A little pissed but totally aroused.

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    My wife Lauren went on a “date†with her friend Daren last Saturday. We had talked about “the date†concept before but we had never stepped into that realm. For me it was more fantasy but that's always how it starts, just a fantasy...

    He was a big Alpha Male. Young, handsome and well endowed. He loved fucking my wife while I watched. Lauren really got off on his size. He was bigger than me by quite a bit and had all night stamina. We had meet several times at local hotels. I watched and they played. I took pictures and jacked off. Then jacked off to the pictures.

    Lauren had mentioned several times that Darin wanted her all to herself for an evening. Some alone time. I really got off watching them together and wasn't sure if I could surrender her to him, even for one night. But she mentioned it again, actually she mentioned it several times, and the thought really was driving my crazy... My wife alone with a large, hung, young man. Dinner, snuggles, little kisses... free to explore without hubby wacking his dick in the corner... It really was the next step. I was starting to make an assumption it would probably happen at some point anyhow.

    And then we talked about it. It was clear she wanted this to happen but Darin seemed to be the one that was driving the idea. He had mentioned several ideas to her including going away for the weekend or staying at our house for a fer days when I had to travel for business. In the end we decided it was best to start slow, an evening at his apartment was the best choice.

    \ () /

    The date was planed for Saturday. I was nervous, she was excited. She went out earlier in the day and bought a new black dress. She showered, shaved, trimmed and lotioned. My stomach was twisted in knots as I watched her primp for him. The bra and panties were new too, shear black lace. She slipped into her dress with effect. “Can you zip me up baby?â€

    “Sure.†The zipper slides up smooth and easy. I occurs to me that the next hand on the zipper will be his. “You look nice. Very classy but sexy.â€

    “Thanks baby.†She was admiring herself in the mirror. She looked pleased. She added the string of pearls I bought her at Christmas and then the anklet.

    “I want you to be careful. If you need anything, call or text.†It was a legitimate concern. We met him on the internet for sex. We had met him several times since and he seemed like a nice guy but really we only knew what he told us.

    “Always baby.†Then she looked me in the eyes, “You know he's a good guy. I trust him.â€

    And he did seem like a good guy. For some reason that didn't make me feel any easier. “Yea sweetie, I know, you got this right?â€

    “Yea, of course.â€

    “What time will you be home?†A nervous question and kind of stupid. The obvious answer was when they were done.

    “Don't know sweetie but I'll be safe.â€

    I walked her to the door and gave her a little kiss then watched her drive away...

    He didn't live that far, maybe a half hour. That was part of the agreement, I needed to know where she was going. If I wanted I could follow her but then I would be a creeper. She didn't tell me their plans or even if she had a plan. Maybe I didn't want to know. But I did know there would be sex involved. Brass tax, she was meeting this guy to fuck. And she wanted it as much as he did. Soon she was going to be on her back getting pounded by her young stud. And he would cum in her. She didn't take condoms.

    But now I had to wait. What's the song? “The waiting is the hardest part.†Tom Petty. Fucking genius. Thirty five minutes, She's pulling up now. He's waiting for her maybe checking out the window.. He cleaned and vacuumed, made the bed, maybe lit some candles. He'll take her in, the black dress, pearls, anklet and he'll say something, “hot†or “sexy†or maybe “beautifulâ€... Beautiful would be his best bet. That would make her the wettest.

    Then they would kiss. Long and slow. In the doorway so people could see. Not obvious, just an attractive couple enjoying a kiss. He would invite her in and shut the door.

    I try to relax. A couple hours have passed. There is nothing on TV. Dinner would be over by now. Maybe some red wine. He wouldn't have to “make his moveâ€, she would be ready for him. Kissing probably... maybe he already fucked her. I don't know... maybe that was the first thing they did. Work up and appetite... My balls hurt. I go to the bathroom and jack off. At least it's some relief.

    About 11:45p I texted her, “You ok baby? Hit me back.†She didn't respond. Perfectly understandable, after all she might be busy. Again at 1a. Still nothing. My mind was racing. I jacked off... again. You can only drain your balls so many times. I drift off at some point. I lurch myself awake and check the time. It's 3:30a. I check my phone. She texted back at 3 am. “Sorry baby. I'm fine. See you soon. Luv u.

    I crawl into bed, too tired to think. See you soon? On her way home I guess.

    I wake up as she is slipping into bed. I look at the clock and it's 6:30a. Fuck, Out all night... I'm pissed. But I try to temper my frustration, shes home and safe. “You ok, Baby? You have fun?â€

    Her back is to me. She turned her head a bit to respond, “Yea, I did. I'll tell you all about it later. Love you baby.†She rolled back away...

    “Tell me what you did, Sweetie. I was worried about you.†My dick was hard. I knew she was fucking all night. Her little pussy filled with another mans spunk. I needed some details.

    “I'm tired. We'll do that later.â€

    I knew her pussy would be well used. My frustration was now replaced with arousal and tension. My dick was rock hard again, too hard. I snuggled up to her, my hard-on pressed against her ass. I rubbed against her trying to get a reaction. “Can I eat you?â€

    “Later.†She sounded a bit drunk.

    My hand reached across her body and cupped her breasts. She didn't protest but she didn't respond. I moved my hand south. Across her belly, down to her pussy. It was wet and sticky. I tried to finger her. She grabbed my hand and moved it away. “Sorry baby. I'm sore. Not now...â€

    Sore? Used up? I get up in protest. I go into the bathroom and jack off into the toilet... I squeeze once but don't wipe. I get back in bed and push my soft leaking dick against her ass. But she's already asleep...I make my own little puddle.

    I was spent too... To much emotion... I drift off as well.

    She tries to get out of the bed unnoticed. I check the clock 10:15a. Probably enough sleep to get through the day. I look back and she's pulling on day old sweatpants that were laying on the floor. She's trying to get dressed before I wake up... Make her escape.

    “Hey sweetie?†Looking for a response.

    She turns back to look at me. “Yea, baby?†She answers sweet and innocent, not like the little slut that fucked her bull all night.

    Then I notice! “Holly shit! What happened to you?†She had two large bruises on both of her forearms.

    She gave me a quizzical look. Now she grabbed an old t shirt off the floor and put it on.

    “What?†she responded.

    “You all bruised up! Your arms!â€

    I hear her mumble, “Oh shit†under her breath. She scampers into the bathroom. He left marks. Big fucking marks.

    I follow behind. You can't hide marks like that. They weren't hickies either. She had her shirt pulled up, examining the arms. I could see her expression in the mirror searching for a response. And I was a little freaked out. And she knew it.

    “So what happened?†I asked.

    “Nothin' bad. I swear. We've talked about this. We were just roll playing a bit and he's just a big guy.â€

    I just waited. My heart was racing. Abuse?

    “Ok, I told him about the fantasy I had about being taken and raped... by a big guy... You know, we talked about that... you thought it was hot, right? We even talked about Darin. You seemed ok.†She was talking fast.

    Rape? Part of me felt violated... like he did this to me... I let her continue.

    “We were just roll playing. Ya know, like it's our first date. He made me a nice dinner. Lite the candles we were snuggling on the couch. Nice romantic music. Kissing a bit. Then he put his hand on my leg. Then he goes a little higher. I told him it was too soon. Good girls do do “that†on the first date. I pushed his hand away but he wouldn't take no for an answer. He tried again... He put his hand under my skirt. I tried to push him away but he was too big... Then he just took me.â€

    And then he “raped her??†My wife... fuck... it had to be hard. The bruises.

    “So he raped you? What the fuck! And the bruises?†The last thing I wanted was my wife abused.

    “I just bruise easily. You know I do. He put his forearms over mine, ya know, just to hold me down... and he's a big guy. It wasn't bad. We had a safe word. Really. Everything was consensual. I sear to God I didn't know he bruised me.†She looked at me nervously and tried to put on her cute face but it didn't play and she knew it. A few hours ago she played the slut now she wanted to play the innocent. She didn't like my reaction. If she wasn't marked it would have been their little secret.

    But she was here now and safe... “You ok?†I asked. “Are you hurt? Do I need to do anything?†It was a mock rape, a fantasy but I still wanted to be a protector.

    “I swear, everything is fine. No, don't do anything. Baby, it was my idea. I told him I wanted him to take me hard.†Now she was a little freaked out. This wasn't going to be the story she told me but she was outed by the marks he left on her.

    “Did he bruise you down there too?â€

    “I don't know. Probably.†Sheepishly.

    She didn't want to but she relented. I pulled down her sweats. Her lips were extended, swollen and red. Her inner thighs bruised and red as well. She was letting her husband examine her sexual proclivity. There was matted cum in her pubes. Embarrassed she pulled her pants back up.“Pretty rough?†I asked.

    “Yea. I mean I guess.â€

    “Did you get off?â€

    “Yea. A lot.†A little smile.

    And I was turned on... She looked down, noticed my erection...“Did he cum in you?†It was a stupid question. If he fucked her, he came in her.


    “How many times?â€

    “I'm not sure...â€

    “Did he cum in your mouth?â€

    “Yea... well, face and mouth...â€

    “Can I eat you?†My dick was hard. She had to say yes.

    “You'll need to be real careful. Really careful.†It was a concession.

    It was like an out of body experience. She moved to the corner of the bed and spread her legs for me. I knelt in front of her and licked slowly to her soft moans. I wanted to stick my dick into her instead I jacked my cock imagining all the things he did to her. When I was ready to cum I stood up and shot onto her belly.

    So many mixed emotions. In the end she came home to me... I would have thought her sexy “first date†would have been sweet and romantic instead she had a fantasy to be raped and violated. My wife has fantasies of her own and it was a revelation to see how dark they are. It made sense that she waited until she had the Alpha to take her this way and she didn't see me as the one that would fuck her and abuse her. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Maybe I'm the protector? Maybe she is just turned on by his sexual power. Anyhow, she was pretty sore for a few days.

    I still feel like there is a lot more to the story than she is saying, but I guess a girl has to have her secrets. For now.

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    Don't know about anybody else, but that much bruising goes way too far in my books. I've done the "rape fantasy" thing myself (white wives and girlfriends wanting me to "rape" them), and I was damn rough too (fucking them animal hard, pulling hair, etc.), but never anything close to what you show in the pic in terms of marks and bruising on their bodies :eek: Worst would be spanking those alabaster white butt cheeks bright red and leaving palm marks . . . .
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    Well my wife bruises by just looking at her so it might not have been that rough if it had been her. However, if it was my wife this wouldn't happen again. Something in this story isn't right and NO, she shouldn't have any secretes if you are going to allow her this lifestyle.
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    A couple of things, I'm probably at fault here, I put it in Cuckold Stories not Real Life Experiences. It is based off our real life experiences but this is a work of fiction.

    The pic is real and it is my wife but the bruises were inflicted when I was in the room and have the pic to prove it. He was rough with her but it wasn't abuse. He just put too much of his weight on her forearms. The bruises didn't come up until the next morning and we laughed about.

    The rest is part real mixed with fiction. An overnight stay mixed with her rape fantasy. I was bored and trying to come up with something hot. My bad.

    Here is the pic that caused the bruises.
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    I also love rape fantasy. I told my wife the fantasy when we start cuck lifestyle. It makes me so hard to watch her being "raped" by other guys.
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    really hot history/fantasy!! I remember the first time my wife got back home with some hickies on her neck and tits... That was really, really hot!!! She tried to hide in the first moment but when I saw I freaked out... Well, it was mixed feelings... First question if she was ok but when she began to describe what happened, it was rough but she loved, etc... I turned on, my dick was a hard like a rock and we fucked like crazy... We realized we both liked... Now a days, we both still like some hickies, bruises, specially when she goes out alone with a man. Receiving my wife back home with her body full of hickies and bruises is really hot!! The marks are the evidences she was hardly, roughly and well fucked by a real man!
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    What has happened first time? Was he stranger or friend?
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    Usually she doesn't go alone with strangers... She did it a few times but we still think it's risky.
    He was a fixed lover. I knew him. I had watched them fuck before, I knew he fucks hard but I guess when they met alone, I mean, I was not together, I guess the animal instinct led them to a rougher sex and as consequence, the hickies and bruises.
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    No one among our circle of sex partners, male or female, is into rape fantasies or physical roughness. The only thing close was when Audrey and I first started having sex (it was a long weekend), we banged so hard she had some black and blue marks on her inner thighs.

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