A Rival Gets the Upper Hand

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  1. You and some friends are drinking one at your house one night. You are all feeling pretty loose when you wife comes in with another tray full of beers for you.

    "Here you go boys." she says cheerily as she sets down the tray. "Don’t bother to invite me to join you anything."

    Your buddies all laugh, and you join in weakly, but you don’t like the way they are looking down the front of her dress as she bends down to put the tray on the coffee table.

    "Come over here and sit with us." says Bob, a guy you know from work. He’s more of rival than a friend. You are always trying to outdo each other, but he’s friends with your other pals, so you invite him over sometimes. It annoys you how he looks your wife’s body over as he moves over to make room on the couch for her.

    "Why thank you Bob, at least there is one gentleman among you." says your wife teasingly.

    Your friends react by teasing you in turn. "Whoa." "Oh, boy, you heard, that, Jim?"

    You just roll your eyes and lean over to grab a beer for yourself.

    "Thank you for bringing us more beer, darling." you say sarcastically, tipping your beer at your wife.

    "You are welcome, dear." she says primly as she helps herself to one.

    You all resume chatting for a while but Bob keeps looking over at your wife’s boobs. They do seem rather jiggly this evening and you are enjoying the view but wish Bob would stop looking at them.

    "Jennifer, can I ask you a personal question?" he asks your wife, shooting you a devilish glance.

    "Sure, Bob, I don’t see why not." she says casually, recrossing her legs and tossing her foot about playfully.

    "Are you wearing a bra right now?" he asks, suppressing a smile.

    You wife blushes furiously, and quickly crosses her arms over her chest self-consciously as your buddies break out in nervous laughter. A couple of your friends look over at you apprehensively. It’s no secret that you and Bob are always competing with one another.

    You keep your cool and just smirk at Bob, "Ha ha." you say in a deadpan voice.

    Your wife looks over at you helplessly, her cheeks flushed bright red. "Well, actually, no, I’m not, Bob. I didn’t think anyone would notice."

    Bob furrows his brow earnestly and gives you wife a look of consternation. "Oh, I’m sorry, Jennifer. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I shouldn’t have mentioned it."

    Your wife relaxes slightly and gives a half-hearted chuckle. "Oh, it’s alright Bob, I guess you boys have had a few drinks and it loosened your tongue a bit." She lowers her arms hesitantly and Bob watches with interest as her nipples grow hard and poke through the fabric of her dress.

    "You’re right, alcohol lowers your inhibitions." he says, gazing brazenly at your wife’s tits, not bothering to look her in the eye.

    She notices his attention and looks over at you with an uncomfortable grimace, but she keeps her arms by her sides and doesn’t bother covering her boobs again.

    You scratch you head in annoyance, but aren’t sure how to react.

    "So yeah." says your wife, “What were we talking about again?"

    "Your boobs!" laughs your buddy Pete to more laughter. You shoot him a dirty look but he just shrugs an apology and you can see that he is just a little drunk and didn’t mean anything by it.

    "Right," says Bob apologetically, still not taking his eyes off your wife’s rack, “I am sorry I brought them up, but see when I saw that you weren’t wearing a bra, I was wondering if you, uh, wanted us to notice them." He turns to you and wags his eyebrows at you like Groucho Marx and you have to restrain the urge to jump up and pop him one.

    "Oh lord," gasps your wife with amazement. Then she slaps Bob’s shoulder and breaks out laughing. "Don’t be silly. I am allowed to be comfortable in my own home, aren’t I?"

    "And then you bent over and we all got a nice view of your cleavage…" continues Bob shooting you another cocky glance.

    "Purely unintentional, I’m sure." asserts your wife, trying to laugh it off and giving you a significant look.

    "Oh, no, don’t apologize, we all enjoyed it, didn’t we boys?" says Bob looking around for support. Your friends just laugh awkwardly and avoid his eyes. Everyone except Pete that is, who is drunk enough to chime in.

    "Honestly, Jennifer, I did enjoy catching a glimpse of those gorgeous orbs of yours." he says with a slight slur and a crooked smile.

    "Pete, you’re drunk." says your wife kindly. "But that’s, uh, nice of you to say, I guess."

    "Let’s change the subject, now, shall we?" you demand coldly, glaring at Bob with hatred.

    "Oh yes, please." says your wife, relieved that you are taking control of the conversation.

    "Does it bother you that we like looking at your wife’s breasts?" asks Bob nonchalantly.

    You are surprised that he is pressing forward like this and are at a loss for words for a second. "Uh, wouldn’t you be?" you ask.

    "Honestly? No, it wouldn’t bother me at all. My wife would just laugh it off, I’m sure." he says smugly.

    "Well I just laughed it off too." pipes up your wife, squaring her shoulders indignantly. She is subtly thrusting her chest forward as though daring Bob and Pete to look.

    "Well that fact that you didn’t wear a bra and bent over to show us your boobs seems to be making your husband nervous." says Bob, turning to your wife with a smile.

    "Now wait a minute," she laughs, blushing anew. "I wasn’t trying to show anyone anything."

    "I don’t know what your are insinuating, but I have perfect faith in my wife, Bob." you chime in defensively.

    "Jim and I have a very solid relationship." agrees you wife with a emphatic nod.

    "So he shouldn’t mind if you show us your breasts?" he asks archly. "I mean a little thing like that shouldn’t effect your relationship at all."

    "No of course it wouldn’t, but I didn’t intend to show you anything…" insists your wife, looking at him strangely.

    "I’d like to see them again." offers Pete, clearly drunk at this point.

    One of you other pals shushes him up and looks apologetically over at you and your wife.

    "But it would be no big deal if you were to show us. You could just flash them for us maybe. It’s not like you and Jim would get divorced over it." presses Bob.

    "Wait, are you asking me to flash my boobs for you?" asks your wife with surprise. "Pete’s drunk, but what’s your excuse?"

    "I like boobs." Bob admits with a smile. "I like your boobs." he adds lecherously gazing at them obviously. You wife giggles in spite of herself and glances at you guiltily.

    "Alright Bob, just can it." you say angrily. You notice a couple of your other friends shifting nervously.

    "Maybe we should be going." says your pal Sam. "I think we’ve all had a few too many. Better call a cab."

    "That’s a good idea, let’s call it night." you agree with relief.

    "You have an amazing body, I’m sorry if it makes you nervous for me to tell you." says Pete drunkenly taking your wife’s hand.

    Jennifer just laughs and let’s Pete kiss her hand. "Pete, you are normally a perfectly polite and respectful guest. I promise not to tease you about this once you have sobered up." she says with a twinkle in her eye.

    "Perfect, now why not pull them out real quick so we can get a better look." says Pete gesturing clumsily at her chest.

    Sam leaps to his feet and guides Pete back to his seat shaking his head at you in amazement.

    "You are going to be really embarrassed in the morning, Pete." you say with resignation. "I promise not to tell your wife about it, though."

    "Jeez, you guys are making me self-conscious." says your wife touching her bosom gently. "I can’t just go flashing my chest for other men while my husband is sitting right there…"

    "Well I hope you wouldn’t do it even if I was in the other room." you laugh which makes her lower her eyes and blush an even deeper red.

    "Well, let her do what she wants." says Bob. "She didn’t come out here bra-less for nothing." he says looking her over lewdly.

    "I don’t know what you are suggesting." says your wife primly.

    "You want to show us, you knew we could see down your dress when you bent over like that. Don’t be coy, we are all adults here. Go ahead and show us if you want to. We certainly don’t mind seeing some beautiful breasts." says Bob matter-of-factly.

    "Bob, you are such a prick, do you know that?" you say.

    "Can’t you see that this is making my husband angry?" says your wife uncertainly.

    "Wait, it’s making me angry? Aren’t you offended by all this?" you ask her, startled at her attitude.

    "Well, not really. Boys will be boys and all that." says your wife with a wry grin. "I just don’t want you to get upset." she says.

    "You mean that you would show them your tits if it didn’t bother me?" you ask incredulously.

    "Well of course not, I see that it would bother you." she says quickly, biting her lip nervously.

    Bob just watches your interaction with interest as Sam hurriedly fishes out his phone and starts calling a cab.

    "You aren’t answering the question. You seem to be saying that you would gladly flash your boobs for these guys if I agreed to it." you demand.

    "She did bend over and offer a nice view already…" mutters Bob.

    Your wife slaps his shoulder in exasperation. "Shush now, you are making it worse."

    "Please answer the question, dear." you say patiently.

    "Ugh. Why are you doing this?" she asks unhappily. "Maybe I would give them a thrill if I thought you wouldn’t mind. Why not? I don’t get much attention from men these days."

    "Oh, I can’t believe that." says Bob soothingly. "I’m sure men still check you out."

    "Nope." says your wife, sniffing slightly. "I honestly feel invisible around men most of the time."

    "Can we not get into this personal stuff in front of the guests?" you ask uncomfortably.

    "You wanted to know." she snaps at you, upset now. "Would I flash my boobs? Sure I would."

    "Well do it then!" laughs Pete unaware of the tension between your wife and you.

    She grabs the top of her dress and stares at you daring you to object.

    You just shrug your shoulders, unable to believe that she would go through with it.

    But she does. She pulls the top of her dress right down and her soft white breasts come spilling out. She turns and points her erect pink nipples right at Bob.

    "Are you happy now?" she asks him.

    "Sure." he says. "May I?" he asks reaching out his hands.

    "Do what you want." she says softly.

    You look on in stunned silence as Bob grasps your wife’s tender boobs in his rough hands and pinches her nipples gently.

    "You wife is an outstanding hostess." Bob says to you as he fondles your wife’s knockers and smiling crudely.

    You jump up and rush over to intercede, but he quickly withdraws his hands and your wife flips her top back up, give you a frightened stare.

    "Get the fuck out!" you shout at Bob, pointing to the door.

    He stands abruptly and holds his hands up defensively. "Easy, bud, easy. Just a little drunken tomfoolery. We didn’t mean any thing by it."

    Your guests file quickly out of the room muttering awkward goodbyes and your friend Sam puts his hand on your shoulder.

    "This won’t seem so bad in the light of day tomorrow." he says sympathetically.

    You nod at him tight-lipped and say nothing.

    Once everyone is gone, you turn on your wife angrily.

    "What the hell was that all about?" you shriek. "I can’t believe you humiliated me in front of my friends! You know Bob is my rival at work!"

    "I know dear." she says looking at you beseechingly. "Please forgive me. I don’t know what got into me."

    She seems genuinely contrite and upset, so you just let it go and head off to bed, muttering angrily to yourself.

    Your wife joins you a few minutes later and you lay in bed together not talking for a while.

    She snuggles close to you, but you lust lay there coldly, not responding. She reaches over and starts fondling your penis and you grunt reluctantly, but you don’t stop her.

    "You know, it was pretty exciting for me to show my boobs tonight." she purrs in your ear as she fondles your cock.

    "That’s nice." you say grumpily but you can’t hide the fact that your dick stiffens in response.

    Your wife notices you getting harder and continues huskily. "Pete and Bob weren’t the only ones looking you know. Bob couldn’t keep his eyes off of them. I didn’t know that I could still have that effect on men."

    "And all you have to do is act a slut." you say turning to her as she continues working your rod with her hand.

    "Well, I’ve been pretty modest my whole life up until now." she says eyeing you lovingly as she bends over to go down on you.

    "Oh shit." you exclaim with pleasure as she wraps her lips around your shaft and sucks.

    She pauses and says. "It really made me wet when Bob fondled my boobs right in front of you. He just grasped them rudely and pinched my nipples while you sat right there."

    "Yeah, I didn’t like that." you say, but are surprised that your cock gets even harder as she brings it up again.

    "Are you sure?" she asks coyly feeling your cock’s reaction.

    "Jesus! What are you saying?" you say, avoiding her eyes.

    You wife climbs on top of you and slides your throbbing member inside her. It plunges easily into her soaking pussy and you gasp with satisfaction.

    "I think you enjoyed that little show tonight." says your wife as she works herself up and down on your hardon.

    You are about to object, but she puts her finger over your lips. "You can’t hide the fact that it aroused you. I think I should invite Bob and Peter over again for another little party. Heck, I should include Sam too from the way he looked at my titties tonight. Maybe I will wear something a little more… intimate."

    "I don’t think…" you start to object.

    "Hush," she says softly. "Maybe I will let them do more than just cop a feel, too." she says devilishly. And now you are too busy cumming inside her to pretend to complain. She joins you by climaxing herself almost simultaneously, and you wonder how strange it is that this perversion has resurrected your love life.

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    I like it. Thanks for sharing
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    No..this fiction is just too good. How I would love for my little wifey to be such a vixen. Great writing. Thanks.

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