, eyes still locked on the cock before her.

    Your feel your stomach flip strangely as you watch your wife examining this guy's cock. It occurs to you that she finds it very interesting and she can't seem to take her eyes off it and that is actually turning you on. You can't imagine what Dan was thinking, he must not be able to handle his liquor at all. Then you make a decision and decide to return to your seat.

    "Dan, I am sure that you will regret this in the morning, but may I ask how you imagined this would turn out?" you ask mildly, barely repressing a smile and putting your hand discretely in your lap to hide your own hardon.

    "Honestly I don't know." he says, clearly upset. "I just had this horrible urge and couldn't control myself." Then he unconsciously reaches down and starts stroking his cock, making it grow even stiffer.

    "My god, Dan,are you really going to stand there stroking yourself in front of my wife." you laugh. You look over to see your wife breathing heavily. She uncrosses her arms and leans forward slightly, watching with interest as Dan works his rod. "Honey, are you enjoying the show there?" you ask sarcastically.

    "Maybe she could just touch it for me?" he asks you hopefully.

    You are taken aback by the audacity of the question but given the circumstances, you probably shouldn't have been surprised. Here is a guy who pulled out his junk and waved it in your wife's face right in front of you, after all. But you surprise yourself when you answer coolly "Shouldn't you be asking her that question?"

    You wife pulls her eyes away from the distracting prick before her and shoots you a startled expression. She realizes that you are implicitly agreeing to this and she doesn't know what to do.

    Now it's her turn to stammer. "Uh, Dan, I mean, what would Susan say?" she asks.

    "I don't know." he says thickly as he give his shaft a squeeze suggestively and the head of his cock expands and turns a deeper shade of purple. "I assume no one here will tell her."

    Your mouth is dry and you take a drink, looking on as your wife contemplates Dan's meat as he works it just inches now from her face.

    She tries to laugh. "I mean, this is ridiculous. What are you asking me to do here?" She gives you a questioning look and you just shrug your shoulders as if to say. "Your move."

    "Just touch it for me." he pants, pulling on his pud and presenting it to her. "You are a married woman, I assume you know what to do."

    You have to laugh out loud at that. "Well Dan, I must admit, I didn't think you had it in you."

    Emboldened by your reaction, your wife sits up straight and squares her shoulders. "Ok, Dan. My husband is obviously too drunk to take this seriously and I am sure we will all regret this in the morning, but let me have that thing then." And with that she reaches out hesitantly toward his quivering member. He withdraws his hand quickly and she grips him by the shaft firmly.

    "Oh God." he gasps. "That feels good."

    "Well, honey, are YOU enjoying the show, now?" she asks you as she sits there squeezing Dan's cock. She is trying to feign exasperation, but is clearly excited.

    "I am actually," you slur, making a show of gripping your own penis. You feel your heart pounding in your chest and your palms are slick with sweat.

    "Pull on it, pull on it." urges Dan, thrusting his hips toward your wife impatiently.

    "Jeez, you are like an animal." comments your wife looking up at him suggestively. She puts one hand on his stomach and starts slowly running her hand up and down his penis. "How do you like that, Dan?" she asks gazing up into his eyes.

    "You slut." he blurts out. "You know I like it."

    "Can you believe the nerve?" she asks you with a laugh as she continues to jerk Dan's throbbing dick. "First he begs me like a baby to touch his thing and then he calls me a slut when I comply."

    "It's pretty slutty to jerk another guy off in front of your husband." you admit. "Pardon me." you say as you unzip your own pants and start jerking yourself off as you watch your wife giving Dan a handjob.

    "Whoa." she says when she sees what you are doing. "Is this how it's going to play out?"

    "I guess so." you say frankly, pulling you pud as you look on.

    "What should I do now, then?" she asks you devilishly.

    "Take your top off." demands Dan impulsively. "It wasn't fair of you to dress like that." he adds with a bit of a whine.

    "Oh, poor baby." teases your wife, pursing her lips at him. "I thought that we were all adults here and could control ourselves at the site of some nips." But she releases his member and carelessly strips off her top for us.

    Her generous white bosoms swing free and you and Dan both comment appreciatively.

    "Nice." you say as you continue to work your dick, focusing on her pink erect nipples.

    "Oh yeah." adds Dan, sitting down next to her and putting her hand back on his penis forcefully.

    Your wife resumes pulling on his thing and puts her face close to his. "Are you happy now?" she asks huskily and you realize that she is seriously turned on at this point.

    Dan just grabs one her boobs in one hand and puts the other behind her head. Soon they are kissing greedily on the couch. Your wife is pulling on Dan's penis and he is squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples. Meanwhile you look on in fascination, amazed that this is happening and surprised at how much this is turning you on.

    Finally your wife pulls away. "Ok, Dan. Enough, we need to stop this." she says panting, but not withdrawing her hand from his dick.

    "You are right." he answers, but then bends down and cups one breast in his had so that he can suck on her nipple.

    "No, really, you need to stop." she says lamely. You notice that she is continuing to pull on his penis while she says it.

    "Honey, isn't this freaking you out?" she asks you plaintively, voice thick with lust.

    "It's freaking me out AND it's turning me on, so I don't know what to do." you admit sheepishly, taking a break from jerking yourself for fear that you will cum.

    "Oh jesus." she pants as Dan continues to chow down on her breasts. "That's a lot of help."

    "Sorry." you say, gingerly touching your own throbbing cock.

    Dan withdraws from her boobs and says. "Look, you might as well suck my dick at this point. We've already crossed the line of impropriety." His eyes are bright with drunkenness and arousal.

    "Well what if I don't want to?" she asks him coyly, giving his cock a sharp tug in emphasis.

    "Oh you vixen." he says merrily, and he starts tickling her sides. She breaks out laughing and they struggle briefly as they wrestle on the couch. They end up with her on her knees on the floor and him standing before her with his cock directly in her face. She puts her hands on his thighs and looks up at him expectantly.

    "Are you going to force me to suck it right in front of my husband?" she asks him cheekily.

    He glances briefly at you jerking off as you watch them and shrugs. "I guess so, he's let us come this far." And with that he pushes his stiff rod right into your wife's waiting mouth. She feigns surprise and gives you a look with raised eyebrows with his cock in her mouth. Your heart is racing at this point and you feel your own pits grow soaked with sweat as you masturbate yourself but you say nothing. Seeing your reactin, your wife ceases her pantomime of astonishment and starts sucking Dan's cock in earnest. He just tilts his head back and groans in ecstasy as her head bobs up and down on his member.

    After a few minutes, he pushes her back onto the floor and tries to pull her shorts off.

    "Whoa Dan!" she laughs, struggling to hold her shorts up. "Now that really IS going to too far."

    "Really?" he demands in frustration.

    You stop yanking yourself and say. "Yeah Dan, we can still call this drunken foreplay at this point, but intercourse is a whole other ballgame."

    "It doesn't feel that way." complains Dan, giving a decisive yank and managing to pull your wife's shorts off.

    You look over at her laying naked on the floor before him and your cock pulses in response in spite of yourself. Your wife jumps to her feet and backs away slightly, covering her dark bush self-consciously. She is panting and her cheeks are glowing from the excitement.

    "Ok, Dan. We've had our little indiscretion. I think we better call it a night." she says regretfully. She slowly withdraws her hand from her crotch. "I guess you got to see me naked, if that's any consolation."

    He is gazing at her snatch hungrily and says. "Can't I just put it in for a second?"

    "Famous last words." you laugh, impressed by his perseverance.

    Your wife looks over at you questioningly. "Right, I don't think my husband would allow us to go and further, Dan. I'm sorry."

    "Wait, are you saying that you WOULD want to go farther?" you ask incredulously.

    "I...I don't know, I mean, no." says you wife, clearly struggling with her emotions. "This whole thing has already been pretty insane..." she says trailing off and looking at Dan in a strange way.

    "You sound like you would want to keep going if your husband agreed." Dan tells her, thoughtfully fingering his hard-on that is still standing at attention. "Can I fuck your wife now?" he asks you matter-of-factly.

    "I...I don't think that's a good idea." you respond shakily.

    "Bob, she just sucked my dick right in front of you. Think about that for a second. We've already left appropriate dinner party behavior far behind. What difference does it really make?" he asks peevishly.

    Your wife comes over to where you are sitting and bends over to look you in the eyes. "Honey, I never meant for this to happen." she says huskily, then she notices your hard-on poking out of your pants and grasps it familiarly. "It's up to you what happens next. I will do whatever you tell me to do." she says simply as she starts jerking your cock for you.

    You sit there stunned, enjoying the handjob she is giving you but Dan wastes no time and quickly positions himself behind your wife. He puts his hand on her back and pushes her down. She finds her face down by your cock and instinctively takes it into her mouth and starts sucking it. You look up in dismay at Dan, but he avoids your eyes and just wrangles his cock into your wife from behind. She groans with pleasure as he enters her and starts sucking your dick with renewed energy. You stare open-mouthed as Dan grasps your wife by her wide hips and starts fucking her from behind while she sucks your cock hungrily. There is no way you can object. You are enjoying this too much and so you just let it happen.

    Soon Dan's pace increases and his pelvis is repeatedly slapping against your wife's ass as he fucks her. She is rubbing herself while he does this and presently you feel her shudder with an orgasm. She stops sucking your cock for a second and gasps for air, but Dan just increase his pace, fucking her frantically. She turns and looks him in the eye.

    "Are you enjoying me, Dan?" she asks him impishly. That pushes him over the edge and he withdraws suddenly to shoot his load all over her smooth pale ass cheeks.

    "Wow he really hosed me down back there." she tells you with a twinkle in her eye as she yanks your penis and that saucy comment makes you shoot your own wad. She notices you cumming on her tits and quickly engulfs your cock in her mouth to suck out the last few spurts.

    You all rest for a few moments, saying nothing, then each of you retire to a different bathroom to wash up. Once everyone is dressed again, you return to the living room.

    "I don't know what to say." says Dan bashfully. He is clearly embarrassed and sober at this point.

    "Well I hope you enjoyed my wife." you say sarcastically but without rancor. You are still feeling that post-orgasm glow.

    "Stop it, dear." your wife laughs happily, giving you a loving glance and slapping your shoulder playfully. Then she turns to Dan and holds her arms open for a hug. They embrace for several minutes, saying nothing and it makes you uncomfortable and slightly aroused. Your cock starts to swell again even though you came so recently.

    "We shouldn't have done that, but I don't regret it." whispers your wife. After they reluctantly detach themselves from each other, your wife turns to you sheepishly and says. "It's really going to be weird the next time we see Susan."

    "Well I guess I will just need to sink my cock into her to even the score." you say jokingly.

    Your wife gives you a devilish look but Dan grows pale at the suggestion. "Let me think that over." he says shakily. And with that you bid him adieu.

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