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    I’ve been in the lifestyle for a few years now and have had my fair share of adventures with single women and couples but one woman sticks out above all.

    I met Amy through an aquaintance we had in common who had told me she was looking for some sexy adventures outside of her marriage. She’s in her mid 40’s and I was 30 at the time and was excited to meet a woman 15 years old than I was.
    We emailed a few times and shared some sexy selfies to see if we were attracted to each other and lucky me, we were.
    Our emails were short, mostly about what we were looking for and what was off limits.
    She came by as very cautious and shy and I could tell this was the first time she was doing something like this.
    I’m still not sure how much her Husband knew about this.
    She claimed he knew everything and that it turned him on that she wanted to be with other men and he was apparently happy with her telling him about her adventures as long as she came back home to him but I had my doubts this was true and to be honest I didn’t care.

    We set up to meet at a bar in Chicago after work. She apparently has some kind of managing position for a digital marketing company and I was in the city for the day for a couple of meetings. I had no idea what to expect but when I walked in the bar around 6:30pm there was this very beautiful and sweet 6ft tall woman waiting for me at the bar.
    Everything about her was very innocent, shy and sweet.
    As I sat down her gleeming smile let out a nervous giggle. I ordered a couple of drinks for us, sat in front of her, looked in her sultry hazel eyes, held her hands and just said “Hi, how are you?â€.
    She said “A little nervous but excitedâ€. As the bartender gave us our drinks I suggested we go and sit at a table and were seated at a booth. Perfect!

    We sat close to each other and without another word I leaned in and kissed her soft lips.
    It was so hot, she was an amazing kisser and I could feel that she was more relaxed now.
    I caressed her thighs and as my hand moved further up I realized she wasn’t wearing panties which really turned me on, her too based on how wet she was.
    As we kissed I caressed her in between her legs, she let out a few quiet moans and whispers “I can’t believe I am doing this but it’s funâ€.
    We only stayed at the bar for about 15 minutes which consisted of very casual conversation about the work day, life in general and a little about us.
    She looked at her phone and says “Sadly I need to go or I will miss my train…†so I offered to walk her to the station. We didn’t talk at all as we started walking, she occasionally looked at me and giggled which I absolutely loved.
    I stopped her to kiss her again but she seemed nervous and says “I don’t want someone I know seeing me. Let’s hide somewhere…lets go over there!â€
    So off we went to hide behind this van parked in a public parking lot. She took out her phone and says “hang on, I have to text my Husband I’m going to be late…†it felt so naughty and hot!
    After she finished texting we kissed more as I grabbed her ass then I got on my knees to lick her sweet pussy.
    It was so hot in being outdoors in a public parking lot, licking a married woman’s pussy I had had just met for the first time and had only emailed a handful of times. I got up looked in her eyes and bluntly said “I want you to suck my cockâ€. She squatted, unzipped my jeans and took my hard cock in her mouth and God was she good. She was so good that I came in only a matter of seconds. It didn’t seem to bother her as she continued to go swallowing my cum and moaning as she went. She clearly liked it too!
    She was about to stop but I put my hand behind her head and pushed her in deeper and said “keep going!â€. She kow had my entire cock in her mouth, all 7.5inches of it and I could feel her tongue occasionally lick my balls and she took me in deep. She seemed the complete opposite of the woman I met at the bar who was sweet and shy but now was this wild cougar who couldn’t seem to get enough of me…
    And for the first time in my life within 5 minutes I came a second time and she loved swallowing every drop of it. I apologized and said “I feel like I’m the one having the most fun here†and she replied “No, I love making a man cum†and smiles.
    Just in time she got up as we see a guy getting into a car next to the van we were hiding behind.
    He smiled at us and says “It’s ok, you lovebirds carry on†and he drove off. We look at each other and burst out in laughter.
    This time she really needed to catch the next train so I walked her to the station, we kissed before she left and left it at “lets meet again sometime soonâ€â€¦

    About a week later I decided to email her asking if she wants to meet for lunch sometime or for another drink. She emails me back with an excited “YES!†followed by “what do you have in mind?â€â€¦My mind started racing thinking “should I just offer her lunch or should I be bold?â€. I chose the latter and wrote back “I have a friend who has an nice apartment in the city he lets me use on occasion when he’s out of town. Want to meet me there?â€.
    I stared at the computer screen waiting for her response, it felt like hours but just a minute after my email she replied “Give me the address, I’ll be thereâ€.
    That Wednesday around Noon I hear a knock on the door and there she was standing with her sweet smile and sultry eyes again. She say’s “I don’t have much time. I have to be back at the office within the hourâ€. I pull her in, grab her and start kissing her while starting to remove her top clothing. She pushes me away as she starts taking off her own clothes revealing an incredible body. The most amazing perky nipples I have ever seen, slender long legs and a completely shaven pussy. I remove my clothes and she says “you have a really nice bodyâ€â€¦I am so horny at this point that any kind of romanticism I had in me was gone and I find myself saying “I love your shaved pussy, I want to eat it†she giggles and replies “I’ve never shaving it before. I did this for you this morningâ€. That really took me over the top!
    I push her down on the bed and lick her like crazy listening to her loud moans, we then switch as she takes my rock hard cock in her mouth almost causing me to cum again but I wanted to wait this time. I push her away and say “I’m going to fuck you nowâ€â€¦as I was about to enter her she stops me and says “Not without a condom!â€. I reluctantly slip one on a little annoyed that the moment had been interrupted but that put me even more in a dominant mood.
    I didn’t ease in or take things slow, I just went in and pounded my hard cock inside her as fast and as hard as I could. She liked that. A lot.
    I wanted to see how far I could push her her kinky levels as I see on the beside table one of those traditional victorian decorated halloween masks that cover the eyes only and say “Put on the mask, I want to cum over your face…†she pauses and says “I’d rather not, that seems a little weirdâ€â€¦I admit I like some kinky things but most of all I love to be dominant so I turned her over and pounded her doggie style as hard as I could, she really liked that as she started saying “fuck me! fuck me!†over and over again…
    I felt the rush of cum ready to explode so I pull out and quickly slide off the condom…I admit my original plan was to slide back in her and give her the biggest creampie of her life but she turned around took my cock in her mouth, I could feel it slide in her throat and I let out the biggest amount of cum ever. She didn’t even gag once as she swallowed my entire load…both of my hands holding her head tight against me.
    I fall back on the bed, covered in sweat. She gets up and gasps “I have to get back to work!†and quickly gets dressed and leaves without another word.

    That was the last time I saw her but it wasn’t the last time I heard of her. If you thought that up until this point my experience was hot, oh just wait, it gets interesting.

    In the following weeks I emailed her again to see if we can meet and play and one night I was in St Charles, the town she lives in west of the city and invited her to meet me. She was on her way when all of a sudden she texts me “I can’tâ€.
    I wanted to figure out why she was turning me down. By her own admission we had incredible sexual chemistry and were reallly hot for each other so something must have happened.
    I decided to do a little investigating.

    I found out that it’s a very small world. I knew her brother through work (but I had no idea before investigating she was related to this person!). I also shared some coaching duties with a good friend of her family which is uber-consevative Christian and well respected in those circles.
    Little does she know that I actually now have sex with her sister in law! Not just sex…I’m talking “rough anal tie me up talk dirty spanking sex!â€. And no, her husband doesn’t know about this.
    It’s always the conservative church going wive’s that end up being the kinkiest ones!
    So I think she might have found out about my connections to the people she knows and is related to and it freaked her out. Again, I had no idea until I started investigating who she was.

    This wasn’t the last I heard of her though.
    A few months after meeting her I attended an adult party in Chicago and met this very cute couple. Loren & Chrissy.
    As we were chatting and sharing our experiences Amy’s name popped up and found out that Loren had been with her too and apparently set up by the same aquaintance that set me up with her.
    He said they had met on 4 occassions. The 1st two times he had an MFM threesome with her and her Husband (so he must play too) involving double penetration and cuming in her at the same time, The other two times Loren and Amy met alone in the city. The 1st time she “ordered him†to fuck her ass bareback and give her an anal creampie, the 2nd time he didn’t feel well and apparently ended up making her cum with dildo in her ass while licking her pussy like crazy and she loved it.
    He made the same observation I had made, at first she is this sweet, innocent, giggly and shy person, that “shy woman that sits next to you in the church pew†as Loren said, but once she gets going she’s quite the wild animal.
    He noted her Husband was shy and quiet. Submissive is the word. He didn’t engage much and mostly watched in silence without doing anything until she told him to.
    I guess we know who the boss is between the two of them.

    To this day I still email her to see if we can meet. Sometime she replies, sometimes she doesn’t.
    Her emails are conficted, she admits to the sexual chemistry we have which is really strong and she also admitted to having a crush on me and this scares her. We’ve gotten close to meeting a again a few times but she gets cold feet and backs out.
    Just a few weeks ago I was at another party and met this really athelitic and tall black guy who apparently works for the government. As we shared some of our favorite encounters guess who’s name came up? Yep. He had been with her just last April and said he had an incredible time.

    I think I may be in love this woman. She’s the perfect combination of beauty, sweet and classy in public and a wild sexual animal when no one is watching…
    I’m still not convinced to what extent her Husband is aware of her adventures, but good god, what a lucky man he is…or maybe she isn’t that naughty with him.
    Maybe behind closed doors he’s just the slave to the naughty dominatrix owner that bosses him around.
    I think I may have been one of her first adventures. It seems that she was a lot more open with the guys she had been with after me, and the fact she developed a bit of a crush on me also validates that theory I think. I was the “first oneâ€â€¦

    If someone had told me this story I would have a hard time believing them, but I’ve been around long enough now to know that it’s the ones that come from conservative backgrounds, the ones that talk so much about moral and religious values in public and dress the best on Sunday mornings at church showing off their picture perfect Christian Family that behind closed doors are the kinkiest. How do I know?
    I’ve been with Amy’s sister in law on several occasions now and still see her about once a month…a uber-conservative husband, 4 kids and a uber-conservative church haven’t stopped her from being the female version of Christian Grey. Just last week I was 1 of 3 of her Husband’s co-workers gangbanging her while he was out of town...Fun times!

    I hope I'll get to be with Amy again sometime though...I'm going to keep trying.

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    As a cuckold wannabe, I would say that her husband is lucky and she should not be doing the same with him. There is nothing more erotic to a cuck than seeing or knowing his wife is willing to worship a cock that brings her great pleasure and at the same time not to expect the same. As a cuckwannabe, I would gladly wank at the fact my wife is enjoying great sex. Jimmy
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    I do not buy your story. I think it should be in another forum called fantasies!
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    It is in the Stories forum where it belongs, so what's the problem?
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    And why I should care if you buy it or not?
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