A Lion and a Bull out for a drink....

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    A Lion and a Bull out for a drink and its getting late...

    The Lion: I better get home…

    The Bull: What’s up tough guy… and your call yourself a king!!

    The Lion: being married to a lioness unlike being married to a cow :D:D
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  2. obedientcuck

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    It reminds me of an old joke that i'll update slightly for cuckoldsforum.com.

    A cuckolding couple meets their prospective new bull in their country estate. As they're escorting him out, he turns to the cuck and tells him, "I'll bet you I can make your horse laugh."

    The cuck can't imagine how, so he takes the bet. The bull grabs the horse's reins and walks him into the barn. A minute later, the bull walks the horse out of the barn and the horse is laughing.

    "How's that even possible?" the cuck wonders. "How'd you do it?" the cuck asks their prospective new bull.

    "Before I tell you," the stud tells him, "Double or nothing I can make your horse cry."

    Curious, the cuck agrees. The bull walks the horse back into the barn. A minute later they come out and the horse is crying.

    "Okay... How'd you do it?" the cuck asks.

    The bull replies, "The first time, I told him I have a bigger cock than his. The second time, I showed him."
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  3. Donald_Cuck

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    I liked that joke years ago before I was cucked. I now like better with your twist. Thanks for the laugh.

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