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    What is it about transgression that is so erotic? And how is it that sexual desire fades between couples in the most loving and caring relationships? Ester Perel gives a great TED talk on this that is worth checking out. Her basic argument is that there is a fundamental tension between love and desire. To love is "to have" while to desire is "to want." She points out that the very things that nurture love such as caring, fairness, and responsibility serve to stifle desire which thrives on naughtiness, dominance, and mischief. The erotic mind is not polite or proper.

    These are stories about loving couples who are seeking out that transgressive spark to reignite the desire between them. The women do this by granting strange men access to their sexuality, which is normally reserved for their husband or boyfriend. They are breaking the rules and bringing novelty and mystery back into their stable, predictable relationships. They are shaking things up through their misconduct and renewing themselves as objects of desire, helping their husbands and boyfriends to see them with new eyes. This is the sense of erotic adventure that I am working to capture. I hope you find it stimulating.

    I keep my favorite porn on tumblr: http://specific-filth.tumblr.com/