A Hot Time in Philly

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    The taxi deposited me in front of this quaint and simple suburban home. It was a hot Saturday, the sun was out in the sky with no prediction of rain for the next three days. I haven’t been in Philadelphia before, but I was there on an assignment. Some bitch-ass white hubby whom I’d been communicating with online finally caught my attention and begged me to come and be the man of his home. He’d sent me some hot pics of his woman. She was a hottie. Redhead slut with a body just banging to be made use of. The moment the white boi hubby sent me her pictures, I got a mighty boner like I’ve never had. I was in New York at the time, but knew I had to get my ass over to Philly and see what the broad has got cooking under those clothes.

    So here I was, standing in front of the door of their home. I’d already called the white boy, whose name was Richard, I the moment my plane landed and told him to be indoors waiting for me once I got here. Either he was in and waiting, or I was going to get hot piss and turn around and head back for home. I went and pressed the doorbell. I stood back and waited. Half a minute went by before I heard a lock turning and then the door came open and there was the white boi standing there in his sissy outfit he’d told me his wife sewed for him.

    “Welcome, Master,â€￾ he bowed at me.

    I pushed past him and stepped into his home. It was lovely and quiet. There was the sound of moaning coming from the living room. I went in there and saw he’d been watching an interracial porn flick on the TV when I interrupted his ass. I sat down on a chair and opened my jacket.

    “Can I get you anything, Master?â€￾ the white boi asked.

    “You got any beer in this joint, boi?â€￾

    “Yes, Master. I’ve got Coors and Heineken. I have a bottle of Chianti too.â€￾
    “Skip the Chianti, get me a Heiny. Chop-chop!â€￾ I slapped my palms together meaning for him to hurry on with his ass.

    I watched the flick playing on the tube while he hurried off and returned a minute or two later with my Heineken and a glass on a tray and placed them next to the coffee table beside me. He poured the drink for me and handed me the glass. I took a sip from it; damn thing tasted pretty good.

    “How about the slut? Where’s she at?â€￾ I enquired about his wife.

    “She’s upstairs, Master, getting ready for you. She’ll be coming down in a few minutes.â€￾

    “That’s good. Bring my bag over for me.â€￾

    He did so. I opened the bag and searched underneath my clothes for what I was looking for: a leather dog collar with the name ‘MY BITCH’ etched around it. I told him to fall to his knees before me. He did so. I tied the collar around his neck and clipped it to the end of a handle. I pulled at the handle, testing its strength, and he came along with it.

    “That’s good,â€￾ I commented. “I told you I was going to get you a present. Hope you like it, white boi.â€￾

    He nodded emphatically at me. “I do very much, Master Shango.â€￾

    I told him to go kneel at a corner of the room, and he obeyed. I continued watching the porn movie playing and sipping my beer. It wasn’t long I heard someone’s footsteps coming down the stairs.

    “Master Shango, your bride is here,â€￾ she called out to me.

    “Well, come in here, slut. Let’s take a good look at you.â€￾ I dropped my beer back on the tray and sat forward with anticipation.

    The slut, her name was Karla, came down the stairs and entered the living room dressed in a wedding gown that was cut above her chest that displayed her ample cleavage. She’d put on some makeup and wore a veil over her face, holding a bouquet in her hand. She looked unbelievably gorgeous to a letter ‘G’. I got up from the couch, mesmerised by what I was looking at. My cock too had come awake and was knocking against my pants, wanting to be let loose. She walked up to me smiling that radiant smile of hers that she’d made for me in the naked pictures of hers her sissy hubby mailed to me.

    “Do I look good for my Master?â€￾ she asked me.

    “You look damn good, bitch,â€￾ I replied, running my hands up and down her arms. “You look fucking spectacular!â€￾ I turned to look at her hubby.“This is some beautiful slut of a wife you’ve got here, white boi. I hope you’re proud of her.â€￾

    He bowed his head at me and answered, “Indeed, Master. I really am.â€￾

    I took the bouquet from Karla, smelt it, then threw it over to her white boi hubby and then pulled the wife towards me. Our lips met and we stood there kissing like high-school lovers. I ran my hands over her body, pulled up her dress to feel underneath. She wasn’t wearing anything under that gown except a garter belt and net stockings; that was just the way I liked it. I pulled the slut around the room like I was dancing with her. I pushed her dress downwards and out fell her tits. Lovely pair of ripe, round tits with jutting nipples staring at my face like search lights. Our lips kept on kissing. She had her arms fully around me when I ducked my head and munched on one of those tits while I squeezed the other in my hand, feeling like it was an apple I needed to take a big bite out of.

    We just about collided with the center table; hubby came over and pushed the table away from us. We fell down on the couch and I went on sucking her tits while she pulled and caressed my face and sucked on my ear almost at once. I was on fire I tell you, and so too was the slut. I could feel her hand grabbing at my crotch; she couldn’t wait for me to whip out that black snake. I pulled off from her and let her unzip my pants and out jumped my cock like a Jack-in-the-Box. She stroked that black snake in her hand, looked at it with all the love in the world, then turned to her sissy hubby, grinned at him, before turning to choke down on my rod. Oh yeah, she had a hot mouth, that Karla slut did. She went on sucking and slurping her tongue up and down my shaft like she was born for it. I pressed her face down on me, not even wanting the bitch to come up for air.

    “Enough of the sucking,â€￾ I pushed her face off me and pushed my pants and shorts down my legs, kicked off my shoes as well. She helped me out of my suit and holding hands, we went up the stairs. But I stopped first I fetched hubby’s dog collar handle and led him along. When up in the room, I told hubby to sit his ass on the floor and watch us fuck.

    The slut jumped on the bed on all fours, pushing her dress up to show me that round buttocks of her. I eat her pussy for a while, just to lubricate that motherfucker. I wasn’t going to lube her up, and I don’t wear no fucking condoms either, ‘cause I’m 100% clean. I came behind her on the bed and slide the head of my cock all the way in her. She pressed her head on the bed and for the next ten minutes I didn’t stop fucking that pussy.

    The bitch was cumming faster than I could have said the Lord’s Prayer. Her pussy was gushing cum juice as if she were a cow giving out milk. I loved the way she was hollering though, and even when the bitch begged for me to stop … that was the last thing on my mind. I pulled back her hair and wouldn’t let up. I slapped her butt too. Her ass cheeks kept bouncing back at me each time I pounded her pussy. Such a sweet thing is white pussy, especially married white pussy!
    I pulled off from her and told the bitch to turn around and suck my cock. She did just that, grabbing my cock like it was a lifesaver and pumping that black stallion all up in her mouth like it was a pop tart. I told her hubby to get on over here and get a taste of this cock too. His ass came by and he shared my black cock with his woman. A while later I kicked the white boy off me and told him to go back and sit his ass at the corner and watch.

    I had the bitch take off her wedding dress and I climbed on top of her and got busy once again pounding that pussy like hard-core rap music. The bitch had her legs over my backside. My hands slid under her ass cheeks and I held my breath and went on slamming down on her. The bitch wouldn’t stop hollering my name. She yelled out that she was cumming … she was fucking cumming! Oh yeah, I didn’t let up. I was banging that pussy all the way into the bed. The bitch kept screaming and screaming like she was going to wake up the neighbors. She probably woke up the dead when she came, ‘cause she came like a fucking river. I kept hearing her gasp and moan loud in my ear like I had an angel in there. Sweet fucking angel her pussy was.

    My turn came a couple of minutes later. I grunted deep, held my breath and flooded that pussy like a Hurricane Katrina breaking through those New Orleans leevees. The Karla bitch held me down on her while I pumped my seed full down her pussy drain. When done, I pulled off from the slut and rolled off her. She was lying there with her legs open; I could see my seeds pouring out between her legs. I turned to where the sissy boy Richard was at and whistled at his ass.

    “Yo, white boy! Get your ass up on here and come clean up this mess.â€￾

    He got up from where he was and approached. “Yes, Master, I’ll do just that.â€￾

    He pressed his face between his woman’s pussy and sucked on her hole like a vacuum cleaner. I lay there looking at both of them, then finally I got up and went into the bathroom to take myself a shower. I’ve still got more fucking to do later on.

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