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    We have a young guy that I really enjoy playing with occasionally, he is not the type we typically hook-up with but he is a lot of fun and I seem to keep going back to him.

    Tyler is 28 and has a confidence and arrogance that usually turn me off but with Tyler I seem to be drawn to him. He is not a raving stud but more on the average side at 5'10" and probably 220 lbs. He has dark brown color hair and a baby face. He still lives with his mom but does work a part time job. Not much of a catch really for a young girl but he seems to think every girl has the hots for him. He has an average cock, probably 6". But, he has a crazy sense of humor and he and I can go at it with each other for hours. Something about him just makes me melt.

    I have hooked-up with Tyler probably ten times over the past two years. He lives nearby but outside of when he is horny we seldom hear from him. This past Sunday evening he texted and we met for a drink and then came back to our house. Tyler likes being watched but has always said he can't perform if there is another naked man in the room and so we have always just played while my husband watched from the side. Tyler also does not like to use condoms and despite my typical tendency to error on the side of caution have let him go bareback and to cum inside of me.

    Sunday the sex was hot and intense as always. I had a huge climax and as usual Tyler left me totally satisfied and wore out with two loads of his cum inside my pussy. I was still laying on the bed breathing heavy when Tyler got up and walked over picking up his underwear and putting them on. He then said me "Next time your horny and need a hard dick to make you cum hit me up." I replied something to the effect of my husband taking care of me well and he asked "he can still get it up? damn, I figured he needed somebody to take care of that pussy for you. Whey do you make him your cuck if he can still get it hard?"

    He looked at my husband and said "If she were my wife there is no way I would ever let anyone else fuck her. I would keep her locked up and all to myself. Why do you let her fuck around on you?"

    His questions took me a little by surprise, I can't say I have ever had anyone ask this before. I was wondering if anyone else has had a guy ask these and how did you reply?
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    because i love Her...

    because i am a cuckold...

    because it is what turns us on...

    because She loves it...

    because Her pleasure comes first...

    because you can definitely not understand unless you are a cuckold and you are not so don't waste your time trying to understand it...
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    Because I can.
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    perhaps the best answer...

    because She can!!

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