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A Satisfied First Time Happy Couple

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by slutplay, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. slutplay

    slutplay Loving Slut

    S4010174.JPG S4010174.JPG I have been a cuck and a bull too so I know the sheer delights and relief of both sides of the equation.
    I have known B for quite a while but not until recently have we discussed the life of cuckoldry and humiliation; how it came up I can't remember.

    He had been gasping for his wife L to have sex with someone and couldn't focus or concentrate on anything much, all the time this need was gnawing away at him. They had discussed it and she had agreed to it in principle but was a bit fearful of what the man would be like.
    I had only met L the once at a party and we had got on well. B had suggested me when they were making love that night when they got home, as the guy to fuck her. She said that would be good but was worried that if I didn't agree, it would be very embarrassing for everyone.
    L knew what B's needs were (to be totally humiliated by the experience) and agreed that we all should do our bit in her making him happy as she loved him so much.
    What a lovely woman to recognise and act upon making her loving husband happy and relieving him of this constant urge!

    His request also was for her to enjoy the experience and not just "go through the motions". She assured him that she quite fancied me and was pretty sure she would enjoy it. That, he said was enough for him to fall to his knees that instant and beg her to verbally humiliate him while he licked her anus! They had acted out that scenario many times before but now there was a real third party and a reality of it taking place.
    This was totally new to them and they had been totally monogamous all their married life. And before.

    I arrived at their house, we had some wine to loosen up and L and I started to kiss and fondle each other. The air was electric! We all three made our way to the bedroom and took our clothes off. She seemed relaxed though she confessed later that she was very nervous until we fucked. We all agreed I should fuck her bareback. We all knew and trusted each other. She could see that B was beside himself with lust and joy. After sucking my cock while looking into his eyes, L said she needed this fucking by a real man and not her useless wimp of a husband. She said she only wanted me and wanted to sleep with me every night and kissed me passionately. B was breathing so heavily and making moaning noises. She was really quite nasty to him.
    L must have cum about 6 times. The first time she looked straight at him and said to him "I'm coming - I'm actually coming on another man's cock!" B kept saying "Thank you darling".

    B asked me to pull out my cock when I was ready to cum and spunk on her body so he could see it on her which I did. He then took the photo before wiping my spunk with his hands and feeding it into her mouth.
    The next thing was that B had his tongue in her arsehole telling her that he loved her so much while he wanked his cock really hard. L said she was in love with me and didn't need him anymore. This made him cum all over the bedsheets. It was bizarre.
    Suddenly they were in a loving embrace kissing and telling each other that they loved one another. She was asking "Did you enjoy that my darling?" B was nearly in tears of happiness.
    They both couldn't thank me enough. It was lovely.
    We have now discussed my taking L out for a meal and drinks as if we were a couple, leaving B at home then coming back together and sleeping in their bed all night while B sleeps in the spare room.
    The experience really worked well for them. And I think I got more out of it by seeing the genuine deep love between them and the lengths they went to in order to add to their marriage. B is a lucky man. The pic shows L after I spunked on her.
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  2. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Great story and great pic. Thanks for sharing.
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