A Black Guy is Very Forward with Your Wife

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  1. A black guy is very forward with your wife

    One morning as she dresses for work, you notice your wife pulling thigh-high stockings over her well formed legs and putting on black lacy transparent panties with a matching bra.

    “That underwear is a little risqué for work, isn’t it?†you laugh, appreciating her hourglass figure as she clips little suspenders to her stockings.

    “Well there is a new salesman, Jerome, at my work and he is really funny and assertive.†says your wife blushing. “He demanded that I wear some sexy underwear to work.†You notice her nipples growing erect as she continues, and she seems to be struggling to control her excitement.

    You stop pulling your pants on and look up abruptly. “What the hell are you talking about?†you gasp, shocked.

    “I know, it’s scandalous really. But he has this certain aggressive charm about him. He manages to make it seem like a perfectly reasonable thing to say.†her eyes are sparkling with amusement and her cheeks are flushed. “Several of the other women in the office confided to me that he made the same demands of them… and they all complied.†she says with conspiratorial air.

    “But this is… I mean, is he going to ask you to show him or something?†you stutter.

    You wife laughs out loud. “Oh my goodness no, dear, how can you say such a thing? Do you think I work at a strip club? The other women told me that he simply comes and asks what they are wearing under their dresses… and then they describe it for him. It’s really flirtatious, but then you know how certain black men can be.â€

    “Wait, he’s black?†you say, then you bite your tongue. You and your wife are both pretty liberal and you don’t want to make any comments that come across as racist. You decide to change your approach. “What the hell does HR have to say about this sort of thing? It sounds like sexual harassment.â€

    “That’s just it, none of the women complain about him. He is just such a lovable rascal about the whole thing.†then your wife’s eyes twinkle merrily. “Besides, the director of HR was one of the women who played along.â€

    Your wife puts on a slightly shorter, tighter, lower-cut dress than normal and finishes preparing for work. You are nonplussed and don’t know how to object to this properly.

    “I would prefer if you didn’t flirt with other men at work.†you say lamely as you both head out the door.

    You wife just looks at you and smiles a knowing smile. “Oh, dear, look at you. Are you really jealous after all these years? That’s so sweet.†She gives you a peck on the cheek and then she is off and you get in the car feeling very weird.

    That evening after work, you are sitting in the living room when you wife enters holding hands with a fairly large black man wearing a slightly tacky suit.

    “Hello, there sir.†he says merrily. “Sorry to intrude, but your wife has such a hot body, that I just felt compelled to invite myself over for dinner so that I can spend more time with her.â€

    You open your mouth to respond, but he continues with the casual patter of a polished salesman. “You do know that she wore some erotic lingerie under her work outfit today at my request.†he states. “I took that as a signal.†he gives you a lecherous wink and makes an amusing face.

    You have to suppress a smile yourself. You can see how he gets away with this sort of talk. He has a very confident but joking demeanor that is hard to take offense to. But you don’t like the content of his little introduction.

    “Uh, a signal for what?†you say haltingly.

    You wife intercedes. “Jerome, can I get you something to drink or offer you some refreshment?†she asks hurriedly. You notice that she is still holding his hand and you wish she wasn’t.

    He turns to her and looks her body dramatically up and down. “Oh, you can offer me something alright.†he says. “Why don’t you offer to take your dress off and let me get a look at that lingerie you told me you have on under there?â€

    Your wife laughs nervously and give you a questioning look. “Well my husband might not like that.†she says.

    “I certainly wouldn't.†you stammer, completely taken off guard.

    He gives you a disparaging look. “Hmph, I think he would get off on it if you took your dress off right now. He let you wear that lingerie for me today didn’t he?â€

    “Well, yes, but he did ask me not to flirt…†she says uncertainly as she pulls self-consciously at the hem of her dress.

    “Shit! That’s mixed signals. ‘ok you wear that sexy underwear but don’t be flirtin’?’ Give me a break. Just take that dress off right now and see what he says.†he says flopping down on the couch with a casual air.

    “I’m not giving mixed signals, this is preposterous.†you say loudly.

    “Preposterous? That’s a nice word for it. I agree, yet I insist that your wife strip down and show me some skin. Right. Now.†he points at her for emphasis.

    You wife smiles nervously and starts upzipping the back of her dress.

    “What are you doing?†you ask incredulously.

    “Well he is so insistent about it dear.†she says lamely, pausing with her dress straps half-way down her shoulders.

    “You can’t be serious.†you shriek.

    “Man, just calm down.†he interjects. “’We can’t be serious’ you say well let’s not be serious then. Let’s just play around. It’s not to going to kill you if a black man see your wife in her skivvies. Shit, I know how you married couples get after a while. You probably fuck her once a month. A little scene like this is probably just what you need to spice up your love life.â€

    You wife laughs at that, and you feel your face getting hot. “That’s…†you trail off.

    “’That’s what?†he demands, When’s the last time you screwed your wife?†Then he turns to your woman and lowers his voice “Go on honey, you just pull that dress off now.†he says soothingly.

    You wife straightens up and looks you daringly in the eye as she drops her dress to the floor and steps out of it. She sticks her chest out proudly and bends one knee to show her beautiful legs to good advantage. “What do you think, Jerome?†she asks innocently, not taking her eyes off you.

    Jerome whistles appreciatively and you feel your own cock growing hard at the sight of your wife’s body and the way she boldly strips for another man.

    “This is ridiculous dear, put your dress back on.†you say half-heartedly.

    Jerome tisks with scorn. “Man why should she cover up that beautiful body? It’s ridiculous for her to HIDE that sexy body from me. Show me that ass, honey, turn around.â€

    You wife giggles like a nervous school girl and turns to present her ass to him. She is looking seductively over one shoulder to gauge his reaction as she wiggles it slightly.

    “Ooo-wheee†he shouts. “Did you see that, man†he demands of you pointing at her ass. “She is shaking that shit for me. Oh yeah, she is into this fo’ sho’†he laughs rubbing his hands together gleefully. “Turn back around now and pinch those nipples for me. Let me see them nice and hard.†he says grasping his crotch with one hand and squeezing himself.

    “Yeah, I saw that.†you mutter to yourself, and try to shift in your chair to adjust your own hardon. You watch in sick fascination as your wife turns and thrusts her chest large, well formed breasts forward and starts pinching and kneading her nipples as Jerome demanded.

    “My nipples are really hard already, Jerome. Here, touch them and see for yourself.†she says stooping closer to him and putting her swinging tits within reach.

    He reaches up eagerly and grasps one tit in each hand. “Oh yeah, dem’s some good titties.†he shouts happily. "Hey, I’ve got another preposterous suggestion for you, boss." says Jerome looking over at you as he unzip his fly. "Why don’t you pull out your cock and jerk yourself off while your wife gives me a blowjob?" He gives you a wink and you feel your stomach grow cold.

    "Jerome! That’s really going too far." says your wife with surprise. But she is looking with interest as his straining cock erupts from his pants and she doesn’t pull away from him.

    "You can stop chattering and just start sucking at this point, woman." he says putting his hand on her hand and pushing it gently down toward his waiting member. "You’ve shown what a slut you are. No one believes that you think this is ‘going too far.’"

    You yelp slightly as he she allows him to guide her head down onto his prick. Your wife twists her head to look at you with concern “Are you alright, dear?" she asks sincerely. Before you can respond, Jerome pokes his thing between her lips and she starts sucking it absently while looking you in the eye with her eyebrows arched in concern.

    "I’m telling you, buddy, you should be jerking it. Your wife is putting on a damn good show for you, don’t let it go to waste." he says contently as your wife slurps on the head of his penis and then starts stroking the base. "Lick my balls a little." he coaxes. "I cleaned them up for you in the bathroom before I left work."

    You can’t pull your eyes away as your wifes head bobs up and down on this man’s cock. Your hands pull out your dick and start stroking it, almost of their own accord.

    You wife moans slightly as she sucks and your cock grows harder as you realize how aroused she is getting. Jerome unsnaps her bra and tosses it casually aside. He reaches down and cups her bare, dangling boobs in his hands and he and your wife both sigh with contentment simultaneously.

    "Get up on here." he urges her, and she stands up quickly and pull her panties down. Your blood runs cold but you continue stroking frantically as she climbs on top of him. He holds her by the hips and guides her slowly down onto his waiting rod. You see the pulsing black head push between the folds of her cunt and she gasps slightly with surprise and pleasure.

    "Oh Jerome, I don’t think this is a good idea." she says weakly as he slides inside her.

    "Hush now and take that cock," he says soothingly. "You can do it."

    You are shocked at the enthusiasm with which she grinds her ass up and down, working his cock in and out of herself.

    "Damn, you got some moves, woman." he says appreciatively as she pops one nipple into his mouth and he starts sucking noisily on it. They fuck like this for a few minutes with you just watching and masturbating madly.

    "Ok, now, I’m almost ready. Get up and show your man how you take it doggystyle." he says.

    "Yes, Jerome." she says submissively and she climbs off of him and turns to face you. Her face is flushed and her eyes are bright. She notices you stroking yourself and says “Watch this, honey." then she bends over and presents her ass to Jerome.

    He stands up stiffly and grasps her by the hips. "Reach down and guide my cock into your pussy, baby." he tells her.

    She looks up at you as she complies and explains with embarrassment " Well you hear how insistent he is dear."

    You just croak an unintelligible response and keep stroking. Soon she gasps and shudders with an orgasm.

    "That a girl, you ride that climax out now." he says approvingly, increasing the pace and force of his thrusts to spur her on. Once her shivering subsides, he pulls himself abruptly from within her and spins her gently around so that she is on her knees before him.

    "Now suck this a little more so you can show you husband how you take a load in the face." he says gleefully sticking his cock back in her mouth. She pulls vigorously on his shaft while sucking the head of his dong. It isn’t long before he pulls out and starts spurting shots of cum all over her face and tits. She pulls gently down on his nutsack while he does this and when the spurts subside to dribbles, she starts licking the semen from his shaft, just below the head.

    "Ahh, that’s a nice wife you got there." he says with admiration. "Look how she takes a load in the face. She didn’t even flinch." He notices you pause with your cock in your hand. "Oh, you didn’t blow one yet?" he asks surprised. "Damn. Woman, get over there and give your poor husband some love. He hasn’t busted his nut yet."

    You wife looks up lovingly at Jerome and says “You are so considerate." She hurries over to you and starts sucking your dick and Jerome cleans his cock with a pocket handkerchief.

    You quickly reach climax and your wife greedily sucks the ejaculate from your cock. Jerome looks on with interest. When you are done, she climbs onto your lap and you hold her gently.

    "Well I must thank you both for a preposterous evening." says Jerome mockingly.

    "No, thank YOU Jerome." says your wife. "I will see you at work tomorrow."

    "Oh yes you will. But you better not wear any panties. Because now that I know how nasty you are, I might need to sneak up behind and pop one into you at the water cooler when no one is looking." he laughs.

    You wife looks at you thoughtfully and says. "yes, that might be interesting."

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    I found out my wife liked the attention from black men when I came home and an old college boyfriend was sitting on the couch with my wife he was very large a quite black. He told me they had dated in college and after graduation he would stop by to visit her from time to time the whole time he talked to me he he rubbed her bare legs and she never made him stop. When it was time for him to go he gave her a very long and deep kiss and had both his hands on her butt cheeks squeezing them very hard after he left my wife was in a different world one that had her like in a trance of extreme happiness. She seemed very distant to me for a days then said if you can handle the fact I like black men we can keep this marriage going. I am still with her!

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