22 yo gf

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What would you want to do with that slut

  1. Eat her phat ass

  2. Fuck her doggy style

  1. Nenene2

    Nenene2 Member

    Her pussy soaking wet thru her thong
  2. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the shots of your beautiful girlfriend (not "slut", please).

    I want to kiss her lovingly and suck on her delicious breasts while I'm planting a baby in her beautiful belly---which she is obviously deeply but perhaps not fully consciously desiring.

    You've got me fucking gagging to impregnate her. What else did you expect me to say?
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  3. Nenene2

    Nenene2 Member

    Shed cream on that lucky cock stretching her pale white pussy
  4. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I would make very very sure she does---while I white-wash the mouth of her baby-wanting womb and the walls of her deeply-stretched pussy. With you watching of course---and perhaps licking the thick root of my 8-inch cock thrusting into her? That I would LOVE.
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  5. Baddav

    Baddav Member

    Turn her around and take off those jeans
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  6. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    And spread her legs. There is mystery and beauty to behold.
  7. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    So has she ever tried a 9 inch black cock? I bet she would love the feel of mine. Tell her that she will soon get used to the size and love feeling full and unbelievably horny
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  8. Nenene2

    Nenene2 Member

    Please do! Stretch that pale white pussy with your BIG BLACK COCK! Shes gonna cream on it BAD
  9. xussi

    xussi New Member

    want to see her nude;)
  10. Perv

    Perv New Member

    top tier, got more pics?
  11. silvertiger

    silvertiger Member

    sooo hot!
  12. Nenene2

    Nenene2 Member

    Those who wants to talk and see more of her kik me alexl2731 or whatsapp 514-834-2333
    Because i hate how to upload a pic on here

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  13. popopo

    popopo Member

    Holy shit your girlfriend is hot as fuck! I'm literally drooling over that body. Does she actually cuckold you?
  14. BlackBaller

    BlackBaller New Member

  15. Baddav

    Baddav Member

    New pics of ur smoking hot girl please
  16. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    She is incredible....
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  17. Classic39

    Classic39 Member

    I'd love to help cover those tits in cum
  18. This beauty really has my cock in a frenzy. I'd love to rip open those stretchpants in that doggy style position and bury my face in her sweet sweaty cunt
  19. James Simpson

    James Simpson Member

    More pictures appreciated. I don't use kik but understand - that is my problem....
  20. lonesomedude

    lonesomedude New Member


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