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Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by pervfred, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. pervfred

    pervfred New Member

    Can you ladies please pull out a tape measure and measure your perfect girth? Everyone talks about length, can we hear some circumference measurements please? They say average is around 4.75 inches. How many inches around is too thick, what fits you best, and what is way too small?
  2. mywifedates

    mywifedates New Member

    What the F$#& is Girth???

    I asked my wife this question and she told me I was an idiot!!!!
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  3. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Girth refers to how "wide" it is. As opposed to length.

    And don't mistake diameter for circumference. Circumference is when you measure all the way around, using a flexible tape measure. It's pi times the diameter.

    (That is the definition of pi, of course. It's the ratio of the diameter of a circle to the circumference of that same circle.)

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  4. mywifedates

    mywifedates New Member


    I actually do know what girth is, I was being slightly sarcastic and the question was rhetorical. I apoloqize...
  5. gsoearth

    gsoearth New Member

    Too thick?! My wife says the thicker, the better. Vaginal orgasms do not occur with 'average' cocks (6" or less) according to her. Her pussy is really tight, with great grabbing muscles, yet I have seen her take a 10" cock and huge 'King Kong' dildoes with no problems.
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  6. cuck4life

    cuck4life Active Member

    My wife experienced her first orgasm by intercourse after 22 years years of marrage with an old boyfriend who she says cock is twice as thick as mine. She can't speak for all women but for her thicker is much better. Her attitude toward sex changed overnight after learning I was her sexual problem. I like that she actually looks forward to sex now even if it is with him.
  7. CuckCpl4BBC

    CuckCpl4BBC New Member

    As I have told my husband there is no such thing as too thick. Too long yes but never too thick. Once I started taking black bull as lovers I realized that size really does make a difference and girth more than anything. I never had orgasms just from penetration and now I am multi-orgasmic and even squirt. It's the friction baby.
  8. takeoff

    takeoff New Member

    My wife says that size does matter, and especially girth. She never experienced and orgasm with my penis. On the contrary with her lover Michael who has much bigger and thicker penis than mine she experiences multiple orgasms, one after another.
  9. realcuckoldmike

    realcuckoldmike New Member

    its allll about girth. i know .. my gf became a squirter from having a thick dildo
    she never had squirted before the thick toy I got her
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  10. gsoearth

    gsoearth New Member

    My wife is fucking a guy now who is "very girthy" but only about 6 1/2" long. He pleases her very much but to see him flaccid....I'm as impressive as he is! Only when he's fluffed does the monster rise up.
  11. emily

    emily Well-Known Member

    Thickness matters. Length matters too -- Longer strokes get the g spot better.
    Cock rings can help a normal size cock. One that fits to the base of the shaft but doesnt go around the balls. With him on top you can get the pleasure on him being inside plus get your clit stimulated on the outside by rubbing into the ring. Then you can climax while your being fucked. Soft or flexible rings are better, for me anyway. I trim belly is good cuz you can rub your clit against him while he fucks you even with a regular sized cock.
  12. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    I can tell you from experience - girth beats length. Most women I've been with have wanted a nice "stretch" rather than feeling my head battering their cervix. Not that they don't appreciate my length, because they do, but they have told me that my thickness is what makes them cum.
  13. The one downside to having a thicker cock. At least I've noticed it personally. Is that finding a woman who can deep throat you can be difficult.
  14. 1A_BAD_ROD

    1A_BAD_ROD New Member

    ah, but think of the many women, who would want to try.... it would be like moths being drawn to the light. i would think so anyway
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  15. Of course I get the woman who ends up practically running away screaming telling me I'm too big for her and she never wants to see me again. :)

    But I do have to say most women like my thickness. And I've had the odd one who can't wait to go for a ride.
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  16. poolBoy

    poolBoy New Member

    Yes finding any woman willing to deep-throat a cock, can be a hard task. Most women willing to go down on a guy, are not looking to gag on it.
  17. True enough, but I'm not going to stop them from practising. :)
  18. puddle

    puddle New Member

    Yes my wife now says girth does matter.
    She met a new lover about 6 weeks ago, she invited him over to introduce him to me and for a blow job as she was on her period, wow,he was thickand about 9 " a wonderful looking cock.
    She proceeded that night with a blowjob while I watched her try to handle it in her mouth,
    he had to finish off by jerking himself, he said thats ok as most women have a hard time blowing him.She went to his place this past weekend for some fun, she said she felt bad about going with out me because she knows i love to watch her with her lovers.I finally told her to go I would be home with the kids, oportunities don't come often enough for play.
    She went , and came back ecstatic, she said they tried doggy style but he kept bottoming out and it was painful, she said missionary was great and she couldn't believe it fit allthe way in and the friction was the most wonderful feeling in the world she came again and again,this morning she told me the best position was her riding him and she wished she could have done it longer but her legs were giving out.I told her I adore her and am very happy that she has shared her true feelings for large cock with me, she said she will play with him again when time permits but would like a longer play period.she also told me that after he shot his load all over her he put another condom on and went to her again, she could not believe he never went soft, she said he just chuckled and that he has good circulation, he tried for another orgasm however it never happened, but his did get to feel his massivness again...the lucky girl.
    i am one satisfied small cocked cuck and love it.
  19. babylacyjane

    babylacyjane Member

    For me I also love grith over lenght but lenht is lso impotant I love to feel it stroking deep. Oh yes size does matter has to be atlease 6inches in lenght. To bad my hubby was shorted out both ways.
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  20. EmmaK

    EmmaK <b><font color="#ff0000">VERIFIED REAL MEMBER</fon

    I think women have personal preferences just like some guys like tits and some asses. I find it very uncomfortable to have a really long guy "bang my cervix" (I have had guys tell me how great that was supposed to be) and also am a personal non-believer in the g-spot (I am so ANTI-freud that anything that rings of the "vaginal" vs "clitoral" orgasm thing sends me into a tailspin).

    There is something very intense about a thick cock pushing into my vagina. That really works for me but I can say after 10 years of fucking guys other than my husband it has never occurred to me to actually pull out a measuring tape and find out what my perfect girth is!

    And I am one that will try and try and try again to get any big cock all the way in my throat!
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