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    1. Explore with me
      Explore with me
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    2. Kutapi
      Thanks for the likes, its an honor to be liked by a founding member.
      1. Pathedick
        I don't know about an honor, but your Welcome.
        And Welcome to the Cuckolds Forum.
        Dec 7, 2017
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    3. hankhavelock
      I do agree totally with bricbat - and certainly with you too, mon ami, Pathedick. As posters within this highly charged and honest topic we really like - need - appreciation from fellow posters whom we know can relate to what we're saying. So let's all keep up hitting that Like-button.
    4. bricbat
      Dude! Thanks for all the likes! That's an unbeatable record for my posts!
      1. Pathedick
        Yeah I have read your recent Thread posts and now going back to beginning. It'll take a while.
        Oct 19, 2017
      2. Pathedick
        Also always wondered about people's apparent aversion to clicking the Like button on this site. Even had discussionsome with saturn over a year ago about it.
        Oct 19, 2017
    5. Samue
      New Out here...sorry for any mistakes.

      Hope u guys here help me out -> Derek u seem serious :)

      My Fantasy was to Share my Wife and make her a Slut - I ADID IT.

      Hey friends. I know you all would have liked the first share..Don't worry you can have your share - a share of my wife. I like sharing her with strangers and She has started enjoying.

      Introducing myself, I am Samuel aged 39 and my wife Lakshmi aged 36. We had Love Marriage 10 years back and we have two kids. Only thing that troube me from the last 3 years is that I am not able to satisfy her sexually. She never mentioned that, but I knew I have to take help.

      That what I exactly did with one of my frends, who was also one of her college mate having affairs with her. I made all arrangements and watched closely while they had their great time.

      Friends I seriously need somebody visiting North East who can hep fulfill her sexual necessities. But, I have to be made a part.

      I won't mind if you are a traveling business man or even escort agencies or aso ladies who are into this matter,

      Looking forward for your responses. Unmarried guys please excuse unless very serious.

      Mail me to on how you can help.
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    6. johnhooker77
      Hi need to clear out some of your In/Sent box so you can receive fresh new messages... :)
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    7. Happycuc
      Hey buddy thanks for the likes your pic make me want to put panties on. Email me if you want to chat
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    8. small9
      Thanks for the likes. Will keep updating.
    9. JimmyWTBCuck
      Hi..if you ever want to chat, I am LittleCJimmy on YM.
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