A question of girth

Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by pervfred, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. slimjimpencil

    slimjimpencil New Member

    my wife loves to squirt once i introduced her to the 'full feeling' (she has squirted from cunnilingus as well)
  2. small9

    small9 Active Member

    My wife has always said she likes girth. I'm on the smaller side and a pencil dick. But her bull is thick and longer than me. Believe me she doesn't ever complain.
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  3. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    my lovers cock is roughly 9 x 6 fills my up PERFECTLY !!
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  4. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    PERFECTLY is such an Awesome word, Especially when it comes to Pleasure.
  5. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

    For my wife and my ex's it always been about girth, rarely ever length. Both my current wife and my firsts perfect width was the circumference of their own wrist. Anytime we needed a new dildo that was always the measurement we used.
    We also use a different sleeves that some have been amazing, but they do tend to break/tear etc. from lubes and wear. This one is one of her faves, this gives and example of her perfect girth, when i wear this, sometimes she just lowers herself down onto it, and we just sit there for a moment while she takes in that full feeling, sometimes doesn't make the slightest move for a minute or so, just to quietly enjoy the feeling. She always has me wear it with a condom, but be aware if anyone tries this, the condom does in a short amount of uses, damages the sleeve. The latex, reacts with it.

    I can't recommend enough some of these sleeves these days, obviously not like the real thing, but my wife has had some amazing orgasms with this one and a couple of others, plus if you tend to cum quick like myself, these can help a little with that at times. Although they to tend to also squeeze a tighter fit against your cock, so cumming immediately upon entry has happened as well, thus the need for condoms.

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  6. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    My wife asks (and I'm interested to know too) "Can you get sleeves veined all along their length like live cocks are?"

    My previously quietly reserved wife turned into a big cock-vein junkie within a week of my young buddy coming to live with us and she would like to try a thick-veined version of the sleeve on me.

    "The thicker the better. Like his (my buddy's)." she said, then added "I like that the head of your cock will stick out from the end of the sleeve so it won't feel like a regular dildo in me".

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  7. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

  8. meets

    meets New Member

    We took a quick vacation to Florida over feb 2018
    I made a mistake and told my husband I wanted a massage
    For two days I know he was looking for that massage guy who will do his best
    We met him first on the beach , a black man decent shape younger than me
    He told me how he would be a gentlemen and how he is a licenseed masseus
    I agreed on keeping it legit to have him come to our room
    He brought a table so I was still thinking legit but that changed fast
    He made my husband sit and made me put my hands on his knees stare into his face while he slid my panties off you want more
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  9. vladdy

    vladdy Active Member

    My ex-GF who first cucked me in a relationship had pretty good orgasms with me. My girth is 5.5inches, not too bad, and more than enough for most women I've been with.

    But my ex didn't have orgasms all the time. I really had to have her rev'd up and last a while before she would get off.

    Then when she searched for and found a very well endowed lover who was about 9.5" long with 6 3/4" girth. She would have orgasms all the time while they had sex. She actually quite enjoyed 'complaining' about how he would leave her sore, typically from going too hard too deep, and how she didn't need to worry about me doing that to her.

    Anyway, after they ended, and to add that I think women really enjoy girth more than length. Her ensuing lover was maybe 7" long, but he was still quite thick at 6.5". She orgasmed about as easily as with the first lover as with the second lover.
  10. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    I concur. My wife orgasms much more quickly and easily and way more strongly when being fucked by my buddy than she does with me.

    That's because his fully-erected cock, which measures 8 and 3/4 inches from snout to root, has an enviable and decisive 1-inch advantage over mine in both length and girth. My wife tells me delightedly and distressingly often that it is its greater girth, not its extra length, that sets my buddy apart from me in the visuo-erotic appeal and sexual satisfaction arenas.

    I well remember confirming the bitter truth of that dominating factor in her preference for him over me as her lover when, lying beside her on our marriage bed, I first watched him penetrate her.

    Even after he got the huge head of his cock into her it took fully 3 minutes for the rim of her well-lubricated but disproportionately diminutive vaginal opening to stretch wide enough to accommodate the first--in his case by far the girthiest--few inches of his shaft. Five minutes later she orgasmed beautifully hard with barely 4 inches of his cock in her, her vaginal rim stretched to gossamer thinness and her cock-clasping love-lips spread wider than I had ever seen them.

    Even before he orgasms the wide and big-bellied root of my buddy's cock where it springs from his pubic hair is another full inch girthier than any part of its shaft, so when he comes to orgasm and thrusts balls-deep into my wife to ejaculate and the root of expands even more deliciously for her, she goes completely off her head with pleasure that I'm painfully aware I have absolutely no hope of ever giving her.

    The greater overall girth and hardness of his cock compared to mine is what does it for my wife. That, combined with his matchless youthful strength, suppleness,energy and beautiful uninhibitedness in fucking her, trumps me every time.
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  11. meets

    meets New Member

    Sorry I dint finish
    Once she got naked there was no massage only him putting his big fat cock in my wife and her mouth wide open trying to suck it
    The girth was big and wide
    I was 69 under her while he was pumping her from behind and I could see how the girth spread her pussy
    I fucked her after him and I remember the different feeling of her pussy due to his girth
    Like many wives she says size does not matter but seeing get so wet and having a huge orgasm maybe girth matters
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  12. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    My wife Audrey gets it off well with any dick that I've seen her with, and she and the other women that we play with can get it off nicely just being finger fucked with one finger. So while a larger girth may be different or interesting, it is definitely not necessary for the women that we currently play with.

    The one type of sex where Audrey does not want a large girth is anal. She says with anal too much girth is uncomfortable, but length is unimportant. In the past (before we met) she enjoyed guys anally whose length was too much for hard fucking/hard penetration in her cunt.

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