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Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by michael1987, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    For some reason I find the picture below of the whispering young woman and two men---one white, the other younger, black and handsome and beautifully suited---very sexy.


    Please imaginatively caption the shot taking into account what you conceive to be the scenario in the picture, and whether the young black is or is not aware that he is being talked about, and what the young woman is whispering.
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  2. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

  3. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Perhaps I need to start the ball rolling by posting the first caption to this shot. It's this----

    "He's so handsome, isn't he Darling? His young body and cock are way stronger and far more beautiful than yours and when he fucked me last night I came more times than I can remember. But don't worry, I swear I will come back to you tomorrow morning----or sometime soon."
  4. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    How about this one.

    Honey, Remember how I told you I got fucked and lost my virginity on the first date I ever went on? And you said how you would like to have been there to see it? Well, that's him. Do you still wanna watch?
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  5. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    That is very very funny----and deeply erotic as well.

    Your score on that one is 8.5/10


    ps: And Yeah, I would love to watch my wife in action with that handsome young black. Wouldn't you?
  6. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    I have watched other men fuck my wife more times than I have fucked her myself. A few of my friends knew her in high school and began fucking her when they were just young freshman. By the time I came along, some of them had been using her pussy off and on for about 15 years. I have watched only one black cock pumping her cunt and it was awesome.
  7. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    "Black cock pumping her cunt"

    Oh yeahhhhhhh!! I was totally and irredeemably hooked on it the first time I watched my then-wife taking my young Afro-American best buddy's awesomely beautiful uncut huge erection balls-deep in her the first time he barebacked her on our marriage bed. It was a supercharged and unforgettably erotic experience for me-----in fact the most sensational one of my young life up until then.

    I was so excited just watching the snout of his widely open-slitted pre-cum-drooling cockhead very slowly stretching the rim of her narrow vaginal opening during his initial penetration of her that I orgasmed uncontrollably in less than 2 minutes and ejaculated all over his right thigh.

    My buddy's pumping came later----much later, with him thrusting mightily before ejaculating in her three times in 40 minutes without withdrawing his cock from her grossly stretched-up vagina even once.

    Hot hot HOT!!!
  8. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    Even tho the black guy that I watched fuck her was one of the best times, it's not my main fantasy. She had hundreds of fucks before we met, but there are 3 that turn me on the most.

    1. The time she willingly gave up her virginity on the first date she ever went on when she was a young freshman in high school, to the classmate she just met 2 days prior. Her body had never been touched by a boy, not even her tits. But on that date she let the first boy she ever went out with, fuck her twice on her first ever date. She Loved It.

    2. The second was the time her best friends husband got her pregnant when she was 20. His own wife was already pregnant. It didn't end well for all concerned.

    3. The time she let her sisters ex-husband fuck her about 2 weeks after the divorce. He was well hung and pounded her pussy pretty good. I got to watch him fuck her a few times after we married.
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