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    Beginning in May last year, I've been posting links here to cuckold and other related videos that I---as the hot husband of a beautiful young wife who has for the last 4 years had my young best buddy as her live-in lover and borne two beautiful boy babies for him---have found especially wankworthy and thought to share with like-minded and erotically similarly sensitive men, not necessarily bisexual and as hopelessly voyeuristic as I am.

    A couple of the videos are of my wife and my buddy baby-making, and were shot by me.

    Below is a complete list of the videos I have shared on this Movies and Films section of the Forum, with the number of hits received by each of them in descending order.

    I’m happy to record that the grand total of hits received by my video-offerings here is, as of today,


    ---a plainly significant and, for me, very satisfying number indeed.

    A little disappointingly, whilst there have been those tens of thousands of hits on them, there has been almost no feedback comment on the videos.

    Naturally I am eager to know which of the videos our members have found the most erotic, and for what individual reasons, so that I can tailor my future posts to particular tastes and needs.

    So please, your horny husbands and wives, post away!!

    Here' s the list, with the number of hits on them to date:

    Voracious Young Cum-Loving Husband

    My Wife and My Buddy 6,747

    Selection of White Wife-Black Lover Cuck Scenes

    Young Lover fucks and cums in Wife while Husband lies beside them

    Magical Missionary Moments: Young black lovers bareback needy cuckolds' wives

    Eat Your Heart Out Hubby

    Barebacked by her young black lover 4,147

    Lovely white wife beautifully barebacked 3,388

    View from the Bedroom Door 2,162

    Wife enjoying her beautiful young lover 2,014

    Beautiful wife with handsome strong young black lover 1,899

    Her love of his athleticism (contd) 1,833

    69-ing husband gulps the semen of his wife's lover 1,646

    Husband Cucked by Horny Athletic Young Stud 1,621

    Hotwife powerfully ploughed and deeply inseminated by her young Rastafarian lover 1,595

    Her love of his athleticism 1,358

    Voyeur Husband's Treat 1,236

    A Very Cruel Wife 1,135

    My Wife and My Buddy Babymaking

    Husband videos a muscular black stud baby-mating his tiny white wife 961

    Athletic Young Bull Masturbating to Orgasm

    My pleasure!

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