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A previous Decades Long Cuckold FINALLY begins a Second Life by Letting The Sissy Gurl Trapped withi

Discussion in 'Sissification' started by Pathedick, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    Thank CiCi for opening up and sharing this with us. A thread I responded to last week, (new here) asked what would be the ultimate cuckold experience. Cuckolding to becoming a little gurl for REAL MEN may be tops.

    I will have to find your original thread mentioned in this story a few times.

    While reading this, it reminded me of reading incidents that occurred in a GREEN LOG BOOK. Only thing missing was the time/date prior to each entry.

    Thank you again,
    Your obedient cuckold friend
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  2. Explore with me

    Explore with me Active Member

    ohhh god!!! hot x 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Explore with me

    Explore with me Active Member

    love the dress on you.............
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  4. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thank you for Reading and ESPECIALLY for Appreciating it (including showing it with a Reply or even with your Likes).

    The Ultimate in Cuckolding? Well My Path is DEFINITELY Not for the Majority of Cuckolds let alone the "vanilla" population. But it IS My Path that I have Now Chosen, and it Definitely FEELS Right for Me.

    I have Actually never heard of the GREEN LOG BOOK, I'll have to look into it.

    Here is the Link to my Original Thread on this website, posted on the Humiliation Forum. It is LONG, since it has been around for awhile and like this Thread, WILL grow Longer as I Recount More of My Life. As I get the Time and as long as people appear interested.

  5. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I had to Edit it as I forgot the link.
  6. Explore with me

    Explore with me Active Member

    thank YOU for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  7. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    I could be wrong, but I thought I read in a previous post that you were ex Navy. It may have been another individual that is living with a gurl in southeast Asia. My apologies, the green record books are what Navy personnel logged their watch reports in. As the Officer Of the Day (OOD), some of mine and the previous duty officers could get some lengthy comment sections.

    Again, sorry if I spoke of something that I thought you were familiar with.
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  8. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I spent about 10 years in the Navy, but I got out just Over 30 years ago. Though I was never OOD. But where I stood Watch/Worked we had those same light green/olive canvas covered log books. Where we would log that we "Assumed the Watch" and then anything significant that happened till we got Relieved (and by whom). But I didn't pick up on your reference being it was so long ago and thought you meant some Sex Themed book, I hadn't heard of.

    I wouldn't rule out that those log books had some influence on my writing style. But I always felt that it developed naturally over years of writing on another Forum (having to do with one of the sports I was involved with).
  9. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Just got the early Christmas present that I Treated myself\CiCi to.
    Some dresses that were drastically reduced (most of my girl clothes were marked down). I tried them all on and was Thrilled. I looked pretty Hot, if I do say so myself and felt so Sexy and Girly. I didn't have time to put on my stockings and heels and do a selfie photo shoot.
    But I did snap a picture in the new lingerie that I got because I Adored the way it made my new girl boobies look. Though I KNOW they are Nothing compared to Real Girls, including the ones on this site, they still are a Thrill to see on ME.

    P.S. A Shout out Thank you to MidAtlanticFun for turning me on to the Wicked Temptations website. CiCi Loves it. Thank your Sexy Wife.

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  10. aloneandneeding

    aloneandneeding Active Member

    I swear path if I didn't know better, you could fool me with that ass. Looks Like a woman to me.
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  11. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Why THANK You.
    You are VERY Kind, Sir.

    I have heard that many, Many, MANY times. But it NEVER gets Old and ALWAYS Thrills my girly heart. It makes me feel that my girly body and my genes, exercise, and LUCK, keeping me much younger looking than my Actual age, ALL are Proof that MY Feelings about it being RIGHT that I Finally let the Trapped Sissy Gurl inside me Live too, are CORRECT.

    I Definitely KNOW how WONDERFUL, COMFORTABLE, SEXY, and NATURAL I feel EVERY time I get out of my boy clothes and into my Girl Clothes. Especially a Dress.
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  12. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Do you mean this Asset?
    (in my Naughty Sissy Sailor Gurl outfit. I was a Sailor after all)

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  13. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    A previous Decades Long Cuckold FINALLY begins a Second Life by letting the Sissy Gurl Trapped within to Live too.

    My Sissy Gurl Life Installment 5: CiCi’s Journey to Sissy Slutdom takes a couple more Exciting steps.

    So CiCi had Finally had her First Encounter with a Man. A Wonderful Encounter, a Sexual Encounter that had unexpectedly Exceeded the High expectations of her Wild Sexual Fantasies. Sexual Fantasies that started more than 40 Years earlier at the very beginning of my Sexual awakening as a pre-teen. Although I was always fascinated with Girls/Women and their Beauty, especially their Sexy Bodies, there was always the Urges and Fantasies that were focused on the one Sexual difference. That was of course Girls didn’t have a Cock, Balls, and the Sperm that they produced and fired out in an Incredible Visual display of the moment of Sexual Peak, the Orgasm. Back then I figured that it was just the fact that I was so Immensely High Sexed combined with that difference between Girls and Boys. But it became more than that over time. The Irresistible Desire to have penetrative sex with a Girl also led me to become curious to the point of Fascination with what a Girl Felt and Experiences when being penetrated by a Cock in one of her orifices. Her mouth, pussy or ass. Especially when the Man’s pleasure reaches it’s pinnacle and shoots his Thick Creamy Load of Sperm. His Sexual Essence from his Throbbing Manhood into the Girl.

    This combined with what my Wife called my “Horny Ass”, made me want to be the one being Penetrated, to be fucked in the mouth or my Horny Ass. To have a Man’s Cock and then sperm in them. As a teen I tried to suck up my sperm after cumming using a straw but wasn’t very successful with that or with my attempts (as a teenager with limited options) to inject my sperm into my Ass. As time went on I would tell myself that it was just curiosity and I didn’t really want to experience it. Until the Fantasies came back with increasing force over the Decades of my development as a Cuckold. Especially with my Wife feeding those Fantasies, because she got a kick out of them and what they did to me.

    But back to the Reality of my Sissy Gurl development Finally coming to Life. After that first Hotel date with CiCi’s First Man I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I was Hooked and didn’t want to turn back, but only Charge forward down that “Road Less Traveled”. It seemed like I was almost always thinking about my First Man Date.. I kept reliving it, the feeling of a Man holding me in his Very Strong Manly arms like a girl. His big hands caressing my feminine thigh high clad legs, girly lacy panty covered ass and body and the Absolute Thrill that sent through my entire body and mind. The somewhat Stinging slap of his hand on my Naughty Sissy Ass and the Sensations his Lusting tongue gave me as he ate my Asspussy. The Ultimate combination of the dueling feelings of the Submission to a Real Man and Girly Power of being on my knees worshiping his Real Man’s Cock and the Pleasure it provided him and his Cock while I was doing it. Now I Truly knew what my Wife had felt all those Decades that she Cuckolded me with My friends and other Real Men. Oh how I wanted more and More of that has CiCi.

    So CiCi placed another ad just days after that first date. Although CiCi was over a year from getting her Last name, her Surname she was about to go on a Journey to Earn that Surname’s meaning in French, with Actions and Experiences during that time. I placed that new ad late one night after my girlfriend went to bed and got a response right away from a different Man. He was white, divorced, mid forties (over 10 years younger than me) and was Very into eating Asspussy. He was quite taken with my Ass and legs and his Lust for them got a Wonderful email Flirtation back and forth for a couple of hours. Resulting in us setting up CiCi’s 2nd Date with a 2nd Man the next Afternoon.

    He had a motor yacht about 30 feet long, complete with a nice cabin and bed. I made an excuse to go out and met him at a marina bar. I gave him my description and he gave me his so we could pretend to be friends when I came in. He brought me a couple beers and then he said he had to leave, with the plan being I would say I had to get back to my girlfriend too, leaving a minute later. I followed his car to his boat. When I got there I had my duffle bag with all of CiCi’s things (at that time). I went into the bathroom (Head) and stripped out of my boy clothes and dressed. With CiCi in her lingerie and lipstick emerging several minutes later. He was Very wowed and pleased with my appearance (in spite of my body hair, including facial). He had already stripped to his shorts.

    He held me, kissed me and caressed my body. Then steered me to his bed. He laid on his back and had me get on top of him in a 69. He had me remove his shorts. His Cock was only a little bigger than mine but still filled me with Lust. So I started what was becoming my habit of Lovingly kissing his mushroom head then hairy balls followed by licking up the shaft back to the head before taking my 2nd Cock in my Life, and 2nd in a week also, into my sissy mouth. He wasn’t fully hard yet but I made short work of that in spite of my inexperience. He pulled my panties aside and moaned as he now had my girly ass up close and personal. He dived right and kissing and licking my ass and then my Asspussy. As I said he had told me that he was Really into eating Asspussy and he wasn’t kidding. He Lovingly enjoyed my Ass while I Lovingly enjoyed his Cock. This went on and on and on. He was moaning (and so was I as what he was doing felt great) but I couldn’t get him to give CiCi the Reward she wanted as she is a Cum Slut. I think he was at least a bit drunk. Finally he slowly lost his erection. We took a short break then resumed and I got him hard again, for a while but then he lost it again. Finally we both realized that he just wasn’t going to be able to perform. So we stopped. I changed back into my boy clothes and we both told each other, honestly, that we had enjoyed the encounter in spite of his inability to cum.
    (Continued due to space)
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  14. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My Sissy Gurl Life Installment 5 (Continued): CiCi’s Journey to Sissy Slutdom takes a couple more Exciting steps.

    Just a few days later CiCi had her 3rd Date and 3rd Cock. One of the fast growing numbers of Men who had answered one of my ads was a middle age married black Man who I had been flirting with for about a week. But he lived about an hour away and he too couldn’t host. He had a 7.5 inch Beautiful Cock and CiCi Lusted it after and since he was filled with Lust for CiCi I was very interested in making him and his Cock feel some Relaxing Pleasure. I went to work for overtime one night and they didn’t really need me so left. I stopped at a bar for a couple beers on the way home and got an email from him stating that he was in my area and wanted to hook up. Since we had no where to go I agreed to a car date (the Only time I did it because I didn’t want to risk being arrested). I wasn’t happy that I couldn’t dress in CiCi’s outfits and explain to him that I would be in my boy clothes, but would have CiCi’s pink lace panties on underneath so CiCi could be released at least a bit.

    We met in a parking lot at a fast food place and I transferred to his pickup truck. I was a bit leery getting into a strangers truck but my Lust for him and his Cock won out. He drove till he found an isolated dark area in a town home complex and parked. I got on my knees on the floor on the passenger side of the truck and undid his pants and pulled them down some along with his shorts. Again I kissed a Beautiful mushroom Cock head and looked into his eyes and said “Thank You Sir”. I of course then kissed his big balls because that is where he had made CiCi the Cum Slut a nice big Creamy Load, (he told me that he hadn’t had any sex with his wife for 2 weeks and had a nice big Reward to feed CiCi‘s Cum Lust).

    When I took him into my Hungry and watering sissy mouth I quickly had him hard as a rock. I must have been quickly getting pretty good at Cock Sucking because he was moaning and hunching his powerful hips up at my mouth in no time. He told me “You’re a Very good Cock Sucker CiCi” which sent a Thrill through me and I replied in my best girly voice “Why Thank You Sir, your Cock is Delicious and feels so Powerful in my mouth”. He even grabbed my head and moved it up and down which also Thrilled me because I knew he was using CiCi for his Sexual Pleasure. Sissies Adore being used by Real Men for their Pleasurable Sexual Satisfaction.

    Before long he announced that I was making him cum and I had my First ever experience with a Real Man’s Hard Cock swelling, Throbbing and Pulsating, followed by that first shot of Cum. With my lips tightly wrapped around his Manly Cock, I Squealed Girly like with Delight because the sensation and experience was all I thought it would be and More. He kept moaning and groaning and even saying “Take it CiCi, take my Cum”. The ejaculations continued till my Cum Thirsty sissy mouth was filled with his warm thick Creamy Sperm. After he stopped I looked at him while savoring the taste and texture then opened my mouth to show him what he had Produced for CiCi to Relieve him of, before I swallowed it. Then licked him clean and kissed his balls and Cock head again out of Gratitude.

    We even talked a bit on the way back to my car. I Thanked him again for the opportunity to Pleasure him and he asked how I am enjoying myself as a new Sissy Gurl. I told him that in spite of some missteps I’m Extremely enjoying myself. I also told him that he was the First Man to Cum in my Sissy mouth and he liked that a lot. I told him that it Thrilled me Tremendously also and that it was better than my Decades of Fanasties about it and his Cum was Very Savory. After he dropped me at my car I drove back to the bar for a beer that I didn’t start to drink right away because one of the Great characteristics of Cum is that it coats the throat and the taste lingers. So you know that you’ve eaten Cum and I wanted that Wonderful feeling to last a bit longer. It was apparent to me that I wanted more, so CiCi is definitely a Cum Slut.

    So in the 4 ½ Decades from my Sexual Awaking as a Pre-teen boy I’ve had Sex with a Total of 3 Women as a “man”. After my Sexual Awaking as CiCi the Sissy Gurl where I set my Feminine side Free, I over about a One week span had equaled that number by having Sex with a Man as a Girl. A Slutty Sissy Gurl. My Wife and I when she was feeding my Submissive Cuckold fantasies used to say that with my quick shooting little dicklet maybe I would be better having Sex as a Girl in panties sucking Cock and getting fucked in my Horny Ass. I thought that it would always remain just Exciting Fantasies. But now that it was becoming a Reality has CiCi, it was becoming apparent that she was right.

    But it was still early in the Journey, CiCi was just getting started.
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