A Guest in the House

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    I was in my usual spot, in bed slowing jerking off to the
    thought of what was about to come. My beautiful wife was out
    with her lover and she would soon be home. She would come in
    to the room straddle my face and feed me his cum just like she
    had done countless times before.

    She had been seeing Jamie for about a year now. I had never
    met him but I had seen pictures. We talked about her bringing
    him home so that I could watch but she said he was not ready
    yet. So I was just content to just suck the gobs of cum from
    her as she told me all the details. Lori liked the way Jamie
    fucked her. She said he was very forceful with her. I admitted
    to her, when asked of course, that I preferred his cum over
    the others because there was so much. My confession alone
    almost made her cum. She said that was probably because we
    lived so close and it was so fresh when she walked through the

    About 2:00 am the bedroom door opened and Lori told me to come
    down stairs. I quickly followed her down stairs. I watched her
    pull her shorts off at the bottom of stairs and my hard cock
    bounced up and down as I went down the stairs.

    I stopped cold in my tracks as I came around the corner. There
    was Jamie naked on the couch sporting a huge erection. Lori
    had just pulled her top off and was beginning to straddle him.
    Lori turned to me as his cock entered her pussy and said,â€
    Jamie decided that it was time he let you watch how well he
    fucks me. Wasn’t that nice of him?â€

    I was speechless.

    “Well, aren’t you going to say hello to your guest?â€

    “H-hello,†I stammered, unsure of what else to say.

    “Hey,†he said uninterested.

    I just kind of stood there and took it all in, my cock still
    hard as a rock. “Now, Steve ... don’t be shy. There’s no
    reason to be nervous. You can’t see well over there. Come on
    over here and grab yourself a front row seat,†said Lori
    plainly. She pulled some pillows off the couch and tossed them
    behind her between Jamie’s muscular legs. She looked at me

    I walked over and knelt on the pillows with my face just a few
    feet away from her aas as it rose up and down on his cock.
    “Yeah, baby, isn’t that better?†moaned Lori, obviously
    enjoying herself. “Why don’t you lick my ass while you’re down
    there? You know you want to.â€

    I knew what she wanted and I knew what I wanted, too. They
    were the same thing. So I obediently leaned forward and pushed
    my face into the crack of her ass.
    “Mmmmmm†she purred as I drove my tongue into her asshole.

    The sight before me was incredible. The smell of sex was over
    powering. She rode his pole like she was riding a bronco. She
    was bouncing so hard it was almost impossible to keep my face
    in her ass. Every now and then she would reach back and hold
    my face down and tell me to “Lick it right there.â€

    She then reached forward and whispered something in Jamie’s
    ear. She then stopped and got off him and turned around and
    sat back down on his cock so that she was facing me. She
    pulled me to her, “Lick my clit, Babyâ€

    And that is just what I did. I licked it like my life depended
    on it. All the time she was running her hands through my hair
    telling what a good boy I was and asking if I liked my view.
    Hell yeah, I did.

    I leaned back to watch them. I had never met Jamie, let alone
    seen his cock though I had heard Lori describe it to me many
    times. She took great pleasure in telling me after her dates
    just how much she liked his cock and how big it was. It was
    almost the same size as mine but I somehow got a huge
    perverted pleasure hearing her say that it was so much bigger
    than mine. “Doesn’t he have a nice cock?†she asked me. “I
    Love fucking it…… Look at it….. This is what a REAL cock looks

    There was a line of frothy cum at the base of his cock. “You
    like it don’t you.†I just nodded. “You can lick it. Go ahead,
    he wants you to,†she coaxed. Like I was in a hypnotic trance
    I leaned forward and ran my tongue up his shaft, cleaning the
    juices that accumulated there.

    “Aggghhhh,†she almost exploded as she watched me lick his
    cock. “That’s it Baby lick us both. You have the best tongue.â€

    And there I sat for at least twenty minutes licking her clit
    and his cock. I was in heaven. The whole time she praised my
    tongue skills and told me how good his cock felt. “Honey, you
    are forgetting Jamie’s balls,†she reminded me. “Get your
    tongue down there. He likes that.â€

    “Lick them good. That’ll make him cum real hard. He has a lot
    of cum in there. But, you know that don’t you?â€
    “He is going to fill me with his cum and you are going to suck
    it out of me. Won’t you my little cum suckerâ€

    I just licked. Then suddenly Jamie grunted and tightly grabbed
    her waist and held her still on his cock. I watched as his big
    cock twitched and let loose a load into my wife. She stayed
    motionless with in his grasp for a few seconds and then
    collapsed next to him, leaving a strand of cum between her
    pussy and his cock.

    Lori then slid down on the couch so that her pussy was right
    at the edge, spread her legs and displayed the sticky wet mess
    of her crotch. She smiled and looked at me. "Do you like what
    you see babe?" she asked. ." I looked at Lori smiled and
    nodded. I stared at her pussy. I definitely liked what I saw.
    I was really turned on and I just couldn’t wait to eat her
    out. I hadn't cum yet and right there in front of me was my
    wife's beautiful cunt all filled up with cum, my fantasy come
    true. It wasn't my cum, but God I was hot at that point. "I
    think you do like what you see," she giggled. "Anything you
    want to do now?"

    "What do you mean?" I gulped. I didn't want to say anything in
    front of Jamie.

    "Come on, tell me what you want to do and I'll let you do it
    babe. Are you having some nasty thoughts? You can tell us,
    Jamie won't tell anyone. Just tell us what you want.†It felt
    like my cock grew even longer. She was going to make me say it
    in front of Jamie. I swallowed hard, I really wanted it.

    "I want to taste your pussy," I blurted.

    "What!? You want to taste my pussy? You just got done licking
    me. Why do you want to lick me now? Come on, out with it -
    what do you really want to do?" I wished I had never started
    this fantasy. I loved to wait for her to come home from her
    date so that I could lick her pussy clean of her lovers cum. I
    wanted to do it but not in front of Jamie. I wish she would
    have waited until he left, but she was in control now.

    I almost came in my pants; she was going to make this really
    nasty for me. I took a deep breath and said "I really want to
    lick the cum out of your cunt. I want to clean up that mess
    for you."

    "Oh, you nasty boy! You want to lick up my pussy after it's
    been well fucked? It's really a wet hot mess honey, isn't it?
    It's even messy outside because Jamie wiped his dripping cock
    all over it. Well, I guess it does need to be cleaned up. And
    I know how much you love Jamie’s cum.â€

    “Go ahead tell him what you told me the other night,†she
    teased. I looked at her horrified. “It’s ok, he already knows.
    I want to hear you say it again.â€
    I turned to Jamie and tried not to look directly at him and
    said, “I like the taste of your cum the best.†Lori quickly
    chimed in, “Honey, maybe you should ask Jamie permission to
    lick me, after all it is his cum you are going to lick up.â€

    I was dying. I felt totally humiliated but my erection was
    proof that I was loving it. I totally surrendered and said,
    “Is it alright if I please lick your cum out of my wife’s
    “Hah! Well I guess it’s OK. Dig in Cucky,†he roared.

    Lori looked at me with approval and smiled, then leaned over
    and kissed Jamie and said “See?†She looked back at me and
    said, "Well, what are you waiting for? Climb onto the couch
    between my legs.â€

    I did as instructed, and Lori said "Take a close look, can you
    smell how it's been fucked?"

    I got in close to her pussy and took a deep breath. It smelled
    like heaven. She had cum very hard and her juices were mixed
    with Jamie's, and the sweat of their fucking created an
    intoxicating aroma. "Yes, you smell delicious," I said.

    "Then you can start cleaning me since you like how I smell. I
    want you to lick all around the outside first, get that nice
    and clean, and then you can start sucking me out." She turned
    back to Jamie and began kissing him again.

    I tentatively started to lap up the cum, my cock almost
    dripping onto the couch. I got the first taste and it was
    smooth and salty. I glanced up to see her french kissing
    Jamie, and without stopping she took the back of my head and
    pushed my face back down into her hole. I fervently began
    sucking, and she suddenly started to buck against my

    She cried out "shit, I'm cumming again already! Oh God, suck
    my cunt baby, it feels so good!" I had never made her cum so hard in
    our whole marriage. I became like a man possessed. I wanted
    to devour her pussy. I knew that no matter who fucked her no
    one could lick her the way I could. I looked up at her and she
    never looked so beautiful to me.

    I sucked harder as she came, her cunt muscles began pumping
    their cum out into my mouth. Spasm after spasm roared through
    her body, and she grabbed my head with both hands and roughly
    held my face against her pussy as she rubbed it up and down.
    Jamie had grabbed hold of her nipples and was tweaking them,
    adding to her storming orgasm.

    As the waves of pleasure faded, she released me and laid back.
    "God that was great, but I think there's more for you to
    clean." She then pointed over at Jamie’s cock.

    I stared at it for a second as it glistened with Lori’s
    juices. I had gone past the point of return, so I obediently
    crawled over between Jamie’s muscular legs. I heard moans of
    delight from Lori as I dipped my head down into Jamie’s
    crotch. I paused for just a second as the scents of sex filled
    my nostrils. It was ... irresistible.

    I laid my tongue flat against the base of his cock and licked
    upward wiping his cock clean of fluids as I went.
    “Oh, Steve ... I’m so glad you like it,†Lori cooed.
    I lapped up and down his cock with long gentle strokes. I
    could taste Lori’s tangier flavors at the base and the muskier
    flavor of mancum toward the tip. I took his softened cock in
    my hand and flopped in down between his balls to get better
    access to the back side. I even licked clean the portion of
    his stomach where his cock had been resting.

    I looked over at Lori. She was smiling broadly as she watched
    me work— her head propped on a pillow. Lori noticed my gaze.
    “Oh, Baby don’t stop. Keep doing what you’re doing. After
    seeing how much you like cum, I know you were just dying to
    lick it off a nice hard cock.†She then began to finger her

    “Don’t forget his balls, Steve,†Lori reminded me. “You should
    always suck a man’s balls clean after he’s fucked your wife as
    well as Jamie here has.â€

    I moved down and sucked his balls in to my mouth one at a
    time. They were the size of large eggs, but I managed to swirl
    my tongue around each until it was clean. I went back to
    lapping the length of his shaft until I couldn’t taste any
    more pussy or semen—just cock. Then I sucked the tip into my
    mouth and ran my lips down the semi-soft length until my face
    was buried in his pubic hair. It just seemed ... the right
    thing to do.

    “Daa-a-a-amn ... the boy really took to it, didn’t he?†It was
    Jamie’s voice. “Are you sure this is his first time?â€

    “Yes,†answered Lori, “this is his very first cock. But it
    definitely won’t be his last.â€

    Her voice carried a teasing quality, but it suddenly made me
    realize how long I’d had Jamie’s cock in my mouth. I sat up
    quickly and his cock fell back onto his belly with a wet slap
    as it slipped out of my mouth. As I sat upright, my own rock
    hard boner came into full view.

    “Well, from the looks of his little woody, he’s certainly
    happy about something,†Jamie pointed out. “Which is it,
    Cuckold? The feeling of a cock in your throat or the
    anticipation of tasting more of my cum inside your wife’s
    stretched out pussy?â€

    “Her pussy. I-I want to lick her p-pussy again,†I answered.

    “Good, ‘cuz that’s a heck of a hard-on for a straight boy to
    get while sucking cock,†He teased. “Don’t worry, your
    secret’s safe with me. Now, you’ve got my meat nice and clean,
    so go ahead and dive into that snatch. That there is Grade A
    pussy and it still has some high quality sperm for you. Have
    at it.â€

    I looked over at Lori and saw that wild, sexy look in her eyes
    that she always had right before I performed my husbandly
    chore. I’d seen that look many times as I regularly cleaned
    loads of cum from her pussy with my tongue. Big, virile loads.
    Mouthfuls of the stuff. It was my responsibility. It was my
    duty. It was ... it was ... delicious.

    The look on her face was even more intense than usual; she had
    truly enjoyed watching me clean Jamie’s cock. I knew that
    licking her goopy cunt made her happy, but it made me feel
    good that I’d found a way to make her even more excited than
    before. And cleaning up a cock that has just brought her so
    much happiness ... well, that seemed OK. Just a ‘thank you’ to
    a real man for making her so happy.

    But now I needed to get to it. As she saw my gaze drop to
    between her legs, her pussy spasmed in
    anticipation of my tongue. Of course she was already near
    overflowing because of Jamie, but I could tell that she was
    getting flooded with more and more of her own juices. It’s a
    good thing that—by coincidence there were three big pillows
    under her ass or she’d have been dripping onto the floor for

    “That’s right, Steve. It’s all here for you. I can see in your
    eyes how much you want it. You make me so
    wet, Steve. Now lick it againâ€

    I did that. She told me many times that no one could lick her
    the way that I could. Sure, any guy with a big cock could get
    her moaning and bucking a little, but when she saw my hungry
    eyes staring at her syrupy, swollen cunt, she felt the love
    behind my gaze. And that love was what made our relationship
    special. Only I could make her feel this way. Only I could do
    this for her. I lowered my head between her thighs and heard a
    soft ‘Oooh’ come from her.

    “Do you like it?†she asked as I began to lick.

    “Mhhhhmmt ...â€

    “Just lick it, Steve.â€

    “I love you, Lori,†I said as my face pressed into the warmth.

    “Just eat your dinner, Baby,†were the last words I heard as
    her thighs clamped tightly around my ears.

    I think track of how long I had my head buried in her crotch.
    But soon she came again and pushed me away. Lori lay on the
    couch next to Jamie and fondled his cock. Once it began to
    swell, she told him to stand in the middle of the room. I
    watched as he stood naked and hard, his impressive cock
    swaying in the air. Lori then told me to go kneel in front of
    him. Obediently I crawled over to him. He stood there in front
    of me with his hands on his hips in a very intimidating
    stance, and his big fat cock hanging in front of my face.
    Jamie looked down at me and said, "You know what to do."

    I looked into Lori’s eyes and saw exactly what I’d hoped to
    see—that sparkle of excitement and look of pure and honest
    love. “I love you, Steve. I love you so much,†she whispered
    from inches away.

    I love you, too Lori, I answered. But I answered not with
    words, but with actions. I answered by filling my mouth with
    cock. I answered by opening up and moving my lips as far down
    the shaft as I could ... while looking directly into my baby’s

    “Oh, Steve,†she moaned.

    “Ga-ach!†was my only reply as I gagged slightly and raised my
    head to avoid vomiting. Tears came to my eyes.

    “Yes! Choke ... on ... it!†came a hiss from Lori.

    “Haw!†guffawed Jamie.

    I reached up and took Jamie's semi soft cock in my hand and
    began massaging it, I parted my lips and again took it in to
    my mouth. Jamie put his hands on each side of my head, pulling
    his body forward, I tilted my head back, and he began pushing
    his cock deeper into my mouth.

    Lori has always told me she wanted to see me suck a cock and
    the sight of me with Jamie in my mouth was driving her crazy.
    She slid off the couch and got down beside me, taking my
    raging hard dick in her hand; she began to stroke me and pinch
    my nipples and began whispering in my ear. "Baby, you should
    thank Jamie for being so good to you." "Take that wonderful
    cock out of your mouth and thank Jamie for what he did for you
    tonight." She pulled Jamie's cock out of my mouth, and told
    me, "Do it honey."

    I looked up at Jamie and said, "Thanks Jamie, for letting me
    watch you fuck my wife." “Good boy", she said, “Now honey, I
    want you to take all of Jamie's cock back into your mouth". I
    want to watch him cum and I want to see his cum running out of
    your mouth". "Show me you love me baby come on". The way my
    cock swelled up and twitched in her hand told her that I
    really loved the humiliation that they were dishing out. "Oh
    you like this don't you baby?" "You like sucking Jamie's cock
    don't you?" "I knew you would honey. I am going to have to
    bring him home more often. And you are going to get on your
    knees like a good cuckold husband and do just what you’re
    doing now."

    "Jamie, I know he likes sucking that big cock of yours, so get
    it all in his mouth". Jamie got a little stiffer; he put his
    hands on the sides of my head and started pushing himself into
    my mouth. "Take it all honey, I know you like it". I gagged
    a little a couple of times, Lori told me to relax my throat,
    and to breathe through my nose, and I would be able to get it
    all. Then he made a hard lunge, and shoved his cock almost all
    the way down my throat. Lori gasped, "Oh Jamie now fuck his
    mouth for me". Jamie was getting into it now and started
    shoving his big cock all the way in and out. I could feel my
    throat stretching and I would gag and choke but I was keeping
    my promise.

    Jamie's cock was really starting to get hard and I was not
    able to keep it all in my mouth. It would slip almost all the
    way out, then Jamie would shove it back in, and hold it for a
    minute, then he would pull it out and let me get my breath. I
    could see Jamie's big balls twitching and getting tight, and I
    knew he was getting ready to cum again. Jamie told Lori, he
    had another load getting ready to boil over, did she want it
    back in her pussy. "No Jamie I want you to reward my husband
    this time, he's enjoying your cock so much I want you to fill
    his mouth, he's earned it." She pulled Jamie's cock out of my
    mouth, and told me, "Baby it's time. Tell Jamie you want him
    to cum in your mouth and let you drink all his cum to thank
    him for all he's done for your wife tonight."

    As she said that, my little hard dick started jumping and
    shaking and I could feel Jamie's big cock beginning to throb,
    and I knew I was ready. As I began to ask him to cum in my
    mouth Lori suddenly interrupted me, “Stop, I can’t stand it.
    Honey, I’m sorry I know you want to taste his wonderful cum
    again but I need to have him inside me one more time.†She
    took his cock out of my hand and told me to lie on the rug.
    She then put two pillows under my head and straddled my head
    in a 69 position. Jamie moved in behind her and sank his cock
    back into her pussy which was soaked again.

    My dick was ready to explode as I watched his long hard cock
    slide into her pussy. I felt so useless and wanted to make her
    feel good. I asked her what she wanted me to do. She said "I
    want you to lick my pussy while he fucks me!"

    I licked her pussy a couple of times, then stopped to watch
    his magnificent cock slide in and out my wife's gorgeous
    pussy. I went back to licking her pussy, Lori was in heaven!
    He then pulled his cock almost all the way out, slid forward
    and pushed her forward and stayed motionless forcing her to
    rock back on his cock. “That’s it babe fuck my cock!†he said.
    In this position I could not reach her pussy with my mouth so
    I concentrated on his balls which were right at the tip of my
    nose. I lick them as they tightened up into his body. After 5
    minutes of that he leaned forward more. Now I couldn’t even
    reach his balls. To my shock I heard him say, “Tell him to
    lick my ass.â€

    “Ohhhhhh yeah, baby lick his ass. He loves that. You promised
    you would do anything I told you, she coaxed.

    I was too far into a sexual trance to resist. So I buried my
    face in his ass and did as I was told.
    She looked under herself and back at me. “Yeah baby you know
    where your place is. Lick him till he cums.â€

    Lori alternated sucking my cock and then stroking it and then
    just breathing on it. She knew if I came I would be worthless
    so she did her damndest just keeping me at the brink.

    This went on for about 15 or 20 more minutes, and Jamie asked
    Lori "Where do you want me to cum?" she just moaned at the
    thought of him shooting his load. "In your pussy, on your
    ass?" "I don't care." She said, "On your tits, or in your
    mouth?" he added. "Oh baby just fuck me! Please fuck me! He
    said, “How about if I pull out and cum in your Steve’s mouth?â€

    She let out a huge moan; I knew immediately that the thought
    of that appealed to her. “Is that what you want? You want me
    to come in your husband’s mouth? My wife again just moaned. He
    pulled his cock almost all the way out, and braced against her
    hips with his hands so she couldn’t ease back on him, “I’m
    going to stop fucking you till you answer me!†he said.

    “Oh please fuck me!†she said.

    He said “No, not till you answer my question. Do you want me
    to cum in his mouth?â€

    “YES! Oh yes! Cum in his mouth but please fuck me first!! Then
    I want to “watch†you as you cum in his mouth! Jamie pounded
    his thick tool in and out of her as she shivered and shook all
    over it. Oh baby I’m cumming, oh my god, it’s so good! You’re
    fat cock is soooooo damn good. I love you fucking me! Lori was
    secreting juices like a river; so much that it was dripping
    onto my chest. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever and then
    suddenly her movements slowed, she smiled, and I watched as
    she began a gentle rock back and forth on his cock.

    "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" she exclaimed. I knew she was
    floating in a cloud of pleasure as the last contractions of
    lust quivered between her loins. Now, I want to watch you cum
    on Steve's face!" At that Jamie drove his still rock hard cock
    all the way into Lori's pussy! She started to cum and cum
    again immediately! He then told Lori if she wanted to see him
    cum then "you better get back here"! With that Jamie pulled
    his cock out and Lori turned around and to my surprise,
    grabbed it and started to stroke it, she aimed it right at my

    She shouted at me to open my mouth. I opened as Lori had
    instructed and "POW" a hot shot of cum blasted against the
    back in my throat. Then another shot and another. I lost track
    of how many more times I was hit. I can only say there was a
    lot more, and it went everywhere; in my mouth and all over my

    Lori laughed and said "That's just what you needed. Lots of
    thick cum. Did you like it my baby? Did it taste good?"
    Ironically, I was swallowing just as she asked that. She
    laughed some more. I didn't know what to say. We all slowed
    down to rest a little; I got up to get a drink and a towel.

    When I came back, Jamie was putting on his pants and Lori was
    kissing him. He left shortly afterwards and I sat down for the
    best blowjob of my life.
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    WOW, that was one hot story. I really enjoyed reading i hope to see more like it. This has been lived out in my bedroom a time or two in the past. I am glad i read it today. its a great way to spend a lazy evening.
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    Wow that is one very erotic wicked story
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    Great story, really good
  5. Thanks for the hot, sticky story! I would love that!
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    I remember when my. First wife had my brothers best friend over she made me wet her then watch he get fucked after he cums in her she had me clean hid cock before she had me lick some cum that was dripping down her leg then eat her pussy while they made out

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